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Wins in Summer League do only one thing: give fans an unreasonable expectation that these games are any indication of future success.  They are not.  They sure are fun, though.


  • Jared Sullinger came back down to earth yesterday by showing a lot of what people feared: he has trouble finishing over height and he could be Glen Davis 2.0.   Not to slight Big Baby, but the Celtics need Sullinger to be a legit low post scorer, not a stretch four. 12 rebounds is nice but based on the Anthony Randolph Summer League Projection Model, 12 boards equates to less than 3 at the big boy level.
  • JaJuan Johnson started the game at center without even jumping for the opening tip and finished with three rebounds and one, huge, hip-cracking fall after getting his legs taken out from under him by Al Thornton.  The scene was scary but Johnson popped right up and knocked down the ensuing free throws.  Despite only scoring 8 points, he finished the game with the highest +/-  at +22.  I’m going to defer to Hayes for an explanation on the accuracy of Johnson’s on-court value.
  • Sean “Big Time” Williams was dunked on big time and finished the game with numbers you’d like to see in an NBA game.  Since this was Summer League, I’m not holding out much hope.
  • Ten Celtics player were outrebounded by Adam Morrison.


  • Jonathan Gibson entered the game in the second half and set the microwave on DESTROY (button right below Popcorn).  With his three point barrage, the Celtics were able to make up and put some distance between themselves and the NETS in the second half.  He probably should be given a chance to be the third guard on a team’s depth chart but probably won’t given the fact that he doesn’t create for anyone else.  He played well for a really bad Turkish team last year but he’s probably built more for the NBA than the Turkish league.


  • E’Twaun Moore did what we wanted him to do.  He was the most polished guy on that floor for much of the game and he stuffed the stat sheet like you want a backup combo guard to do.  He also played adequate defense highlighted by a big block on Tyshawn Taylor.
  • Dionte Christmas had another fairly solid game but his jumper is streaky and his lateral quickness is suspect.  I’m not sure there’s room in the NBA for another Jodie Meeks, especially one who isn’t as good as Jodie Meeks.
  • Jamar Smith should be the new JSMOOV of whatever international/DLeague team he plays for.


  • Kris Joseph has been the biggest surprise of the Celtics Summer League.  He hustles, he rebounds.  Yesterday, he even showed he could defend a little by making a huge chase down block at the rim.  Joesph wants to play in this league and it shows.


  • Craig Brackins.  Somebody, please provide me video evidence of this guy playing good basketball.  I love his height, size, and mohawk but those alone do not make an NBA player (trust me, I bought the clippers just to try it).


  • Stephane Lasme.
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  • OKCeltic

    In Sully's defense, who doesn't have trouble finishing over height? Do you really expect him to be Charles Barkley after 60 minutes of professional ball under his belt? Tough crowd.

    • Vince

      I didn't see the game, but perhaps the concern is that Sully can't finish over Jeff Foote? In any event, I liked the pick and I think Sully brings a toughness and ability to rebound that Big Baby lacked.

      • sightline

        Hes streets ahead of BB in the maturity and smarts departments. BB was a…….. big baby.
        I think could have signed Green for 6-7m, and had some left over to chase OJ.

        • Anonymousme

          OJ doesn't even wanna be in Boston regardless, do you know anything about what's going on? 'Sides do you really think Jeff would sign for 6 to 7mil? c'mon now Jeff Green was a beast b4 that injury. Obviously Doc and Ainge trust that he's well enuff to play next seaosn

  • MissMD07

    You really think that contract is untradeable? I was hoping it would be easy to dispense when the time comes. Danny Ainge has to be thinking that, right? I like Kris Joseph so far but its just summer league. Doc needs to put him on the floor early in the season so we can see what he can really do.

  • chrisindanvers

    Interesting insights. Although Sullinger has some "Davis" qualities so far (shot selection as one), he is far more of a complete player than Davis was coming out of school. I don't think you have much to worry about there, once he learns to develop a post move or two.

    Second, while Kris Joseph is better than most people will expect (at least I have that from several Syracuse sources), I think Jeff Green will be more than fine once the season starts. Two years into the system – I include last year as an observer even though he did not play – he knows what to expect, when to expect it, and what to do. He will far and away surpass Kris Joseph. However, I do agree that someone else may need to back up Pierce….I think they will try the Green experiment in the small starting lineup again (it may not have worked in OKC, but OKC didn't have KG in the middle), which will bring a need for a backup. As for the contract, it is on par with others of his past quality….now, 12 million would have been untradeable, but 9 million makes him a good piece to trade with one or two other pieces to get – say – a Josh Smith.

    Third, Moore did prove that he had some skills last year in flashes. The normal Celtic progression is to be able to do more during year 2, which would be a pleasant surprise if Moore can again do that.

  • zach

    I don't get the negativity re Jeff Green's contract. I doubt Danny overpaid; my guess is there was another suiter, and for all of Jeff's limitations there are not a lot of 6'9" guys with his skill set. Who else would we have signed for that money? What would happen this year (and next) if PP had to play 38 minutes per game? Green's contract was a solid gamble, he is 25 with athleticism and skills so he may flurish in the right system and with Rondo as PG

    • Phil

      'Who else would we have signed for that money' is called the Joe Dumars path to salary cap hell. Remember three years ago when the Pistons had a ton of cap space and no one good to sign? They signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva each to huge deals, and regretted it immediately. Ironically, Villanueva is the person I see most comparable to Green. A tall outside player who just doesn't do nearly as much as he should. People get blinded by the (inefficient) scoring, and ignore the lack of rebounding and defense.

