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Wade Cries Foul

“I got my kids watching so I stopped myself but it was a punk play by him. He clotheslined me. I’m here to play basketball, man. If you want to do something else, then go do something else. Boxing, this is not it. I was glad I was able to stop myself in that very moment and move on from it. We’ll see next time we play.” ~ Dwyane Wade


Wade made these comments after last night’s game in specific reference to this play:

Wade has a point here.  He is known for only making basketball plays, like this one:

And this one:

Now some would say these two plays by Wade are similar or perhaps worse than the play Rondo made that night.  But you have to put them in context.  Breaking Kobe’s nose was in an All Star game and dislocating Rondo’s elbow was during a playoff run.  Physical plays and hard fouls become “basketball plays” and not “punk plays” during the playoffs and in exhibition competition.  It’s an NBA bylaw.

January 27th can not get here fast enough.

  • jp-

    Wade is a total fraud. He hooked Rondo on the play RR got a tech for. Total fraud and a dirty player in my book

  • Lelbron

    People who complain about "physical" plays are just unbelievable. I thought these guys were supposed to be prime athletes? Unless a player sets out to physically harm another, by like, punching him in the face, or blatantly elbowing, no one should be saying anything. Wade complains about Rondo fouling him, sees no problem is completely shoving Rip Hamilton against the bulls because he got frustrated on D. Whatever though. Wade will continue to get his dick sucked by the refs all season, but he really needs to man the fuck up.

  • mugi

    got his kids watching, so he didn't retaliate? ffs if there was more time he would have done it. I guess he didn't have his kids watching when he went for rondo's elbow back then, or almost broke darren collison's neck on a foul that should have been flagrant 2 in last years playoffs, etc.

    fuck off wade. you're dirty in a "i will debilitate you" kind of way.

  • SteveB

    I think that foul on Kobe during an all star game sums up Wade's credibility on this topic. I still remember the playoff game where he ran over Pierce who was setting a screen and the Captain got ejected. That was not a basketball play either. Again, don't try to dunk on Rondo at the end of a game unless you want a hard foul.

  • CG12

    If Wade doesn't want to get a hard foul, he shouldn't be trying to dunk in the closing seconds of a game whose result has already been determined.

  • Robert

    Punkass. Hope Rondo breaks his neck next time.

  • StevieJ

    This man Wade has some balls !! It's laughable when you read it really.

  • James Patrick

    Wade's a punkass bitch. He cries and cries and cries. He has alot of right talking trash about Rondo after all the shit he's pulled. I can't tell you how angry I got about his comes. Screw him and his ugly ass kids.

    • James Patrick

      comments…. after his comments.

  • Brian

    Ok so with the game in hand and just needing to run out the clock Wade drives to the basket to pad his stats then gets mad because Rondo acted accordingly. People can hate on Lebron and Ray but THAT MF Wade is the reason I despise the Heat moreso than any other person on that team

    • Brian

      One of my single favorite plays from last season was Bradley smacking this fool's shot right back in his face then watching Wade get mad like a little kid. Can't wait until AB is back the next time.

      • Brian

        It also kills me that Lebron gets so much of the blame for the "Decision" when Wade orchestrated that whole thing along with Riley. The dude is a master manipulator and he has the nerve to talk about not wanting to set a bad example for his kids when he left his ex-wife for an actress who has slept with multiple professional athletes.

  • Manny

    We're focusing on the wrong thing. Don't worry about Wade. The problem is how Rondo is being perceived. If he is perceived by refs as a whiner (technical) and unnecessarily violent (flagrant), that may hurt the Celtics in the long run. Referees don't forget this kind of stuff. Players, rightly or wrongly, develop reputations with referees. In a tight game, a couple free throws could make all the different, and Rondo has to be more careful to control himself because referees are going to be judging him more harshly because of last night.

    • CelticsBIG3

      There isn't much you can do to change the perception of Wade and Lebron amongst refs which is another issue. For example, Lebron made that 5 footer in the lane last nite, propelled HIMSELF backwards and got the foul call with essentially no contact. For example, Jeff Green attacked the rim at the end of the second quarter got DESTROYED by Lebron and another player and got nothing for his troubles. For example, you can't come anywhere near Wade without him flopping so hard it looks like he took a hit in the chest from a 12 gauge. The refs believe all this crap too. So if they don't perceive Wade as a whiner (HE IS, AND CONSTANTLY) that means they most likely will think anyone who complains about his antics is. The vicious NBA cycle.

  • Phil

    I'll say what I always say; people who hate Lebron just because he's the best and think Wade is holy just because he's the sidekick are completely missing the point. Wade's the dirtiest player in the league when you combine straight up dirty play and the fact that his game centers around whipping his head around in all directions when he gets within 5 feet an opposing player.

    That said, shouldn't we consider Wade an expert on punk plays? If he says it was a punk play, who are we to call him wrong? I'll admit that I enjoyed it though.

  • Willybeamin

    You're missing the shove of rip hamilton and the open field hit on darren collison.

    Wade is dirt.

  • Josh

    Ya, as crazy as this sounds, I completely agree with Brian. I never thought I'd say this but, Ray made a business decision and he is a very classy professional. (I didn't agree with his decision, but respect it) Lebron is a physical beast (narcissistic and egomanical none the less) and takes hard fouls all season. I HATE both of those guys but Wade is on a whooole nother level. Guy is a supreme duesch.

