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Wyc Grousbeck Admits Celtics Organization Isn’t Upset with Ray Allen Over Departure

Wyc Grousbeck made the radio interview rounds yesterday in Boston appearing on both WEEI 93.7 FM and 98.5 The Sports Hub WBZ-FM in Boston. As you might imagine, Grousbeck as the majority owner of the C’s put on a proud public stance for the listeners out there and as cordigal as could be expected about the departure of the free agent guard. However, there are a few really crucial nuggets in this interview regarding communication issues with Ray Allen and the effect Jason Terry’s signing had on Allen’s decision. Here are a few highlights and you can check out the full interview at CBSBostonSports.com,

On how emotion factored into Ray’s decision: “I think Ray felt probably that he had lost his starting spot. That he was being asked to fit into a team that wa smoving forward. We really wanted him back and he knew that. And he felt like we tried to trade him. So when he put all of that together, that’s gotta be emotional. Now we won it with emotion in ’08, so emotion’s part of it when it’s good, and emotion is a part of it when it’s bad.”

Are the Celtics upset with him? “We’re not upset. I’m not upset, and I’ll speak for the Celtics, we’re not upset. That’s not the word. We’re gonna miss him…We don’t owe him anything but he doesn’t owe us anything.He’s done his part here. He helped us hang that banner and we wouldn’t have won it without him. So we’re just going to try to win that next one without him.”

Wyc on whether Allen asked for 3 years/27 million dollar contract: “Ray named numbers…he would have come back if we had hit a large number that would have precluded us from getting under $74 million dollars [apron] that we would have needed to get under to add other pieces to our team, so it wasn’t a part of the program.”

On how the Celtics pursuit and signing of Jason Terry affected Allen’s decision: “The conversations [with free agents] go on in real-time rapidly and you figure out who is calling you back and is interested and who is being unreasonable and not returning your calls or returning your calls and not giving you any signals. When it popped up we could sign Jason Terry along with Ray we thought, that was great, and we went ahead and made that commitment before anyone else could [to sign Terry.] I’m sure Ray and his agent knew it was happening. We didn’t view it as a negative in regards to Ray Allen. You’ll have to ask [Ray] how he saw it.”

Was there a communication gap then with Allen and he wasn’t getting back to you while that was going on? “Well, I don’t think we need to hash it out, bit by bit. The negotiators for our team are Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge. Those are the two guys who talk to the players and their agents during the moratorium. I was not on the phone with Ray or his agent. I would say when you look at the end result, our communications were not sufficient since Ray is taking his talents to South Beach.

  • Zee

    Good responses.

  • Phil

    I know this is just reporting what's said, but does anyone really think these people tell the truth in these interviews? Grousbeck is never going to go on record and say he's pissed at Ray, and neither will Doc or Ainge or anyone else. Everything they say is a canned response tailored to create the least waves and make them and the Celtics look as good as possible. They'll always say the politically correct thing, because that's what people do.

    The one reaction to this I'm interested to see is KG's during the first Heat/Celtics game. That's the one time you'll see an honest reaction. Honestly, I have no idea what's gonna happen there.

    • GreenM&M

      So true.

      • James Patrick

        exactly. worded carefully like a president. lol

    • Josh

      I love KG. He' s gonna let Ray know whats up on a few picks. Hope Ray is wearing his ear plugs that game. Trash talk gonna be thick.

    • Esther

      And Rondo's reaction. However untactful he's been, he was always genuine.

  • Phil

    Completely off topic, but the Celtics are playing their second summer league game right now, and they're off to another good first quarter. JJJ, Sullinger, Joseph, Christmas and Moore started, and they've looked really good for one quarter. Joseph continues to look like he can play; he came up short on a spot up three, but he just missed a put back and got another offensive rebound-put back in traffic. He got free throws off a drive too, and I remember the draft talk was he shied away from contact.

    Moore looks a little more comfortable too, though I think he's trying to do less. JJJ's actually scoring some, which is nice.

  • High Rollers

    Looking at Joseph's stats from college, why did he fall so far in the draft? Just not really on anyone's radar? Limitations we haven't heard much about? What am I missing? How does a 6'7/225 guy who averaged solid pts/rebounds/steals in college and who looks NBA ready out there fall to 51st and the realm of "guy who will be in a dogfight for a roster spot come training camp"? I don't get it. Wish I could see more of the action than the just the highlights, which will probably be all Sully/Jones.