      Just let cap space sit if there's no one worth signing. You can absorb other bad contracts and get assets, absorb good players that bad teams don't want to pay, or, you can just use cap space next year. Its not the end of the world.

      The thing about the contract is that Green was probably overpaid last year at 9m, but no one complained because it was one year. A one year deal will never kill you. When you start handing out four year deals though, that's when the next GM has to give up picks to get rid of your terrible contracts. You can find back up wings anywhere, you don't need to pay 9m in 2017 hoping that a guy who's been in the league six years will suddenly improve.

      • tbunny

        36 million is hardly Joe Johnson money. I think the Celtics are getting excellent value on many of their contracts now. It's ok if they roll the dice on one mid-level contract.

      • Cornhead

        I concur. I REALLY hope Green can be a difference maker, but 9mil X 4 yrs for a bench player who sat out last year with major heart surgery?………me thinks DA is still trying to justify that terrible trade last year that cost us Banner 18.

      • zach

        I just don't think with all that we have wrapped up in winning now (with KG and PP) that we could have afforded not to have Green around for the next few years. We are not the pistons; not sure I would sign Green to that money if we did not have a chance to content now, but I get your point that for some teams its better to save that money. I just think in our situation we needed Green. Let's also not underestimate the value of continuity for the Celtics style of play (defense and lots of passing); there is something to be said for bringing back guys like Green and Bass who know the system

        • Phil

          That's the argument that makes me okay with the Bass contract. I didn't want to sign him long term either, but three years at a home town discount isn't bad at all. He'll be able to contribute while the KG core is still together, and you can always get rid of expiring contracts if you want to rebuild three years from now. I know from what I've seen of Bass that he can be a contributing piece on a good team.

          Green on the other hand made the team worse with him on the court after the Perk trade, then missed all of last year thanks to the heart ailment. Now we're betting four years at a high rate that continuity is going to make him better than he's ever been? I don't see how that argument works with Green when he hasn't even been a net positive in two years.

          I'll hold off on talking about the Green deal more until I see the actual contract though, because that could change things. If the fourth year isn't guaranteed, or even (praying,) the third year is partially guaranteed, then he can help for the final couple runs of this core, and it becomes a trade chip for rebuilding even if he doesn't improve. If its fully guaranteed though…

          • Anoynmousme

            Lmao y'all r funny..Jeff made Celtics worse? man you are crazy! you prolly only watched 1 or 2 games of him playing. Y'all will hop on that bandwagon next season I promise…y'all gonna be like "I didn't expect Jeff to be this good" or "I was skeptical of Jeff at first but he has come a long way"….Luckily for those of us who actually KNOW talent, y'all are not Ainge and hence yo opinion doesn't count.

      • JimW

        In fact wasn't the original report $10M for 4 years? Now doesn't this give them that much more money to fill out the bench?

  • Phil

    I'm not sure what's up with the second quarter for this Cs summer league team, but every game so far they've gotten off to a hot start, then go completely in the tank (avoiding urge to make a 'Fab Melo enters the game' joke.) I missed the start (seriously, 11AM?) but apparently Moore's carrying the load so far. Gibson looked pretty terrible in the time he was on the court that I saw, he needs to stick to gunning.

  • Phil

    There was a three pointer to steal breakaway dunk. I keep telling myself that this is all meaningless, but I'm really starting to fall in love with Joseph

  • Kafel

    How much money Celtics have left to spend anyway? Cause They could use Pietrus and some big body that can rebound because I don't see any improvement in this area so far..

  • skeeds

    First of all, I'm gonna go against the negativity about Green's contract, and say he's our starter SF by year 3 of that "horrible" contract. Fingers crossed.

    Second. I LOVE that Etawn is playing great. That makes him an ideal trade piece. Ainge has Rondo, a 40min/game superstar. He can get away with having his grandma play backup PG. Same could be said for Joseph. Behind Green and PP, he won't see much daylight, so the fact that he's playing like a stud makes him a great candidate to be traded.
    It was the notion from the start, that Doc sure as hell ain't going into the season with essentially 5 rookies on his roster. Someone's gonna go, and the better they're playing, the better the trade for Ainge.

    • Anonymousme

      that or the better for the team if / when injuries arise…Oh and you are not Ainge stop tryna read his mind

  • Converting summer league to pro league rebounds can not be linear or a 10 rebound pro base on th 12/3 =4 ratio would get 40 rebounds!

  • Rajon Rondo

    Jared Sullinger is not Big Baby 2

  • JimW

    I still think J.J. Johnson is expendable. We saw enough of a glimmer from Moore last season that I would rather play him than Dooling. But it's what Doc wants that counts.

    • Anonymousme

      Twaun ova Dooling? LOL what you smoking man? I mean c'mon! Twaun is nice but Dooling is way better, but of course, he's a vet n Twaun's a rookie…

  • Dennis

    Check out this look at the new Celtics roster:

  • g-man

    Mighty Jonathan Gibson……the little engine that was easily the quickest and best defender on the court, and a handle on the rock that rivals that of Mr. Chris Paul. He is fearless and has a quick release and a very very very good stroke. Too bad he won’t get a chance,because he can get his shot off at anytime,can distribute…..and is very much a leader!