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Jason Collins Agrees to One-Year Deal With Celtics

With Greg Stiemsma skipping town, the Celtics wasted no time in locking up a true center to replace the big man, locking up the notorious Dwight Howard stopper and former Hawk Jason Collins to a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum, according to Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston.


Collins is an incredibly good post defender and actually plays the pick and roll very well for a big man. I’ll let the numbers do the talking here (via Forsberg)

Collins allowed a mere 0.748 points per play last season, ranking in the 88th percentile among all NBA players, according to Synergy Sports data. He’s stout in the post and can defend the pick-and-roll. Able to match up with players of all shapes and sizes, Collins has the potential to thrive in Boston the way Stiemsma did when he settled into the team’s defensive system


Collins does not rebound, block shots or score well at all. It’s bargain basement shopping right now for the C’s and they got themselves a veteran one-trick pony. Collins has anemic rebounding rates on both ends of the floor for a center (although they are a little better than Ryan Hollins) and last year he averaged 4.6 points per 36 minutes! So despite those tremendous highlights you see in the video above, you’ll be getting that kind of scoring probably once or twice a season. Given the strength of the C’s bench now, Doc Rivers won’t be asking him to score at all so this shouldn’t be an issue.

The rebounding however is still a concern with this team and the addition of Collins does nothing to address that. Instead, it just makes the problem a little worse.

If Collins can play some D though, enough to let Garnett sit for 5-10 more minutes a game with Collins serving as an anchor on the defensive end of the floor, the C’s will take that in a second. I just hope Jared Sullinger and Chris Wilcox can dominate the boards as advertised…Boston’s second unit will need it.

  • The Cardinal

    Another excellent pickup based on the C's need for a physical, defensive-minded, 7-feet legitimate center. This guy gave the C's fits during the playoffs before Horford returned. Defensively, Collins is an upgrade over Steimsma at this point in both their careers.

    Given the teams priorities and financial constraints, Danny gets an A for his offseason moves.

  • john42_98

    good signing will help kg

  • Vince

    Great signing. A 7 footer who plays great defense for league minimum is the best you can hope for at this point. With Terry, Wilcox, Sullinger, and Green on the 2nd unit, Collins' lack of scoring won't hurt at all. Sure, the rebounding is poor, but Dwught Howard isnt available in late July for league minimum.

  • 10 MPG

    To completly nullify every single stat that was posted Collins started only 10 games last year averaging 103 minutes per game.So of course those stats are off.

  • Brian

    Any big man NOT named Jermaine O Neal is OK with me!

    • MJohnnyboy

      Well, Mark Blunt is available!

  • Vince

    So we get Kendrick Perkins back for 1/8th the price?

    • kg215

      lol that was pretty good/accurate.

  • Nate

    Lol veteran and marginally good players only get better on the celtics cause of the ubuntu mentality and usually worse on other teams
    Nate Robinson perk and James posey Marbury the list goes on
    I feel Collins at vet minimum with nba paying part of his salary is great pick up

  • Ryan

    I laughed more than I should have at the video, captions and all. But I'm happy with the pickup.

  • skeeds

    Solid, SOLID summer by Ainge. All we need now is Dooling back for the minimum, and we're all set. I think we rightfully deserve a healthy year, especially after this past one. If everyone stays healthy, this is the deepest and most flexible roster I can recall us having.
    I know Jason Collins isn't really much, but he's excellent for a 3rd center. When your 3rd big man is an above average defender who can play the pick n roll, you're in good shape.

    Doc will love mixing things up with his units this season. He's got all sorts of combinations to try out, including a lineup of Collins-KG-Pierce-Terry-Rondo that's as close as you can get to Perk-KG-PP-Ray-Rondo.

    • smalltownID

      Come on skeeds, Dooling? Seriously? Dooling sucked when we had a terrible bench what purpose is he going to serve now? I don't care about the other pickups, we still haven't addressed our biggest issue of rebounding and if we keep Dooling over Pietrus I'm going to flip. Pietrus can guard 3 guards and he had some HUGE rebounds in the post season so at least he could potentially help us when it matters most.

      I like good teammates, but hell, I'd be a good teammate, doesn't mean they should pick me up. NO DOOLING!!!

