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Danny Ainge continues to look for ways to acquire Jason Terry in a sign-and-trade from the Mavericks so he can use the mid-level exception on another target (mostly likely Courtney Lee).

That requires Ainge to lure a third team into his web of deception and chicanery because the Mavericks are predictably uninterested in the flotsam (Sean Williams, E’Twaun Moore) and jetsam (Keeyon Dooling, Mickael Pietrus, JaJuan Johnson) the Celtics have to offer in return.

The Raptors have been linked to these talks because the Mavericks may have interest in Jose Calderon, whose time in Toronto has involved a series of point guards being brought in to almost-but-not-quite replace him. Raps GM Bryan Colangelo is a motivated seller because Calderon recently requested a trade.

It’s impossible to gauge the likelihood of a Dallas-Toronto-Boston deal taking place, if only because we’re just speculating at everyone’s engagement with any proposed deal. But it’s a good indicator that if Ainge wants to land both Terry and Lee, he’s going to have to involve a third team, and possibly throw in a draft pick to seal the deal.

Ainge refused to discuss the specifics of any sign-and-trades yesterday but seemed confident about nailing down the Terry deal in the next week.

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  • Lantrell Walker

    This is encouraging news, especially considering the Raptors landed Kyle Lowry a few days ago. This team is just one more piece from being one of the most complete groups in he NBA and this possible deal is a win-win-win for all teams involved. A 4-guard rotation of Rondo, Bradley, Lee and Terry has some serious punch to it and endless possibilities, here's hoping this deal goes through and is the culmination to an awesome offseason for the C's.


  • High Rollers

    You would think both Dallas and Toronto would want to get something for their respective vets who no longer fit in the plans but are still valuable assets. Hopefully Dallas quits playing hard to get soon.

  • Phil

    I'd like to see a potential deal that might be getting discussed since I don't know how the salaries match up, but I like the sound of it. If the Mavericks are getting something valuable back and the Raptors clear some money, it could mean the Celtics don't have to give up as much as they would've if it was just them and Dallas.

    I'm just not sure how adding the Celtics to the deal helps the Raptors or Mavs. Terry is already off the Mavs' cap, and the Celtics really don't have good trade chips. Hard to see it getting done without throwing in a pick, but I really don't value a late first too highly anyway. I'd rather have Terry and Lee.

  • James Patrick

    File this under deals I thought were already done. lol

    • smalltownID

      Glad to hear I am not the only one. Is it the new CBA because I never remember a free agency like this? I thought Lin signed the offer sheet with the Rockets 10 days ago???!!! So weird. I guess David West was kind of like this last year but I can't get over it.

      • Phil

        The wrinkle this year is that there was a ten (eleven?) day period where teams could negotiate with players, but couldn't actually offer contracts. Therefore, teams made all their deals with players, and are now just staggering them so they fit around the cap. Minnesota couldn't offer Batum money until they amnestied Darko for example.

        Terry knows he's getting 5m and playing in Boston next year, he just doesn't know how he's getting here. If the Celtics can sign and trade him, it lets them use the MLE on Lee and get both. If they can't sign and trade, they'll get Terry with the MLE and likely lose Lee.

  • Guest

    The line about "deception and chicanery" was great, but you could write
    just about the same thing in regard to anything
    Daryl Morey or Neil Olshey has ever done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • janos

      i had make a google chicaneryuse normal word next time ryan is article nba not spelling be

  • BOS

    This Lee thing is getting really old. We should hurry up and sign Terry, and then get Barbosa instead for the veteran's minimum, instead of paying more money (and potentially having to give away valuable assets) to get Lee.

  • Blingerman

    I wish Ainge was after Mayo instead of Lee. That four guard rotation would’ve been more devastating offensively.

  • ChrisNYC

    I like Courtney Lee plenty, but how about this comparison…?

    Career stats

    Lee: Age 26, 44 FG%/39 3P%/83 FT%, 10 PTS, 2.8 REB, 1.4 AST, 107 ORTG & 108 DRTG, 12.2 PER.

    Player X: Age 28, 45/37/83, 10 PTS, 2.9 REB, 3.6 AST, 107 ORTG & 106 DRTG, 13.9 PER.

    So who is Player X?

    Remember old friend Delonte West? I'd still prefer Lee for various reasons, but for full MLE vs. Vet Min? Not so sure about that.

    • Celtics

      I'd actually prefer West because of his ballhandling skills. But yeah, with guys like West and Barbosa out there for a lot less, I feel like going after Mayo and Lee is a bit foolish.

      • Javier

        Courtney Lee is 6'5 and an above average defender that matches up great against other SG in the league. While West is 6'3, a bit undersized to play the SG position that the Celtics are looking for.

