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Jeff Green Deal with Boston for 4 Years/$36 Million

Before we start with this post, I just have to say this might the busiest one-week stretch in a Celtics offseason, well perhaps ever. Think about it: Kevin Garnett returned on a 3-year deal last Saturday, which started the avalanche of news, and even that KG signing feels like it was weeks ago by this point given how much has gone on since then. Needless to say, things are showing no signs of slowing down either, as Danny Ainge has his work cut out for him in filling out this roster. With that said, let’s get to it.

Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald  is the first guy with reported terms of the deal as Jeff Green has reportedly signed for 4 Years/$36 Million, a bit under the rumored 4 years/40 million dollar deal from last week.

Agent David Falk, who said Friday an agreement with the Celtics on Jeff Green’s contract should come early this week, clearly is pleased with how talks have progressed. Green agreed to a one-year, $9 million contract with the team last December, but the discovery of an aortic aneurism during a physical voided the contract.

Falk returned to the same starting point this month and got his wish.

The new deal, again starting at $9 million, will be worth $36 million over four years, according to a source.

CH’s Analysis: We’ll have a detailed post on Green later on today, but as long as one of those final years of the deal aren’t fully guaranteed, this contract could be livable for Boston. The key word there, of course, is could be. The guy had a full season to get a full grasp of Doc Rivers’ system on both sides of the floor and should be entering his prime years as a player. He’s a unique offensive player with his size and flexibility to play both forward spots (although the C’s roster is well-constructed now to keep him primarily at the three where the numbers show he is a much better player). 

Nine million dollars a year is what Green was going to sign for last year (as a restricted free agent) on a one-year deal, so technically he’s not getting a raise here. This could be some solid value down to the road if Green plays up to his potential. At the same time however, this seems a bit much commitment-wise. I would have loved to see what the market was for Green. Was another team willing to offer him four years at 35+ million? I highly doubt it was anyone Green actually wanted to play for.

Yet, Ainge had to swallow hard here. He is handcuffed by the team’s own cap situation and had pushed his chips to the middle of the table in bringing his own guys back. Green was a big part of that plan and now has to live up to his billing and help jumpstart this offense and bring a spark and rest for Paul Pierce and company off the bench. Did he spend a little too much to make sure Green was completely satisfied? Probably. Now it’s time for Green to live up to his end of the deal.

  • Mark

    I guess I can live with it but lets be honest in his entire NBA career Jeff Green has been a disappointment. He SHOULD be so much better than he is with his talents but I'm afraid it hasn't clicked. We're getting to the point of no return. If it doesn't click this season it never will and I fear this contract being an anchor in year two.

  • Aaron

    His career or the half-season he played in Boston?? His career seemed to be going just fine before that.

    • dslack

      No, he has been a disappointment his whole career. His career average PER is 12.8. League average is 15.0. His teams have consistently performed better with him on the bench than with him on the court. He has had some decent numbers in terms of points per game, but that's because he played a lot of minutes on crappy teams and took enough shots that scored some, but he scored inefficiently and, particularly at the PF position, was a sieve on defense.

      • true. plus he's a miserable rebounder and mediocre outside shooter. solid defender though, hopefully he spent all last year figuring out how to contain lebron james.

  • High Rollers

    So Doc responds and says just enough to make a headline today: Problem with KG. For Ray, whatever the situation was with Rondo or anybody or anything else, the real bitterness began and ended with KG’s place at the table. Everybody knew that Ray ended up in Boston because DA wanted KG. Bait from the start. And even now, KG had to be the ‘first domino’ and Ray might just have resented it enough to move to Florida. Wild. Couldn’t sound any more childish if he’d simply whined, KG always wins, dang it! and picked up his toys and went home. Not much mental toughness there from the way Doc makes it sound. Even if Doc says he doesn’t think any differently of him. Like I said before, KG keeps looking better and better. It’s like Ray flung his halo hoping to knock KG in the noggin and it simply landed squarely atop his head, like it belonged there all along. Maybe the narrative will change, but today the Ticket is untouchable.

    • dslack

      Can you post a link?

      • High Rollers

        Sure, no problem. I saw it first over at Redsarmy.com, and then I linked over to the newspaper's page.

        • High Rollers

          There's also a link on Reds to the Globe piece and Washburn's take on the matter.

          It says something that Doc is willing to admit (or at least suggest) that Ray might have been just a little bit ego driven in the matter. But then I guess it's a fine line between ego and doing what's best for yourself and your family. The latter is lauded and respected; the former questioned and criticized. Potayto, potahto?

        • dslack

          Thank you.

  • Phil

    No four year dollar amount is going to make me happy about this deal. I'd have rather given two years at fifteen million per than four at nine. While 'bringing the gang back' was always a plan B of sorts, it did two things; gave the team an outside, yet legitimate shot at the finals, and kept the flexibility open for the post KG era. A deal like this completely screws up that flexibility.

    Fifteen million between Bass and Green is paying a max salary to a bench that would have to shirk expectations to actually contribute in the playoffs at all. I can see these contracts being fine for next year, but without players in their late twenties rapidly getting better (not gonna happen, they are what they are,) every post for the next few offseasons are gonna have comments asking whether or not they can use the amnesty on Green (they can't.)

    For how smart Ainge has played the last few offseasons, I just can't believe he torched future flexibility for an overrated seventh man and a one-sided third big.

    • dslack

      Yeah, I agree. $15M per is a bit ridiculous but 2-year $26M should have been enough to get the deal done and would have maintained flexibility. Well, if the 4th year isn't guaranteed, then it's not that bad. In year 3, KG's and Terry's deals guarantee that there wouldn't have been a huge amount of flexibility anyway.

