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The Very Best of Ray Allen in Boston (Video Compilation)

On the day after Ray Allen was formally introduced as a member of the Miami Heat, it’s time for a bit of reflection. While some may not be ready to appreciate Ray’s tenure in Green yet (which is completely understandable) Allen had a historically memorable run in Beantown. With this in mind, I have put together a full five-year compilation of the very best of Ray Allen in Green.

So grab some popcorn, keep a tissue handy, put work on the back-burner for about an hour and take a stroll down memory lane to enjoy the best Ray had to offer — while also hoping he won’t be able to replicate these kinds of moments over the next three years.

2007-08: Year 1

One of the first interviews with The Big Three together. Ray you’ll notice does a lot of the talking here. Seems like he enjoys the attention and appreciation. Okay, I’ll stop with the cheap shots and stick to the basketball goodness.

The Debut. (November 2007 vs. Wizards) A tidy 17 points on 5-of-10 shooting and 2-of-5 from downtown. This efficency from Allen was just a sign of things to come. I also don’t think Gilbert Arenas was allowed to make predictions anymore after guaranteeing a win in this game for Washington.

The first game-winner. (November 2007 vs. Raptors) Allen comes off a screen from Kevin Garnett to drill the game-winner across the border in just his second game as a Celtic. Somehow, I think this won’t be only time we see this during this compilation.

The most improbable game-winner? (November 2007 vs. Bobcats) Celtics trail by 2 with five seconds remaining. Bobcats have the ball to inbound. Game over right? Not quite. Best part of this clip is the Bobcats’ reaction after the shot and Tommy Heinsohn’s commentary.

The Layup (Game 4 NBA Finals vs. Lakers, June 2008) This needs no introduction and is perhaps one of the only times in a Celtic uniform, Allen was able to hold the ball on an isolation in the fourth quarter. He made the most of it here, in essence clinching the game and essentially the title for Boston. Ray also made Sasha Vujacic pretty upset on the bench afterwards, which is never a bad thing. That’s what happens Sasha when you don’t play defense when your season is on the line.

The Demolition (Game 6 vs. Lakers, 2008 NBA Finals) 26 points for Allen in Game 6, including 7-of-9 from downtown. Here are the full second half highlights, because they are mostly Ray 3’s and all worth watching.

2008-2009: Year 2

The Masterpiece (January 2009 vs. Toronto): No one will probably remember this, but that’s what these collections are for. Allen’s numbers from this evening: 36 points on 11-of-14 shooting, (8-of-10 from 3-point range!) I know it was against the Raptors but still! C’s needed them all in a 94-88 win.

The back-to-back daggers: (February 2009 vs. Sixers). “Leave me open once, shame on you,” Allen said. “Leave me open twice, you lose,” he continued. This play would become a go-to end-of-game option for Doc for the next three years (for better or worse).

The Double OT comeback: (April 2009 vs. Bobcats): One of my favorite comebacks of the past five years. Perhaps more impressive than Allen’s game-winner here is the fact the C’s rallied down 8 with 2:02 remaining in regulation to force OT. This was all when KG was sidelined by the way. How good Boston was this season before and after Garnett got hurt still upsets me for what could have been.

Bulls Game-Winner 1 (Gm 2 vs. Bulls 2009 First Round, April 2009): Allen may have been the best player on the floor during one of the best playoff series of all-time. Hitting a three to win the game is clutch….but doing it over Joakim Noah? Even better.

The Wasted Masterpiece (Gm 6 vs. Chicago 2009 First Round): 51 points in triple overtime….clutch 3 after clutch 3….still not enough to steal the game and win the series. As pathetic as this sounds, the fact Ray wasn’t able to shoot the ball more (18-of-32) in 59 minutes was probably to the C’s detriment in this one. In the meantime, I still wonder how deep Chicago would have gone that postseason if they got past Boston. I feel like they would have given Orlando a run for their money as well.

