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UPDATE: Marc Spears has the terms of Lee’s deal. That fourth year could be a pain, but still pretty reasonable.

Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald filled us in on some of the details of the Lee deal that almost fell apart.

It took awhile and a couple of false starts, but the Celtics got their man last night, acquiring Courtney Lee from Houston in a sign and trade for JaJuan Johnson, E’Twaun Moore, Sean Williams, Sasha Pavlovic and a second-round draft pick. The paperwork is expected to be finalized today.

The deal originally had Phoenix and New Orleans as facilitators, but that came apart late yesterday afternoon Pacific time. Late last night, Portland became the third team and Pavlovic was included. The amended details were still being learned as the Herald’s final print deadline passed, but the Celts will clearly be ecstatic to acquire the coveted 6-foot-5 Lee without disturbing their main rotation.

Now John Hollinger of ESPN.com is hearing more about what the C’s had to include to make the deal worth Portland’s while.


What we know: If Lee’s starting salary begins at 4.6 million, it will have to go for a minimum of three years due to the sign-and-trade deal terms. Additionally the C’s can give annual raises of 7.5 percent per year to Lee, making it likely the full deal will be worth at least 3 years and 15-16 million dollars in total. In conclusion, this deal still looks just as good as it did yesterday.

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Brian Robb

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  • Nate

    This is great
    If the celts pick up a marginally skilled center with the biannual and the then get mp or dooling (sure doesn’t look like space for both) at ets minimum this is is a talented team
    I don’t agree with trading Bradley unless you’re getting a player of Howard’s caliber back
    Bradley looked downright awesome on both sides of the ball last year as his three point percentage and devensive ranking show
    Remember he was rated higher than John wall coming out of high school
    The heat have got to be scared of the celtics right now
    Plus teams will be gunning for the heat cause of their “title”
    Remember the season after 08 opposing teams were getting up for the celts every game and this will happen to the heatles
    Go celtics #18!!!

  • iceman

    It was just announced that the deal for Lee is 4 years/21.5 million

  • Greg

    Celts better move quickly because the big man market is draining quickly. We might be lucky to get Darko (shudder).

  • Nate

    Heard the bulls getting him

  • Batman

    Better than Green's deal

  • -jp

    We need at least 1 more big guy. Lee will help through

  • smalltownID

    Everyone is peeing their pants while at the same time not realizing we have actually taken a step back possibly in the front court. Do we really need another guard before replacing Stiemsma at least? We have no true center, let alone a backup. Lets pull back on the reigns a bit folks.

    • GowGow

      Yet we got to the ECF. I see you're trying to make a point (and sound smart while you're at it), but the truth is, "true centers" aren't as easy to get as you might think. This is why solving our lack of offense is also a reason to pee our pants.

      • Phil

        A true center is also antiquated as a true requirement to succeed. The Celtics had Stiemsma last year, and he didn't play in the playoffs because he was a liability, and the Celtics still exceeded expectations. There's no center out there better than Stiemsma, so why bother worrying about someone who's no more than regular season depth? The Celtics are just fine with KG at the 5 and whoever at the 4.

        People getting blinded by height and a compulsive want for centers is why Asik got 25m, Kwame and Jordan Hill got a combined 14m and Hibbert and Lopez got max contracts. You're better off just having an athletic front court a la Miami or OKC (when Perk's not playing/after they amnesty him next year.) Center will be the least of the Cs problems next year, They're not losing to Miami because Joel Anthony went off for 30 a game.

      • smalltownID

        You can lose yourself all you want in the semantics of "true center" but it doesn't take a ph.d to realize we haven't addressed our biggest weakness in rebounding. Make any argument you want about "centers" but the need to rebound will never go away, yes, even against Miami. I'm stoked we have more scoring power this year but I find it humorous how school girl happy C's fans, and all of a sudden in love with DA again. The same fans will be pissed as soon as we lose 3 in a row and calling for DA to be fired.

    • lakershater13

      WAIT! Losing Stiemsma and Allen while adding Green, Terry, Lee, Bradley(once healthy), Wilcox, Melo, and Sully is a step back??? Did I miss something??? Last time I check Allen was 37 with bad ankles and Stiemsma couldnt make an NBA roster til last season where he became a serviceable option. Lets not forget Ainge still has the biannual exception and this team is already twice as deep as it was last season!

  • Morpheus

    So…what happens to Avery Bradley?

  • Chuck M

    You guys talking about a backup center. What about Wilcox? He was fine until he couldn't play anymore because of the heart problem.

  • lakershater13

    I really like that the Cs got Lee. Dont forget the guy is only 26 and has already been to the finals. He lost in the finals and will be hungry to help this team win.

  • Blingerman

    Not sure how the trailblazers got involved other than taking on pavlovic. What/who did they give up to receive pavlovic and the draft pics?