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Forgettable: Sixers 106, Celtics 100


At least they can beat Washington.

We’ll have full grades up later but for now, let’s get your reactions to this third loss of the season for the Celtics. Feel free to touch on the team’s lifeless first half performance, Jeff Green’s latest calamity (1-5 in 18 minutes) or the 54 points Boston surrendered in the paint.

If you’re still feeling half full about things, you might prefer to focus on Rajon Rondo’s 19 assists, another solid game for KG (19 and 10 in only 29 minutes) or the zippy Jason Terry, who looks to be a game-closing regular this season.

  • Phil

    Anyone seen the Celtics D around? For as bad as the Cs looked on offense all game, I don't really have much to complain about there. The Sixers are a good defensive team, and the Cs still have work to do.

    Giving up over 100 to a team averaging 83 though? They looked pathetic against the PnR in the first half, and the adjustments they made for the second half were hit and miss. I'm not sure who to blame since defense is such a complex thing to judge from afar, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it has something to do with people over 6'7" not named KG. Sullinger was unusable tonight, and Bass and Wilcox are too one sided right now. I'm not really sure how this is gonna be fixed going forward, but they obviously need to be better. If the Cs need to score over a 100, I don't like their chances.

    I don't think slowing everything down with one of the immobile stiffs on the end of the bench would help, but I'd be open to it at this point.

    The other thing I didn't like seeing in this game was Pierce and Rondo limping around all game. That's the last thing we need right now.

    As far as Green, it is what it is. I'd rather have Green than Hedo Turkoglu's contract or Amare's contract… I'm sure there are a few more worse in the league. Damn would I ever give up a ton to swap Green and Dorrel Wright, even if Wright costed Green's 9m. The Warriors were just giving him away too.

  • GowGow

    More time for Sullinger. Less of Terry running around and around looking for shots like they had #20 before. Come on, that's getting way too old.

    • elroz

      Sullinger is scared of the basket..won't even look at it…with him on the floor, the team is playing 4 vs 5 on offense..he is right now an offensive zero. Bass needs to start – once Bass is out of the bench, it will create more shots for Terry and Green – there is not enough between three of them; but with the offensively shy Sullinger next to Terry and Green, these two can get more shots than with Bass around. Doc's messing with the rotation and I don't think it is good.

      Wilcox is getting better – happy1 Terry is starting to score – happy! They need to let Terry score like he does usually – let him handle the ball and come off picks.

      • GowGow

        Problem wasn't at the start of the game. Sullinger is perfectly fine with the starters. You don't need offense out of him while you have Rondo, Lee, Pierce and KG for that. You need defense and boards and that's exactly what Sully brings in, off-the-sheet defense. Bass helps much more in the second unit since that's the one lacking offense. Doc knows what he's doing.

  • someguyinsac

    I kind of expected some discombobulation in the beginning of the season this year, but they're getting harder and harder to watch because it doesn't seem like there's any progress yet.

    I suppose on the bright side, there's still 77 more games for them to get it right.

  • john

    Rivers has to go……Really Celtics look BAD……

    • Phil

      The scary thing about our society is that I don't think this is a troll.

      • strips


        @john: lighten up, man! let's leave the panic-firing to the lakers. i think doc is doing fine. he should play more of the bench though like darko et al.

        this is the first game of the season i've seen and all i can say is that i feel really sorry for jeff green. im not blaming him for this loss, but man he was tripping all over the place…he doesn't even have to play well, he just has to play. doc has to either give jeff more playing time or not use him at all.

        i'm not sure what more doc can do to get these guys on the same page…let's see and hope for the best in the next 14 games

        • dslack

          He had lots of playing time in OKC and was never an above-average player. I'm not sure that playing a below-average player more minutes is in the team's interest.

          • strips

            unfortunately, i'd have to agree with you.

            i think a healthy pietrus sounds a whole lot better than jeff right now.

          • Phil

            But, but, the potential! All we need to do is give him the ball/more minutes/more responsibility and he's going to magically develop skills that he hasn't shown in 5 years in the NBA.

        • JR99

          "i think doc is doing fine" – this I cannot agree with. He is very clearly NOT doing fine.

  • janos

    i guess is to much ask have sit home ; long week work; enjoy beer and full effort team?

  • jman

    To me it's more of they're not comfortable with one another. They're not shooting when they should be instead they're looking for someone else. Just shoot the ball or go to the rim don't hesitate. Pierce is trying way too hard by forcing plays instead of passing. Same with Bass. Good ole hero ball. Too me it's just no comfort between the players. And Doc hasn't found a solution yet, hopefully soon he will or Danny will be trading cards soon…lol

    • strips

      not to hate on the captain, but yeah…i think he drives hoping to draw a foul every time. it's just ridiculous. jet's living up to the idea that he's ray's replacement, running around all those picks and what not. which is not really the reason we got him. i think we all were hoping for more pick and pops with him around.

      it just doesn't feel like the celtics without the D. i hope that's what they focus on first.