2009-10: Year 3

The Start of The Run (Gm 2 vs. Miami Heat 1st round April 2010): Kevin Garnett was suspended for this game after elbowing Quentin Richardson in Game 1, but it didn’t matter. Ray Allen hit 7-of-9 from downtown in another game you probably don’t remember he shot so well. Ray just had too many of these kinds of efforts in the postseason so they meshed together. Sigh.

The Upset: (Gm 5 vs. Cleveland, 2nd Round May 2010): 25 points, 6-of-9 from downtown as the C’s dismantled LeBron and company on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. This game came as a complete surprise to the NBA world at large….except for Celtics fans who saw it coming.

The Record-Setting Performance: (NBA Finals vs. Lakers Game 2, June 2010): Eight three-pointers in one half? Yep, I counted them all, eight three-pointers in one half.

2010-2011 Year Four

South Beach Domination: (November 2010 vs. Miami): Ray Allen helped welcome LeBron and company during their first hosting of the C’s in South Beach with 35 points, including 7-9 from distance in a Celtics win. Before the Perk trade that season, everyone forgets that Boston owned Miami (3-0 against).

New York, New York: (vs. Knicks December 2010): Allen posts 26 points, including the go-ahead 3-pointer with a minute remaining to help C’s win a 118=116 shootout with the Knicks. In a related story, Ray killed the Knicks with 3’s all year. Stay tuned.

Domination from inside the arc (vs. Spurs January 2011): Allen goes 13-of-16, including (11-of-12!) from two-point range to post 31 points in a tight win over the Spurs. Another one most people had just forgotten about. I know I had.

The All-Time Record: (vs. Lakers February 2011): Allen becomes the all-time leader in 3-point field goals, passing Reggie Miller and hugging everyone and everything at courtside afterwards.

Knicks Game-Winner: (Gm 1 vs. Knicks 2011 First Round, April 2011): Celtics play like crap at the Garden for the majority of the 48 minutes, Allen bails them out with a game-winning three with 20 seconds remaining.

New York Beatdown Continued: (Gm 3 vs. Knicks 2011 First Round, April 2011): After a competitive first two games in Boston, Ray helps the C’s put the Knicks out of their misery, scoring 32 points while draining eight 3-pointers in this offensive clinic.

2011-2012 Year Five

Ready after Lockout Ray: (vs. Heat December 2011) While the rest of the Celtics showed up for the regular season out of shape and attempted to get their bearings, Allen was the consumate pro, hitting 6-of-8 from downtown and scoring 28 points, helping lead a late Celtics charge before falling short in South Beach 115-107.

One of the Last Classics (vs. Wizards, January 2012): Before the ankle injury sidetracked Allen’s shooting for the second half of the season, this was one of final Ray classics in a Celtic uniform. 27 points, 6-of-7 from downtown. How did we let this guy leave again?

Ray Crazy Shot Just for Fun (vs. Bucks March 2012) Self-explanatory.

The End (Post-Game 7 vs. Miami June 2012)

After watching this in full, I’m considering sending this full collection to Danny, Wyc Grousbeck and company to ask why the C’s couldn’t find a way to give Allen the $9 million per year he wanted. I’m kidding on that of course…..I think. For now though, Allen is gone but Celtic fans will still have these fond memories to reflect on for years to come.

Thanks for the memories Ray.

  • Rolltide3332

    Im sorry, but I don’t want to watch any of these yet. It’s still too soon. The guy just ripped our hearts out. It’s like that hot girlfriend that left you for a total jerk. You just want to hate her and curse her name. Then, months done the road, you take a look at the picture that you tore of her and remember the good times………. That slut!

  • Carson

    That was nice. Sometimes I think Celtic fans forget all this man has done. I kinda think Danny forgot to whe he tried to trade him :(

    • ryan

      I feel like Danny Ainge forgot and Ray Allen was too proud. This shouldn't have happened the way it did.

  • Old Coach

    Thanks Ray , now get to South Beach and off our blogs. We are tired of the constant Allen talk and want information about players that will play against South Beach. Ray's head just got too big to walk through that door and face reality. Thank goodness for Kevin and Bass who will walk through that door and play.

