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A Few Reasons Why the Courtney Lee Signing Is Great


I reserve the right to kill this post and bury it at sea if the deal doesn’t work out. But until then, here are a few reasons why this Lee signing deserves every overreaction it’s getting.

-As Robb pointed out earlier, the Lee signing makes the 2012-2013 Celtics the deepest team of the Garnett era (“the Garnett era” is what we’re calling it now, by the way). They’re carrying a bench of Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger, and Chris Wilcox. That group absolutely competes for the best second line in basketball and could even outplay a few teams’ starters. Maybe just Charlotte. But definitely Charlotte.

Anyway, as we learned last season, bench depth is vital in the event of freak injuries, which are exponentially more likely when your starting forwards are combined older than Susan Sarandon. So it’s great that Boston’s currently rolling out a rotation that might actually be too big for the playoffs, especially if they really go overboard and resign Pietrus.

-The really big news of this signing, combined with Terry’s, is that Boston is actually a desirable free-agent destination now. Not necessarily for superstars, but for valuable rotation players, and that’s also important. Courtney Lee was being pursued by about six other teams, all reasonably competitive, who would have paid him pretty much the same money probably given him a chance to start. He really, really wanted to go to Boston, where he’ll potentially be splitting minutes as a fourth guard when Avery Bradley comes back.

This is huge. The biggest new free-agent signing of the last FIFTEEN YEARS before these two was probably Rasheed Wallace or Jermaine O’Neal, because before KG arrived nobody really wanted to play in Boston: the winters are horrible and the city had a (largely deserved) reputation for being racist. So professional basketball was handicapped in the city for years, but now  that the Celtics actually have the cap space to make signings, we can see that things have apparently changed.

-JaJuan Johnson had no future in Boston. Maybe the most revealing aspect of Summer League for me was watching JaJuan share the floor with four scrub players…and give up shots to them exactly like he would if he were starting alongside Pierce, Rondo and KG. I like the guy a lot and hope he does well in Houston…but he’s not that young and hasn’t visibly developed at all since he was drafted, except for maybe improving his rebounding. As for E’Twaun Moore, he’s definitely making the most of his draft position, but Courtney Lee is well beyond his ceiling. Nice that those two get to keep the band together, anyway.

-Lee is a Boston headline writers’ nocturnal emission. Lee comes up with a game-winning putback? UNBE-LEE-VABLE. Lee and Terry combine for ten straight threes? LEE-VING ON A JET PLANE. Lee twists his ankle and is questionable for Game 4 of the Conference Finals? DEFINITE-LEE MAYBE. One syllable last names are money in the bank for these headline guys. That’s 40% of the reason Jeremy Lin became a star.

-Dionte Christmas is more likely to make the roster. Now that E’Twaun’s out of his way, the Summer League MVP has a much clearer path to the bench. Garbage time would be limitedly more interesting with him around. You’ll be hearing more about Christmas in the coming days as Brian Robb gives him the blog post equivalent of a deep-tissue foot massage.

I don’t want to pull a psychic-type Pokemon on this deal, but: welcome to Boston, Courtney! Hope you enjoy being loved!

  • GowGow

    Just Charlotte? I beg to disagree. We're ready for #Banner18!

  • tbunny

    Maybe since we're not having winters anymore that's not a drawback for free agents now.

    • ElRoz

      I love Massachusetts winters. I don't like constant beach weather of S. California and Miami – BOORING. there are 4 seasons and they are great. not one.

      • lakershater13

        Couldnt agree more. I love the snow with the Christmas lights. Growing up in MA you learn to appreciate the all the joys of winter.

        • Lantrell Walker

          I'm with you on that, Boston is like no other.

  • John V

    I'm really excited about this. I know a lot of other fans really wanted OJ Mayo, because they were hoping he could turn into an All-Star, which Lee will not. But Lee is the right fit, the right man at the right time.

    • zach

      I agree, Mayo was not a good fit as he would have been the 3rd undersized 2. Lee will be better than Ray next year and MUCH more likely to stay healthy. Amazing off season – we have nice young peices to complement the silverbacks.

  • Lantrell Walker

    This offseason has been nothing short of awesome. From the draft to summer league to free agency, Danny has been spectacular and then some. Thrilled to have Lee in Boston and really looking forward to seeing him play alongside Rondo and under Doc. The only thing left that would make this offseason perfect is next month when the schedule is released, the league slates us to take on Miami opening night in South Beach so that our boys watch firsthand as the Heat raise their championship "banner".


