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The Celtics currently only have a few meager options remaining to improve their roster for the 2012-13 season and one of the more appealing ones was just crossed off the list, as Nenad Krstic re-signed with CSKA Moscow in Russia in a deal with no opt-out, according to Sportando.net

Center Nenad Krstic (28 years, 212 cm) signed new contract with CSKA until the end of 2013-14 season with club’s option for another year. Serbian National Team captain joined army men after 7 seasons in the NBA and he has become one of the team’s leaders. In the end of the season Krstic was chosen to the All-Euroleague First Team, he was named the Euroleague November MVP, Regular Season Game 9 MVP and Top 16 Game 3 MVP.

What does it mean for the C’s?
Probably not much. Although Krstic had opted out of his contract overseas at first, there were never any real signs Boston was interested in bringing him back, although since they had bird rights on him, they could pay him up to 7.5 million to re-sign him for this season if they had wanted.

So just what are the C’s left with it as their frontcourt options? Not much in appealing options sadly, beyond Chris Wilcox. Greg Stiemsma is in line for a $3 million dollar by offer (part of their mid-level exception in all likelihood) by Minnesota, according to reports. The C’s still have a bi-annual exception they can use, but they may need that to sign another shooting guard to replace the void created by Ray Allen’s departure and Avery Bradley’s shoulder injury which will force him to miss the first couple months of next season.

The tricky part now comes for Ainge in the sense of who gets the BAE out of his team’s own free agents. Who is a more worthy recipient of the BAE, Wilcox or someone like Mickael Pietrus? The acquisition of Courtney Lee by sign-and-trade would make Pietrus an afterthought, so it’s clear that’s the team’s first option right now, which would allow them to sign Wilcox for the exception. Whether they have enough to offer Lee in a sign-and-trade though is a whole other story I covered yesterday. That’s no sure thing.

Either way, it’s coming to the point where Ainge is going to have to get creative here. Before Allen skipped town, nearly everything was going right for this team in free agency (except the Jeff Green overpay). If Allen returned, the roster would have been deeper than ever, assuming Wilcox or another big signed for the BLE. Now though, there are two holes to fill and not a lot of capital to do it with.

Just for fun here’s what the updated depth chart looks like right now:

PG: Rondo, Moore, (if not traded/cut), OPEN (likely Keyon Dooling)
SG: Bradley, Terry, OPEN (candidates: Lee, Raja Bell, Pietrus)
SF: Pierce, Green, Kris Joseph
PF: Bass, Sullinger, Johnson
C: Garnett, Melo, OPEN, (candidates: Sean Williams, Wilcox)

How will Boston fill those holes? We’ll find out soon.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • High Rollers

    Yup, time for everybody to get creative…. Danny with the meager $$ and open slots, Doc with the lineups. Our team as it is now actually looks a little like a poor man’s Team USA. Not a tremendous amount of height or beef, but lots of youth, athleticism, skill, and veteran leadership. And the one thing to remember about a poor man is that he will come hungry. I think we’ll be okay, and I’ll stick to the same claim I made last year. We have as good a chance as anybody. That wasn’t going to be a given, and Danny’s worked hard to make it the case. I imagine he has a few more moves, even if there aren’t many cards left.

  • Anthony

    ESPN has rumor that Perk is an amnesty candidate. Maybe the Celts can re-sign him if that actually happens.

    • Bob

      What does that mean exactly?

      • Anthony

        It essentially means OKC could waive Perk for salary cap and luxury tax benefits, thus clearing him for waivers where teams can bid on him. I believe OKC would still be responsible for all or a bulk of his salary which means teams can sign him for a lot less.

    • Phil

      That would be an option if it didn't require the Thunder amnestying him before they need to, Perk passing through every team with cap space without receiving a bid, then him taking the biannual exception when he could get three times that somewhere else. Basically, its not gonna happen, Perk is gone.

      Regardless of what ESPN says, the primary thing is that the Thunder have another year before they need to work out the Ibaka/Harden situation, and they're not gonna get rid of a contributor before they have to. They're trying to win a title, not pinch pennies.

  • zach

    I think Wilcox is actually better than Perk – he can finish with dunks and run the floor. But Perk > Williams

    • Anthony

      Wilcox is better if he can actually stay healthy. My only concern is he's always injured.
      Perk know the system better and not exactly like you would need him for big minutes.

      Let me not get ahead of myself until the rumor are confirmed.

      • James Patrick

        I'd still prefer KG starting at Center, having Perk come off the bench. KG was just a beast this season. Maybe move Perk to Center against the bigger guys like Howard, Bynum.

        • Anthony

          Absolutely. KG needs to be the starting center but Melo is not the immediate fix. At least Perk can provide some solid back-up minutes.

    • Phil

      Wilcox is better at the BAE than Perk at 8m per, I'll buy that. Perk's not bad, he's just extremely limited and not worth his salary when he can't see the floor against the more athletic teams.

      That said, we may as well discuss how Roy Hibbert or Serge Ibaka fits if we're talking about big guys who won't be playing on the Celtics next year.

  • High Rollers

    Love Perk but rooting for Wilcox to get a spot with us. Dude deserves to finally see the playoffs.

  • tbunny

    If they traded him away two years ago I don't see why they would consider him now for several times more money.

