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No Moore a Free Agent*

The dog days of the offseason are upon us!  Rosters are set.  Players are resting.  Fans are growing weary.  Weary of endless speculative posts revolving around the potential successes and heartbreaks of the season to come.  Albeit few and far between, we luckily have one bit of happy news to report.

According to Josh Robbins at the Orlando Sentinel, old friend E’Twaun Moore has signed a two year contract with the Orlando Magic.  Here’s Robbins:

The Orlando Magic have agreed to contract terms with free-agent combo guard E’Twaun Moore and will announce his signing in the near future, two league sources told the Orlando Sentinel.

Moore, who is 6 feet 4, appeared in 38 games for the Boston Celtics as a rookie last season, and he could compete with Ish Smith for the Magic’s backup point-guard job and provide depth at shooting guard behind Arron Afflalo and J.J. Redick.

“There’s an opportunity there in Orlando, and I think he wanted to seize the opportunity,” said Mark Bartelstein, who is Moore’s agent. “Both [Magic GM] Rob Hennigan and [Magic assistant GM] Matt Lloyd did a great job of recruiting him, making their pitch and explaining why it’ll be a great fit.”

Moore’s deal is expected to be for two seasons, with partial guarantees in place for both seasons.

After performing impressively in this year’s summer leagues, Moore was an unfortunate casualty in the Celtics’ acquisition of Courtney Lee.  Moore may be going to a franchise that is in complete disarray, but that also means that he has an excellent opportunity to show what he can do against NBA competition when given rotation minutes.

The Magic continue their trend of signing former Celtics shooting guards after inking Von Wafer during last offseason.  Moore’s time with the Magic should be decidedly more successful given his ability to run the point in a pinch and the fact that his real competition for minutes consists of Arron Afflalo and J.J. Redick.  These players are sure to get some burn but I see Moore having a real opportunity to solidify himself as the third option behind those two.

*Most obnoxious headline ever?

  • Quinton Smith

    I really like this kid. I think if you consider the trade the Celtics gave away to what they received it was not the best deal for Boston. E'Twaun affected the summer league team more than any other player on the team.

    • CG12

      It would be hard for me to disagree more. Courtney Lee is a proven NBA rotation player, a guy who you can play in your starting lineup with no concerns. E'Twaun had his moments, but is no better than a 10th man on a good team, and probably not even that. JJJ and Sean Williams are junk. Pavlovic is fine as a 13th guy, but you could replace him with just about anybody and not worry about it. I consider that trade one of the best moves Danny has ever made – basically getting something for nothing.

    • Vince

      The key words are "Summer" and "League" The Celts needed an starting-caliber NBA player, and they gave up a dude who had one good Summer League (and flotsam and jetsam) to get Lee. Great trade. Moore might develop enough to start in the league one day. Lee is already there.

    • dslack

      Yes, but he clearly does not appear to be (yet) on Courtney Lee's level, and might never be. He had to be sent to get the deal done.

  • High Rollers

    I am personally waiting for the end of season headline, “David Steals MVP from Goliath.” Nine has it in him. But he’s got to be postseason Rondo throughout the entire ’12-’13 campaign. He started to show it might just be possible basically running the second-half-of-the-season table last year. While Mario Chalmers is out there fancying himself a top ten NBA point guard, I find it ten times… make that a hundred times… more plausible that our floor general has a shot at most valuable player 2013. Of course, if it’s a choice between all-out Rondo winning that trophy or Strategic Rest Doc Rivers retrieving us the LOB, then the latter is preferred.

  • yeah

    can we just basketball already

  • Phil

    That headline wasn't that obnoxious; "Celtics Officially Sign Jeff Green to 4-Year Deal" was much worse.

  • High Rollers

    @Phil… That deal is like betting on the guy at the poker table cashing in on a small straight. Often enough, that’s not a bad bet–especially if you’ve got an Ace making all the decisions out there. (And we’ve got three… Rondo, Doc, and Danny.) In fact, I think that’s what I’m going to start calling him. Jeff “Small Straight” Green. Sounds better than Uncle Jeff. And why not give him a chance before hyperventilating? Becoming a Celtic made an already passionate, hardworking, loyal Big Ticket into the master craftsman and league ambassador that he is today. Small Straight could show us the same kind of transition from heart to steel.

    • Phil

      My issue with the deal all along has been the length; you have a largely unproven player coming off a missed season. Was anyone really afraid that he would outplay 9m a year so much that 2 years/18m was out of the question? There is nothing about Jeff Green that's ever going to make him a 15m a year player (not a good enough defender, rebounder or 3pt shooter), so what's the risk with 2/18? I had no problem with the big one year deal they gave him last offseason.

      They weren't getting a comparable player this year thanks to being over the cap, I get that. If he can at least be a net positive (which he hasn't been since they acquired him, though admittedly he hasn't played many games,) it won't be too bad for next year at least. I'm fine with rooting for him, and I really hope he succeeds. I just don't get paying 36m for a 27 year old backup SF who's coming off a below league average season, then a heart surgery.

      For the poker analogy; you can go all in with a king and a 4 and win, doesn't mean it was a good idea. The contract was a bad idea, but it could still turn out fine. Doesn't mean I'm gonna be happy about it now though, I see it as the one blemish on a great offseason.

      • High Rollers

        I'll take Small Straight over your worried king four any day, Phil. Whether it's now or 2016.

  • Hiro

    I thought its mikki moore!

  • celtics greece

    i liked the kid but i like even more courtney lee

  • James Patrick

    How come the Magic love our sloppy seconds so much? lol

    • janos

      hi james patrick

  • janos

    hi brayden is janos
    i am come almost daily here site looking update but not see; is ok i am know you guys need vacate before season talk how ever theres couple thing i like mention today your attention ok. are you see rondos go GQ job – can you believe? only our guy make job this good one, rondos always deliver on, off court.s us; but for fasions coudl not be a best time him; does not do most task well but task done well, is well is my predict. am hope to get a interview here you , and post?

    who are you send TURKEY and ITAly cover traing camps? I am avail as need you. :)


    • janos

      Hi brayden is janos
      As on my post, above, is possible getRondos interview here on GQ and post here, here?

  • CG12

    YO! Can we get some coverage on the news that Scal will be doing color work for CSNNE?! I want details.

  • Meh

    Ya we´ll be waiting weeks for an article on it here at celticshub..

  • I_Love_Green

    Dog days indeed….

    I just want the season to start already.

  • High Rollers

    51 days til the rumble in Miami!

  • Tos

    I check back way too often.. At this point can we at least get an update that you have no updates, we’re starting to get a little worried over here!

  • High Rollers

    I am ridiculously excited about this season. Going to have to take some anti-jinxing measures just to calm down a little and not offend the basketball gods before the first whistle / glare at the refs from every single player on both squads. I hope the guys are taking good care of their bodies! Health is everything.

  • Mark

    No Moore Posts?

  • james patrick

    Dude seriously. if you guys are on a vacation. make a post that says on vacation til… then we won't keep checking. lol

    • janos

      Hi James patrick
      I am agree this post all way, amnow wait SIX DAys post Rondos GQ interview 'other, is not response team we are need on nba celtics,

      • Tos

        I think they are reading our posts and laughing, probably trying to hold out.