    • Josh

      That would be so epic. KG would need to be put in a straight jacket for how fuming he would be seeing that banner go up in Miami's house…..WITH Ray Allen behind enemy lines.

  • ElRoz

    I moved to Massachusetts USA from a warmer and dry climate off the coast of the Black Sea in 1989.

    The winters here are not horrible – they are beautiful. I like the change of seasons. Live one year in S. California and was sick and tired of the sun and beach weather. I know Dwight Howard wants that, but FUK him and his likely-to-be-horrid movie career.

    • janos

      hi elroy, is janos
      every day i am read dwight team choose. owner need have gut and park his ass bench one year. am sick this guy attitude hold leage hostage for what, nobody give a shit him.

    • Jerrold Gilbert

      I'm happy to know you love the Boston weather. Just lose the profanity. It isn't needed to root for the Celtics.

    • Jerrold Gilbert

      My reply to Janos was meant for ELRoz, but I have the same suggestion to both: Root hard for the Celtics, but lose the profanity.

  • Phil

    I'm still of the belief that free agents want to sign here more because of KG and Doc than anything else. Its a good sign for the wrapping up of this era, but not sure we can expect it to help rebuild if it comes to that. Players take superstars very seriously, and the fact that the Cs are always there at the end and have guys that other players respect is huge. The media will likely doubt the team going into the year and the playoffs, but I doubt the opinion is shared by the players.

    • hdavenport

      Yeah, it's absolutely because of KG and Doc. Robb and I were talking a lot this week about how huge Doc's presence is for recruiting: there are MAYBE five coaches in the league that players actually want to play for, and he's one of them.

      • janos

        haynes there are many reason to play boston lot before this guys come aboard oppirtune player come BEST TEAM, most title and large markets team always do well, long time celtics good, then not good, now good again but permantent time now good many year. always see knick, bull, laker atract a top talent guy but only one team fill rafter, histroics garden. am not argue you but agree help with more ideas

  • janos

    for get about great is STEAL boston celtic
    now big three nd large nine !

    no defense laker,heat on stop us now, not even ref stop ths unit ok

  • Anthony

    Let's hope the deal gets finalized. What I like best about the deal is the combos that it allows Celts – Rondo/AB, Rondo/Terry, Rondo/Lee, AB/Lee, AB/Terry, Lee/Terry…. They don't lose anything with any of those combos. Lee also provides additional defense on those tweener guards like Westbrook, Harden, Ginobili, DWade, etc.

    PG – Rondo, Jet
    SG – AB, CLee, (Xmas)
    SF – Pierce, JGreen, (KJoseph)
    PF – Bass, Sully
    C – KG, Wilcox, Melo

    Let's see what other moves DA has in store to finalize the roster.

  • I_Love_Green

    I love this team right now!

  • AdelaideCelticFan

    Please let this deal happen!!!

  • Jon Mullen

    I remember hating courtnet lee in the playoffs a couple years back great addition to what i think will be the deepest backcourt in the NBA(barring injruy). But what about the rebounding issue? Aigne has done an amazing job making this offseason significant and productive. But jared sulinger is the only addition were making to our horrendous rebounding. I guess rebounding isn´t the major decision maker when trying to b the heat… but isn´t running the fast break, the youth movement, one of the major parts of our new team? we also need rebounders, and they just simply aren´t in the market right now. I absoultly love the new guys BUT i still think rebounding is a major concern with this team. Regardless, I´m Very excited to watch two quality players like Jet and Lee join the team. We will continute to have the hardest working club in the leaguse which as KG, Pierce and Co. have proven is more valuable than talent has to offer.

    • GowGow

      Cs had two problems, rebounding and offense. Rebounders aren't so easy to get, but at least we've covered the offensive end regardless of losing Ray. I can't ask for more.

    • Jerrold Gilbert

      Excellent point. If KG is the full-time center, we will have a very good all-around center, & that includes rebounding. But we can't expect KG to be a master of all areas. We will need him for scoring & defense quite a bit. Pierce & Bass are primarily scorers. Although Pierce can rebound & defend, Bass is not strong in those areas. How about trading for Dwight Howard? Maybe we can ask John Henry for a loan.

  • Batman

    Only one word to describe my feelings about this:
    A young good role player? By the gods when was the last time we got one of those?
    Danny stole my heart again


    Thanks! Danny for working so hard to bring in C.LEE.now i really fill like we have good chance to win Banner #18.do you think Danny still go after another center,like JOEL PRZYBILLA anyboby know?