  • Natanis

    Why are we giving press to a Miami player on a Celtic site?
    Go celtics !!

  • GoodChoiceAllen

    Well, they've been trying to trade the guy for over a year, now that he left on his own terms, fans in Boston are mad? Wow! Welcome to South Beach Buddy!!! I hope you're going to be the one nailing all the daggers when we demolish the Celtics next year!


    • gee-m

      You're actually bragging about being a Heat fan? I assume you live in Boston, but must be a Heat fan. Take about bandwagon. Smh

  • liberty or death

    dude definately brought excitement back to the franchise. all time favorite clip is him schooling vujacic in the 2008 finals. i remember watching it on tv thinking we just won the championship. couldnt have done it to a better team and a better player in vujacic. he defines the laker "team". a bunch of whiny soft ass pussies and the celtics beat em down. would have sweet if they could have done it again in 2010.

  • kgainez

    Can we move on? I'd love to see more write ups on the 2 summer league games you all have missed. The past 3 articles have been Ray Allen. Come on.

    • Phil

      Agreed. I'm just not interested in reflecting on the Ray Allen era a couple days after he bolted for the team's biggest rival, regardless of how many nice things and canned responses he has lined up.

      Summer league might not mean much, but I'm pretty sure it holds more bearing on the Celtics next year than Ray Allen.

    • GowGow

      I agree with you Mister

      • kgainez

        not a mister, but I thank you lol

  • James Patrick

    TOO SOON…. I don't need to see this. It's like looking at wedding photos just after the divorce was finalized.

  • wildcat96

    Great collection of clips I think one omission was Game 2 of the series versus the Heat that was Rondo's masterpiece but Ray hit the 3 to send that game to OT (where we got screwed).

  • lakershater13

    Ray Allen hub????? Are the Celtics an nba team anymore or have they been replaced by Ray Allen? Hes gone. Its done. Lets move on!

  • I_Love_Green

    Damn we're gonna miss Ray.

  • Switcharoo

    Yup time to move on,there’s more important matters than watching and talking about the guy that walked away. He’s gone, it’s done and of the Big Three he’s the one I’ll miss the least; just glad it wasn’t KG

  • Zee

    How is Ray not breaking the 3-point record not one of the videos? :)

  • tbunny

    I loved watching him play. I'd forgotten how awesome he was in 2009. Pierce and Allen carried that team and they almost beat the Magic (who went to the finals) and probably should have.

  • red

    Ughh ! let's have a AB video montage or a KG montage; you know people who actually play for the Celtics.

  • BirdRondoGarnett

    How about this..let this week (preferably sooner) be for "Ray Allen Memory Lane", but please after that let's put it to bed. He's gone and anyone that wants to relive any of his moments can do so on Youtube. He was a great player but he's not a Celtic anymore and the more we watch how great he was with the Celtics make you hate how great he can be with the Heat.

  • One last vent

    Ok so i am walking around my house cursing Danny and Wyc after watching these videos. The sad thing is that these are just a few videos of what he has done for the Celtics. I am glad you posted these clips. This PROVES that my anger towards Celtics management, for not doing more to KEEP Ray, is not vein.

    He was worth showing a little more respect, a little more love, a 1 YEAR MORE CONTRACT!!! Was that really asking too much! He earned it…over and over and over again! We are not talking about someone who was lazy or gave half of himself for the organization. Ray was ready to play EVERY NIGHT AND GAVE 100%, even when he had bone spurs in his ankle. Even Danny said, there were more bone spurs in his ankle than they thought and that he should not have been playing in the playoffs. But again he sacrificed and refused to sit in the playoffs when everyone was telling him to take a break. Ray said, NO THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO SIT!

    I dont care if I get 100 thumbs down form this post! RAY DESERVED MORE! THE END!

