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The end of Ray in Green

Ray Allen’s introductory press conference just wrapped up in Miami, as he took the podium flanked by his recruiters Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra. Allen handled the proceedings in a very dignified matter, as you would expect, but failed to display much positive emotion (in my opinion) while speaking to reporters.

Luckily, a number of Boston reporters were on hand, which allowed them to ask a number of tough questions to Ray about negotiations, Rajon Rondo, leaving Boston and more. Here are a few of the key answers with a full transcript to follow later today:

Ray Allen on making the decision: “You move into situation when you come into the summer, you don’t know what can happen. You try to figure out what is best for you and your family and here I sit. I came down here and I’ve seen Pat Riley in several situations in passing. We had the chance to sit down together and talk basketball philosophy with him. I’ve followed him as long as I’ve followed basketball. He shared a lot of good stories. Coach Spo and I share very similar ideals offensively and defensively. He was asking me what I liked. I agreed with a lot of direction the team was going in. I talked about it with my family and we decided what was best for us.”

Ray dodging question on friction with Rondo: “I haven’t spoken with [Rajon] at all. When I came down here, I texted Paul and Kevin. I talked quite a bit with them over the years. Those are the guys when we came into Boston together, a lot was put on our shoulders on whether we are going to win. I’ve looked at our times playing in Boston. It is sad to me that I won’t be with those guys anymore, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do in this organization.”

Ray Allen on whether his taking half-price indicates he thinks Miami has a better chance to win this year: “It’s hard to come into a season and say you have a better chance. The work still has to be put in. Boston has a great chance to, they made some great signings. I looked at the situation and I thought about what would be best for my family and me personally, going out to help this team win with the talent I have.”

Ray on when he made his decision to leave: “I think it was maybe July 6th, if I have my days correctly. There was a moment where I had to decide…..with me going forward offensively, how i was going to be able to contribute. I felt I’d contributed a great deal to them and they’ve been so good to me. There was a moment, when I talked to people who had followed me forever and they said change is not bad, you should consider [Miami].”

Could Boston have done anything to keep Ray? “It’s hard to say,” Allen replied.

Did he speak with KG? “When I knew I was leaning towards Miami, I actually send a text out to Kevin. I told him, I said ‘hey I’m leaning this way.’ He said ‘Danny will step up to the plate and do what he needs to do.'”

Ray on his connection to Boston and the community: “I’ve given so much not only on the floor but off the floor. So there is a sense of sadness and hurt that people feel. We feel loss too. We’re still part of that community. We’re still part of New England.”

Ray will wear number 34 as a member of the Miami Heat.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • jj

    Sad, and weird. I don’t know if you guys translated it that way, but it sounds like he’s not that happy to be playing for the Heat. And at the same time he’s not a big talker. He always says what’s politically correct, and we’ll never know exactly what are his reasons. He’s the kinda guy who only says half of what he feels, and he uses the second half for action. So there we are: we don’t know exactly why he left, and here he is in Miami. He’s gonna have an awesome private swimming pool for him and his family to enjoy, at least.

    • I totally agree, I personally think Danny is a horrible GM Why couldn't we just give Ray a starting position and have Bradley coming off of the bench so Ray would stay? Ray would have stayed and Bradley would have won 6th man of the year!

      • James Patrick

        What did Bradley do for us when he was coming off the bench before? No one even spoke of Bradley. He earned that starting spot. Now Ray can be Wade's back up. He's still not starting. lol

      • zach

        Because you can't win many NBA games with starting wings who are 33 and 36 years old. This is why Ray leaving is not a bad thing; he and PP were just too slow as a tandem on the wings. PP and Bradley is very different

        • Big 4 fan

          So we get another 35 year old wing(Jason Terry) player to take over his position!!!? Now Terry wll have to start since Avery will not be back until Dec or later.

  • paul

    Ok, so think about it. What just happened? No real reason was given by Ray as to why he chose Miami. No real reason was given by Ray as to why he left Boston, but he made it clear that the decision to leave was emphatic. Ray had nice things to say about KG and Paul. Ray made it a point that he had nothing to say about Rondo.

    it's not hard to read between the lines. Ray Allen is having himself the biggest little shit fit of alltime.

  • Flipside

    I would have been fine with Ray off the bench but he isn't the difference maker he once was. His defense is poor, he floats and allways leaves the shooter in the corner free for a 3 pointer. If Bradley was healthy, we would have won the series…no way Wade makes those drives on a healthy Bradley.

  • Kivanc

    It’s like deciding to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend whom you know you’ll always love. It’s heartbreaking. You know you should do it (for some reason), but you just don’t want to. Props to Ray for choosing to move on, I know it’s hard. But to hell with him anyways, he just shouldn’t have done that. He’d played here and retired as a Celtic. I’m disappointed, and though I’ll respect his decision, I will not forgive him for that, because IT WAS WRONG.

    • zach

      its a job and it is totally up to him where he wants to work.

