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Ray Allen: “Forever, I Will Always Be a Celtic”


After Ray Allen finished up his press conference earlier this afternoon in Miami, he held court with members of the Boston media and further reflected on his feelings and connection with Boston, including that quote in the headline. Here’s a few of the more noteworthy passages via Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald. I recommend you check out the entire piece as well:

On not feeling urgency from the Celtics: “To a small extent, yeah. When Kevin signed I was excited for him. He signed a three-year deal and I expected to be somewhere along the same (length). Then they went in another direction and started to sign their other free agents. In a free agency period, I’m looking at Miami and they’re so excited to have me come here and have an opportunity, and I didn’t sense the same excitement coming from that side of the equation.”

On not wanting to answer questions about his issues with Rajon Rondo during press conference: “It’s not that I didn’t want to answer it, but I’m here as part of something that’s good moving forward. I can’t say it was an issue for me in this free agency. I wanted to make a decision that was going to keep me happy. I wouldn’t put it on one person.”

And here’s the money quote via Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe:

And when he was asked about coming back to Boston as a member of the Heat, Allen said. “Forever, I’ll always be a Celtic, no matter what. I seen Big Baby (Glen Davis) down here during the playoffs watching (Game 5 vs. Miami) and I looked at him as a brother. We played against Perk (Kendrick Perkins) during the year, it doesn’t change. Posey came in the locker room once we lost Game 7 here and he’s forever a Celtic. Eddie House played down there (in Miami) and he came in the (Celtics) locker room every time he got the opportunity. In my mind, it never changes. I don’t care what people say about me, I’ll always stay true to the city of Boston and the fans there. They’ve been great to me. I’ll always consider that place home.”

Listen, I’ll always respect Ray Allen and how well he played for the Boston Celtics for the past five years. I’m sorry to say, though, he is in for a rude awakening when he returns to Boston next fall. Ray will be given a nice tribute video and a standing ovation since C’s fans realize his value to the franchise. However, the situations and players he is comparing his departure to are entirely different and the fans’ reaction will reflect that difference.

James Posey, Glen Davis, Kendrick Perkins and Eddie House all left Boston for either more money, or against their own will (i.e. trades). You can bet in almost all of those cases (except perhaps Davis) if the C’s were offering the same (and more money) those guys would have stayed in Boston.

Ray’s situation was different. After being mistreated during the past few years (in Allen’s estimation) the shooting guard decided he needed to be wooed and shown some appreciation. Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers probably mistakenly thought an offer of double Miami’s money would be more than enough to prove their desire to have him return. Perhaps they recruited him less than they needed to. There was no way he would walk away from double the money though, right?

It wasn’t enough for Allen, who had too many looming issues (role on team, relationship with Rondo, past trade rumors, Terry signing, etc.) to mend fences for what the C’s were offering. The money was more, but not enough more. So Ray is hopping ship to the enemy, playing what will likely be a similar role to what he’d be doing in Boston. There is plenty of blame to go around in this whole situation, but at this point Allen is coming out of this equation looking less than great, especially for someone who will always consider himself a Celtic.

  • Mark

    LOL…Sorry Ray, you won't be.

    • Dougou

      He's dreamin….

  • yeah


  • sigh

    just to put it out there. IMO i don't think Ray was given a no trade clause (rare + Danny). And since he only got a 2 yr offer, He rightfully thought that Danny would dangle him again next summer as an expiring contract (along with green or bass). Signing with the heat ends his career on his terms. On a favored contender that wont trade him since they got him for a steal, have a role that fits him perfectly, and wont find a better option in the free agent market. I'm disappointed that he left, but he did what was best for him and his family. Cant blame him.

    • SteveB

      Ray still has no assurance that Miami won't trade him before his deal is up. It may be unlikely but there is no more promise than there was in Boston. That and you just moved your family or yourself there for half the money. If he can indeed finish his career there, retire and live out life in the sunny south surrounded by golf courses all will be well. Especially if they win it all again. I still hold little bad feelings toward Ray mostly because I wanted to see an upgrade in defense at that position. Ray is fortunate that he will probably get the most open looks he has had in some time.

  • Josh

    Hey Ray, you could have always been a Celtic, but YOU chose not to be. Karma bro.

  • High Rollers

    The Memphis trade that fell through. I’m thinking this is where Ray somehow misplace his Celtic I.D. card and then couldn’t find it again. That ego that had held itself in check so admirably for the better part of five years, was not merely bruised but shattered into a thousand tiny shards of glass–the kind that get under your skin and don’t come out for days and days… or even years. This is my guess. And that card is pretty much going to stay lost until some nostalgic ten or twenty year reunion of the ’08 title. The fans won’t let him have it back any sooner. After all, those shards of glass are stuck under our skin too.

  • MadDamon

    I'm from germany…but I think that I'm more a celtic than judas

  • High Rollers

    KG on the other hand, I don’t think he goes crazy over it. He probably keeps all his title guys together in his heart and mind as brothers. The Big Ticket knows business and the crazy stuff that happens, everything from pettiness to principle and back again. He probably set a good example for C’s fans once he finally surfaces again in Aug/Sept.

    • Kevin Garnett

      I'm not even that mad about it.