        • ChrisNYC

          No doubt, Lee is the better post defender, but for 1/6 the price, I think "a bit undersized" is a reasonable compromise. DWest is an excellent defender otherwise and can slide over and be the primary ballhandler when Terry is in the game (something Lee really can't do).

          Lee is entering his prime, but his numbers thus far are remarkably consistent, so I'm not sure there's a lot of upside left in his game. Delonte, on a purely statistical basis, is a much better signing from a risk/reward standpoint.

          That said, there's more to Delonte than stats, i.e., injuries and his other issues. But is Courtney Lee really worth 4 and 22? I'm not so sure.

  • ChrisNYC

    One more thought re: OJ Mayo…

    Not sure if I want a guy who really thinks of himself as a PG coming off the bench behind Rondo. Remember how Rajon's confidence took a hit when Cassell was here? The first time OJ finishes a game instead of Rondo (and it's totally possible since OJ is a vastly superior FT shooter), there could be a major chemistry issue.

    This could be a problem with Terry, but I see him probably as more of a 2 and a vet who understands how to deal with a personality like Rondo's.

    I love Mayo and I think he would be fantastic with a winning organization like Boston, but this would worry me a little. Just saying.

    • zach

      this is an interesting point and I think it could have been true a few years ago, but man I think Rondo is now one of the top 10 players in the league so I don't think there will be any confidence/top dog issues. The big downside to Mayo is that he can' t guard big 2s, so with Terry having the same issue I think Lee fits better.

      • ChrisNYC

        Per Synergy, Mayo and Lee are nearly identical in defending post-ups (1.06 to 1.05 PPP). In fact, they are remarkably similar defensive players overall (0.88 to 0.93 PPP). Mayo is worst when fighting through screens or recovering against spot up shooters.

        Since those two stats are typically "effort stats," and since I think it was pretty apparent that Mayo coasted at times in an unhappy situation, he would probably be able to improve a good bit as part of the Celtics.

        Also, I like the flexibility of having Mayo able to defend either position. It allows him to play alongside Rondo, Bradley, or Terry without too much regard to matchups.

        As for Delonte, he doesn't do well in post up situations (1.25 PPP), but he is a straight nasty P&R defender. How does a 0.68 PPP sound?

  • Morpheus

    Same here,i thought a lot of these deals were already done and dusted…lol

  • howardavellino

    This is not new, I remember it going back to the time Grant Hill signed with Orlando. It does seem to be dragging on longer than it did in previous years, though.

    I don't think OJ Mayo is a good fit. But I think it doesn't matter anyway, because I don't think even freeing up the MLE would be enough to get him.

  • zach

    speaking of grant Hill, he would be a decent fit as well if Lee doesn't pan out. His shooting has improved and he is a strong defender

  • janos

    hi ryan is janos
    i am confuse article this IS OR is not player "Jason Terry" on celtics nba current or is NOT?

  • jman

    West and Barbosa would be great to have for minimum amount and I'm still surprised with this team though…
    HAve they forgot about the Center position…lol Wilcox is ok but please, someone with size and rebounding skills is a must…
    And Rondo…Please, come on everyone…I'd rather have a all-star center than Rondo no offense but everyone is way too much on the Rondo bandwagon at the moment

  • Bill Rybarczyk

    Why all the love for OJ Mayo? Over hyped since college. I thought his numbers should've been much better last year. His talent is through the roof but his attitude has always been suspect. He's not much of a team player and is not known for making players around him better. This past season when he was almost traded to Boston for Allen, he came out and said he had no desire to play in Boston. Why is he still being shown the love?

    • ChrisNYC

      Not sure that's it's a fair characterization of what happened with OJ at the deadline:

      MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For two months now O.J. Mayo has heard the rumors about the aborted deadline deal with the Celtics for Ray Allen, how it was he who quashed the trade that would have broken up Boston's Big Three. He heard reports coming out of Boston of a conversation he allegedly had with Celtics president Danny Ainge, of how he told Ainge he wasn't interested in winning championships, that Boston's rich history didn't count for much.

      Here's the thing, Mayo says: None of it is true. He didn't have a single conversation with Ainge. He didn't even discuss the deal with his own general manager, Chris Wallace.

      "I'm not about winning?" Mayo told SI.com. "That's crazy. I'm all about winning. I didn't talk to anyone in Boston. But if I did I would have told them I'm happy as a Memphis Grizzlie. This is where I want to win."

      This interview was after Game 2 of the Clippers series (where he outplayed Chris Paul head-to-head in the 4th quarter), so I understand him saying he's happy in Memphis. But to say he "came out and said he had no desire to play in Boston" just isn't true.

      The guy is a talented combo guard, tough defender, good spot-up shooter, who is entering his prime. A mediocre team like Phoenix will probably overpay him significantly, but if the Celts could get him at the mid-level, it would be an absolute steal.