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News Roundup: Kurz to Camp, Green Speaks (and rebounds) and C’s Interested in KMart?

We’re back!

After a short hiatus, we’re firing up the generators here at CH HQ and getting ready for the 2012-13 season. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be looking at the questions surrounding the C’s, making some predictions and having a look around the entire league to suss out Boston’s competition for the 2013 NBA Title.

We’ve had a few tricklings of news the last few days. Per Sam Amick at SI, the Celtics have invited forward Rob Kurz to camp on a non-guaranteed deal. Kurz, 27, played four years at Notre Dame before spending the last five years bouncing around the planet, with notable stops in Spain, Germany, France and Golden State. Most recently, he played with the Sacramento Kings’ summer league team. Kurz may just be training camp fodder and a sign of Boston’s relative lack of depth at the forward spot but he can also shoot the three-ball (39.5% in 2008-09 with the Warriors).

Kenyon Martin remains unemployed and previous reports have suggested the Celtics may have interest in the rough and tumble veteran, particularly if he’s willing to sign for the minimum. Martin played 22 games for the Clippers last season after wintering in China during the lockout. At that price, he’s low risk but also of diminishing returns with his 35th birthday looming in December and a  9.93 PER from his time in L.A. Consider him potential big man insurance and a tough-minded guy in the locker room. It’s probably too much to hope for anything more.

Speaking of which, everyone is hoping for more from Jeff Green, including Jeff Green. Favored CelticsHub linkee Chris Forsberg caught up with him earlier today in Dorchester and got this tip on the expected evolutions in his game:

“Just probably being more assertive, more aggressive in certain situations,” Green said of changes he’d like to make in his approach. “That’s about it. My game pretty much speaks for itself — a guy who can play multiple positions… attack in different situations. My game is what it is; I just have to improve on different things. Just show it out there on the court.”

That includes a renewed focus on rebounding, one of the weaker aspects of his all-around game.

“[Rebound is about] being aggressive towards the ball,” said Green. “It’s a hard thing, but you just have to go out there and want to do it.”

There’s been a lot of criticism of the deal Danny Ainge lavished on Green this summer and with a series of marginal years on his resume, Green seems aware of the need to prove doubters wrong. Is he just an overpaid bench tweener or a guy who is finally healthy enough and comfortable enough to produce in line with a $36M contract.

Only a couple more weeks before we’ll start to find out.

  • DiRT

    This right here feels good

  • High Rollers

    How many we got on the Jeff Green bandwagon? Count me one. Dude’s gonna run wild.

  • skeeds

    Still not a Jeff Green fan, but I'm hoping he'll improve. I have a real problem with guys who's weaknesses are based on their lack of effort.
    He's an athletic freak. A very well rounded offensive player, with speed and reflexes most players would kill for. Yet his 2 flaws are not being involved on offense, and not rebounding enough. Effort. Just effort.

    He's been unlucky in that he was mostly used as a 4, (he advertises himself as one too). But "undersized PF" only works one way, if you're built like an ox. (see Glen Davis). Otherwise, you're just a slightly taller SF trying to guard guys like Josh Smith and Chris Bosh. But put him at the 3, and he's got an edge. He's got SF quickness, and a size advantage. If he decides to be more assertive, he can be very effective.

    • CG12

      Agreed. Playing PF is a lot more about width and strength than just height. Height is useful, but often way over-valued. That being said, we are seeing more "PF"s that are a lot like Jeff Green in the emerging small ball era,. But he should be kept away from true power PFs.

      • skeeds

        Exactly. Supposedly, there's a new "small ball" trend around the league, with the lack of talented big men, but it's not exactly that.
        Actually, I think that the NBA is turning into a missmatch league. Yes, you have Lebron playing PF and KG playing C, but on the other hand, you have Rose, DWill and Westbrook, who make Steve Nash look like a miniature, playing PG. Iguadala, Johnson and Wade would be SF's 10 years ago, and the league's scoring champion Durant, is pretty much Bill Russell's size.

  • Tos

    Welcome back!

  • High Rollers

    @Skeeds Sometimes having something important taken away from you — for good or even just for an extended period of time — can completely change your attitude. It can sort of convey to a thinking man or woman how much he or she was undervaluing that thing all along, the way he or she was treating it. I’m guessing Jeff is just such a thinking man, and will better know how to value his God given abilities now—by pushing that assertiveness you speak of to the limit. Then once he establishes that limit, mastering it. That’s why it’s good he’s a Celtic.

  • JJ 2012

    I'm sorry but it's hard for me to just say welcome back after weeks of silence from you guys. If you guys had announced that you were going to be gone for all those days, then my bad, I haven't seen it. But if not, I don't think it's fair from you to just not post anything for all this time and then just say "we're back" like nothing happened. I had stopped visiting this blog for the same reason last year or the year before, I forgot, then I thought I should come back and read your news, but now it was just a reminder of why I had stopped visiting it. You guys don't respect your fans/readers. Too bad. There are plenty of other blogs and ways to get news and analysis about the C's. Peace.

    • janos

      hi JJ is janos
      I am also disapoint team make me wait story rondos,THEN not deliver at all i am force posit now !? not a proper.

      but you know this best site here nba celtics and fan to, please do not leave site ok

  • janos

    ok how long take post artuicles rondos Gq and make story ? I am ask over weeks now NO relays.

    here articles for fan, by fan

    it my expect, web manger reply articles have a talk this rondos summer projet

    disapoint you, team

  • Batman

    My life isnt complete without CelticsHub
    Glad to see something other than that Moore article!

    • janos

      hi Batman

  • CG12

    KMart = eh. The only thing he'd do is take minutes from Sullinger, and that doesn't really interest me. I have always disliked him, and never thought much of his game, either.

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