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It’s Official: Jason Terry Signs For Mid-Level Exception


LAS VEGAS — The Celtics can still be in involved in a sign-and-trade over the coming days, but it won’t involve Jason Terry. After the team delayed his official signing for the past week as Boston explored trade possibilities to acquire Terry via a sign-and-trade with Dallas, that possibility ended earlier tonight, as Danny Ainge confirmed to CelticsHub and other reporters that the team will use its full mid-level exception on the shooting guard.

Once the decision was made, Terry wasted no time in making the deal official as Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe reported on Twitter tonight that the deal had been signed, sealed and delivered.

With the Terry deal done, look for the C’s to set their sights on finding a potential sign-and-trade possibility with the Houston Rockets for Courtney Lee. Boston is unable to spend more than 1.95 million (bi-annual exception) on the shooting guard, so they will need to give Houston a reason to sign and deal the young guard, something that could be tough given the recent Rockets signings of Jeremy Lin and offer sheet to Omer Asik.

Plenty of dominoes have to fall for Boston around the league for them to get what they want here, and in the meantime they have to be patient. With some of their own roster decisions looming in the next few days (E’Twaun Moore’s option) the C’s will have tough decisions to make whatever direction they go in. Either way we should know much more by Sunday on if another shooting guard like Lee is arriving.

  • NZNICK33

    Sorry to repeat myself (from a previous post) but anyone else think Randy Foye could be a good fit for us?
    As a backup to Avery, he could be a valued role player.

  • CTVT802

    Welcome to Boston JET!

  • banner18

    Heat are still better… :(

  • dennis rabaino

    wellcome home jason…

  • dennis rabaino

    yap its OFFICIAL jason sign MLE according to garywashburn@NBAglobe

  • James Patrick

    Is it OFFICIAL official or just official. Because I thought it was official last week. lol

    • smalltownID

      In 10 days we will see a headline on ESPN….Jason Terry signs with Celtics for MLE.

  • velvet revolver

    Other than moore’s contract, why is Sun important?

  • High Rollers

    Yeah, welcome, Jason!

  • celtics greece

    yeahhh!!i believe tha jet is a better fit for us than it was ray allen last year and if jeff and kg stay healthy!!!banner 18!!

  • Phil

    Kind of a good news/bad news thing. I like the signing, but the fact that they couldn't work out a sign and trade means they'll more than likely miss out on Lee. The Rockets just don't have much motivation to soak up two or three players they wouldn't want for a year, for what I would assume would be a late first round pick.

    Terry should be good, but now its time to look through the bargain bin/decide on Moore for a 4th guard (3rd while Avery gets better.)

    • High Rollers

      Can't Danny pretend he's Riley for an hour, call up Lee, and sell him on the fact of the C's contender status, marketability, and the short road to the big bucks? Should require far less creativity than some of these S&T scenarios. Although perhaps I underestimate Lee's youth factor. There's a chance people are right that he's too young to be wooed by banners and too young to understand that rings and $$ usually find each other. Or perhaps he does get it and will choose us in the end. Fingers crossed 'cause we could definitely use him.

  • KBA

    why not sign MP back!?!?!

    • Kafel

      Good point. He can play D, hit 3 and you can tell that he love this Boston Celtics. For minimum salary it's not even a discussion for me.

  • Lantrell Walker

    You think the Rockets would be more motivated to get something back in a sign-and-trade for a young stud SG they’ll most likely lose. I still like our chances of landing Lee and I know that Danny will work tirelessly and endlessly throughout however long it takes to make this happen. We’re so close, literally one piece away from being one of the most complete teams in the league, Lee’s the part that’ll put us over the hump.


  • Nate

    How can a celtics fan say the heat are better after seeing how the refs f***ked in the last two years playoffs series with them
    Did you see game 2 foul on rondo?
    I also agree randy foye has been a somewhat decent player but I wonder if he’s on Danny’s radar?
    Go celts #18!!!!!

    • Phil

      Unpopular opinion alert; some Celtic fans like to be objective about the team and their chances.