  • lakershater13

    Love this move. Celtics easily 10 deep this year. I see 55-60 wins.

  • CG12

    Sweet Jesus. Danny has never had reviews this good. The fan base is over the moon with this roster. Count me in!

  • john42_98

    c.lee good pickup team is getting set if doc will play younger guys

  • Morpheus

    Firstly, fuck Dwight Howard.

    Secondly, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH BABY!!!!!!! Danny is killin it, Lee>Ray. Rondo,Terry,Lee,AB….fuck me that’s some backcourt depth right there.

    Welcome to Boston, Courtney Lee.

    • Jerrold Gilbert

      You apparently attended the same grammar school as ELRoz & Janos, so I have the same advice: Root very hard for the Celtics, but lose the profanity.

  • Nate

    Getting kg was huge for the organization
    I was so proud after seeing how the playoffs played out and we took the heatles further than an really made me realize how gret this team has been since 08 i think dannys biggest mistake was not resignig posey even at the ridiculous contract new Orleans gave him even ray recently made a comment how the big three really wished they could have kept him. Danny’s made up for it majorly this offseason very excited bout next year
    Amen to # 18

  • Joey

    I'm just glad he can defend and shoot from long-range. Besides Bradley growing into that kind of player, the Celtics haven't had a role player who could do both since Posey left. It's been a long wait. Marquis had some good games and big moments but I hated how he couldn't spot up shoot at all. You just can't have that from a reserve wing player.

  • skeeds

    Let's not forget, Ainge has also somehow held on to the biannual exception. Now if he turns that into a big guy, we're stocked. I'm ok with bringing back Dooling or MP instead though.
    I think Melo's gonna make it into the rotation by December, and we'll be just fine. A big guy who can spot cutters and drop passes in the lane, is too smart not to pick up man to man defense and pick n roll rotations with KG's guidance. He'll do just great.

    • Lantrell Walker

      I agree. I really like the 3 headed monster we have at center of Garnett, Wilcox and Melo. I'm hoping Melo can atleast get 9 minutes a game this season to really help his learning curve, that way KG only has to play 24 mpg and that leaves 15 mpg for Wilcox.

  • MissMD07

    Funny that the pick we got from OKC for Jeff Green got us Lee. Kevin McHale. The gift that keeps on giving. 2 weeks away from the 5 year anniversary of Kevin Garnett trade he helps Danny get Courtney Lee. He's not the GM but he was seen with Danny on Tuesday during the summer league game. Really wish we didn't have to let Moore go. I liked him. There wouldn't be enough minutes for him but now he'll be waived by Rockets. I feel bad. I feel bad for these kids especially since Sullinger said he was bonding with Jajuan Johnson. Its kind of like BAM! "welcome to the pros." Can be traded anytime even after suiting up. Anyways I like the signing. Looks good on paper. Hope it looks good on the court. We still need another big to address our rebounding issue. Melo is a long term project so I don't see him helping right away. Doc said so yesterday at the summer league game. I think he'll spend time in Maine. That may be why they are running the operations for the Red Claws. Anyways, way to go Danny!

  • Jerrold Gilbert

    Doc has been a great asset to the Celts. He may be the best coach other than Red Auerbach the Celtics ever had. Ainge has matured as an administrator & judge of talent. They have contributed greatly to putting together the best stretch of Celtics basketball since the days of Bird-McHale-Parrish. GO CELTICS.

  • The Green Machine

    Im very impressed by what DA has managed 2 do in this offseason. If we can sign Josh Smith after this season… WOW! There would b NO stopping us for almost a decade!!!! #iamaceltic #bleedgreen #leggo18!!! +#thejethaslanded!!!!

  • Josh

    Not to be cynical…..ok ya I hate Tom Cruise but I seriously feel like Tom on Oprah jumping on her couch screaming " I LOVE THIS TEAM!"

  • MissMD07

    Once we get another big to address the rebounding issue next is for Doc to figure out how to manage KG and PP’s minutes. We want fresh legs for the playoffs. Maybe he’ll implement the same a 4-4-4 plan for both like he did with KG last year. As C’s fans know if either KG or Rondo suffer an injury, its over. Get more out of younger players for regular season while preparing them with playing time confidence to contribute during players at some level. Let’s do it!

  • NHBluesMan

    This signing only furthers my conspiracy theory that Ainge is stocking up on former D12 teammates in hopes of luring the big man here… I know that’s a long shot, but if he brings back MP then my suspicions will only grow, haha

  • Rav

    Shaq was a pretty big-name free agent.

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