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Game 5: 76ers (2-2) @ Celtics (2-2) Open Thread

Philadelphia @ Boston
TD Garden
7:30 PM EST

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 97.0 points/100 possessions (T-22nd)
Philadelphia: 89.0 points/100 possessions (T-29th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 100.0 points allowed/100 possessions (T-17th)
Philadelphia: 93.0 points allowed/100 possessions (T-2nd)

Probable 76er starters: Jrue Holiday (PG), Evan Turner (SG), Dorell Wright (SF), Thaddeus Young (PF), Lavoy Allen (C)

View from the Opposing Bench:  Philadunkia

Thumbnail:  The Sixers are a lot like the Celtics.  Both teams had monumental offseasons that saw drastic changes to their respective rosters.  The Sixers, like the Celtics, have also begun this season with a less than stellar 2-2 record.  Unfortunately for the Celtics, the Sixers can point to the fact that their star acquistion this offseason (Andrew Bynum) has yet to play in any of the first four games and won’t be playing tonight.  Also unlike the Celtics, the Sixers have been very good at preventing teams from scoring.  While their defensive efficiency has surely been bolstered by the total offensive ineptitude of a Eric-Gordon-and-Anthony-Davis-less Hornets team*, they’ve managed to prevent teams not from Manhatten from scoring more than 90 points (uuughhh the beginning of the season SUCKS).

Here is a video of Doc Rivers talking pregame about Mike Brown’s firing and Rajon Rondo’s early season success with his jump shot:

(Apologies for that good ol’ On a Boat feel but I did shoulders today and the media scrum was more mobile than usual)

Rivers gives great insight into what happens to a coaches family when they are fired abruptly as well as how pass first points slowly integrate their own offense into the team concept.  These are some subtle things you may not immediately think about.

As for tonight’s game, it’s hard to know which Sixers or Celtics team will show up because neither team has found their true identity.  That being said, if the Celtics can prevent the Sixers from scoring 90 they may be able ot use this game as a feel-good-defensive win.  If they can’t, questions need to start being asked…

*To put the Hornets point total (62) from the other night in its proper prospective, please note that 62 points is the exact number of points my and BRobb’s Rec League team put up last night.  In 44 minutes of running time.  And we’re not athetic and/or good at basketball.

  • elroz

    Ainge – if you "haven't figured out Jeff Green" – WHY DID YOU AND DOC DECIDE TO SPEND $9 A YEAR ON HIM? You could have had a Pietrus and another role player to go for that kind of money.

    However, since Pierce SUCKS right now – why not start Green and give him the minutes to either make it, or once and for all prove that he is not for the NBA. No reason to have Pierce start right now…use Green and clear the air in the next 5 games or so..then we'll stop waiting for him and just know.

    Terry appears to have lost confidence in Doc's system…Terry and Rondo have pretty bad communication together..and Terry has suffered in this Celtics system.

  • tomrod

    Disaster in all fronts!

    I wanna see Darko throw someone down on the paint, maybe that will ignite this team. But he could make things worse aswell.

    • Phil

      We're counting on Darko to give the team an emotional spark? There's a better chance of Tyron Lue putting up a triple double.

  • tomrod

    That second half deserved a better first half.

    The rotation is so scrappy.. but some good signs

  • WTF

    Learn from the Lakers, pull the trigger?

  • Phil

    Anyone seen the Celtics D around? For as bad as the Cs looked on offense all game, I don't really have much to complain about there. The Sixers are a good defensive team, and the Cs still have work to do.

    Giving up over 100 to a team averaging 83 though? They looked pathetic against the PnR in the first half, and the adjustments they made for the second half were hit and miss. I'm not sure who to blame since defense is such a complex thing to judge from afar, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it has something to do with people over 6'7" not named KG. Sullinger was unusable tonight, and Bass and Wilcox are too one sided right now. I'm not really sure how this is gonna be fixed going forward, but they obviously need to be better. If the Cs need to score over a 100, I don't like their chances.

    I don't think slowing everything down with one of the immobile stiffs on the end of the bench would help, but I'd be open to it at this point.

  • Eric Gerace

    The reality is this team's chemistry has been disrupted time after time, year after year, that it's usually just about the postseason that they figure it out, and then someone gets injured (like Ray Allen last year), and they lose their depth, or they get too tired, and the cycle starts all over again. They go out and fetch players, can't get a smooth system down, and then people start questioning coaching decisions and/or talent.

    When you replace your whole bench, it doesn't matter what superstars you have in the starting lineup, you're gonna see some holes. And their defense is worse with Courtney Lee, not better (obviously). People soon forget that the team was more productive offensively last year with Avery Bradley (who?) than with Ray Allen. (Allen is the last player regretting the switch). So why are these moves happening? Why did they get Courtney Lee? You and I, the common people, will never know.