    • Leeboo1211

      Under the amnesty rules, wouldn't OKC be paying the majority of his salary anyways? I believe whichever team picks him up on waiver would only be responsible for the amount they bid with.

      • Vince

        Correct. Let's hope some other team needs an earthbound center who can't jump, make a shot from further out than 1 foot, hit a free throw, or set a legal screen. OKC giving Perk the amnesty might get some of these folks who still regard Perk as Bill Russell to pull their head out of the sand and recognize that Perk was tremendously over-rated, and that Danny was right to trade him, even if it was a rental of Jeff Green and Nenad.

      • Phil

        OKC pays the remaining balance of his contract minus whatever the winning bid is. Only teams with cap space can make a bid. If he passes through without receiving a bid, he becomes an unrestricted free agent and OKC pays his entire contract.

        Regardless of which team claims him, OKC will end up paying most of the salary, hence the whole no motivation to axe a rotation player for no gain.

    • soxandpats

      Think about how happy Rondo would be to have Perk back and Allen gone.

      • yeah


  • Tommie

    Wilcox must be signed at this point. The front court needs serious help! KG doesn't want to play center, and we need rebounding in the worst way. Green and Bass aren't enough to keep the glass clean. And we all know that Melo isn't going to see the court much on Doc's team.

  • zach

    Sing Wilcox and hope that either Sully or Melo develop and we are ok. Bass will play big minutes but he in young so that is ok. Green can also play the 4 some

  • High Rollers

    Picking up three guys from the '09 Orlando squad in two years? The squad that beat us that year to make it to the finals? Obviously Dwight Howard, not Bass, Pietrus or Lee, was the biggest part of that. But still. It's interesting. Courtney Lee did play for Orlando that year didn't he? Besides his friendliness with Doc, could explain Lee's respect for the C's. In a changing and uncertain landscape, guys tend to remember who showed they had "it" in the recent past, be it an individual player or a team overall. With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if we pick up Lee, despite the financial constraints. Just like it was with Bass and Pietrus, the respect between player and team seems mutual.

    • NHBluesMan

      yes, Lee played on that team as a rookie

  • James Patrick

    Nenad Krstic Re-signs with CSKA Moscow? WHO CARES! GOOD! He did nothing while he was there.

  • Ford

    I like Peaches, Sean Williams and Wilcox. both bigs run and are solid rebounders and i think that Peaches is important for the ultimate goal, much more than Lee or Bell, because he can guard Lebron, well at least a little. I know that is what Green is supposed to help with, but Pierce and Green aren't enough I don't think. I love Lee, but I think Peaches size helps us a bit more.
    Also I think that Williams is the more interesting project between him and Melo. Williams is big and very athletic… Although the jury is still out.

  • Phil

    If Jeff Green has taught us anything, its that missing a season with a heart ailment drives your price tag way up. Looks like Wilcox is out of our range…

    On a serious note, if Wilcox is ready to come back at play at the same level as before (not a given, but a reasonable expectation,) signing him at the BAE is a no brainer. I just don't see how he's getting more than that elsewhere after the health scare. Pietrus is a lot more replaceable than an athletic big man, and its possible you can get Pietrus back at the minimum anyway.

    • ElRoz

      Yes. Big man is among the major priorities right now for this team. Wilcox would be a good addition.

  • ElRoz

    They should definitely resign Wilcox – they must do it. Right now, he would be the only center they have, if KG is apprehensive to play center. Of course with Bass, Sullinger and occasionally Jeff Green, the power forward position is fairly deep, but the center position is not deep at all, unless KG plays it and Wilcox is signed. No offense to Melo or JJ, but I cannot count them as legit contributors right now.

    Finally, Pietrus is a small froward, is he not? I watched him in the payoffs, and I can't say he is particularly good at guarding shooting guards. Dooling is better at that. As a SF Pietrus would be a good addition, but Pierce and Green would take most of the minutes there.
    For my two cents, I'd rather have Dooling among the guards than Pietrus, unless we assume that either Pierce and Green might miss time and then Pietrus comes in quite handy.

    But get Wilcox asap I say.

  • skeeds

    At this point anything we get is fine by me. but, if Ainge is indeed trying to pull off a S&T I'd prefer he did it for a more "high profile" big, instead of going after Courtney Lee. If either Dooling or Peaches comes back for the bi-annual, it should be perfectly fine until Bradley comes back. Doc will need to be a bit more creative, but it's doable.
    Thankfully, our young guys are showing some excellent signs so far in the summer league. Joseph, JJJ and Moore are all expendable, a package around some 1-2 of them could be enticing. I like Melo's potential, (guy's picked up a LOT of ball in just 7 years, has the potential to be a beast down low) but I'd also be ok with trading him if it got us a good center.

  • jpbl1976

    Since we're paying Green starter dollars (much as I'd have preferred not to — couldn't we have offered him 6 and then just swallowed our pride and offer Ray 9?) — why not start him at the 3 and slot the Truth back into the 2?

    I'm all for re-signing Pietrus in this hypothetical situation; he becomes the back-up 3 and Kris Joseph the 3rd SF; he has looked like a gamer, so far.

    • skeeds

      Pierce can't play the 2 man… Not any more, anyway. The league has become super fast, and PP is 35. He can't stay in front of a Dwayne Wade or a Monta Ellis…

  • celtics greece

    why we cant go fo oj mayo since he is a free agent????