Post-game Reactions

Paul Pierce, a man who was once accused of making a threatening gang sign at an opposing player, also famously loves dressing up in Halloween costumes. Two years ago he just went to town as some manner of fancy frog.

I have yet to see a photo of him in this costume when he’s not posed in a froggy crouch, and I’ve seen maybe eight photos of him in this costume.

He followed that up last year by rolling into Spirit Halloween and demanding of them their finest Buzz Lightyear costume made up of a hooded t-shirt and large gloves.

This man was once stabbed 11 times outside a nightclub.

Finally, this year Pierce made his children dress as the Powerpuff Girls so he could fulfill his longtime ambition of dressing as their creator, Professor Utonium.

Ignoring the fact that he appears to be wearing a Rod Blagojevich novelty wig and that he’s substituted the Professor’s trademark pipe for a cigar, Pierce earns very high marks for this costume because of the fake eyebrows. Compare them to the Professor’s actual eyebrows:

He’s even holding his cigar jauntily aloft, as the Professor might. The homemade costumes on his wife and kids are deserving of prizes as well. It’s in these moments that Paul Pierce makes me want to have daughters of my own someday.


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  • High Rollers

    The Captain is such a cool dude. He’ll get a lot of love at the Garden tonight, that’s for sure. Opening night, baby!

  • conrocs

    Wait, he's a frog? I was getting the "I'm Gumby, Dammit!" all lined up…

  • Ryan

    hahahahah The Truth has a nice family

  • janos

    ok i am back in love this site

  • I_Love_Green

    Opening night at the Garden 😀

  • tbunny

    Daughters are awesome.