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In what always serves as a bit of a bonus during the dog days of a basketball-free summer, the NBA unveiled their full 82-game schedule earlier tonight for all 30 teams around the league, including your Boston Celtics. This year’s slate looks even better than usual, as instead of 66 games crammed into four months of action, we’re back to the complete slate of games, over a more reasonable six months. Without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the notable items from today’s release involving the C’s:

Games of Note:

October 30th: Celtics @ Heat 8 P.M. TNT
Opening night is always exciting and will be magnified as Boston faces off with the defending champs. Plus…what’s that you say? Ray Allen plays for the Heat now?!? Oh boy, this should be something.

November 2nd: Bucks @ Celtics 7:30 P.M. ET CSN
The Bucks aren’t anything special, but the second game of the season will serve as the team’s home opener on a Friday night.

November 23rd: Thunder @ Celtics 7:30 P.M. ET NBA TV
Enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers with a dose of Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant, and company in what is always a fun day-night Bruins-C’s doubleheader at the Garden on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

December 25th: Celtics @ Nets 12 P.M. ET ESPN
Doc Rivers won’t be happy that the Magic are less relevant than ever now, as the C’s are forced to play in New York on Christmas for the second straight year instead of near his home in Orlando. Boston hits the west coast after this contest.

January 7th: Celtics @ Knicks 7:30 P.M. CSN
Takes 30+ games to see the revamped Atlantic Division rivals for the C’s. Will the reign of domination continue over NYK?

January 27th: Heat @ Celtics 1:00 P.M. ABC
Really curious to see what will be the cheer/boo breakdown at the Garden for Allen at this one. 70 percent boos/30 percent cheers? Will 40+ games of the season passing help ease the pain for bitter Boston fans? Will the two-minute montage tribute at the first timeout bring the house down? Beyond the opener, this may be one of the most anticipated games of the entire NBA season.

February 7th: Lakers @ Celtics 8:00 P.M. TNT
These Garden matchups between the cross-country rivals have been decided in the closing moments for four straight years. With Steve Nash now in LA, another element of intrigue is also in play.

February 17th: All-Star Game 8:00 P.M. TNT
How many will be there from the revamped Celtics roster?

March 6th: Celtics @ Pacers 8:00 P.M. CSN
Will these two be battling for positioning behind the Heat for the 2-3 seeds in the East? Barring injuries, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back both back at the top.

April 17th: Celtics @ Raptors 8:00 P.M. CSN
Regular season finale! Hopefully the Raptors will have packed it for awhile at this point.

We get into the nitty-gritty of this packed slate, and show you the full schedule, after the jump

The Nitty-Gritty

— 18 of those 22 back-to-backs end on the road. This is largely due to scheduling the TD Garden with the Boston Bruins

Rest Breakdown:
0 days rest: 22 games
1 day rest: 39 games
2 days rest: 19 games
3 days rest: 8 games (tied for most in NBA)

What It Means: The return of practice! With multiple days off between one-third of their contests this season, Doc Rivers and company will be able to hit the practice floor more often than not for a change.

Trip Breakdowns:
—One five-game trip in late February (@Denver, @LA Lakers, @Phoenix, @Portland, @Utah)
—One four-game trip in late December (@Brooklyn, @LA Clippers, @Golden State, @Sacramento)
—Two three-game trips in December, (@Houston, @San Antonio, @Chicago) and March (@New Orleans, @Dallas, @Memphis)

Eastern Conference opponents:
The C’s will face their Atlantic Division rivals four times, while facing other teams in the East three or four times. Here is how those matchups breakdown:

Chicago: 4
Detroit: 3
Indiana: 3
Milwaukee:4 (All before December 21st. Get ready to see the Bucks early and often)
Cleveland: 4
Miami: 4
Atlanta: 4
Orlando: 3
Washington: 3
Charlotte: 3

Not great news with these breakdowns, as the C’s are facing (outside of Indiana) the toughest teams in the Central and Southeast divisions four times. Weaker squads like Washington, Charlotte, and Detroit they will only see three times during the year. Not the biggest deal, but not ideal for Boston, as they will be in high demand for national TV showdowns against Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, etc.

Final Verdict: Beyond the road back-to-backs, which is a reality for the C’s every year, not too much to complain about here. The high number of those is balanced out by long periods of rest between eight games, which Rivers will be able to make use of. With the C’s adding terrific depth at all positions this year, they should be in good shape to handle a full docket of games in 2012-13.

You can check out the full schedule breakdown by clicking here.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Dan

    How about Jan 16, the first time Austin comes to the Garden? Think Dad will be prepping Bradley on his weaknesses?

    • yeah

      I really like where the Hornets are at. Rivers, Gordon, Anderson, and Davis of course. Really interested
      to see how this team rolls into the season.

    • see how this team rolls into the season.

  • guest

    Miami will kill old celtics
    Ray with the threeeeeee 😀

    • Lantrell Walker

      How are they old when the average age of the C's is 27-28 years old?
      If your gonna troll, at least be knowledgeable in your approach.


      • guest

        Who fucking believes in 18
        only nincompoops
        Check how old are Garnet ,Terri and Pierce

        • Lantrell Walker

          Garnett, Terry, Pierce, Dooling and Collins; 5 players out of 14 over the age of 30 while the AVERAGE and COLLECTIVE age of the C's is around 27.7
          For your information, every real Celtics fan believes in 18, if you don't like it then don't bring your uneducated trolling ass onto Celticshub. We as a fan base respect, love and believe in our team, clearly you're a stranger to that.


    • NHBluesMan

      obvious troll is obvious

  • James Patrick

    Anyone planning to cheer Allen Jan. 27th Should go be a Heat fan. I'll appreciate him when he's retired but now he's the enemy. Bring on the boo birds. He's got it comin'!

  • Phil

    I had no idea the road back to backs were because of the Bruins. That makes a lot more sense than getting screwed on random chance every year.

    Overall, not many good breaks on the schedule, but really, since when has the regular season mattered? If the season doesn't come down to an ECF against the Heat (with them having home court advantage,) something probably went horribly wrong. Just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Mark

    How is it the C's never get a home game on Christmas? In the last five years, at least, they were the only defending champs to not play a home game. Look it up. But Brooklyn gets a home game this year? I think its BS!

  • High Rollers

    One real problem with those segababas is that KG must rest. The problem with that… the C's depend on his presence on the floor more than ever. Hopefully the new guys will use these games to pick up the slack and get some W's without sapping and straining Big Ticket. One of the biggest reasons Danny HAD to find depth.

  • janos

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  • akes 30+ games to see the revamped Atlantic Division rivals for the C’s. Will the reign of domination continue over NYK?

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