  • zach

    one subtle explanation he offered was that he thought he could be most effective with Miami, presumably because he will be able to stand in the corner and shoot, without having to create. That makes sense and may be a big part of this. Boston needed more from him and he may know deep down he could not deliver more than spot-up shooting for the next 3 years. That and the fact that he is almost definitely get another ring with the Heat

  • GMan

    He mentioned "best for him and his family" a bit too often. I know that's the most important thing, but it's not like they would have a worse life in Boston…exept for the weather. So, apart from all the circumstances (Rondo, bench role, etc) maybe it really came down to either big bucks or a nicer life in Florida. Maybe the "family" pushed for Miami a little bit.

    • mmm

      Ray has conveniently used his family as a reason knowing it was the safest bet and the card that would take the most heat off him. I see he has been studying Steve Nash's immaculate responses re moving to the Lakers. Ray gave us C's fans absolutely nothing in this presser as to why he decided to leave.

  • cos

    I want to know more about the talk with KG and "Danny will step up to the plate" remarks.

    Whats really got me annoyed is what exactly did Ray want? Was he or was he not offered a no trade clause?

    That seems, to me, to be the key thing here. He would have gotten more money, likely coming off the bench in both places, likely competing for rings both places, he's familiar with this place and the coach.

    So if he wanted to a no trade and didnt get it, then fine I can understand leaving. But if he wanted one and got it and still chose to leave then he had no desire to play in boston. And if thats the case, why then speak about posey leaving and wanting him to stay, why speak to kg and as a back door way to speak to mgmt.

    This doesnt all add up. And Im not buying the whole Rondo angle… theres been countless reports that everyone has had an issue with rondo, big f'n deal. The Rondo blaming is simply to blame someone and he's already been outed previously so this just makes it easier to blame Rondo.

    Im not buying it, this whole thing is fishy. I wish nothing but the best for Ray, but I wish he was on the Celtics. Isn't it funny how every article leading up to his decision mentions a no trade clause but no article after his decision mentions it. Can we please get some details on whether it was or was not offered? And/or what it was that ray wanted (his 3 for 27mil was ridiculous and if he really wanted him then I don't blame them for not paying – but why take less than what was offered.)

    • NHBluesMan

      i think he also wanted a 3-year offer… Miami gave that, Boston didn't

      • cos

        thats not a good enough reason for me. total money still equates to a higher amount. plus 1 less year means sooner to one more two year contract if he wanted one, in boston or not.

        I want to know if the no trade clause was or was not officially offered. and what exactly was ray looking for.

    • Answer

      I like your thought process! It makes sense!!

      Even though Ray would have recieved more money, if he did not recieve the no trade clause Danny would be looking to trade him very soon under a two year contract!!! Any team would take Ray Allen for 6 million…since they almost traded Ray with 10 million remaining on his contract this year. No one has confirmed that Danny truely offered the no trade clause and i guess we will never know.

      I agree, something does not add up.

  • Tha_Curtlando

    He really just took the easy way out and took – what he thought – was the best chance to win a championship. That's all I can really take from it. He's taking a very similar role for much less money, so the only thing left is the rings.

    There was an interview with the Boston Big 3 I think in 2010 where they were asked what it would mean if they could win the Finals again. Paul and Kevin talked about how you need more than 1 to stack up to Celtics legends. Ray talked about how Michael Jordan told him, "You got one, but let's talk again when (if) you get another." Something about how the second is more difficult and elusive and cements your legacy. Ray's answer belied selfishness; Paul's and Kevin's belied loyalty. (Does anyone remember this interview?)

    He wanted to win more rings, and he thinks the Heat have a better shot. So eff him.

    • Bob

      I saw an interview with just Paul where he said the said thing. He wanted to win at least 2 rings so he could be counted among the Celtics legends.

    • Let's be honest

      I honestly dont think that was the reason. Why would he play hurt in the playoffs if he didnt think they could have beat Miami. That is just punishing yourself for NO REASON! Why would he text KG and give the posey analogy. They were 1 quarter away from going to the finals and playing OKC. Ray knew that they could have beat the heat if they were healthy. And he knows that it takes one injury to change the outcome of the playoffs so nothing is guaranteed. That is not the reason!

  • James Patrick

    Ray Primadonna Allen is the past. Avery Bradley is the future. I'm glad Danny didn't overspend on him.

  • Brian

    The fact is that Pat Riley is one of the biggest con artists in NBA history and Ray fell for whatever he was selling. Riley will tell any lie or break tampering rules to get players down in Miami (He definitely broke those rules to get James and Bosh signed along with resigning Wade). I bet Riley will find a way to get Ray some under the table money to compensate for the pay cut he's taking. The man isn't called Pat the Rat for nothing.

    • I think so too, there is an under the table money to this bruhahaha!

  • Alex

    Ray will always be a class act, good actor adds awesome player. But he’s a sell out. I mean Steve Kerr has a bunch of rings and was a decent player but is that really what type of player you envision yourself as ray? Hate on rondo all you want but lebrons basketball iq doesn’t touch rondos. So enjoy sitting in the corner watching wade and lebron try to penetrate every player and forget you even more. All I know is I still enjoy watching ray the player but my Allen celtics jersey is being donated to the homeless.

