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Ray Allen delivers a classy gesture today by taking out an ad in Sunday’s Boston Globe to thank the Boston fans for their support in Boston. Full image of that ad after the jump. That move however was not the only news concerning Allen that came out in the last 24 hours, as Danny Ainge addressed the shooting guard’s departure for the first time yesterday in Waltham. Here are a few of Ainge’s calculated remarks on Ray with the assist to ESPNBoston:

Ainge on Allen’s choice of leaving: “I don’t feel like we lost Ray, I feel like Ray left us to go to Miami,” said Ainge. “We appreciate all that Ray’s done and all him and (his wife) Shannon have done in our community. We tried to get Ray back, he chose to go to Miami.”

Ainge on whether Allen left because of a lesser role with C’s: “You’d have to ask Ray the decisions why. I talked with Ray a lot over the last five years, I’m a fan of Ray and, like I said, I’m grateful for what he’s done. He’ll always be part of that 2008 championship and the success we’ve had since then as well. But, I have a feeling that it wasn’t one thing. I think it was an accumulation of lots of things, including the lure of Miami. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Ainge on moving on: “No one player makes the team. Players chose not to come here all the time. There’s 30 good basketball teams out there and it’s a very competitive league. There’s other teams outside of Boston and we knew that Ray had this option and this opportunity and he chose to go that direction.”

In another interesting twist on Ray, the Miami Herald is reporting that Allen has a player opt-out in his contract after next season, giving him the flexibility to leave the Heat if the reason arises. Probably a non-factor from the C’s perspective, but another interesting twist in this whole whirlwind of a story in the past couple weeks.

Heat fans should appreciate Ray Allen next season, because there’s no assurance he will be here beyond that. Two sources with direct knowledge tell us that Allen’s two-year deal with the Heat includes a $3.2 million player option for 2013-14. So if Allen wants to become a free agent again next July, he can. So can Rashard Lewis, due $1.4 million in 2013-14.
Boston Globe - Ray Allen

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  • High Rollers

    That’s nice, but why is his name in such large letters?

    About the player option, sounds like Riley knew exactly which buttons to push. Ray wanted the driver’s seat and he got it in Miami.

    Sorry, Ray, but I’ll keep ridin’ with KG, Pierce, and Grand Theft Rondo.

  • I can't find it in my heart to be mad at Ray Allen. I'm disappointed that he's gone, yes, but I think management and Ray had a part to play in his departure. Regarding the player option, I wonder if he would come back to Boston. Hmmm. Would they take him?

  • Jay Tay

    maybe Ray is just looking to see the end of his career playing with Rashard Lewis again, as I know they have remained close friends!

  • Morpheus

    He chose to leave us….SCREW U RAY.

    What does he want now? Kudos points ❗ Asshole

  • James Patrick

    Last weekend he put the knife in. This weekend he twists it.

    He feels our wrath. Hope he takes his whole family with him and never comes back. F'em.

  • Celtics

    Guys, Ray was a FA. He was free to sign wherever he wanted.

    We shouldn't be mad about that. We should be laughing at him complaining how the C's "disrespected" him.

    • josh

      i agree. it isn't worth being pissed or holding a grudge. i'm laughing at how stupid his decision was and i'll be shaking my head with a slightly disappointed look on my face when the C's knock the heat out of the playoffs in 2013. the slight disappointment will come from seeing a dejected ray and knowing that he shot himself in the foot all on his own. it will be a bummer to not have him there as part of it.

  • Miggy_Miggz

    Stop with the bullshit Ray, if you wanted to make the fans happy you stay. Simple as that.

    You're in for a rude awakening when you walk into the Garden. No number of adds and letters will change that.

  • soxandpats

    If you think we're so great then why did you leave?!!….And go to our rivals?

  • smalltownID

    If that isn't cognitive dissonance I don't know what is. A message like that really doesn't mean anything to "fans" when you go to Miami, anywhere else but there or LA and the expression might have meaning to Celtic fans. Sorry Ray, but the expression of gratitude is moot. We're Celtic fans.

    I don't get people's comments about, "he's a FA, how can you be mad at him?" or "A guy's got to do what's best for his family." That is bullsh*t. None of these players have it difficult, try providing for your family working 80 hours a week and scraping by. Living in any city in the US when making millions of dollars is pretty posh and there shouldn't be many concerns about day-to-day family welfare. So stop that excuse.

    This is sport, we choose to follow teams we can identify with whatever the reason. What is the point in being a fan if someone on "your" team joins a rival and you have no problem with that as a "fan"? I don't want him to die but I sure as hell hope we make him wish he never left. You've given me a reason to join the rest of the country and despise Miami Ray. I hope AB eats your lunch, PP screams at you for lacking the balls, and KG stares you down in his mad-man trance.

    Go C's

  • henrik

    Same old Ray, always says the right thing. Well, guess what Ray, actions are worth more than words.

  • RawDog

    It comes down to Ray wanting to get The Ring via the pawn shop – lame. Probably the same classy move he made to put The Other Ring on Shannon, so I guess you can’t knock the guy. Eh eh eh.

    It’s like the scene in He Got Game where he got lured by the T&A by Rick Fox, lol. This time it was Riley doing the dirty work. Envision the snakeoil seeping into Ray’s pores: “How could you let C’s management mistreat you like that?”
    Ray: “Where’s the pen and paper, dammit.” Eh eh eh.

    Don’t FUCK with the fan’s hearts, Ray.

    -RawDog “Yeah baby I like it raaaaw.”

  • Zee

    Nice departing gesture. I don't know how many other free agents who have done that. It's Ray's way of letting fans know that he didn't leave because he wanted to. His heart was and is still with Boston. But circumstances with the management and team seemingly made it unbearable to stay. God bless you Ray.

    • James Patrick

      He didn't leave because he wanted to??? He's a grown man isn't he? Or did someone else tell him he had to go to Miami?

  • janos

    all do make dart board full picture today on bostonbar. this guy already forgot to me.

  • Josh

    Actions speak louder than words. Don't apologize with words when your actions say otherwise. We wanted you here Ray, you chose to leave us.