  • Morpheus

    That push over to the back of Collison during the Heat-Paxers series in the playoffs last season? Wade is the new dOUche of the NBA.I used to have respect for Wade, but ever since he teamed up with his girlfriends he’s become such a di*k . I know he probably doesn’t care, but i hate the guy now and my hate for the Heat is greater than my hate for the Lakers and I didn’t think that was possible.

  • Kissthering

    Keep crying celtic fans and watch the heat eliminate 3 years in a row

    • jonathan

      you like the celtics so much that you go to their website to comment? atta boy (:

    • Brian


    • 2P2D

      The best thing about being a Heat fan is you can get cheap tickets to playoff games the day before. The worst part about being a Heat fan is that you are a Douchebag.

      • CelticsBIG3

        The best thing about being a Heat fan is that you don't have to have any inkling of any of the great Heat players from the past. A dude I know who is supposedly a "huge" Heat fan didn't know who Alonzo Mourning was… Shit man… Seriously? Couldn't name a single player from the 2006 championship team besides Wade and Shaq…. Big fan…

  • Morpheus

    I mean yeah Wade is on a whole nutha level of douchery. I didn’t like the way Bron handled the decision last year, but Dirty fu**ing Wade has no doubt taken the title of douchery and ran with it as in “you want to see the biggest DICK in the world Stern, i’ll show you dick”

  • messanger

    Rondo is fucking nuts
    I would kill him if I were D Wade

  • keith

    You can see Rondo pulling Wade's hip in that elbow injury vid. Not sure what you are trying to say Wade did there other than locking arms with Rondo which is 50-50, that play was all Rondo yanking on Wade's hip.

    I am a celtics fan, but Wade is not a bad guy at all. I believe he is one of the most charitable guys in the league, I believe he is the one that got a lot of other players to contribute to Haiti when all that went down. Yeah he whines to the refs way too much but other than that he's an elite player and not a bad person.

    • Josh

      Whoa Keith, your taking this waaay too far. You really think Wade is the only player in the league who does charity work? 90% of players and their efforts go unnoticed by us and never get publicity. Don't think he is special for that. Also, I'd like to hear your defense of his nose breaking play in a meaningless all-star game. His behavior is a trend, not an isolated incident. Thus he is a duesch.

  • I_Love_Green

    Wade is a punk and a dirty player. One of my least favorite players in the league. He ALWAYS lets his emotions, and frustrations get the best of him ending up attacking an opposing player. I don't know how he gets a pass for this type of stuff, but it happens way to often. He gets upset when a player makes a good play against him.

    For example, when Avery had that big block against him last year, Wade was talking trash all the way up the court. He's just a big baby, he's classless, and he's the punk.

    Dirty Dwyane.

  • srb

    What's Wade doing going hard to the rim with an 11 point lead and less than 20 seconds left anyway? He deserved it.

  • Leonard

    My point exactly, srb. Why was he driving the lane with less than 30 seconds left in the game and a 13 point lead? I think he is acting like a punk because the spotlight is no longer his-as in no one really pays attention to him anymore so he does things and gets away with them because all of the focus is on LeBron. He could punk Dumars or Thomas that way because back then a clothesline wasn't even a flagrant foul. It was get up off the floor, fix your face, and go to the free throw line. Today's NBA is too soft.

  • Justin

    im so glad i can comment on this finally first off i saw this whole game and it was bs for the most part the celtics hung in there and did well but they could have did better but thats another story anyways back to d weak he is acting like a real bitch these days i use to respect him before the wack move with chris bitch and lebtich came now they got ray allen hes really acting like a bitch he gets mad and calls what rondo did a punk play and says his kids was watching nigga since when did u care about them watching when you slappd rondo in the face in game 2 of the ecf finals last year when he shitted on yo team and you broke his arm in 2011 plus u broke kobes nose in last years all star game got mad at coach spo cause you had a bad night but rondo is the punk yea right this nigga needs a reality check he is a dirty ass punk ass bitch whos looking for attention aint no damn way he tryna call my nigga rondo out then act like hes gonna do something when they meet again in boston yea right them fans in boston and the players including rondo himself wiill fuck miami up he dont want that fucking problem he better leave rondo alone before he gets fucked up rondo aint no damn punk by any means hes just aggresive and he did that foul to stop yo stupid ass from scoring he act like rondo punched his soft ass wade needs to man up and worry about him and his girlfriends staying healthy this year lebron left the game cause he has cramps ray allens ankle will flare up again and wade himself will be banged up too but rondo the so called punk played with one arm a broke wrist and with a stomache flu plus a messed up eye but wade and lebron are the best players in the league i cant fucking tell these fragile ass niggas acting like girls thats alright cause the celtics are going to go hard now and when we meet miami again its over for them.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Damn that was anger typing, not one period until the very end, lol

  • french jujubean

    D-Wade as in Dirty-Wade

  • dunker


  • dunker

    Wade bitches about every call,then there's the ''flopping'' routine on every play he drives the lane.he goes skidding across the court like a kid on a slip n slide.Last years finals Ibacka blocked his shot with such force that Wade fell backwards and MADE BELIEVE he hurt his back.That play by Rondo was not a basketball play but when he ran full speed at Darren Collison and shoved him in the back,now that's ok.Pushing Rip Hamilton out of bounds that's ok,breaking Rondo's arm that's ok,breaking Kobe's nose that's ok.He's a whining little biotch that I hope somebody decks him beyond imagination.