  • Gman

    I think people are forgetting that his name was mentioned in trade talks this past year…that would affect my decision…

    • John V

      He came to Boston via trade, too, you know. Yeah, I'm sure the idea of being sent to a new city and a new team that is not of your own choosing can be disconcerting, but that's part of the job. There are many restrictions in place for how a team can improve. Let's say we wanted to take a chance on Michael Beasley last year. Minnesota was willing to GIVE him away. But we could not have taken him, because we were over the cap.

      The team was 15-17 at last year's All-Star break. The only way to get some better players was to trade someone who was earning a significant amount of money. In the end, Ray wasn't traded, obviously, but I don't think anyone can rightfully blame Ainge for considering it.

    • Lantrell Walker

      Rondo's name was also thrown around and put on the block too, but instead of letting it hurt his feelings, he took his game to another level.


  • skeeds

    All the out of court factors must have had at least some importance, that's for certain. But i've said it since I first heard the rumors about the Heat. The worst thing was, that it made tremendous sense game wise. For an aging shooter, like Ray, space on the floor is important. Having only the 3rd best defender of the other team on him, is important.

    It still doesn't make it ok that he left. But it's Ainge who should have handled things differently. At the end of the day, what lingers is that the Celtics showed the less commitment and faith, towards the most consistent and professional of its stars. Ray wouldn't even think of jumping ship if he wasn't being shopped constantly since 2009, and kept in the dark about it. If he hadn't received a "we just traded you, oops never mind" call 2 months ago. Ainge called KG to beg him to come back as soon as we lost game 7. On the other hand, he had a meeting with Ray well after he signed a guy to replace him. And yes. Terry is here for Ray's job. He's not a PG. Not any more. He is a 6th man wing. Supposedly what Doc wanted to turn Ray into.

    • tim dayao

      I love Ray too, and for him to stay longer in this league, being the 6th man is not a bad idea.

  • j.d

    GOOD RIDDENCE!!…i'm not hating on ray for leaving..thats what free agency is about, u have options and you pick one!…(you know theres a but!!)BUT WITH THAT BEING SAID…i am also glad danny didn't overspend. rays original wishes were 3 yrs/$27mil??? R U KIDDING ME!!..NO WAY..NO HOW…i'm not going to miss him that much. He obviously is showing us he was never REALLY down for GANG GREEN!, he is a hired gun.Ray definitely could've made this work with our 2yrs/$12mil offer if he was really emotionally vested in this team, his teammates and what they've been trying to accomplish. By him choosing miami for less money he made a conscious choice to be with us or AGAINST US!!!!….we saw what he chose…so wether it was coming off of the bench, rajon rondo, or the fact that he felt he wasn't courted as aggressively as he wanted to be……WHO CARES!!!…NOT ME…HE'S GONE…HE'S PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY NOW…and i'm not going to reminisce about the days we had with ray…i'm GOING TO LONG FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SMASH ON HIM AND THE MIAMI HEAT, when we finally meet! NO HARD FEELINGS RAY(WINK, WINK)!!

  • micahel

    "were still part of new england" psh i can't think of anything less "new england" than going to hang out in south beach.

  • Josh

    You either sacrifice for the good of the whole with humility, or selfishly pursue your own ambitions. Ray could have made more money and retired a Celtic and gone to war every night with KG and Pierce. Instead, he chose the easy way out, the ego way out. He joined a hated arch rival. Warriors don't do that, but business men do.

    • j.d


  • MexicanCeltic

    He wanted 27 million, which was impossible for the Celtics to offer him, given our roster changes and needs.

  • Pauper

    I think it came down to Ray fit in coming off the bench for the Celtics and they were willing to overpay him because of the history and the fans wanted it. Unfortunately, Ray is no different than any aging athlete. He still thinks he can do what he did 5 years ago and that's not reality. Even PP's athleticism has deteriorated quite a bit the past two years but his position is more forgiving than the SG spot where speed trumps strength.

  • matt

    why do people rag on a guy for going to a team with the best chance to win a championship? I thought we were supposed to respect people who did what it takes to win.

  • Good Luck….

    Everyone keeps on saying Ray wanted 3 years 27 million. Who confirmed this? Ray didn't say it and Wyc(co-owner of Celtics) would not confirm it when he was interviewed on weei. Wyc said that there was a number on the table that Ray would have taken but he never said what it was. Wyc also said that he would have taken up to a 6 year deal(being funny).

    Ray said after the press conference that he was HAPPY that KG received a contract for 3 years 34 million and expected to get something similar in regards to TERM(not money) but the organization went in another direction. If Danny would not give Ray a three year deal or give him more money or a no trade clause, I DON'T BLAME HIM FOR LEAVING!He would have been trade bait AGAIN, next year. Oh and No one confirmed the NO TRADE CLAUSE was offered to him, alot of speculation but nothing concrete.

    JASON TERRY received 3 years, 15 million. He has not proven ANYTHING to the C's so far. 1 year more and 1 million less a year than Ray, who gave everything he had last this season and played on bone spurs! Terry is 35 years old not too much younger than Ray.

  • Im no pro, but I consider you just crafted a great point. You undoubtedly comprehend what youre speaking about, and I can truly get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so genuine.