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Jason Terry Shows Off His New Celtics Tattoo, Talks About Next Season

Is it too early to say Jason Terry will be a fan favorite in Boston before even putting on his jersey? Based on his interviews so far this summer I will say that is not a stretch in the least. After finishing a workout at the C’s facility. Molly McGrath of Celtics.com was able to catch up with one of the C’s summer additions for a few questions about his summer, next season and more.

On His Summer and New Tattoo: “I have been a little busy getting a new tattoo. Obviously I did it with the Mavericks before the season the year we won it, ao hopefully this year, again, we’ll have the luck of the leprechaun and we’ll get it done again. I definitely believe last year they were right there. They’re already a championship team. They just needed a little jet fuel.”

On The Celtics’ Chances Next Season: “Your strong core group of veterans, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rondo, obviously the best point guard in the league, one of the greatest coaches to ever coach the game in Doc Rivers. And then a young nucleus. I mean, the young nucleus we have with the guys we drafted are incredible, and a healthy Avery Bradley. I think we’ll be right there at the end, competing against Miami to win it all.”

On his excitement playing for the C’s next year: “I’m just excited to be in Celtic green. Again, the mystique, the championship pedigree, the heritage, just being in Boston, it’s going to be great for me. Coming from Dallas, that was a great franchise, but this organization here is first class and I just can’t wait to put that uniform on.”

I’ll tell you what, the C’s roster just got a bit more charismatic both on and off the floor with the addition of Terry. Their on-floor performance stands to improve as well. Earlier this week, I took part in ESPNBoston’s Summer Forecast to predict what we can expect out of Terry next season. Here were my thoughts:

I expect offensive consistency and creativity off the bench. Both have been foreign concepts for the Celtics reserves over the past few seasons, as the team’s overall offensive output has steadily decreased largely due to a lack of serviceable production from the second unit. The arrival of Terry should change that. The former Maverick played the offensive-sparkplug role to perfection in Dallas, using his improvisation and shooting ability to average 15-plus points per game for the past six seasons. It’s a different supporting cast in Boston, but a revamped Celtics bench, anchored by Terry, should excel as a unit, before the sixth man joins the starters for crunch time most games. Additionally, I expect a full healthy season from the 6-foot-2 guard, who has missed a mere 28 games in his 13-year NBA career, bringing some reliability for Doc Rivers to turn to off the pine. Perhaps most importantly, though, Terry gives Doc another new option at the end of games now in isolation plays besides Paul Pierce. With this additional wrinkle, unpredictability should return to the C’s offense late in contests for the first time in a long time.

  • Nate

    2008 was as close to a story book season that the celtics and us cs fans can get
    I hope the story book offseason this year will play into championship #18 in 2013

  • James Patrick

    Now THAT is CELTIC PRIDE. All I have to say is… Ray who?

    • janos

      hi james patrick

      • James Patrick

        hello janos!

  • guest2

    Terry is stupid ninkompup
    tattoo is ugly as hell

    • Lantrell Walker

      You again?
      What an ass

    • janos

      nobody here go your favorite team site wnba and talk on them? go to the hell buddy

    • CelticKahlon

      who the hell asked of ur opinion on a Celtics website, moron? Jason Terry is a better sixth man than Ray is going to be in Miami, and ur just trying to stir up controversy cause ur unemployed and probably fat as hell too. not even a good try, moron.

  • Stephen

    Terry is a much better all around player than Ray is at this stage of their careers. Both are great 3 point shooters, however Terry gives you the extra dimension of being able to consistently drive to the hoop. He is also way better on the fast break and clearly a better defender. As was stated earlier—— Ray who?

    • j-$

      so very true

  • CelticsBIG3

    He stole my tattoo idea!!!!

  • janos

    are you kiding me this guy comment "

    On His Summer and New Tattoo: “I have been a little busy getting a new tattoo. Obviously I did it with the Mavericks before the season the year we won it, ao hopefully this year, again, we’ll have the luck of the leprechaun and we’ll get it done again. I definitely believe last year they were right there. They’re already a championship team. They just needed a little jet fuel.”

    i am love this guy now chance be second favrite player mine celtics nba if keep up like this

  • celtics greece

    i love this guy!!he gives everything on the court and he want to be a celtic!!!!!!!!!!lets go banner 18!!!!!

  • ChrisinDanvers

    Who says the Celtics can't get a solid free agent? Terry has been a great contributor throughout his career and the fact that he wants to be Celtic, that the championship banners mean something to him, and that he still holds Celtic mystique in high regards means a lot. Moreover, it helps show others – players and NBA fans – that the notion that no worthwhile free agent will come here is bogus. Terry is going to be a great part of what could be a very memorable season!!!

  • guest13

    why you all so stupid ?
    Terry never played any game for Celtics ,and he already made a tattoo with a Larry O'Brien Trophy

  • Chris Jordan

    Way 2 Go J-Terry Celtic Pride all the way

  • K Sharkey

    Guest13…Id be willing to bet that 13 is your age with those dumb ass comments and its probably your IQ also….Jason Terry is going to be awesome for the Celts!..Its going to be a fun year watching this team!..GO CELTS!

  • http://lwmag.co.za/ Jeremy Sheppard

    What I'm curious about is what happens to the tattoo if he's traded from the team? Will he keep it or have it replaced by a design of whatever team he lands in.

  • Anthony Parrinello

    Looks like he should get that tattoo covered since his team just lost……………………………………

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