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Nor’easter Nail Biter: Celtics 100, Wizards 94

The Celtics eeked out another win against the Wizards in as many days.  Same old problems rear their ugly heads but a win is a win.  Hayes will have grades a little later.  In the meantime, have at it in the comments section!

  • WTF

    If the team consistently has been having the same problem for the past few years, whose fault is it? Why has it been so hard to correct the problem?

  • Vince

    Perhaps the problem is they no longer care about the regular season? I don't know, but having this much talent and looking this bad offensively and defensively isn't good.

  • I_Love_Green

    Its never easy! But they got it done in the end and that's all that matters.

  • someguyinsac

    Good to have the win, but when KG sits it seems like the defense evaporates and the other teams are capitalize on it. Need to fix that sooner than later.

  • jp-

    Thought there were some legit good things to take away from this game, but the tram is very inconsistent right now. I think part of that is not really having set line ups. It seems like doc is tinkering a lot. A win is a win, terry looked good, bass was ok. Kg was a monster!

  • Phil

    It was good to see Terry finally show up to the season, and it was great to see Wilcox show signs that he'll be able to contribute. He's the fourth big they've desperately needed so far this year. If those two can start giving good minutes as the lineups get more consistent, the team should improve a good deal. The team doesn't seem as deep as it did two weeks ago, but it should still be better than last year.

    On the down side, Green has pretty much hit every check box I was afraid of. That play in overtime where Bass faked an 18 footer and drove for a reverse layup, that was supposed to be Green. He can't rebound or play defense against bigger opponents though, and with Pierce absorbing most of the minutes at the 3, I don't see how he's useful this year. Lee's been struggling with his shot, but I figure that'll work itself out.

    Loved seeing intense KG tonight. Just watching him take away three separate options on one play on D when he's on like that is beautiful.

  • elroz

    Liked what I saw from Wilcox..and how the bench stretched the lead to 11 when KG sat down! That's doesn't solve things for them right now of course…but it was nice to see. This is exactly what my idea of Wilcox is once he is in basketball shape and timing.

    As for Jeff Green – why blame him? Danny gave him the contract. He is talented, he makes nice plays sometimes…but with Terry and Bass, I wonder if Green can contribute enough on offense. If not, then he has to make sure he contributes in other ways – Tony Allen did that; Pietrus did that; Perkins did that – impact without too much scoring.

    • Phil

      The issue with that comparison is that TA and Perk were defenders first, and Pietrus was a 12th-13th man, so anything he brought was positive. Green is a volume bench scorer who can't score. That makes his liability on defense and rebounding that much more of a problem. If he starts scoring at a level he's never reached in his career (who's really gonna be happy with 15 points on 13 shots and 2 rebounds with shaky defense?) Then you accept it. As it is, he's gonna start losing more and more minutes as Doc realizes that he can't play him. Green's just not talented, that's the whole thing. He's tall and mildly athletic. He can't drive and finish against NBA defenses, and he can't shoot threes reliably. There are guys who's offenses games are built around mid range jumpers, but they're all either good at something else on offense, or are bigs.

      I agree that its not his fault Ainge gave him a ridiculous contract, but that's never going to be separated from the discussion either. That's just the way it is.

  • GMan

    Hopefully they soon start winning games without KG having to play like that. We can't afford to have him in the All-Star Game!!! I guess you all know what I mean…

  • Lynn

    I know preseason and regular season are totally different but for Jeff Green…to me (just my opinion) the Celtics don't seem to be running the same stuff for Jeff as they did in the preseason. I'm not a Jeff Green homer or anything but in preseason they had him involved moving coming off screens posting up and now hes in the corner out of the way for the pick n roll to be run at the top (yes i agree he can do other things like reb better defense too). 4 games into the season I'm not setting up the funeral yet for the Celtics. They need time to jell KG and Rondo the only two that are rolling right now. Pierce is struggling Lee and others it's going to take a lil more time to get everyone on the same page.