      Note: I'm glad I heard the $40M rumor a few days ago, because $36M sounds good in comparison!

  • GreenM&M

    I just don't get it. In his entire career h has not posted an above average PER and his stats are just mediocre across the board. What does he actually do well besides being "versatile"?

    This will come back to haunt us. Expect to hear the phrase " The Celtics are looking to trade Jeff Green and his expiring contract" a lot in a year or two.

    • dslack

      Or three… Ugh.

    • kg215

      Totally agree, he has mediocre numbers and he isn't one of those numbers don't tell the whole story guy, he has nothing special about his game. OKC was better on both sides of the ball when he sat down. There is a good chance this contract will be unmovable until the 4th year as an expiring contract. Just maybe Ainge won't be a complete idiot and leaves the 4th year as a team option, though he is completely in love with Green so all reason might have been thrown out the window.

  • john42_98

    greeen will be a good sign and i hope miami will find out how ray allen cannot dribble and shoot or play defense. he just sits in the corner waiting for somebody to pass him the ball for his jump shot

    • NHBluesMan

      sadly, that's all he'll need to do on the Heat

  • High Rollers

    DA must like the tenor and potential of the new core–Rondo, KG, P, Bass, Green, and Terry–to have made the deals he has. And I’d have to agree with him. We also all know Danny won’t hesitate a year or two down the road to make the team better with a trade. Guys like Bass and Green, for all the flak they take from fans, are solid assets, whether they outperform on the floor or not. Low risk, high reward guys. Not to mention they very well could keep getting better with a little more time in Doc’s system. These deals haven’t hamstrung the Celtics in the slightest as far as I can tell.

    • High Rollers

      Oh, man, how could I forget AB! Rondo, KG, P, Bass, Green, Terry, AB….

      Speaking of the honey badger, not so good news here:

      Ray's going to get even more boobirds when we first meet Miami now.

  • LACelticFan

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/BkPCzk9H2IQ&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • High Rollers

    A guy like Louis Williams would be fantastic, but the dollars aren't there and it ain't happening. (Unless DA sends KG to hypnotize him or something.)

    That being the awful truth, it's time to get Air Guadeloupe and the Reverend Dooling back. Pronto.

    And 1800Stiemer sounds Minnesota bound. Anybody got Chris Wilcox's number?

    This is going to be a slog. Grit and grind, baby!

  • High Rollers

    "A. Sherrod Blakely ‏@SherrodbCSN

    ?#CelticsTalk?: The ?#Suns? have withdrawn their qualifying offer to Aaron Brooks, making him an unrestricted free agent."

    Aaron Brooks, o la la! Maybe? Maybe?

  • High Rollers

    Courtney Lee? Woo woo. Danny's still busy.

    • GreenM&M

      That would take the sting out of Ray leaving at least a little. But it's have to be a sign and trade.

  • skeeds

    Green will be just fine, as long as Doc realizes his natural position is the 3. He might be able to play the 4 physically, but his whole skillset is one of a SF. Through his years in OKC, he played PF. I think that's what Doc looks to take advantage off. Green is uniquely fast for his size. You don't often see a guy who has both the size and speed advantage, and he has that against most 3's.
    His offense I'm not worried at all about. With Rondo running the show, if a one trick pony like Bass got his points, a versatile scorer like Green will do just fine.

    Where he needs to step up though, is rebounding and defense. With his speed and athleticism he should be a much, MUCH better defender than he is. Doc and especially KG have a way of making sure guys play defense, even if they hadn't in their life (Nate). So I sincerely hope they force Green into that mentality.

    • micky

      finally some one who has not complained about this deal. i believe green will be a great addition to the bench and maybe crack the starting 5 when pierce retires. if AB and green were healthy we would've won the championship

      • Ben

        That's fine and Dandy but why are we paying a bench player… a 7th man at that… 9 Million per season?! What other bench player do you know that makes that kind of money?! Ben Gordon maybe? I'd rather have Gordon to be honest though!

  • Anthony

    What's with all the hate on JGreen? Give the guy a chance. He has obvious talent, versatile skillsets and dare I say it, "potential". If you want to focus on his PER, why not compare it to the PER of the guy he was traded for – Perkins has a career PER in the 11s range. Perkins contract is roughly $33mil /4yrs.

    And as I've said before, we still don't know the final details of JGreen's contract. If it's something like $7.5, $8.5, $9.5, $10.5 with the 4th yr not guaranteed or a team option, I would say that's not a horrible.

    • howardavellino

      Totally agree about the final details. We shouldn't assume it's $9m/year.

      I don't think anyone is hating on Green, but the bigger the contract, the more constraining it can be to improving the team going forward. Ironically bigger contracts do sometimes work out better (when you are able to take back more in a trade), but generally, overpaying a player is a pretty serious problem. Supposedly we had built up all this goodwill with Green, but it doesn't really seem like he gave a hometown discount.

  • Scott

    sorry, but Jeff Green has not proved he can make championship type contributioons to this team – he's a finesse player who has shown a lack of heart (no pun) for battle or an appetite for playoff pressure – that guy we traded for him (yeah, you know, Kendrick Perkins) had toughness in spades and did contribute significantly to one title and almost a second – and do not quote me Perk's stats – they do not accurately illustrate his value.

    Danny over-paying Green is just another attempt on his part to somehow justify the blunder he made at the trade deadline two years ago – which was to rip apart a team leading its Conference and likely headed to a third finals appearance in four seasons.

    throwing good money after bad $$$$$$$