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Those Courtney Lee rumors make even more sense now that we know Avery Bradley is headed for another surgery:

Celtics guard Avery Bradley will undergo surgery on his right shoulder on Tuesday at New England Baptist Hospital, according to assistant general manager Austin Ainge, and will miss the team’s training camp as a result.

The surgery, designed to tighten up the ligaments in the shoulder, will be performed by Celtics team physician Brian McKeon.

Ainge acknowledged that the additional surgery — Bradley also had left shoulder surgery in May — will not only force the blossoming shooting guard to miss the team’s camp, but will likely keep him sidelined for the first part of the season.

CH Says: The surgery is apparently not unexpected, merely the second half of a planned set on both shoulders. However, it’s discouraging that Bradley will be playing catch-up next season, after his impressive finish to the 2011-12 season. Lee may be less luxury than necessity if the Celtics expect Bradley to struggle with post-surgery limitations next year.

The best case appears to be that Bradley joins the Celtics before Christmas and immediately slots back into the starting SG role he took from Ray Allen last season. That would be fine for the Celtics, who could slot Jason Terry into the starting SG role in his absence, or Lee if they’re able to acquire him from Houston in a sign-and-trade.

Hit the jump for the latest on Greg Stiemsma.

Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Jerry Zgoda tweeted this yesterday:


Reportedly, the T-Wolves have already or will soon offer Stiemsma a contract for $3 million per year. There’s some back and forth as to whether a formal offer has been made but that may just be semantics, with paperwork to come after Portland matches Minnesota’s offer sheet to RFA Nicolas Batum next week. The Celtics can only offer the Bi-Annual Exception of $1.9 million, which means Stiemsma will likely head west.

It’s hard to feel too slighted if he leaves. As recently as a year ago, Stiemsma had no reason to think he’d be in the NBA, much less fielding multiple contract offers. Depending on how his next few years go, it might be the only big payday Stiemsma gets as an NBA player. So, he needs to capitalize now.

Even with Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett returning, the Celtics remain thin on the frontline so Stiemsma’s bulk will be missed. However, in the smaller, faster NBA of 2012, his slow-footedness and limitations as a team defender (particularly in the pick and roll) suggest the Celtics should be looking for a more athletic, agile big to replace him.

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  • ElRoz

    Stiemsma want to go to Minnesota ? Fine – no big deal. Really the guy was somewhat of a liability on the floor. In fact I don't think this affects the Celtics in a negative way at all.

    Bradley situation sucks. I'm I wrong or will this be the 3rd straight pre-season that he'll miss in his 3 years? Injury, lock-out, injury. How could we expect him to not regress in his shooting when he comes back? I'm afraid he'll return to brick-laying and loose his timing as well. But perhaps he could recover his skills within a month or so.

    Why is Dooling not being signed? He is a good defender and could provide some help along Rondo, Terry, and Moore. I see Pietrus as a small forward – since he is not that quick on his feet – but perhaps Dooling, Moore, Pietrus could be signed or signed and traded in some sort of combination.

    • sid

      mp is quick as a fox and was one of our premier defenders on wade and lebron. learn your basketball bro

      • ElRoz

        You wern't watching the games I can tell – Pietrus was beaten by Wade over and over, he was beaten by Phily guards as well – he could not stay in front of them.

        As for him defending LeBron – I wrote that Pietrus is ok to guard small forwards.
        Read and think before you write. And try watching some 2012 Celtic playoffs when Pietrus is on guards.

        Pietrus is not fast enought o guard guards. They need to sign Dooling.

        • ElRoz

          Pietrus is a small forward and does not defend well against quick shooting guards. They need to sign Dooling.

          • GreenM&M

            Both guys are superfluous if we get Lee.

          • skeeds

            By my calculations, we probably can't bring MP back unless he accepts the vet minimum anyway, because we don't have his Bird rights. Dooling we can get.

    • The Cardinal

      The Bradley double surgery shouldn't be a surprise to anyone – I clearly remember reading quotes from Doc and/or Danny during the playoffs that he would require surgery first on one shouldr, then on the other.

      Maybe I'm wrong, but the news blurbs are making this seem like a recent, unexpected development and it's not.

      • High Rollers

        For anybody paying attention, the only unknown was the timetable for return. I'm supremely disappointed that the kid won't get a chance at training camp and a full 82. Unless it lures Lee, of course.

    • Swamp Thing

      I imagine Dooling, Moore, and Pietrus are dangling as a sign & trade package, and Ainge has probably called made calls figuring out sign-and-trades with them. But after the Green and Bass signings the Celtics have moved past flexibility into some version of last year's time.

