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Will Jeff Green’s Contract Be Finalized Next Week?

The final looming question of the Celtics offseason could be answered by next week according to Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe. Washburn tweeted out the following last night on Sulia.com:

Green’s deal should be done by next week

For those who missed it earlier, David Falk, the agent for Jeff Green, told Boston Globe that his client’s deal with #celtics is close and should be official next week.

We are still lacking specifics obviously, but this could be a sign the C’s are done with their offseason moves, as it’s likely they were waiting on finalizing a deal with Green in order to structure the deal to help Boston fit under the $74 million dollar apron needed if a team uses the full mid-level exception like the C’s did.

There is also the likely chance that both sides were finnagling over the structuring and yearly guarantees within a deal, as the Celtics will undoubtedly be protecting themselves here if Green is unfortunate enough to face heart trouble yet again over the course of the contract.

Whatever the case is, these are all smaller details that won’t hold up the deal in the long run, as Green wouldn’t be giving interviews to multiple outlets if there was some kind of a hangup. The final terms of the deal will play a major role in how much room the C’s have to add pieces in the next couple years, as well as 2015 when they will have an opportunity at major salary cap space yet again. We’ll take a closer look at what that space might mean next week here at CelticsHub.

  • KJandHondo

    Oh Lord. This contract has been imminent for what feels like years now. As far as I'm concern he's on the team already. Let me know if he doesn't show up for training camp. I'll worry if that happens.

  • http://twitter.com/HoopMashup @HoopMashup

    No matter how long the talks will be done, the Celtics should push an agreement with Jeff Green. Green haven't shown anything yet due to his heart ailments and the next season is the perfect time to showcase what he can do for the team.

  • dasein

    it's not too late to pull out right?

  • Kafel

    I really don't understand why Ainge is willing to pay that much for Green… I know that there weren't great SF in this FA but in my opinion Celtics should get cheaper SF and get better at C. I only hope that KG will endure it and Green talent will finally explode.

    • Ldqkhmd

      who do you suggest they get at SF and C? We are thin at both. At least give him a chance to prove himself though. Move him if its not working. As it stands Green is the only backup for Pierce. That's one of the reason s Ainge traded for him. Pierce hasn't had a backup in a while just like Rondo hasn't had a reliable backup. Doc will scale back on Pierce's minutes. He has to to keep him fresh for big games/playoff. Pierce wants that and said it in his most recent interview. Cs want to groom him for the future when Pierce inevitably retires.

      • Kafel

        And I hope that he will become great player but as You said he backup and I think that 9 mln is way too much especially right after heart surgery…. Less money to Green would allow to get better at C.

  • testy

    Martell Webster & Andray Blatche would be good targets for the celts.

  • sightline

    Its all small ball in the east ATM. Everyone has their eyes on Miami. New York's looking to get smaller, with Amare in the centre. Green can play the 3 and 4(in small lineups), thats his value. Id give him game time and use him as trade bait. Id be looking to get Sulinger some quality minutes, and maybe trade them both out, with another player, for say, Josh Smith. Its a pipedream, but who said you cant hope.

  • High Rollers

    Once we finally get him to sign on the dotted line, I think Mr. Green's going to play some big games for the C's. Jury's out to see what, if any, kind of consistency he can establish. Full 82 should help. And with the HOFers and backup that currently make up this roster, there are absolutely no excuses. Kid should average 10-15 pts. and 5-10 rebounds a night, take care of the ball, and bring the energy and the hunger. He should absolutely fly out there.

  • Rob

    I hope at 9 per, it's closer to 15/10 than 10/5.
    I only hope that when Doc divies out forward minutes, rebounding the ball and guarding bigger forwards are the deciding factors and not contracts. The Cs are small as constructed – giving up 10 rebounds a game spots an opponent 10 points (conservatively).

  • Dee

    When can I update the rosters on 2k12

  • http://www.flsites.com/ Orlando

    hopefully not.

  • http://www.verybestforyou.com/ Mostley

    I like the way he play

  • http://www.chiropractorpeoriail.com/ Justin Tuttle

    I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30Q0xP-Jxjw cherelynadie

    well did he loose his contract ?

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