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Game 6: Celtics (2-3) @ Bucks (3-1) Open Thread

Boston at Milwaukee
Bradley Center
8:30 PM EST

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 100.3 points/100 possessions (22nd)
Milwaukee: 102.5 points/100 possessions (15th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 104.7 points allowed/100 possessions (23rd)
Milwaukee: 101.0 points allowed/100 possessions (13th)

Probable Bucks starters: Brandon Jennings (PG), Monta Ellis(SG), Tobias Harris (SF), Ersan Ilyasova (PF), Samuel Dalembert (C)

View from the Opposing Bench: Bucksketball

Thumbnail: Just 24 hours after a disappointing letdown against Philadelphia at home, the C’s are back at it in Wisconsin against the upstart Bucks who are off to a strong start themselves. This deep group matches up very well with Boston, as we saw last Friday night in the home opener and with Boston’s track record in back-to-backs over the last couple years, it’s tough to feel optimistic about the C’s chances tonight. The sad reality for this team right now is they haven’t looked particularly good for any of their five games. There have been stretches of positive play here and there, but nothing close to resembling a strong game or even a complete half of basketball on both ends of the floor. The battle to put that together and get past the team’s defensive issues continues tonight with no rest for the weary. 

Prediction: Bucks 91, Celtics 84

  • High Rollers

    C’s 99, Bucks 90.

    • High Rollers

      Really?!?! Who thumbs downed the C's winning by nine? Reveal yourself!

      • High Rollers

        Okay, fine. How about 90-87, C's? How about another sausage factory win?

      • Phil

        I gave you a thumbs up for closeness :)

        • High Rollers

          Thanks, Phil! They really turned it on down the stretch, huh? Something sure clicked. Even for Jeff.

          • High Rollers

            Rack up another segababa W!!!!

  • elroz

    If this is the second night of a back-to-back, why not start Green..or at least give him some serious minutes – 30 or above? If Doc is saying that this is going to take time, but is already using Rondo and Pierce much more that last season, where is the philosophy in practice? Play Green so that either his emergence is sped up or he and we will finally be clear on this guy.

    I'd play KG and Pierce around 20-25 minutes tonight; Rondo up to 30..but that's it. Let;s try to get others some time on a SEGEBABA – Bass, Green, Sullinger, Barbossa, and bring Wilcox up to conditioning with about 12-16 minutes. But if anything, give Green a hefty minutes load tonight and plenty of touches – we need some clarification on this guy – let him swim or sink asap…I'm still not convinced he will sink…I think he will swim…but it is difficult when you get a few shots and reduced minutes.

    • Phil

      Cutting Rondo's minutes that far down seems like a really bad idea. There is no backup PG, and Rondo's only ever gotten better in the playoffs. Wearing him out is hardly a concern. KG playing 20 is a recipe for disaster as well. There are two Celtics teams, the one with him on the court is good, the one without him sucks. Last night's minute count (28?) seems like a nice, happy medium.

      Also not so sure we should be risking sinking Green in game six of his four year contract. Play him some more minutes if needed (I don't think you'd get killed against the Bucks,) but going all in and making him the primary option or whatever? No thanks.


      I agree. It is time to spread out minutes and if that means loosing a few games (does it make a difference when we are losing now anyways?), so be it. We are grinding Rondo, Pierce, Garnett to the ground. We have talent, start using them! Players like Darko, Collins, etc need playing time, even if they stink it up in the first few games. Doc needs to start trusting players, run better offensive sets, and start rotating players. Pop coaching this team would be day and night compared to what Doc is doing.

  • Phil

    I just can't imagine looking back at the schedule in February and seeing two losses to the Bucks in a week. That's about as unscientific as analysis gets, but isn't any guess as good as any other with the Cs at this point?

    I do think the back to back thing isn't that big of a concern this early. No one played a killer amount of minutes last night, and we're in the second week of the season. I think the game comes down to whether or not the Celtics can stop giving up open layup after open layup. If they can, I don't think the Bucks will hit enough jumpers to win.

    • Phil

      Little update on my key to the game; the Bucks have scored 20 of their 22 points in the paint. I'm about to light myself on fire.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Doc always upsets me with his lack of trust in players. How many times have we seen an exhausted Pierce in 4th quarters playing hero ball when we need a team game to win?

  • Phil

    New starting lineup for tonight: Rondo/Terry/Pierce/Bass/KG

    Not sure what I think about it. Kind of looks like they're setting Green up to be the guy on the second unit, but I'm not sure if this will solve some the problems when KG goes out. That's a lot of offensive punch in the starting five (and conversely, less in the next five.)

  • tomrod

    No pg with Rondo off the court…. and no Terry at the same time…. rotation problems!

  • janos

    this guys are put me to sleep; miwakee no energy stadiums and bore me ; player to. they biggest collect of no-name bum i am ever see? larry sanders? is comedy show from before twent y years ago time ? not player?

    i am going be piss if we lose

  • WTF

    All you Green bashers, stop! Give the guy some time. He's apparently doing fine in this 4th qtr.

    • Phil

      I really liked what Green did at the start of the 4th quarter, and that's coming from someone who's very critical of Green.

      That said, Bass just fouled out, and now Green's forced to come back in. 3 point game, 2 minutes left.

  • hdavenport

    this is correct

  • Phil

    Fouled up 3 with five seconds left; stats guys rejoice! … I'd be a little happier if the Cs hadn't just missed 2 of 4 to miss ending this game.

  • WTF

    So with JET doing fine and now Green showing life, DOC needs to figure out Lee.