    • James Patrick

      you seem to be forgetting that the player in the video is getting older. he had no loyalty to us in the end. paying him 9 million a year for 3 years was insane. He took less do be with the enemy. so good riddance

      • One last vent

        The player in the video put up 27 points this January 2012. Not too shabby for a 36 year old…how many 36 year old players do we see doing that in the NBA.

        I didnt say that he should have received 27 million dollars(even though Nash did and he is older), I said 3 years. You don't even know that he asked for 27 million. Ray acknowledged expecting a 3 year contract but did not mention the amoung. 27 million is what the media has told us…nothing confirmed. How do you know he would not have taken 3 years at 6 million a year? We did not hear about any counter offers from either side so that leads me to believe that the negotiations stopped, for whatever reason. If you are negotiating terms and a price you always go in at a high price and meet somewhere in the middle.

        Why is it that every other player received at least a 3 year deal, excpet Ray? Even Terry…

        And why are so many people calling for loyalty from Ray when the organization was not loyal to him. He was traded to memphis about 4 months ago and would NOT have ended the season with the Celtics this year if it was not for Mayo blocking the trade. Loyalty comes from both sides, not just one side.

        • lakershater13

          I would have been cool with him going to Memphis to try to give them the shooter they needed or maybe the Clippers. Go to a team that is on the way up that you might be able to give that extra push to win a title. Don't go to a team that just beat you. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best not join the best. I just thought Allen being a classy guy wouldn't join a hated team like the Heat after just losing to them. I just hope Bradley gets healthy quick to shut down Wade and Allen.

        • michael

          nash is waaaayyy better than ray allen

          • One last vent

            I disagree…they both can be considered as one of the best in their respective positions. Nash is one of the best point guards in the league and Ray is STILL one of the best shooting guards in the league.

    • GowGow

      It was Ainge's fault that Ray left, but it was Ray's fault to choose Miami.

      Miami, of all 29 teams? That's where I'm focusing all of my anger.

      • One last vent

        Ray did not have 29 teams to choose from(i know you were just making a point ) :) I would say about 7 teams….maybe. And most of them SUCK.

        And now that we have determined who's fault it was for Ray's departure. How can we tell him where to work probably for the rest of his career…hopefully NOT. I HATE HATE HATE MIAMI AND I LIVE IN FLORIDA! Lebron is one of the most annoying players in the NBA and Wade is his little puppet.

        It hurts me that one of my favorite players is now with the HEAT…give me a moment while i throw up…ok I'm back. But I cannot blame him for leaving the best team in the NBA :) and going to a team that would give him the same opportunity as Boston. If i left my job I may take less money for a company that would offer me a better opportunity to use the skills that i have developed over my career and also give me the best opportunity to grow the company(if i felt i was not being being valued anymore). This is all Ray did…even though i hate it and I WISH he would have just stayed. BUT AGAIN…1 MORE YEAR DANNY..JUST ONE MORE YEAR AND HE MIGHT HAVE STAYED!

  • Colin

    Gonna be a tragic year for Ray in Miami he won't have any plays run for him. It's Lebron first then Wade then Tummy ache and finaly it's oh my god the shot clocks running down bail me out. With only 1 or 2 seconds to shoot he's gonna have a lousy shooting % in Miami sub 30 would be it.

  • GowGow

    He just left and this is not helping.

    Maybe you should consider making a compilation of all his failures so that we feel a little better.

  • BigPolska

    i'm still absolutely devastated

  • French J.

    You guys are ridiculous. Ray Allen is a great champion, a master in his craft, and instead of whining over his departure, just be happy that we all got a chance to see such a talented guy play in our house for 5 years. The NBA is a business and we'll never know the exact reasons that triggered his leave. But it doesn't matter. What matters is that you'll always remember him as the greatest shooter in NBA history. And him, the greatest NBA shooter, played for the Celtics, for 5 years, got us a ring, and broke records after records, just right in your living room, on TV, or even better, at the TD Garden. Respect to a great man, I wish him the best as a player (not as a Heat member, cuz I wanna see the Celtics win another one). But as a player, he gets all my respect. Peace out.