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Jermaine O’Neal Wants a “Better Role” Than He Had in Boston

Alex Kennedy over at HoopsWorld just tweeted from Jermaine O’Neal’s workout for the Lakers. The good news is that Jermaine *survived* the workout. He’s fine. None of his vital organs failed from overexertion, he did not turn into glass and shatter into a thousand pieces like Wile E. Coyote, and apparently he had enough wind afterward to talk some junk about his time in Boston.

Jermaine was the starting center for the Celtics for much of his time with in the organization, but occasionally came off the bench when he was returning from his many injuries or before the Perkins trade. He was asked to rebound, play defense, and score when he got good looks while sharing the floor with the league’s best playmaker. Pretty solid opportunity for a 32-year-old who, again, has had every injury.

So it’s unclear what kind of role O’Neal is angling for here. Combo guard? Sideline reporter? Does he have a quick-change act he’s hoping to unveil as a halftime show?

Rest assured that the Celtics feel pretty much the same way about Jermaine as you do at this point (if you don’t like him). Multiple sources with close ties to the organization have revealed to CelticsHub that O’Neal was considered a difficult primadonna by both many of his teammates and Celtics staff. He repeatedly refused to go along with team recommendations for how to handle his injuries, and at times wouldn’t respond to phone calls from the team, to the point that they had to send representatives to his home in Las Vegas during the offseason just to get in touch with him.

Brian Robb lit up Jermaine in early 2011 after he waited a month of the regular season before going with the team doctor’s suggestion to get his knee cleaned out. Robb got pretty much shredded for it at the time, but he was really just echoing what the team’s training staff thought about Jermaine all along, and what we’ve basically all figured out by now: Jermaine didn’t feel like he owed anything to the team that was paying him 6.226 million dollars (to shoot 21 percent from 10-15 feet, “his range”).

This latest soundbite is really just so Jermaine can get across that not only does he believe he did everything right during his time with the Celtics, he feels like he was not treated ideally while he was there. Shame on you, Celtics organization, for not giving Jermaine O’Neal a “better role.” Hopefully the Lakers will learn from Boston’s mistakes and do this guy right: start him over both Bynum and Gasol and just play 4-on-5.

UPDATE: “Listen, I don’t want to confuse anybody doing this interview. I’m not saying by any means I can go for 18, 20 a night. But I know I’m still good enough to go for 20 on any given night, if given the opportunity.”


  • CWilliams

    The man is walking injury, I am more than happy to see him go to the Lakers. Cause he want provide much for them either.

  • High Rollers

    Oh, those not so sneaky divas. (Just kiddin’, Ray. Jermaine… not so much.)

  • mugi

    He’s aiming for the role of mascot for some team.

  • Uncle Hank

    "The body is that of a well-developed, well-nourished adult male…"

  • Nopelovic

    Ahhh! He has a role?…. I suppose makin´ money without transpiration…

  • Josh

    haha shits funny

  • jp

    better role????? u started!!!!!

  • ElRoz

    he was a waste of money…if LA takes him, they are CRAZY!

    even a minimum is way too much money for this junk.

  • Anthony

    Anybody else noticed the Celts played great ball once JO was officially injured and could not play? Complained about him for 2 yrs and he provided nothing for both yrs. Would've preferred Sheed over him any day. I hope the Lakers do sign JO. It would make them that much worse. Lol

    With all the free agents getting picked up, what's left for the Celts to fill up the roster?

    PG – Rondo, Jet (Etwaun)
    SG – AB, (KJoseph)
    SF – Pierce, JGreen
    PF – KG, Sully, Bass, JJJ
    C – Wilcox, Melo, (SWilliams)

    • michaelmarlow

      Yes, also noticed that. We kept hearing "since KG moved to center…" that he played great, but I kept thinking "since KG stopped having to carry around the deadweight known as JO…" he played great. (Obviously getting in better shape, not to mention written off by everyone, helped KG more than anything.)

  • thunderlizards

    he played in the starting 5 with 3 hall of famers and the nba assist leader. what is a better role? time machine back to 1992 and join the dream team?

  • Nate

    The celtics are the classiest organization in the league by far as was evidenced by their handling of the Jeff green and c . Wilcox situations
    Even there trade of perk was to the. Best possible destination for him was. OKC
    Jermaine has some bad karma
    And I look forward for his time with the fakers
    Go celtics!!!!! #18

  • BOS

    Anyone know if we're bidding after Blatche?

    • CelticsBIG3

      I hope not, he's fatter and less engaged than JO

  • Father Christmas

    Anthony · 1 hour ago
    Anybody else noticed the Celts played great ball once JO was officially injured and could not play? Complained about him for 2 yrs and he provided nothing for both yrs. Would've preferred Sheed over him any day. I hope the Lakers do sign JO. It would make them that much worse. Lol


  • Batman

    Hes right….we were expecting 20/10 from his every night
    His job was to rebound,play some D, and hit open shots
    and he got paid 6 million for it
    What a joke

  • Rolltide3332

    Role??????? What better role could a man get than sitting his fat butt on the bench and collecting a free paycheck because of his lazy non commited self! He remained hurt due to his inability to maintain a decent workout regiment. He will never get a better chance than he had with the celtics!

  • NZNICK33

    Anyone else feel we should make a run at Randy Foye if we can't get Courtney Lee?
    I liked what he did for the Clips last season, and even though he's prone to cold streaks, he always seemed to put more on the table than take from it.

  • ripsonics

    thats the dumbest effing thing ive ever heard. stopping getting hurt, and/or grow a pair, and your role woulda been the same or better.

    what a loser

  • James Patrick

    I hear the Bobcats are looking for a new ball boy. JO. That would definitely be a better role for you. Might actually be useful. lol