  • High Rollers

    Hmm… Avery Bradley…

  • I_Love_Green

    Have yet to see any defense yet this season.

  • James Patrick

    I know it's early, but Jeff Green is not looking like a player who deserved that contract.f

  • elroz

    A team of with a back-court of Rondo, Bradley, Lee, a front court of KG, Wilcox, Pietrus, and Pierce would have been a very good defensive team. But we have Green instead and no Bradley right now.

    You could get Pietrus and another fighter for $9 million a year – Danny and Doc must know something, some secret that we don't know. But then Danny admitted himself a few days ago" We have not figured out Jeff Green yet" – WHY DID YOU SIGN HIM THEN? First you figure it out, then you sign!!!!!

    • Phil

      The contract is ridiculous, but they also couldn't have used his money on anyone else. They were already capped out and only had the biannual exception left. They resigned Green with his bird rights. They can still sign Pietrus for the minimum/BAE, but the fact that no one else has signed him either is probably a solid indicator of his current skill level.

      The real problem with the Green deal is the extra three years that were completely unnecessary. He was coming off a season where a one year deal was nullified by a life threatening condition. Not exactly a prime time to lock a guy up at max market value.

  • Morpheus

    I agree. Elroz. Bass needs to start and Sullinger needs to develop coming off the bench. There’s not enough shots to go around with Bass, Green and Terry coming off the bench looking for their offense. I know Bass has his flaws but Sullinger looks completely lost out there.

    I honestly have no idea what to expect from this team anymore, Jeff Green is pissing me off big time.

    • swissflix

      right now this team is not ready to compete with Miami. And yes, when will they start doing so? The 4th quarter was a slight improvement with some pressure D and good scoring.
      But if they don't start beating teams like Milwaukee easily, some decisions might have to be made very soon. Wilcox' and Terry's performance provide for some hope, though. Bass and Green don't know what the word "rotation" means, obviously.
      Sully really should not start – he is not able to stop pick and rolls yet which causes a lot of mismatches.

  • Mark

    If we go 2 of 5 in Feb. no one would even blink. So why is every one panicking now? Give it some time.

  • Leave Doc Alone

    Have to completely disagree with anyone pointing fingers at Doc. If last years run at the title proved anything it's that Doc is one helluva a coach. The best in the league in my opinion. And nobody is better at diagramming plays against the clock that lead to buckets.

    It's not his fault if players aren't delivering and aren't running the sets or geting into the right positions on D. Doc is doing exactly what you should at this stage of the season, which is to experiment with his personal to see who can deliver in different situations and what combinations have chemistry. Yes, that's going to mean some losses. But if you play just to win games at all costs at this early stage in the season he'd burn out Rondo, Pierce and KG and have no idea if any of the players they have questions about can deliver, and what roles people are most comfortable with.

    Jeff Green looked great in the pre-season. Now he's showing that he's completely lost, and in my opinion just not a good fit. But they invested in him and the only way to know what he can and can't do is to have him on the floor. The first 3 games Jet looked lost. Now he's starting to hit his stride and looking better every game. I think we'll see the same of Lee and eventually even Sullinger.

    I think a lot of the problems comes back to the pieces that Ainge put together. He clearly focused on offense and bringing in guys who can score. Not a single addition to the roster was a great defender. If the C's wanted to be a great defensive team, why didn't they add a siingle elite defender to the roster…or a great rebounder. Bradley is out. KG is limited. Pierce is a step slow. Rondo gambles and gets lazy from time to time. Green? Bass? Sullinger? Lee? Barbosa? The Jet? Where is the great D coming from? The D definitely has to get better, but with this roster, it might make sense to shift identities like San Antonio did a few season ago and run a high octane offense. This team is deeper then most in the league and with Rondo and Barbosa handling the ball they could run most teams out of the building. I just don't see this team even being the defensive force it was the past few seasons.

    • Phil

      Agreed, but the way I see it, Doc's so obviously a great coach that he's not worth defending. Anyone asking for him to get fired is basically outing themselves as someone that's not worth talking to anyway.

      The only people who want him fired are not only hardcore scapegoaters, but they're dumb enough to want to scapegoat someone for a 2-3 record on a team with major questions. If you don't know how stupid the entire act of scapegoating is, do us all a favor and grow up (mentally or age wise,) before posting.

      Questioning Doc's moves so far is fair; the team has underperformed expectations. Extrapolating that to him needing to be fired is fan idiocy at its greatest.

  • john

    Questioning Doc's moves so far is fair; the team has underperformed. No rebounding when KG, PP are shooting and missing, rotation sucks need to leave Lee and Barbosa in longer speed kills…….

  • john

    Darko leaving what a shock ……. should take Little Rivers with him then kick him off half way in the Atlantic
    Ocean ……. Do the Celtics a favor ……

  • john

    Battle of the oldtimers and we still can't win …… bring in Jackson ??????

  • john

    1 heck of a WIN over Thunder ….. keep it going ……

  • john

    Free Agent Greg Oden, Celtics should bring him in for workout ……