Post-game Reactions

There has been a tremendous deal of reaction from all over the web after Ray Allen made his intentions known last night of jumping ship to Miami on a 3-year-deal.

Some Celtics fans are holding no hard feelings towards Ray after the team failed to show much loyalty to him over his past three years in uniform. Others can’t get over the fact Allen would abandon Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to head to the team’s number one rival for less money and a largely similar role. Both groups can make incredibly solid cases on whichever side of the fence they come down in regards to Allen’s decision.

However, there is a lot more to Ray’s decision than meets the eye in all likelihood and some of the inner details behind his motives have started to come out. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports had an incredibly in-depth piece earlier this morning about what played into Allen’s choice of Miami. Many of the factors were things we’ve already covered here at CelticsHub in-depth, but there are a few further details that are certainly worth noting.

On his tension with Rondo:

For all the past indignities – real or imagined – Rondo was the issue that hadn’t gone away, that would still be there come training camp. They don’t like each other, and it had become a bigger and bigger drag on Allen, sources said. Each had culpability for why things had gone awry, and yet each was better on the court because he had played with the other.

Rondo has had a polarizing impact within the Celtics’ locker room, and his relationships with teammates and coaches have fluctuated over the years. Allen and Rondo never had arguments this year, never got into it. In fact, one source said: “Ray mostly ignored him.” After the season, Rivers tried his best to mend the relationship between Rondo and Allen – make it manageable on some level. And yet, as one source with direct knowledge of the coach’s efforts said, the relationship was “too far gone.”

On Lacking Respect from Ainge and Doc:

Respect comes in different ways, but make no mistake: The Celtics had offered two years and $12 million – respect for someone’s who’s 37 and coming off ankle surgery – and it didn’t matter to Allen. He hated the way Ainge dangled him in trade talks, hated that the Celtics told him he was on his way to Memphis in a deal at the March deadline only to have Rivers later tell him the trade was dead. Allen hated that Rivers didn’t give him his starting job back after he returned from a late-season ankle injury, and hated that it always felt like he was the Celtics star made to sacrifice above the rest.

On Sticking it to the Celtics:

When Allen left Miami on Friday, the Heat were unsure they had convinced him. He’s hard to read. They knew he’d fly home to New England, think it over, and it would still be so difficult for him to extract himself from the Celtics. Whatever the allure to Allen, his DNA was still made of loyalty and routine, and that still had to give Boston an edge.

Yet, it turns out Allen’s trip to South Beach made him feel so wanted, so inspired, and, truth be told, so eager to stick it to the Celtics. He could’ve broken Boston’s hearts and left for anywhere, but clearly there’s a part of Allen that wants to exact some kind of revenge on the Celtics. There was nowhere else to do that but Miami.

I wrote this two weeks ago on CelticsHub in trying to put a pulse on the situation with Ray:

My guess is the biggest battle here in keeping these two together will be Boston trying to appease Allen. The future Hall-of-Famer has probably had his ego wounded while he was here over the past couple years. He didn’t like to be dangled at the trade deadline every year as trade bait. He probably didn’t appreciate the demotion to the bench, which was beyond his control with Bradley playing so well with the starters. He might be butting heads with Rondo behind the scenes and he might be hesitant to come off the bench for an organization that hasn’t shown him the most appreciation (you could argue) in recent years. It may be more than a money decision in which Allen decides to move on from Boston and if it is, I respect that.

In my opinion though, those reasons I just described aren’t reason enough for Ray to leave flat out. Boston has their ace in the hole with Rivers in trying to woo Ray back. Allen could still play 30 minutes for this team off the bench next year and be very successful at it with a far deeper bench surrounding him. Would Ainge promise not to trade Ray if he came back? Probably not, but it’s a reasonable request if you’re Allen at this point.

The fact of the matter is, if both sides want this to happen, they can make it work. Boston has the money to pay Ray, and if Ray wants to play, get paid fairly, and win he could do far worse than staying in this relationship. As long as Allen doesn’t demand more than two years (even that might be too much) Danny Ainge should bring him back.

Now the decision has been made by Ray. The fence has been too damaged and the Celtics weren’t willing to do enough, nor was Allen willing to forget enough to repair it. Allen made his choice and you have to respect that if you are a Celtics fan. You don’t however, have to like it.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • James Patrick

    Yeah Miami. Take the Primadonna. We're done with that biaaacchh. Enjoy our sloppy seconds. There's a reason Avery Bradley was starting and will be starting. He earned it. Primadonna expected it. So primadonna, take your bad ankles and you're deteriorating jump shot to Miami. I'm sure you'll beat Wade out for that starting spot. lol

    • AMD1090T

      Don't cry James Patrick. Why are you crying? You sound like a woman scorned.

