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Celtics Maintain a Perfect Summer: Celtics 85, Pacers 77

Box Score

The Celtics won their third straight Summer League game against the Pacers yesterday and ehhhh…  The longer Summer League continues, the more I’m reminded of the impending dashing of dreams and just how meaningless most of this is.  Just imagine Kevin Garnett in any of these games.  Or LeBron James.

That said, the offseason is long.  So let’s talk about it!


The defense.  The Celtics Summer Campers are working really hard on the defensive end.  Outside of a few Plumlee posterizings and late rotations, the C’s played excellent defense yesterday.

E’Twaun Moore was one of the most NBA-like players on the court yesterday.  He’s managing the game, converting tough finishes, and setting the tone on the defensive end.  He looks poised for a big jump if he ends up making the team.

Kris Joseph keeps getting better and better and has played like the only other (other than E’Twaun Moore) complete player on the roster.

Fab Melo can pass!  It’s crazy, but he’s making rec-league point guard passes.  The three that stick out from yesterday include the drive and dish early on, the fake jumper hi-lo pass, and the fast break push and dish.  The C’s need a third point guard and seem to have a surplus of big men…


Craig Brackins.

  • ElRoz

    It be great to have E. Moore emerge in the way Bradley did – though of course they have different styles.

    A young SG-PG would be great, and the team could concentrate on getting a big man instead of thinking of ways to get Courtney Lee (right now probably better than Moore). It probably sounds a bit crazy, but if Moore emerges through training camp and pre-season, then it be interesting to have Terry off the bench for some offense, and start Moore next to Rondo. But either Dooling or Pietrus (more of a small forward?) would need to be signed to have some quality insurance with Bradley being out.