    • Phil

      Motor questions I believe was the major thing. He disappeared at times and shied away from contact. There was also a bunch of doubt that he'd be able to score at the NBA level once he lost the athleticism advantage.

      He looks really good today though, I'd think he'd be the story, since no one else on the Celtics is standing out aside from Christmas (and he's even more obscure.) Melo and Sullinger both look bad if you're looking for negative story lines. Joseph looks like he should get a spot on the roster though. He has a good enough handle to drive and get points, and his shooting looks good as well. I like how athletic he looks, he blocked a breakaway lay up attempt.

      • High Rollers

        All the focus is on Moore and if he can step up with Ray leaving and Lee a hard get, but if we don't pick up another wing/SF and Joseph is for real, then that will certainly be a relief.

    • josh

      pretty much what phil said, though as a cuse fan i was really hoping he would get a shot in the league because he had a ton of plays where he was fouled and made the shot but didn't get it because it was ncaa. i really wanted to see him get the continuation.

      if he gets more physical he could be nice off the bench. at SU he seemed more comfortable as a sparkplug as a sophomore than as a starting veteran leader in years 3-4.

  • Phil

    Cs win again. Jonathan Gibson just went off in the fourth quarter to steal the game. I look forward to hearing a bunch of 'who?' jokes in the recap.

    Sullinger redeemed himself a little late, but I'm starting to get worried about him trying to take too many threes. Other than that, Melo terrible game, Joseph good game, and no one else really stood ou

    • High Rollers

      I don't like it when anybody starts chucking but at least these being Summer League games they come with a grain of salt.

  • Zee

    Heat sign Rashard Lewis. C's and Heat are both stacking up! Man… Heat vs Celtics in ECF.

    • C'sFaninLA

      who we kidding, heat picked up some serious weapons this off-season… and for CHEAP!

      • High Rollers

        All love and respect to Ray, but I can't take the bait on this one. Too easy. I'll just say… umm, okay, right.

        Although it does bring up the fact that yet another member of the '09 Magic has been courted by one of last year's ECF squads. Pat Riley and Danny Ainge are singing to each other, "Anything you can do (with these guys) I can do better, I can do anything (with these guys) better than you." They would be singing it to Otis Smith, but Otis Smith is on vacation.

  • sightline

    And the response was appropriate. In Business theres what you want and what you get, you can be disappointed but there is no point in being upset, we need to move forward. If the C's can sign one more good piece and the team gel's, we may be the 2012-13 version of the Spurs. And from there who knows? ECF, NBA Finalist or Champs. Maybe one and done, out in the first round to a younger team.
    I still think we are paying overs for Jeff Green, i think 6.5m a year would have been fair, maybe its the ghost of Reggie Lewis that made management feel that they had to give him that chance. But his value is not 2 million less than Rondo in real terms, if the scale is set at 11 for RR then Green is a 7m player MAX. Lets hope DA can get one more piece, i have a feeling that they are not done with the free agent market yet.
    And how lucky is Mike Brown, he doesnt even have to coach his team and hes getting paid to do it. With Nash, Kobe and Gasol they have some of the smartest players in the league, who will coach themselves and the rest of the team.

  • soxandpats

    They might not be but I sure as hell am!

  • Josh

    One needs to remember Ray is 37 years old!! You cannot offer a 37 year old shooting guard with bad ankles a 3 year deal. noway. I really used to love Ray but we have the Jet and hopefully Lee and theyre both younger, quicker, and will play better D. My hopes for Ray to stay in Boston were solely on respect, class and that he deserved to retire a Celtic. It had nothing to do with the product on the court. Now, nobody will retire his jersey and I feel bad for him.

    • other josh

      i really wanted ray to come back, but getting terry makes it A-ok to not bring ray back. terry didn't get surgery right after the season, plays defense, has won a 6th man award, and is all around more versatile than ray.

      it was an awesome 5 years and it would have been great to have a few more good ones, but this was actually pretty much the best breakup imaginable, aside from him going to the heat. and that will really just make winning the 2013 ECF and Finals sweeter.