      The Celtics match up well against the Heat (maybe better than any other team,) but to say that they're better is just talking through homer glasses. The Heat will win fifteen or so more games than the Cs next year, and they'll be favored to win it all barring a major injury. They could very easily lose, but the Heat are the best team. It doesn't hurt to admit you're an underdog.

      Also, how did the refs screw the Celtics out of a series they lost in five games? The homer excuse you want there is that Wade broke Rondo's arm, and 'that' is the only reason why they lost.

      • Lakershater13

        While I agree the Heat will end with a better record I dont think it will be 15 games better. Heat will win around 60 games and Cs around 55 games in my opinion. Remember the Heat will start the season with out Wade.

        • Phil

          I see no reason to expect the Celtics to take the regular season seriously. They haven't the last two years, and it hasn't hurt them at all. Fifteen games is probably a bit much, but I'd be surprised if the Celtics got to 50. That's a lot for an old team playing only for the postseason. The youngsters would have to really overperform in my eyes.

          • Lakershater13

            Celtics havent had much depth the past few years. KG and Pierce will be given nights off with Green and Wilcox able to start for them. I see the Cs having a very good regular season. C's will easily be 10-12 deep this year. Last 2 years they have had 6-8 guy rotation tops with really no depth. Celtics have 3 guys who won a title with Boston in 08. Terry is the only other guy having won a title. The rest of the guys on the team will be hungry for a title. Green will be very motivated after seeing his former team in the finals. I can see them winning 55 games.

          • sightline

            We signed Green for 10 million. LA got Nash for 9. Probably get Dwight for 16-19. No chance we are winning a Championship for a long time.

  • cowboy

    Just sign the summer league guys. IF they don't perform, pull off a trade mid season.

  • GreenM&M

    MP may be better this year if he can get healthy. He was pretty banged up last year and still played some good , Though at times erratic, D.

  • High Rollers

    Any noticing that Sullinger is a rebound magnet and the C's need to improve their… ahem… rebounding. Sounds like an undersized match made in heaven.

  • High Rollers

    We lost because Rondo’s arm was turned inside out AND the team’s mental toughness was in short supply that year. ’12 was very different. ’13 will have its own twists and turns. Two things remain: we still aren’t afraid of the Heat and Rondo continues believing he’s the best pg in the league. I like that combo.

  • Nate

    Did u watch game one of 2011 playoffs pierce ejected on 2 bs techs
    Jermaines bs flagrant and James jones no call flagrant on pierce these things shift the momentum of games and series when Bradley was at full strength during last season we destroyed them both times so I think I’m being somewhat objective even though I’m a huge celts fan who lives in la
    Go celtics #18

    • Phil

      There's a very simple, general rule of being a fan; if you blame the refs for a loss, and 28 other fandoms don't agree with you, you're probably being a homer.

      Its a proven psychological phenomenon that fans see and remember more of the calls against their team, even if its a perfect 50/50 split. The Celtics haven't had a team that drew a lot of fouls for the last few years either, so they should get less calls when you think about it. If you blame the refs for multiple losses, you're definitely not looking at things objectively. The reffing is just not that biased, and it usually evens out.

  • Nate

    Oh like the refs giving the lakers 24 free throw attempts in the 4th quarter of game 7 of the 2010 finals the most free throw attemts by any single team in a quarter by any team for the entire 2010 playoffs
    the celtics lost by 4 points
    Yeah maybe the 2008 squad might have been able to overcome all that crappy reffing sorry the more recent squads “couldn’t deal with it”
    You seem like an intelligent guy Phil and we are both entitled to our opinions so maybe we can agree to disagree

  • Nate

    Oh like the refs giving the lakers 24 free throw attempts in the 4th quarter of game 7 of the 2010 finals the most free throw attemts by any single team in a quarter by any team for the entire 2010 playoffs
    the celtics lost by 4 points
    You seem like an intelligent guy Phil and we are both entitled to our opinions so maybe we can agree to disagree

  • Nate

    Btw theres some much footage of these bs calls on YouTube
    Does the name Tim donaghy ring a bell?
    Im not saying The celtics are the only team who has his happen to them in the playoffs
    Ever watch the Lakers kings game 6 2002
    So I don’t think I’m so of base with.my opinion is all

    • Phil

      You can believe whatever you like. If it makes you feel better to think that the only way the Celtics can lose is if the refs screw them, all the power to you. That said, looking at the issue from the Celtics side only and looking for calls that justify your position isn't objective, its trying to reaffirm a previously held belief. If you're looking to prove what you suspect, you'll find enough evidence to convince yourself, its called confirmation bias. There are games the Celtics win because of the refs, and close games that they lose because of their ability.