      • skeeds

        Offcourse Pietrus is a way better player all around than Dooling. That is unquestionable. He is also more expensive though. Dooling is a minimum contract guy.
        Also, MP doesn't really cover our needs right now. We have 3 starting level SG's already, in Bradley, Terry and Lee. And we're also pretty decent at the 3, with PP and Green.
        What we really lack is a pure backup PG, especially after trading Moore. Dooling is a solid distributor and a very good defender. That's about all you need from the guy coming in for Rondo. We're talking 8-10 minutes a game here. We can work things out with Bradley and Terry taking over PG duties, but both are way more effective off the ball.

        • smalltownID

          Decent counter until you bring up Dooling again. He was not a pass-first kind of guy, rarely (I would say never but didn't see every game) ever created for his teammates, consistently took poor shots when he was in the game (off the dribble when he wasn't really open and early in the shot clock), and the only argument for ANY production this year were the few 3's that he made in postseason. So you may have an argument for a needing a backup point guard, but Dooling is a solid distributor? No way.

          • skeeds

            So his exceptional defense, even if sporadic, doesn't count as production? He's a good passer, and doesn't turn the ball over much. I'm not talking about this season specifically. Most of the time this season Doc had to use him off the ball as a shooter because we had no offense off the bench whatsoever.
            If he had a good shot selection or any offensive instincts, he wouldn't be a minimum contract player, and we couldn't afford him.

            Point is, I can't think of a veteran minimum point guard I would consider an upgrade over Dooling right now. Since it's a PG we need, he knows the system and had a solid playoff run with us this season, I'd rather we brought him back than sign any other bench warmer. Who are we gonna get? I hope Christmas works out and we can skip on Dooling, but that's a longshot.

  • Chris

    Lets hope for Kg/Wilcox good health and collins never sees the floor. We've been down this road before with him and it wasn't pretty the first time. Christmas just signed a contract, so that might put an end to the dooling talk. Maybe we save the bi-annual exception for an in season pick up. Like a big guy if wilcox or kg miss time.

  • CG12

    Espn says the C's have signed Dionte Christmas, likely partially guaranteed. No details known.

  • Rav

    Any rebounding centers left? Do we still have the "cap exception that sort-of replaced the LLE/Biennial Exception"

  • Kafel

    I really don't understand this signing when players like Aaron Gray or Przybilla are available.. Overall i think Danny did great job so far, especially with bringing Lee. Hope that he is not done, Dionte Christmas will be great story but I still think that we should get Pietrus back – this guy has green blood and played well for us, if he wants to play for minimum I say SIGN sim.

    • smalltownID

      Kafel, there are NO rebounders available. Have you not been paying attention? Just fall in line with the faithful sheeple that are C's fans. We are awesome and DA is once again the best GM ever. No criticisms please. Besides, Lebron and co. won the NBA Championship without a good big man. Hence, rebounding is moot and we should have four 2-guards to make sure we can handle Mario Chalmers.

    • smalltownID

      Sarcasm aside, nice post.

  • High Rollers

    It would be nice if the C's collectively got better on the boards next season, but after all this time, it looks like the rebounding category is a bit of a red herring in Doc's system. If you're trying to rebound on the offensive end, you're risking not getting back, not to mention it means the scoring efficiency is probably a little off. (Make/miss league.) Even when we tally high numbers on the defensive boards, it often turns into a nightmare of late shot-clock success for the other side. Our system is one that absolutely depends on precision. The grit has to be there, the wherewithal and follow-through, but in the end it has to be precise as a Swiss watch. With Doc emphasizing getting back, getting set, scoring in transition off Rondo and running an efficient offense overall, it seems rebounding will never be the first priority. Maybe 1A, after setting the defense. But almost always an afterthought. Unless we get a true rebounder down the line who changes all that. It'd be fascinating to see what kind of tweaks and adjustments Doc would have to make. But until K.Love becomes available, I'm not sure we're going to see anything of the sort.

  • janos

    hi Bryan, is Janos
    sign good ;us this guy better then just pony you know theg ood player alway rise when put on celtic NBA jersey so i am not worry. only rare time guy like oneil bad guy other wise not bad, good. where does stemsa minesota?