  • GreenM&M

    Sad to see Stiemer go. But he has to follow the $$. I guy of his limited talents can't leave a cool million on the table. This contract could be his last so he should cash in while he can.

    • jpbl1976

      I agree. The Stiemer did his best for us; he only had a limited skill-set but made the most of it and even played hurt when he did. He deserves to cash in now. It's a shame that we can't keep him but those are the economics. It's interesting but when Greg did play, he had very good Wins Produced stats — I don't know if that will hold in Minneapolis where the defensive system in different. He may not get to play that much either — Pecovic and Love get most of the minutes at Center and don't they still have Darko?

      I can't say the same about Ray Allen, though. Reading all the press from his departure, you get the impression that he's playing the jilted wife angle too much. This is sports, dude. If he couldn't see that the C's were trying to get better and make his job easier — and if he thought he was just as valuable as KG (which is what Doc intimated in his Herald interview), then he's delusional (kind of like the Miami players — I used to like Lebron but after 5 years of playing him, I'm really starting to hate him).

      After these last 5 years, I've come to believe that KG is probably the closest thing to Russell that younger Celtics fans will ever see.

      All that said, I still respect Ray for all the bombs he dropped for us but really, other than his shooting, Ray was becoming a liability defensively and he had at least 1 mind-boggling turnover per game (sometimes crucial), which is probably one reason he and Rondo conflicted — Rondo is a perfectionist and gets on everyone's nerves (I saw this game when even quiet Brandon Bass got annoyed at him) at some point because he harps on things like missing assignments and not catching passes or coming off picks the wrong way.

      Also, Ray's 1-on-1 game is nearly toast; it's not that he gets stuffed so much as he frequently gets stripped on the way to the hole or loses his handle and has to bail. We don't get to watch the practices but I suspect C's management already knew this much earlier than any of us did because Bradley and Tony Allen probably defended Ray quite a bit.

      In that sense, he's really perfect for Miami — he still shoots a high percentage from 3 and James and Wade (now that's a guy I respect) are good at finding open shooters. It's a good thing Bradley's very capable of chasing Ray around. Also, it took Larry Legend wasn't quite the same after his bone spur surgery. I suspect Ray won't be back in shape until much later in the season, which is probably when Miami will need him — but even then, I don't know how good he'll be at 38. This was the perfect situation for him.

      I just hope Ray going to Miami isn't karma for the C's going after Reggie Miller in 2007 (I imagine the Pacers fans would've felt like they were getting stabbed in the chest at the time).

  • jqism

    trade for lamb.

  • Anthony

    At least Stiemer didn't go to Miami. Stiemer is a nice story and he deserve the raise from MIN.

    AB news is not good but better to get it done now instead of missing the second half or when playoff starts.

    Maybe Doc should start Pierce at SG and JGreen at SF.

    PG – Rondo, (Moore)
    SG – Pierce, Jet
    SF – JGreen, Joseph
    PF – Bass, Sully, JJJ
    C – KG, Melo, (SWilliams)

    • jpbl1976

      Yeah. I agree. Didn't PP play that position during his earlier years?

      • Swamp Thing

        The Pierce idea is great. Has Doc thought about it? I guess. Probably.

        PP versus Ray Allen in the playoffs would be the most epic thing imaginable.

        • Anthony

          My thinking was Pierce is solid defender and Celts play zone once in a while so defense wouldn't be an issue. He can post any guard and have an advantage offensively. It would also provide mins to JGreen so he can earn his paycheck. And it would keep Jet coming off the bench to provide instant offense.

          • Austin

            Pierce was a 2 early in his NBA career. Problem is he's too old and tired to keep up at that position anymore. He could play solid defense all game against a 2 but then his offense would struggle because he got so tired running around chasing down quick shooting guards. Good idea, but it would tire him out pretty quick.

  • Chris G

    Why are these articles insisting the C's only have the bi-annual exception left? It is my understanding that if you sign free agents coming from other teams first then exceed the salary cap on your own free agents which you hold bird rights for it is fine. So if after the 11th they wait and sign KG and Bass last then that would be okay as long as we don't exceed the 74 million luxury tax threshold.

    • Phil

      Doesn't work like that actually. Players have individual cap holds that count against the salary cap before they're resigned. In order to sign other free agents, they would have to renounce those cap holds, thus losing the right to go over the salary cap to resign them. I'm not sure on the exact numbers, but KG's cap hold is likely much higher than the number they're signing him to.

      The rule's in place specifically so teams can't go over the cap like that.

    • dslack


      Their own free agents count as "cap holds" until signed (by the Celtics or by another team) or renounced. KG's cap hold is like $22M or something. Signing him for $11M therefore reduces his cap hit by $11M. Still, with Bass's and Green's cap holds, the Celtics aren't under the cap and need exceptions to sign anyone. The only exception they have left (after using the MLE on Terry) is the biannual exception.