      And I'll actually give you Lakers/Kings as the worst example of ref bias. That was actually why I added the qualifier about 28 other fanbases agreeing with you. Everyone agrees the Kings got screwed. That said, they still could've won game 7, and one instance doesn't prove a trend.

  • Lakershater13

    Okay just have to say one thing…the VP of Refs stepped down after this season saying he accomplished what he needed to and is now moving on…Maybe his goal was to get Lebron a ring?

    If you look at the playoffs as a whole the Heat were handed the title. The Knicks probably didnt have a chance against the Heat but the league made sure the series wasnt close. I remember the one game it was a close game and then a bogus flagrant and a bs call as lebron fell out of bounds made it a 7 point swing after 4FTs and a 3pt in a matter of 45 seconds. Against the Pacers Bosh was out and Lebron raped David West the whole series with no fouls. The one advantage the Pacers had was size and that was negated by letting lebron do what he wanted on defense. Of course against the Cs the game 2 non call in OT was huge. Celtics couldnt be stopped on offense and Rondo couldnt miss yet nothing was called and it was a quick 4 point swing. Also remember the techs on the Cs in the first 2 games. Lebron had career lows in the playoffs for fouls when having to play power forwards and being super aggressive. Just doesnt add up. In the finals the game westbrook went off for 40+ he drove to the hoop time after time with only attempting a couple fts. Game 2 of the finals down 2 Durant gets fouled by lebron with no call.

    Everyone can say thats just conspiracy theory but there was no way lebron wasnt winning this year. The league wouldnt let the Lebron marketing go to was with another playoff loss for the Heat. Then the Heat sign a 100 million a year tv contract during the finals. Tv contracts are now all shared due to revenue sharing for the small market teams. Made too much sense for the league to insure the Heat won this season. Just like in 2010 LA was more of a big market team and it was more profitable to have LA win that season as well.

    Call me a Celtics homer but watch the games and you will see the bad calls. As mentioned already Tim Donaghy! Donaghy bet on games he knew other refs were fixing.

    • Phil

      You'd be hard pressed to find an activity more futile than talking referees in a comments section, but I guess I'll reply since I kind of started this.

      First of all, the Heat won this year because they were way better than the Knicks and Pacers, the Celtics were too injured (I don't think its homerish to say that much.) And the Spurs role players crapped out in the western finals, meaning the Heat got to face a team they matched up with better than the Spurs. The Thunder didn't play well at all in the finals. The only series that was even close was the Celtics one. You could argue for the refs affecting that, but like I said initially; calls will never be even (teams don't each commit the same number of fouls,) and in a small sample size, one side will get more 50/50 calls. I still blame injuries above anything else, but refs are below the team's performance for me. I think blaming the refs for the Celtics loss is just scapegoating.

      I don't get how you can say the league wanted Lebron to win either. The Heat draw more legitimate fouls than just about everyone, and they don't have to commit a ton since they have an athletic defense. So why is it surprising when they have more FTs than another team? Lebron and Wade both tailor their offensive games around drawing fouls. Its annoying, but its nothing underhanded.

      The league also benefits more from the Heat losing, believe it or not. The Heat as a story die off a little now. Losing to the Celtics would've made them the biggest story next year by far, now they're just another team defending a title.

      Also, the fact that Donaghy is a rallying cry among conspiracy theorists is a little silly when you look at the actual facts of the matter. He didn't personally fix games or know refs were fixing games or anything like that. The only thing he used to his advantage was knowing the reffing assignments before they were made public. That's enough to swing spreads and over/unders, and it gave him an advantage. If there was any proof of game fixing, the whole thing would be a lot bigger deal, not just conspiracy cat nip.