      • James Patrick

        Yeah, I'm not the woman scorned. Priamadonna is. Just like lou said below, he got his feelings hurt. Just like Alex said below. Fuck'em.

        • sightline

          Rondo might be the real primadonna.

        • kg215

          No you are definitely the woman scorned, lol. I do agree Bradley was straight up out playing him. I am disappointed in Ray but we didn't need him as much as the general public thinks. Those of us who watched Ray all of this past season know, he has lost a lot compared to just 2 years ago. His jumper is as good as ever (assuming his ankles heal up) but he is SLOWWWWWW.

          • James Patrick

            It's not that we needed him as much as the general public thinks. It's that he wanted to stick it to the C's and he did just that. The only other thing he could've done to screw the team was go to the Lakers.

            And those of you who wanna get all Kumbaya about it all, you go ahead. It's pretty obvious he screwed the team (and us as fans inadvertently) on purpose. But I'm happy with the team we have moving forward. Bradley is gonna be a defensive beast. We're gonna be just fine.

    • GowGow

      Bradley all the way.

  • Alex

    Fuck ray allen

    • James Patrick

      I agree. Sorry these people don't get it. I don't want him to get hit by a car or anything, but for now, yeah fuck'em.

  • lou

    oh well, have fun in miami. funny that us fans were shown a guy who tried to be so perfect and in reality his feelings got hurt. sounds petty to me on allen's end. thanks for the memories.


  • High Rollers

    Woj's piece said it all, though doubtless more details will surface, "real or imagined."

    Everybody keeps saying it's come to this because at the end of the day it's business, bottom line. But I disagree somewhat.

    The only stories that are ever bigger than business are stories of family. And Ray was… is…. was… is…. family. Was. Sheesh.

    I wonder if Ray and Rondo will ever speak again. Talk about two stubborn dudes. One, according to sources Woj cites, with unmatched mental toughness, and the other, a genius (dubbed by his own coach no less). I look forward to next year, but we sure had some cast up to now. Talk about special.

    They'll always be family to me. Estranged, yes. Divorced, yes. But family nevertheless.

    Here's to the memories and here's to the future.

    • kg215

      I think it's the clash of personalities more than any actual hatred. Rondo is free spirited and cocky/stubborn, Ray is very serious and rigid in his beliefs.

  • CG12

    Whatever. Woj cites unnamed sources and then makes up what sounds juicy. He just invented the stuff about wanting to stick it to Boston. I don’t doubt that he was tired of dealing with many of the issues in Boston, but it was ultimately about wanting a change of scenery for those reasons, not bitterness. Ray has plenty of reasons to move on, but he had 5 pretty great years in Boston and he surely recognizes that. “everything ends badly, or else it wouldn’t end.”

    • kg215

      Woj is almost always accurate, he is not like Chris Broussard or Bill Simmons making shit up. He really does write some scathing articles, but I haven't seen him make stuff up ever. It doesn't mean Ray wants to stick it to us the fans, his teammates, or the city of Boston. He definitely wanted to stick it to Ainge and rightfully so, he possibly wanted to stick it to Rondo as well.

  • dslack

    Looks like Rivers wasn't the ace after all.

    • dslack

      Really? -2?

      I'm not knocking Doc. I'm just saying that it seems that he didn't provide a strong enough draw for Ray to come back (and actually I'm guessing he was a negative, in light of Ray's decision — I think Ray didn't like being benched by Doc).

  • High Rollers

    A deck can’t have five aces, lest it be stacked. Alas, we were stacked for a while there. Who knows, maybe we will be again real soon.

  • Rejen

    The only reason the C’s wanted to resign Allen was cause they had hid Bird rights, making it a financialy reasonable signing. If he was a pure FA they never would have made the offer. The departure hurts the Celtics pride more than on the court. Cant wait to see Bradley lock his ass down, along with Wade for the next three years. Then we can all get over the defection. Ohh and not having to see his annoying wife all over csnne anymore is the best part of this whole situation.

    • jared

      or his mother in her bedazzled ray allen jerseys

  • MD Heat

    As a Heat fan i'm understandably delighted we got Allen. But i have to say i'm also a bit saddened at the end of the Boston big three, that was a team that i had the utmost respect and admiration for, and if not for unfortunate injuries i'm sure you would have had at least one more banner. Anyway good luck for next season and i hope we see you in the 2013 ECF.

