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The Prosperity Plan Has Changed


On June 5th of this year, spirits were high in Boston.  The Celtics had just secured a three games to two lead in the Eastern Conference finals against the Miami Heat and they were on their way back up north with a chance to close it out two days later.  The general feeling was, “we could actually pull this off.”

Fast forward two days and LeBron James is etching his name in the parquet floor by putting on a truly transcendent performance.  And when he was finished, the Celtics were decimated and that excitement that had enveloped Boston quickly dissipated.

The Celtics nearly achieved a success that no analyst, no fan, no person who’s even heard of the NBA would have thought possible.  You could point to many reasons for both the success and it’s lack of precedent.  Who knew Kevin Garnett, a power forward who had just celebrated his 36th birthday a month earlier, would undergo some sort of basketball renaissance?  Who knew Brandon Bass could flourish as a starter?  Who knew Avery Bradley would make a skyscraper-sized jump in development?  Who knew Chris Wilcox, Jeff Green, Jermaine O’Neal, and others would have season ending injuries?

The answer: no one.

This, of course, is part of the reason we love this game so much.  Nothing is given. Players develop, regress, get injured, get healthy for 82+ games every season.

If the Celtics are going to get back to where they were on June 5th, it won’t because of health anymore.  This year it is all about development.  The Celtics need Rajon Rondo to become one of the two best point guards in the league.  He needs to be on the same superstar level as a LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.  He needs to consistently take over games in the appropriate way, whether that be through scoring, finding teammates, or forcing turnovers.  He needs to be able to reliably threaten other teams with his jumper.

It’s not just Rondo though.  Jeff Green and Avery Bradley need to elevate their games to somewhere between NBA starter and superstar.   This is undoubtedly a lot to ask.  However, I don’t see any other way the Celtics compete this year without these players progressing immensely.  We have been waiting for years for the rug to be pulled out from under the old legs of Garnett and Paul Pierce and the Celtics have been able to stave that off for the most part.  Even if the wheels stay on, who’s to say they don’t lose their tread?  It’s not enough to predominantly rely on Garnett and Pierce anymore, and that is scary.

  • joe Mannohaiti

    Hope we will be better this season.we need more from Brandom Bass too

  • High Rollers

    This milk has been good long after its expiration date because of several factors including veteran core cohesion and experience, overall core health, KG’s move of position, and Rondo’s understanding of how to impact a game and how to impact his team as the floor leader. I don’t think that should really boggle anybody’s mind, but I guess some folks are just a step slow in the ‘thinking meet.’

  • High Rollers

    As for the coming season, Rondo has a team full of guys who want to follow his lead more than ever. With his new status as Pied Piper, I think we can still be hopeful and confident about this crew.

  • Kel

    I hope this is the last article I read that mentions Rondo's jumper. He's proven he's an adequate shooter, maybe more than adequate. Plus he's so strong in other areas of his game that he more than makes up for it. Last time I checked Wade or Lebron didn't have the best shooting touch either…

    • kg215

      Rondo's jumper is not "more than adequate." He has made strides and you can tell his confidence on it is up, that doesn't mean he is now good enough to make teams pay when they sag off. Right now teams will still let Rondo shoot open shots and live with the results, hopefully one day Rondo will reach a level where teams can't do that or are a lot more hesitant. Lebron and Wade are better shooters than Rondo and they do it facing a lot more defensive pressure, even when teams give Wade and Lebron space it isn't Rondo type space. I agree Rondo makes up for it in many ways but again that doesn't erase the flaw, it is a bigger deal because he is a point guard as well.

  • kg215

    Brendan is right about our only chance of winning it all being on the improvement of young players. KG and Pierce were supposed to be "done" by now, and they are obviously not but the team needs other people to step it up if we want banner 18. Not worried about Rondo improving I am sure he will, but Bradley coming off injury and Jeff Green being Jeff Green worries me. I feel like we do have the talent to win it all but we are the 4th best team on paper, we gotta win it with defense, toughness, chemistry, etc.