  • Nate

    Thank you lakers hater 13!!!!!!!
    I am not alone
    Couldn’t agree more about Lebrons being handed the title and the disgusting way the finals turned out
    Really pathetiic

  • guest

    very funny
    Shmeltics fans blaming the refs
    your friking , Powe had 13 free throw attempts (the Lakers team only attempted 10 the entire game) in only 15 minutes of play in 2008
    So just fucking shut up

    • Phil

      The Lakers also never stepped foot inside the three point line in that game. They didn't exactly make the refs swallow the whistle on any tough calls. They didn't create opportunities for fouls, and it would've taken a ridiculous amount of bad calls to get that FT disparity anywhere close to even. It looks bad in the box score, but the refereeing wasn't any worse than what I'm arguing in behalf of the Heat now.

      Thanks for pointing out that other teams' fans have the same complaints Cs fans do though.

      Also, I miss you Leon :(

  • federico

    I think three good realistic options are randy foye, re sign mp or carlos delfino

    • lakershater13

      I like all 3. Delfino i think will get over paid to stay with Bucks.

  • pam

    birdman anyone?

    • GMan

      Yes please!!!

  • sightline

    If the Lakers get Dwight then the entire lock out last season was a pointless exercise. It was supposed to even up the playing field for small market teams. Its now clear that there are a number of tiers in the competition with LA at the very top with little competition. Starting 5: Nash, Kobe, Metta , Gasol, Dwight. That sort of team is going to kill the league, you might as well create 2 divisions from the existing league and drop the bottom 16 teams out, and allow the top 14 to recruit the best players, then the bottom tier can fight for whos left. Its pointless to try and compete, because of LA's financial advantages allow them to ignore the luxury tax. 81 million committed without Nash? Then add Dwight. The Lakers will go over 100 million compared to the Bucks at under 60.
    The NBA Commisioner should resign, allowing the NBA to head in the same direction as the English Premier League, a competition where a few teams dominate through financial means.

  • Nate

    Ok glad to see there are so many opinions on the refs issue thanks for being nice about it Phil
    But what is guest doing on a celtics forum calling us shmeltiks fans and telling us to shut the f**k up
    Go enjoy your heatles and fakers forums bub

    • Anthony

      Nate, while I share your sentiments about the refs, unfortunately bad…let me re-phrase, horrible officiating are part of the game, in all sports. I agree with all the cases you pointed out and can probably list 100s more examples. I for one thought the refs handed OKC the win against Spurs in game 6. It's tough but you're doing yourself a dis-service by dwelling on it. The best we can hope for is that it's fairly officiated. Best to look at games like the 39pt demolition of the Lakers where refs can't decide the game.

      I predict a 50+ win season and the Atlantic Division title for this year's team. Outside of Boston and Miami, I don't really see any other teams as contenders coming out the East.

  • Nate

    Uou are 100% right Anthony no point of dwelling and it just is a part of sports
    And the bright memory of the celts 39 point trashing of the fakers in 08 will remain forever
    Btw I’m a cs fan who lives in la so I was in staples center for game 4 in 08 when the cs came back from the plus 20 deficit- the lakers fans wanted to kill me at the end because they kept on talking s**t To me and laughing at half time and I kept on saying wait till the game ends-well the celts won
    I sincerely hope the celts knock the heatles out of the playoffs. NExt year on their way to title #18

    • Anthony

      I don't know what's tougher, you being a Celts fan in LA or me being a Celts fan in NY. The game 4 comeback was pretty special. I remember I stopped by a bar on the way home to check the score. Even though the Celts were down 20+, for some reason, I had total confidence that they would come back and win the game.

      Banner #18 would be awesome.

  • Nate

    I was praying during that game 4 was beautiful to watch in person and watch all the lakers fans lose their minds utterly classic I think that game was A back breaker for the fakers
    I flew back from ny to la on the day of game 7 of 2010
    All of my crazy cousins who were brainwashed by a family friend to bleed celtics green like me when we were kids were at the game except for me
    I had to listen to that bs on the lakers radio station in my car. the funniest was when gasol shoved rondo off the rebound when it was close at the end and mykal Thompson comments ” ya well they won’t call that foul cause rondos a guard”
    Go #18 that’ll be sweeeeeeettt

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