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Kevin Garnett “Lost Ray Allen’s Number” And Other Revelations From Media Day

Media day festivities just wrapped up in here in Waltham and the highlight of the day was Kevin Garnett speaking for the first time since the team dropped Game 7 in Miami last June. Consideration of retirement as well as the departure of Ray Allen for Miami took place over an eventful summer and Garnett touched on both those topics.

On considering retirement: “I did give it some real thought. With free agency coming up, I didn’t want to think about another team or anything like that. My retirement, obviously, would have been a personal decision, based on family and whatever reasons I have. My No.1 reason for coming back, obviously, was Doc. Doc being here is huge. I enjoy playing for him. The guys, the city, the fans here are by far the best fans that I’ve ever been a part of.”

On Ray Allen’s Decision: “When a guy makes a decision based on him and his family, you can’t ever get upset at that. My personal feeling, I won’t put into it. The only thing I’ll say is I wish Ray the best and that’s where it’s at.”

Have they communicated? “I have not. I don’t have Ray’s number anymore so I’m not trying to communicate. I’m just being honest with everyone in here. It’s not wishing him less than or whatever…..it just is what it is.”

Why not communicate? “I choose not to. That’s a choice I personally made. You know, I am very close to Ray and his family. I wish them the best. I’m just making a choice on my own, that’s all.”   

On moving forward without Allen: “I’m focusing on Jason Terry and Courtney Lee, the new guys that are here, I wasn’t going to come here and answer a bunch of Ray Allen questions, I was going to answer one time and then focus on what’s right here in this gym, what’s present. And that’s where I’m at.”

Quite revealing stuff from the veteran power forward. Pregame handshakes before the start of the opener should be interesting to say the least.

Every single member of the Celtics roster spoke with the media today, as well as Doc Rivers, Danny Ainge and Wyc Grousbeck. We will have full transcript of their quotes, but here’s a few quick hitters for the interim to keep everyone informed.

Chris Wilcox calls himself at 90 percent health-wise in his return from heart surgery, although he is having trouble with his wind.

Darko Milicic spoke for the first time as a Celtic after the team officially signed him to a contract this morning. Quote of the day via Jimmy Toscano of CSNNE.com, asking Darko how he felt coming into the season: “Strong as shit.” He should be fun to talk to for the next few months.

Avery Bradley expressed his confidence level at “the highest its ever been.” He’s ahead of schedule in his recovery, but is nowhere near close to ready in returning.

-Jeff Green and Wilcox spoke at length on the strong bond they shared during the past season after their similar heart ailments.

–Jason Terry stole the show with his response on replacing Ray Allen? “Who?”

Much more on the way in the hours to come……



  • UhOh!!

    Classic KG.. got to love the big ticket

  • Batman

    'Strong as shit"
    Hell Yeah!

  • Anthony

    Finally!! Training camp and then just a few weeks before the season starts.
    This team is going to be fun and entertaining with all the personalities.
    Who's Ray Allen? I wonder if Rondo lost Ray's # also. Lol

    • Josh

      I don't think he ever had it.

  • I_Love_Green

    Damn I love KG. I'm seriously so so so so so excited for this season to start, I feel like its going to be a special year.

  • janos

    hi Bryan is Janos
    you know this guy smart player not going say trouble on ray provide fuel them? is the measure respond andsmart talk here. we all abels read here between a line say go to the hell ray thatis not need say on explicits here from leader us current.

  • James Patrick

    That's what you call CELTIC PRIDE! And Ray… what did you do for your family? The Celtics offered you more money for less commitment. How does that help your family? Exactly.

  • tbunny

    The Truth sounded secretly very cocky in his press conference and I LOVED IT.

    Even Heat fans have to admit these two teams are going to RUMBLE if they play in the playoffs.

  • James Patrick

    LOVE KG. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Tells it like it is! Ray went to the Heat for his family? Really? He took half the money to play an additional year on top of it? His feelings were hurt because he was on the trading block. boo frickin' hoo. Get over it Ray. We've gotten over you! Welcome JET!!!!

  • johnnynba

    Celtics will be a very scary opponent, i still give the edge to the Heat, but they will have to give their all and be 100% if they want to beat Boston. Lee and Terry are a way better fit than Ray Allen (at this point of his career) Avery Bradley/Jeff Green is like getting 2 new players since they never played in the last playoffs, Wilcox will be coming back.. They are legit.

  • Josh

    Doc's rotation options look like a giant buffet of tasty entrees.

  • SteveB

    So since the last game of last season the team has only lost #20 but gained Jeff Green, Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Chris Wilcox, Avery Bradley and the rookies. Last year took the eventual champs (gag) to game 7. And yet people don't think this team is a legit threat to win it all. I am so ready for this group to take the floor. Oh yeah, added Darko for what it's worth.

  • Darko Milichich

    KG i stupid mothefucker

  • j harry

    I am glad Ray left and it should have come sooner-especially after missing so many of his trademark shots thereby GIVING the Lakers the championsip the rest of the Celtics worked so hard to attain to no avail. Theyid not win that championship they were rewarded it by Allen!!!!!! Maybe that is one of the reasons KG is dissing Ray. I mean how dumb do you have to be when you are have superstar potential and don't have the brains or desire to move to a better team or location to try and reach the championsips you may attain instead of staying in Seattle (no disespect, but you are in the same boat as Golden State- nice area , good fan base, happy and content to remain mediocre…) in obscurity!!!!!!!!!!! If you are in the pros you should not tell your self i will be just ok in this league- that is what I believe Ray told himself many years and his knees and his jumpers told him its finally too late to switch to a better team and miss his last shots.

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