      • Chris G

        Makes sense….I thought after Ray's cap hold went away we had more. thanks for the clarification. one other thing is that don't we have like 3 million in unused trade exemptions???

        • dslack

          Not that I'm aware of … which trade(s?) would that/those be from? Maybe the Glen Davis / Brandon Bass swap?

        • dslack

          At any rate, you probably know this, but players can't be signed with trade exceptions.

        • Phil

          You only get trade exceptions when you trade players into another team's open cap space and don't get anything back in return. They got one for Marquise Daniels and Semih a couple years ago, but I believe those have expired by now, they expire after a year or so. I don't recall them making any trades like that last year.

          I don't think you can combine a trade exception with anything else anyway, so one of those exceptions would have to be big enough to absorb Lee's entire salary. No player the Cs have dumped lately is close to that.

          • Kevin

            I think we used the trade exception on dooling last year.

  • red

    The Ryan Hollins era continues.

    • GreenM&M

      The way GMs are throwing money around (and Danny is guilty of this too) we may need to use the entire biannual just to get him!

      • Bob

        Right? $10M to Green seems like way too much.

  • I_Love_Green

    Injuries already and the season hasn't even started….

  • Kafel

    And how about Aaron Gray at C and Gerald Green at SG?

    • High Rollers

      Aaron Gray is signing with Toronto, I think.

  • thunderlizards

    minnesota is going to be pretty good next year when you think about it

  • hansgruber

    Again, fuck Ray Allen.

    • Bob

      Profanity is a week mind trying to forcibly express itself.

  • BirdRondoGarnett

    This isn't exactly "new" news it was reported in June that he would have surgery "soon" so I was already expecting him to be back around Dec.

  • skeeds

    How is it that no matter what happens, we're always a center short? Damn it! If I were Ainge I'd go ahead and sign 6 centers just to be sure I won't run out.
    Offcourse, he knows Krstic stated a while ago he'd come back to the NBA if he got a good offer. And that he's just coming off a monster year in the Euroleague. And that he's got his bird rights. And that he's waaay better than any guy available at this point. Pull the trigger Ainge, unless fighting to sign a guy like Hollins, or Wilcox, is the way you want to spend your July!

  • Jose F. Miro

    I think they should definitely bring back Dooling and Pietrus……..I would make a run at Camby…..Although I'm afraid he will get injured at some point, the guy wants to win, is a great rebounder (we were last or next to last in defensive rebounding last year), runs the floor and can block shots. I don't think he will command serious money. Melo is too raw, he will need some time to develop; would love to have Aaron Gray if available; solid player; Kristic would be a good option…….Ray Allen, man…….what was he thinking???? I don't think he is going to play that much in Miami…good luck using lebron as a power forward for a whole season…..

  • Batman

    Will Bradley ever get a full training camp?

  • Sam Jones24

    Sign Courtney Lee

    • flip hines

      Plz plz hurry

  • Edgar Cruz

    ray Allen will be sleeping with the enemy….. starting 5 for the Cs—–Center Melo, PF Garnett,SF Jeff Green,SG Jason Terry,PG Rajon Rondo.—

    • Bob

      Pierce isn't starting?

  • Edgar Cruz

    GET CAMBY!!!!

  • Edgar Cruz


  • rayrayfan

    Thanks for all the goodtimes Ray. Stop hating on Ray, he helped us win a championship. Hes allowed to go wherever he wants.

    • GowGow

      He helped himself get a championship. He was never truly a Celtic. Now he's helping himself get another, using Miami.

  • Dean

    Ray who>?????? It is what have you done for me lately business…………….!!!!
    JUst like Larry Bird said in his ESPN interview, guys taking less money to go play for Miami are Front Runners!!! In my day, you try to beat them, not join them!!

  • lakershater13


  • felix

    according to espn AB MIGHT miss training camp…i think the headliner here is not exactly correct. he might also be ready just in time.

  • Poppy JerseyShore

    Ray is gone he played well for us. Now move on. Red used to say if they don`t like the deal let them eat spaghetti(play over seas) He did not like the deal so he will be eating spaghetti. We need a big, not Hollins , we need someone that can catch the ball and put it in the hoop especially when he is right under the friggin basket. I been a Celtics fan since 63 seen some real lean years there. Henry Finkel and Eric Montross ring a bell for anyone. Quit pissing and moaning about Ray and look towards the future. It took Bill Walton a long time to get over his bone spurs so how great you think Ray is gonna be anyway.

  • David Lelli

    When is Jeff Green's press conference?