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Patient Has A Pulse: Celtics 96, Bucks 92

Be ready folks. Later tonight I will write moderately positive things about Jeff Green when we post the grades. In the meantime, let’s hear your reactions to this squeaker Celtics win, aided, in part, by a couple of friendly calls in the closing minutes, an aggressive Paul Pierce, two big plays by Brandon Bass and another big batch of Boston free throws.

  • yordgreat

    i wasnt actually planning on watching this game tonight because of the miserable way this team has been playing of late but what the heck i still did anyways. it was only the last 4 mins or so that i watched and by golly, the refs did gave us this win tonight hands down. still, a wins a win so yeah.

  • Phil

    Definitely the best performance of the year (though I guess that's not saying a ton.) The second half was also the strongest they've put together this year. They tightened up their defense, and their offense started clicking. It's hard for me to pinpoint one player as the cause for either change, it just seemed like an across the board improvement. Great game for Pierce (though he did the thing where he made the tough ones, then missed a wide open three and a free throw that would've clinched it early.)

    Terry and Green both had good games as well. Terry is whatever, we pretty much know he'll be fine as the season goes along. Green's role is obviously a lot tougher to decipher. It looked like Doc tried to make him the go to guy on the second unit, and he ended up with either 2 or 0 points at halftime. Then he played with the starters in the fourth and put together his best quarter of the year. Fitting him in with the starters is obviously tough, so we'll see how it goes going forward. He has a lot of work to do obviously, but maybe there is a role where he can help.

  • Mark

    There were a few signs of improvement all around the second half. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going.

  • Geo

    So frustrating that Doc won't play Darko, Collins, or even Fab for 1 minute, the only criticism i have of Doc is that he refuses to give the end of the bench garbage minutes (i know there wasnt much of that tonight). Look what happened to Avery when finally given enough time to gain confidence, look what happened to E'twaun with Orlando, and somehow miraculously, surprisingly, dumbfoundingly, Marquis Daniels finding a jumpshot tonight after being given a few more looks.

    • Phil

      Just a general basketball viewing note; if you ignore everything bad a player does and only look for the good, everyone will look good. The Celtics were going to go into the year with Moore in the role Barbosa has for them now; an energy scorer off the bench who can't play defense. They decided that Courtney Lee (a three and D guy,) was much more valuable, because players like Moore are a dime a dozen. Daniels is about as replacement level as it gets. The Bucks used him because Dunleavy was in foul trouble, that's all.

      Bradley had to wait his turn, but he was also a 19 year old rookie who needed a lot of work to just be passable. The fact that he matured as fast as he did is a testament to him. The other ten or so guys that Doc didn't play are all out of the league now, because they weren't good enough.

      I just don't get this infatuation with the big guys that everyone seems to have. Have people ever watched Darko or Collins? Darko has literally sucked the life out of every team he's been given a role on in seven years. He literally gets paid millions of dollars a year because he's tall and Joe Dumars screwed up in 2004, he has no redeeming quality on the court or off the court. Collins is as unskilled offensively as they come, but he's a niche player anyway. He'll see time when the Cs go up against another seven foot tall person who can't move.

    • elroz

      You want him to play Fab? Please not right now. Milici should be playing – I agree…but not tonight with the constant pick and roll and speed game..not Milicic's forte. They would have given up more points…but with bigger men against the Celtics, he should get some minutes. But not with tonight's style.

  • elroz

    Ok – I really liked what Green did in the 4th quarter and generally in the second half: committed drives to the baskte, getting to the line 8 times; some nice defensive plays..and down the stretch he had a nice left-handed drive, and then a hook shot deeper into the pressure time. Good things!

    Wilcox and Green are clearly trying now – but both, it is clear, have to adjust to the timing and pace of the game – Green seemed to be a bit slow on his decisions making and moves in the first half – that's a timing issue, not stamina. Wilcox needs more stamina than timing, but he too went through a stretch where he had like 3 straight turnovers and some of his timing-pace was off. But as these two get going, it will be a sweet bench. I like how Wilcox rolls to the basket and runs the floor.

    Terry is starting to heat up for sure. The guys manages to score well above double-figures (15-16 points) on just 6-8 shots a game – that's efficiency. But I wish they went to him more…made plays just for him. Keep feeding Terry and Green.

    Bass – his shots are down in number so far – how can it be otherwise with the number of players on this team? He has been bricking his go-to-jumper most of the time so far. I don't know what it is – too much weight lifting? He is not the quickest on defense, especially getting back after the initial pick-and-roll showing (which is tough in any case to do), but one thing that Bass will give you is work and work. And that's what he did tonight – he worked on defense, on the boards (two key offensive boards late in the 4th quarter), and he kept shooting his jumper still – and late in the 4th he hit a nice corner one. He is a worker and that's a Celtic and Doc's guy. Let's see when he begins to knock that jumper down again!

    Courtney Lee had a tough cover tonight in Ellis – very tough, especially when your guy has no conscious and no guilt or anything. I'm confident Lee's jumper is going to improve…but he is still an option on a fast break-break-away.

    Barbossa made some dubious decisions tonight – couldn't get a bucket..but made nice feed to Wilcox (thanks to Wilcox, it was a score).

    Rondo and Pierce: I'm hoping there's a way to reduce their minutes? Is there a way fro Rondo to play 35-36 minutes a game and for Pierce to play in the low 30s at most? Green, Lee, and Terry could be the answer I hope. Maybe 10 games from now Green could pick up some of Pierce's minutes and Terry and Lee could do a Rondo-less back-court for some stretches.

  • JR99

    Refs didn’t help much, way I saw it. I saw PP get slammed on a drive w no call, and RR get hammered by an OBVIOUS illegal screen which also wasn’t called, and a few other goodies. Pretty typical ref-mangled game… no obvious bias to either direction.

  • NZNICK33

    Is it just me or do PP, KG and Rondo not really trust the new guys? They seem to be playing 3 on 5 a lot of the time. A lot of times Green, Lee or Terry will be open on one side of the floor and the ball seldom gets swung around. Naturally they are going to have an inherent amount of trust amongst themselves (and to a lesser extent with Bass and even Wilcox) but I really want to see them hit the open man.

    I guess we can't expect championship-level chemistry only 2 weeks in…
    Despite this sluggish start, I'm still excited and optimistic that the Celts will have a great season.

  • Tos

    Phil, you are 100% right on the money. If Doc were to give Darko, Melo and/or Collins a lot of minutes these same guys would be killing Doc on here.

    Each of those guys have a purpose, but none has been needed for the opponents we’ve faced. Melo- to learn tge game and how he could envision fitting in and helping in the future. Collins- To defend the superior big men in the league( a la Howard,, Bynum). Darko- to provide depth when there is foul trouble for our useful bigs or energy with his dirty play.

    That’s it.