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Celtics Cut Jamar Smith and Dionte Christmas

The vast majority of preseason cuts come towards the end of October, which makes today’s developments a bit of a shocker. Guards Dionte Christmas and Jamar Smith, two players who were widely considered in strong contention for the final two spots on the 15-man roster were given their release earlier this evening by the C’s before the team’s preseason contest with the Brooklyn Nets 

The early moves have to be considered a somewhat classy gesture by the C’s to allow both players to try to find landing spots with other teams or over in Europe early in the process, but do come as a bit of a surprise. Smith, a shoot-first guard had struggled mightily with his shot in the team’s first four preseason games, making his inclusion to the roster a tough sell when there is no other aspect of his game that stood out on an NBA level.

The release of Christmas though does come as a bit of a shocker, as half of his rookie salary roughly $470,000 was guaranteed by the  Celtics when they signed him after his impressive summer league performance. With Avery Bradley sidelined until December in all likelihood in his recovery from shoulder surgery, there was room at the end of the bench for another guard to fill that void. Christmas was the favorite to do that, but Doc Rivers and company weren’t happy with the fit after 2+ weeks of games and practices.

For now, prospects just got a lot better of making the roster later this month, as there are still two open non-guaranteed roster spots at this point. Additionally, you can’t help but think the team is in the market for another veteran to fill the veteran void at point guard or provide some additional depth upfront. There are plenty of  potentially helpful names still available on the market and Doc Rivers told reporters tonight at the Garden that the team is always looking. We’ll take a look at some of the possibilities here at the Hub tomorrow, but for now an early farewell is in order for Smith and Christmas. Here’s hoping they find a home somewhere.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Too bad Dionte didn't make it, but I think he has the staying power to latch on to another team. Oh well, shout out to @Dchristmas22

  • Nate

    Kenyon Martin?
    Or too many power forwards at this point?

  • Batman

    Kris Joseph…..its his time now

  • ElRoz

    Having watched Kris Joseph over the last few games, I wonder why or who wanted to keep him? He stinks right now…stinks

  • Phil

    So basically its Darko over Christmas. It probably won't come back to hurt them, but definitely not a move I would've made.

  • check12check

    from a basketball perspective, I like this. I kept reading these glowing reviews of Christmas over the summer league, but when i watched him in preseason action i was really not impressed with his play. I guess we do need another body for a few weeks before AB comes back, but that's about all this person would be. Lee and Rondo can fill plenty of minutes since both of these guys have youth on their side, (though Lee seems like he hasn't adjusted to the Celtics yet. he is playing at a level far lower than i know he is capable of performing. ) and JET still has his engine going for an older guy. So i guess we can bring in someone for garbage minutes, but the guard line up of Rondo, Bradley, Terry, and Lee is going to be fierce! I don't see anyone else that we have right now worth giving minutes to.

  • Anonymous

    i can't believe this b.s. Fuck em dionte got heart, n he can play. Doc didn't give him nuff mins in the preseason for him to shine. It ain't right but it is what it is, I believe in this dude, he'll make it into the NBA one day

  • http://www.taylorfranklin.com Taylor

    Christmas had the best name. Nevermind, Rajon Rondo is pretty kick ass.

    I think that they are playing it safe. We’ve done a great job to have some true talent on this team this year and we dont have time for the 3rd bench. Ainge will do something smart and we will win

  • CG12

    Puzzling. Given the money they had invested in Christmas, it is odd to cut him at this point. It seems like he was just as advertised – good shooter, strong versatility – so I'm curious what changed from the time they decided it was a good idea to guarantee half his salary to now. Joseph hasn't shown anything in game play, but maybe he is looking good in practice.

    Smith was never going to make the team. They don't need a shooting point, they might need a game-manager type of reserve at the point.

    • CelticsBIG3

      No longer puzzling with the addition of a guy who is a proven player in Leandro Barbosa. The name of Barbosa, it STIIINNNGGSS dee tongue… LOL thats what my friend used to say to me when he would light me up with him in NBA2K back in the day.

  • Tos

    Im disappointed that I found out about the Barbosa signing via WEEI and not Celtics Hub. You guys need to step your game up.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I agree, we haven't gotten any information about preseason games or anything. I've been spending A LOT of time on CelticsLife.com

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