  • Pauper

    You can't blame him for doing what's best for himself but unfortunately none of us gets to see the future. He didn't realize winning a title by joining the big favorites is rather hollow and not much credit will be given to him for it. When they retire Paul and KGs numbers and they go into the HOF together, Allen will be left to wonder if it was all worth it. Another banner by the Cs this year will close the final chapter in the Allen story.

  • ElRoz

    5 years and then this walk-off to Miami is not enough to be a Celtic. It seems Ray Allen will not have his number retired by ANY of the 4 teams he has played on – Not Seattle (OKC!), not the Bucks, not the Celtics, and not Miami.

  • r4zor

    ray was being offered 2 years while EVERYONE else was offered 3 years. what's up with that? i highly doubt that danny gave him the no trading clause. and do u notice how sad ray was in joining the heat? it was as if he was extremely reluctant to do it. I know he's going to the enemy. but in my mind, he will always be a celtic.

    • Thomas

      Everyone being KG?

  • CeltsFaninLA

    NBATV was streaming the olympic basketball team practice and commentary was provided by steve smith and Grant Hill. And there was talk of Grant Hill (a free agent this summer) coming to Boston as a good fit with Doc, Rondo and the culture.

    Is there any interest on DA's part in snagging Grant Hill?

    • Danny Ainge

      I don't have any money to sign him with.

  • CeltsFaninLA

    Also what about Elton brand???

    • NHBluesMan

      more than likely going to the Mavs

  • mmm

    It is that sort of mind frame that made his decision to leave so easy. "Forever, I will always be a Celtic" – you have got it so wrong on this one Ray, and so, your ultimate decision was also so wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/Jameslipps @Jameslipps

    RAY Allen will NEVER be considered a celtic when its all said and done. We don't wan't him! He refers to Pierce and KG as brothers……i doubt he really feels that way because you don't walk out on your family, you've been going to "war" with them for 5 years then you switch sides. no thanks Judas Shuttlesworth.

    • tbunny

      People, please, the "Judas" stuff could not be any dumber.

  • John V

    He won't "always be a Celtic". This is not a difficult proof:
    - Those who are always Celtics are always Celtics
    - He's not a Celtic now
    - Ergo, he is not always a Celtic

    I don't know what sort of confusion Ray Allen is going through right now. I do have some sympathy. But not much, really. Honestly, I'd prefer it if he said, "That little bastard Rondo, I can't wait to beat him in the playoffs" or something like that.

    This whole situation is very, very strange. I don't see Ray ever getting the acceptance he seems to want, though. He absolutely had the right to sign with Miami, and it's not like he murdered someone, but "always be a Celtic"? Please.

  • jpbl1976

    The only way I'll forgive Ray is if, in the crucial games in next year's playoffs against Miami, he turns the ball over to the Celtics and we win as a result. That's how I'll know he'll "always be a Celtic."

    That, or if he's a GM in the future, he trades us a Superstar, the way that Kevin McHale (now THAT guy is a true Celtic) traded KG to us.

  • vivek

    I loved Danny did not want to pay him more than 12million over 3 years. It shows that celtics know what they are doing or atleast they have a plan.

  • someguyinsac

    Ray made his bed and now has to sleep in it, I just hope we show him next year that he chose the wrong one.

  • Anthony

    Why is this even a subject for discussion? What was Ray supposed to say? That he hates Rondo, felt neglected by the Celts, and only took the Miami offer out of spite? He's a consummate professional and will be remembered for his contribution, but he will not be retired as a Celts when he retires.

    Brendan Haywood was amnestied by the Mavs. I think he would be a welcomed addition if the Celts can outbid other teams.

    From the first 3 summer league games, it looks like Etwaun and KJoseph will be making the team. Sully reminds me a great deal of Elton Brand. So far so good.

  • Shot the shot

    I get the feeling that ray is second guessing his decision. Too bad for him. Dude fucked up. I think he knows it.

  • KBA

    He's basically saying Danny didn't make him an offer he couldn't refuse ;)
    in any case, it sucks to have him leave but I think Terry is a much better fit for this team and they should really try to get Pietrus back. He was injured last year but still played solid D and hopefully once he recovers from his surgery, his offense will click as well. He will be a good running mate for Rondo and he can rebound (as we saw against the heat) when he wants to. Also, he can play the 2 and the 3. I think this is a must at this point alongwith getting some bigs


    shame on ray!

  • James Patrick


  • celtics greece

    pfffffffffffff i have mixed feelings because he gave us so many big moments but on the other hand c mon you left your family behind men thats not a celtic behaviori i loved ray allan as i love garnett pierce and rondo but beyond all is the celtics!!so when you leave the celtics you are just an enemy!!

  • Colin

    Seems he left because he was jealous of the younger and more useful Rondo. Now he carries on like a child trying to claim he hasn't really left. Wow! Didn't take long for the classless Lebron and Wade to rub off on him. I say good riddance, a decision he will live to regret with his minor bench role in Miami.

  • velvet underground

    F ray allen

  • Morpheus

    Still , F U Ray.

    Nerve of him to compare his situation with past Celtic players like Perk, House, BBD and Pose. NO Ray it ain’t the same.


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