  • Batman

    If Rondo can take the jump from "Really good player" to "Superstar" we'll be fine
    Our main problem as a team? Offense. We suck at it. Straight up. We can't score
    A lot of it rests on Rondo and his utter inability to score the ball.
    If Rondo can become even an average scorer, I have no doubt our offense will get back into the Top 10 like it belongs, along with our improved bench helping out (because our bench last year had absolutely no one who could score, no Air France doesn't count). Also offensive rebounding, because we were historically bad last year
    I have HIGH hopes for Rondo this year. To take the leap to stardom. I'm expecting (and I think this is a fair expectation) 15/12/5 on 50/30/70 percentages. Thats my highest expectation. Anything a little worse than that is gravy as well

  • ElRoz

    I think the issue this article brings up is anti-climatic: if one looks at Bostons' signings this off-season, they clearly are working to limit KG and Pierce's playing time – Green, Wilcox, Collins, Bass. They have also added another scorer in Terry.
    Why should the tire tread wear out? KG and Pierce could as well play 24 minutes a game and that's it during the regular season.

  • High Rollers

    Batman, I was thinking the exact same Rondo numbers today, as in 15/12/5. As for pct, I’d guess 52, 27, 69. They’re all so deceptive, numbers. 15 for some key guys on some winning teams would spell disaster, buy for 9 it means he’s looking to score but staying alert to bros in better position at any given moment. 12 means he’s finding them and they’re producing. 5 means he’s fInding that rare happy medium in terms of rebounding effort. 15/12/5 for 9 in terms of a souped up Rondo/Pierce/KG core means wins.

  • emg

    I think the risk is Rondo being too invested in his own role as leader – and the weight of his own expectations and hopes for himself. I don't see success this year as being about Rondo's stats.

    Rondo consistently says he anticipates a better team this year. This makes me worried. Rather than understanding his team as being humble old underdogs riddled with injuries we see Rondo coming into the season with an outsized belief in the Celtic's strength; combine this with his belief that he is the clear leader of the team, we could very well see Rondo cascade into blame and negativity toward teammates when natural cycles of challenges arise during the season. We saw him self destruct under similar expectations two years ago after a strong season became inexplicably challenging.

    In many ways the season may depend on Pierce and Garnett disrupt the single leader framework. They should try to shoulder as much blame during the hard times as they can. I worry Rondo doesn't have enough self esteem yet to really turn these new players into the well oiled machine who feel yoked together – and that's going to be the issue – not whether Rondo can make more jumpers or play better defense. He can't. We need a humble Rondo, not a Rondo who works for GQ and thinks of himself as the center of the team. The latter kind will have no choice but to blame others when normal challenges arise.

    Unless of course Dooling is able to pray everyone back into spiritual congruence after Rondo throws a chair through a TV.

  • High Rollers

    Rondo has already reached the maturity crossroads and dramatically turned the corner. He’s the real deal. Everybody’s going to get mad at everybody. If they don’t, then they don’t care. Doc will call out any b.s. The GQ stuff is just gravy on the steak. Man’s got a family to support long into the future. Meanwhile, less than a month and a half to go!

    • CG12

      I have not been the biggest Rondo fan in the past, but I am moving towards agreeing with your sentiments. I think (hope?) that he has finally crossed the line to where he is sufficiently established that he can just be who he is and not need the prickliness that sometimes characterized him when he was still finding his way. He is built to be a lead dog, and he is now in that position, after needing to navigate a complicated situation with some strong-willed vets who weren't always on board. That is the reason that Doc has always publicly been such a Rondo supporter, and perhaps a Rondo apologist. He knew that Rondo needed to get past the sensitivity that made him so infuriating, and empowering him to do his thing was the way to do that. But you can bet that, behind the scenes, Doc will still be all over Rondo if he thinks Rondo's head is getting to big or if Rondo is getting away from the Celtic Way. Very excited for this year.

  • swissflix

    DA made the best of the offseason. in fact, he did a terrific job: the team has an improved second unit – wait, it has an outstandig second unit all of a sudden compared to none last season – it will be better in rebounding and scoring (green, bradley and terry in particular), it got younger and will be able run with Rondo and it kept the truth and the kid.
    there is no way i would swap this team for any other roster. celtic pride!

    • swissflix

      and i did not even mention courtney lee.

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