    • ElRoz

      Well, last year the Big Three included Rondo, and not Ray.

  • OKCeltic

    Did anyone see Stephen A. Smith's tweet this morning about LeBron possibly tearing his ACL at Team USA practice? MRI on Monday.

    • OKCeltic

      Nevermind. Just heard it was a hoax. Sorry everyone.

  • Miggy_Miggz

    Lost some respect for Ray with this one. Will never forget everything he did for this team over the past 5 years, but he could've been remembered as a celtic legend. Now, I'll forever remember him as a traitor and quitter.

    I wonder how Paul and KG feel about him now?

    • kg215

      It's okay it was highly unlikely he would retire his jersey here anyway. Not sure about Paul and KG, they could feel betrayed or maybe they respected his decision. The good news is we know Paul, KG, and Rondo get along well enough and that is what matters most.

  • CarlosCelticsForever

    Allen departure was a matter of pride, not anything else. He decided to take much less money in Miami, where he felt "loved" and "wanted", than in Boston, where he felt betrayed. I will never "boo" him for that, because the guy has showed character, and you have to respect that. Wish him the best.

  • john42_98

    well i wonder if miami will feed him the ball so he can make his shot , ray couldnt dribble and shoot , he never did play defense , he was just a sit in corner and shoot type player .he will beat out wade .."RIGHT" lol the man is 37 years old and lots of miles on those leggs

    • kg215

      He played defense in the past, this year he really struggled on that end.

    • dslack

      He won't beat out Wade, but he might supplant Chalmers or Battier in their crunch-time lineup.

  • dRgonZo279

    An 'unnamed source' is never a reliable source. I always find it strange when athletes moan about not getting on with another player on their team. Who cares? I don't like some people at my work but I don't quit my job just because I think a few people in my office are a bunch of assholes.

    Anyway, Ray did the dirty on us. Anyone but the HEAT, Ray..

  • Zee

    I say we lay off Ray. He felt disrespected, and not just by one thing, but a combination of things. He wanted peace of mind and a ring more than drama with “family.” I wish him well.

    • GowGow

      I don't blame him for leaving the Cs. I blame him for joining the Heat.

    • Jim

      I agree totally with your statement.

  • GowGow

    This is the first time I get attached to a player and look how it turns out. Fuck you, Ray Allen.

  • ElRoz

    Ray will never see his number retired in any of the teams he played for – not Seattle (duh!), not the Bucks, not the Celtics, and not the Heat.

    0-13 in game 3 of the 2010 NBA finals – a game the Celtics lost by a narrow margin. That was tough to deal with.

    Terry is a better ball-handler and penetrator, inc. off picks….he is a scorer and 1/2 point guard too.
    Ray had a great run here, but he is not indispensable anymore.

  • Jim

    I have nothing but the highest respect for Ray Allen. He played hurt and never got the respect for doing that from a lot of so called fans. To the guy who said F–k Ray Allen you are a true ass who just proves how ignorant you are of the man . I watched him run his ass off to get open and Rondo often chose not to make the pass. After a while it became obvious to me there were some issues going on. The rift became too large. I wish Ray the best just not against the Celtics. Thanks Ray for all that you gave and the special memories that I will cherish from your time wearing the Green!

  • I've said it before, and I'm going to repeat my statement: I hope we absolutely demolish Miami in every meeting we have with them over the next three seasons.

  • sightline

    Bye Ray Ray, thanks for everything!

  • complexity

    Ray's number will be retired with the C's. I almost guarantee it. Squabbles like this, mean nothing in 10 years. No matter what anyone says, he put up a lot of big numbers for the Celtics. And we'll see how much we miss him, when he's averaging 16 a game off the bench for the Heat, and making clutch shots.

    • dslack

      I highly doubt this.

      It could have been. But now, it won't be. It's possible that the Heat will retire it though after he wins a championship or 2 (or 3) there.

  • I kinds feel like this past season Ray has been a forgotten member of the big three seeing all the posters hes in the back hidden…

  • archie

    see yah next season ray

  • Alex

    Damn so much hate man. Ray Ray did his job on the Celitcs and he doesn't owe them anything. Ainge's been shopping him around all last year and he expects the guy to just come back with full loyalty? Instead of hating on Ray Allen, as a Celtic fan, I thank him for all the memories and all the perfect 3 pointers he had made, and all the clutch shots to tie or win the game. I would love to see Ray get a standing ovation when he comes back as a Heat instead of boos. Sometimes its the fans that needs to be the bigger person as well. I am saddened by the break up of the Big Three but it was great while it lasted.