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The Celtics won their second game in Vegas tonight, beating the wannabe ThiBULLdeau’s 79-74. It’s hard to stay up for these Summer League games at this point. It’s just time for training camp to start. After seven Summer League games, we can pretty much split players into two categories: those who have a chance to make this team and those who don’t.


Tonight’s game showcased a lot of reasons why the members of these groups are pretty obvious. Those who fall into the “chance” category played well while those in the “no chance” category did not. E’Twaun Moore continued his reign as the most NBA-ready player on this Celtics Summer League Team. He also displayed some versatility in scoring the ball, mixing in floaters and post-ups along with his customary jumper. If he has a strong training camp and plays well on the defensive end against the Varsity, it may remove all doubt regarding a possible Keyon Dooling signing.

Dionte Christmas continues to show that he’s not afraid to shoot the basketball even if it hurts his chances of making this or any NBA roster. Regardless of Summer League shot selection, Christmas displays the type of fearless and aggressive effort you want coming off your bench.  He’s almost ignorant of his own abilities and limitations. As if he would continue to attack the basket and shoot if LeBron James or Kobe Bryant were guarding him. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The Celtics’ options for the backup shooting guard position are looking pretty sparse with the Jason Terry signing officially taking up the mid-level exception, and the C’s could do worse than taking a flyer on Christmas.

During the second quarter, Danny Ainge sat with Sam Mitchell and Matt Winer to discuss the Celtics offseason. During this chat, he likened Jamar Smith to Eddie House which makes me think that Smith has a great chance of making this team and never seeing the floor.

Kris Joseph hurt himself early on in this game, and really hurt his chances of making the team. After showing a lot of good things when it came to athleticism and rebounding early on in Summer League, Joseph needed to produce for its entirety in order to solidify a roster spot.  Now he’ll have to do that in training camp.


Apologies to all the Jonathan Gibson, Stephane Lasme, Larry Owens, Craig Brackins and Sean Williams fans out there, but these dudes aren’t making the cut.


Barring any trades or the Celtics eating any money, Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, and JaJuan Johnson can rest easy.

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  • GowGow

    Well, in this Summer League we're not all Rondos, just a few.

  • Anthony

    Haven't seen Sully play a whole lot but I'm starting to see him being more like Demarcus Cousins. Am I the only one? Initially, I saw him more similar to Elton Brand.

    Tough to get a sense of how good these guys are from summer league but if only 2 spots were open who do would you choose from Xmas, KJo, and Etwaun?

  • Batman

    I’m a secret Craig B lover
    Tearing up seeing him struggle ;(

  • Phil

    I didn't get to see this one, but looks like Moore put on a pretty nice show. I'm still wondering if he's gonna be able to do anything at the NBA level; he was a senior when they drafted him IIRC, and this is his second year, he should dominate summer league. But at least he's not doing what JJJ is, because he doesn't have the guaranteed contract to fall back on.

    Fully agree with the breakdown on where guys stand. Its getting to be the time where we have two or three spots remaining and guys fighting for them. Kind of sucks that we can't just keep them all around, all of the guys fighting are fun to root for, and I don't see any of them really standing out above or below the others.

  • CTVT802

    I watched all of the Orlando summer league games, and their first game in Vegas, and I was really impressed with Kris Joseph. He committed few turnovers, solid rebounding, and hasn't made too many turnovers playing a good amount of time

  • Phoured

    I think it will come down to kris Johnson and Moore. I like Johnson he sounds like a pierce type, sneaky scorer and can rebound. I would love to see him learn under pierce.
    is Courtney lee basically out now that the mavs got mayo, without a s and trade. The reported length of his contract is 2yrs, and I thought sign and trades had to be at least 3 yr deals.

  • Phoured

    Ooops I meant kris joseph. I’m an idiot sorry

  • ElRoz

    Well, Moore can score-shoot and maybe even handle the ball here and there.

    But Dooling is a proven defensive player and plays hard. He is an NBA guard. Period.
    I'd try to have Dooling and Moore.

  • thetitleisours

    Smith can shoot the three and a lot of teams have a guy like that to change things up. Would prefer taking a chance on these guys rather than another journeyman. I do not think Kris J should worry too much. He is easily worth a spot with his game.

    • James

      except the fact that he can't dribble… literally. I am a syracuse alum and I have watched this kid play in over a hundred games. If anyone plays close up on-ball defense against this Kris he is going to turn it over every time. If you ever see him try to put the rock behind his back, just close your eyes 🙁

  • eric

    Is this the Jamar Smith that got kicked out of illinois for leaving teammate in car after hitting another car drunk

  • MissMD07

    I really like Kris Joseph. Hope he stays aggressive and makes the team. He's impressed me. It would be nice for him to get to learn some fundamentals from Paul Pierce. Paul could help him polish his game. Also for someone who's played zone his whole college career, he's not that bad of one-on-one defender. Also this is the 4th or 5th time Celtics have brought up moving Jajuan to the 3 spot. He needs to add some new tools to do that. He clearly is not KG 2.0. He won't be Kevin Durant 2.0 either but someone should start working on him if they are seriously considering this. Not only does he lack the weight for PF, he also lacks confidence (sitting for a whole year on a bench will do that to you). It must be hard for him coming from always getting minutes to none. Hope that motivates him though.

  • KBA

    Not sure why we don't just sign Pietrus back? He wants to be back, he was injured last year but still defended well and can def play solid defense, provide some rebounding and offense as well if he can be healthy. Almost seems like a no brainer to me to back up the 2 and 3 spot.

  • Jarryd

    Does anyone see a comparison between sullinger and Zach Randolph? or is it just me? they both seem to have quite a good jumpshot not really athletic both just know how to play the game. Also bringing Pietrus back would be fairly good as i dont see us signing courtney lee

  • red

    How can your criticize Christmas for his shot selection and praise Moore for his Moore takes twice as many shots as anyone else and shoots one of the lowest percentages of anyone on the team in Summer league, but is praised for being selective? Really!! Really!!!