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Though Danny Ainge may have acknowledged it earlier this morning (see previous post) to Gary Washburn, we know have multiple reports with David Falk confirming the Celtics have come to terms with Jeff Green on a deal.


No word yet on any terms, so CelticsHub will withhold any kind of analysis until we get them. For now, the move appears to be official and another piece of the Celtics upgraded bench is in place.

Here’s Ainge earlier today to Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe on Green:

“We’ve added a couple of great professionals in Jeff Green and Jason Terry and we drafted three guys that I think are very professional and add to the locker room,” Ainge said. “Talent is a hard thing to find but we put a great deal of value into what goes on in the locker room also.

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Brian Robb

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  • Tos

    At 10 mil per this deal is bad… I hope it’s better than that…

  • missmd

    I don’t like the early reports of this deal. Essentially we would be paying him almost the same amount Rondo is suppose to make this season, $11 mil. That’s too much for an unproven player coming off heart surgery. He’s a nice kid but that’s too much. Danny seems pretty high on him though. Man Rondo is looking more and more like a bargain daily when I hear the ridiculous numbers thrown around in the league this offseason. He will be looking for a payday in 2015. Right now he looks like he might deserve it especially if he has an MVP-caliber season this year.

  • Morpheus


  • High Rollers

    Welcome back, Uncle Jeff. Now you get a full season to learn to catch Rondo’s passes. Hope you’re up for the challenge!

  • mugi

    That’d be kg/rondo/pierce money if it’s 10m per year. Green is too much of a question mark for that money, inconsistent and just coming off major surgery. Please let the rumors be false.

  • mugi

    Hopefully it’s a bit lower so we can try and make an offer for mayo or lou williams.

    • siddd

      we are already over the cap. the only reason we can sign green is because of bird rights. also just because we offered ray 6 mil doesnt mean we can transfer that 6 mil to another player. ray also had bird rights

  • Ben

    Agred with what missed said. We shouldn’t be paying Green as much as Rondo when he’s half the player.

  • LACelticFan

    Another note is Greg Steimsma is going home, well close to it. Minnesota. So now its on to Wilcox-Johnson-Melo a three headed monster at center. That could solve our dilemma at the C position.

    • LACelticFan

      New line up looks like old lineup:
      PG Rondo-Terry-Moore
      SG Bradley-OPEN-OPEN
      SF Pierce-Green-Joseph
      PF Garnett-Bass-Sullinger
      C OPEN-Johnson-Melo
      But we got younger at every position except pg, bringing Dooling back could send Terry to sg, bringing Pietrus back keeps him there, and gives us some height in the backcourt. Despite who we sign for the last three spots, lets hope Doc plays the younger guys more, especially Johnson and Sullinger and Melo. Their length/quickness is needed on this team.

      • Josh

        I think Terrry is actually behind Bradley and Moore is the second pg, especially without Dooling. I would also be surprised if they didn't go with Garnett at center to start. The big value in Sullinger isn't in his offense but in his ability to body up and defend big centers, ie Dwight Howard. He has the strength and hoops iq to do that out of the gate and in those situations would save wear and tear on KG. the truth is that there aren't that many guys playing the five who will really beat up KG in the post becau so few are real post options. Sullinger is the first big guy off the bench…not Docs idea…and then Green if they go small. A Moore, Terry, Pietrus, Green, Sullinger second unit has real offensive potential because they could spread the floor and create posting and driving opportunities. I think the Celts are better right now than they were in game seven vs. Miami this year…they are clear favorites for the second seed in the East with Rose out for most of the season.

        • skeeds

          I'd see KG at the 5 too. I hope you're right about Sullinger, cause KG can't keep banging with those monster guys 10 years younger than him… Moore for me looks as good as gone. I think we don't own MP's bird rights, so bringing him back is a bit unlikely. So Ainge will probably jump at signing Dooling, who's bird rights he has, and put him behind Rondo, with the JET playing primarily as a backup 2. Moore is expendable.

          One thing's certain. We need a backup center. The biannual exception will probably go to that cause, I just hope it's good enough to bring a guy like Wilcox back. He's not the best case scenario, but unless Ainge has a trade up his sleeve, I see no better solution…

  • Dom

    U can't sign mayo. Over cap. Terry used ,mle. U can go over cap to sign only your players. Not another team.

  • dRgonZo279

    I think bringing Green back is a solid move but the contract that keeps getting reported makes it seem a little more shaky. $40m over 4 years is madness.

    But still, if the contract is sensible and doesn't cripple our chances of landing a good Ray free agent replacement then I'm excited to see how Green pans out.

  • mugi

    @dom yeah I just remembered after posting. Shiiiiite

  • Lantrell Walker

    I like Green a lot & I’m thrilled to have him back, but with all due respect, anything more than $8 million a year and more than two years is a bit risky and excessive for a guy who not only is coming off heart surgery, but has yet to really find his way in Doc’s system. With a full training camp & 82 game season though, I expect Green to somewhat come into his own and be a solid 13 and 7 off the bench.


  • Mr.Mu

    Be an agent… make millions, and not have to sweat or get traded.

  • Mr.Mu

    This video of Jason Terry crushing the Heat in 2011 Finals will surely bring a smile to your face! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIq6QaGs1as

  • yeah

    Chris Wilcox our next target right?

  • skeeds

    Jeff Green got lucky with the circumstances. He had leverage, especially after Ainge spent the mid level, and lost Ray, because he was already into luxury tax territory and couldn't go and sign someone else at Green's level… So Green could ask for more.
    Either way, Ainge wouldn't cave if he didn't trust that Green is worth it. I think he'll prove that he is.

  • felix

    i heard he gets 36 for 4 years. anyway, i am excited about this team and i am optimistic about jeff green. the best thing to me is the fact that the team is actually getting younger – green, bradley, the rookies, heck even the jet is younger than ray allen!:) It's starting to be a good mix agewise.