Post-game Reactions

It's Over.


The decision (The Decision) has been made and you’re going to be upset about it. Ray Allen has taken half the annual value Boston offered to play for the Miami Heat. He’ll make $3.09 million for the first year, to a maximum of $9.5 million over three prospective seasons (details are still to come on the length of the deal).

Miami owner Micky Arison broke the news on twitter:

 “It’s 2:30 a.m. in London and I was just woken up with great news: Welcome to the family, #20!!”

According to the Boston Herald, Allen was looking for a huge contract from the Celtics, reportedly in the neighborhood of 3 years and $27 million. And the Celtics were trying to talk him down to the $6 million per that had been widely reported over the last few days.

The fact Allen was looking for triple the value of the contract he eventually accepted suggests that his heart was no longer in Boston.

There were multiple reasons for Allen to leave.

During the season, details leaked out about Allen’s unhappiness about being supplanted in the starting rotation by Avery Bradley, although to his credit, he handled it professionally with the media.

There were also stories about friction between Allen and Rajon Rondo, and we’ll likely get more details on that in the future, as stories surface about the problems between the two. It would seem that they may have actually been understated, rather than overstated, as many assumed.

Allen also appeared frustrated that Danny Ainge shopped him at the trading deadline on more than one occasion, including this past season when he was nearly moved to Memphis for OJ Mayo.

The recent news the Celtics were bringing in Jason Terry couldn’t have helped, either. Allen plays long minutes, by pride and by choice, and the available selection in Boston obviously didn’t look as appealing as what the NBA champs could offer.

So, it’s Ray to Miami for what will likely be the final years of his NBA career.

We’ll have plenty more on Ray’s departure over the weekend and what it means for Boston’s 2012-13 roster (it’s not good).

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  • John C

    on the bright side, The Association is playing on NBA TV so we can enjoy some past good/lukewarm times

  • Tos

    Damn. My heart is shattered.

    • anon

      same bro, its gonna be hard to root against him

  • jonathan

    Good luck to Ray. We had a great run.

    • cml

      My initial thoughts were that I hope Ray gets a standing ovation on his first trip back, gets an ovation when they play the tribute video, and then gets booed like any opponent after that.

      Appreciate what he did, and then treat him like any other opposing player.

      • jonathan

        You can't really blame him when the Celtics tried trading him for 3 FREAKIN STRAIGHT TRADE DEADLINES! Ray's a class act and handled it like a professional until his contract ran up. Good luck to him.

        • cml

          Oh, I don't blame him at all. It's not fair to say players should be loyal but be ok with management shopping him.

          I do wonder what exactly was going on between him and Rondo – seems like every report says that friction was part of Ray's decision to leave.

          • CelticsBIG3

            Fuck him. Watched him since I was 12 in the Hartford Civic Center. Thought he was a class act. Guess not. Fucking baby.

          • jonathan

            Why is he not a class act? he waited until his contract was over to sign with another team. It's not like he demanded a trade or terminated his contract.

  • I'm watching "The Association" too. But it just makes it hurt more. You like to believe there's something special about the bond between the Celtics, then one of the Big Three PAYS 3,000,000 per year to leave.

    This hurts.

    • paul ricardo

      I believe in that bond to.
      It's too bad dear old danny never learned how special that bond is.
      ainge was/ is sooo short sighted or he would not have tried to trade Ray the last 2 years.
      like, we really could have used Perk this year, but instead he's in OKC.
      You're right, this hurts.
      Thank you Ray for all your hard work.

  • someguyinsac

    I'm bummed, but I won't hold his decision for what he thought is right for him against him. However come next season, I hope the Celtics rip the Heat's heart out in each and every game they play against them.

  • wdstone

    Sucks, but we are probably better off. Celtics pride is something that come from within. His performance would have suffered if his heart was not in it.

    • Makes sense, if u gonna be unhappy all the time, your gonna be no use for the team on the floor, better off that he left. He had no plans on returning, let him go. Need guys who still have that pride in them, need only men who bleed green in Beantown, here. _

  • James Patrick

    3 years, 27 million? Are you for real Ray? So 9M per year??? Ahhh, yeah, All I got to say is… Welcome aboard Jason Terry. You're dead to me Ray Allen. The Heat. Wow. Yeah. Dead (at least until retirement and I get over the sting.)

    • Tha_Curtlando

      I honestly can't fathom why he wanted THREE TIMES what he accepted from the Heat. He wanted 3 million more per year — and an extra year — than what the Celtics offered. At least Celtics Hub put it in perspective — his heart must not have been in it. #jesusshuttlesworth or #judasshuttlesworth

      • kg215

        It was obviously his way of saying he was tired of the disrespect from Ainge, so either pay up big time or I'm leaving. The Rondo thing seems to be a bigger deal than we thought (read the yahoo article by Woj) and of course he didn't want to be a sixth man but it was Ainge that disrespected him the most. He has been shopped for 3 years, and this year he thought the deal was actually done before Memphis backed out. If Ainge was willing to give him 27 million over 3 years which I'm glad Ainge didn't, Ray would have still stayed. It was a put up or shut up ultimatum to Ainge, and Ainge didn't do it.

  • bigblack1954

    God bless you Ray. Good luck and I still think you are one of the best. THANK YOU- Celtics fans are going to miss you in the Celtics uniform.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I've already hung his jersey upsidedown.

  • lakershater13

    Thank you Ray for your time in Boston!

    Danny should have traded you for Mayo. Just saying.

  • Stevey P

    @John C: the association is NOT helping since they were talking about ray…him saying he’s growing roots in Boston in the show just shows how hes a traitor too

  • Bernard

    Ray Allen was class – perhaps we should learn that our point guard is not the "be all and end all" we would like to think that he is – he plays more times then not "out of control" and let's his emotions take over his game – a terrible trait in a point,,,a point makes tha game about others – he tries to make the game about him,,,I would truly like to see Bradley play more point guard – he reminds me of DJ – and see what value is out there for the celtics point guard – Danny was right to try to trade our point the last few years,,,

    If mayo can be signed in allen's slot and if Chris kaman can be fit under the cap as well then the celtics have had a good offseason though they will sorely miss ray Allen – Ray Allen was class and a great shooter,,,he'll beat the celtics a game or two next season – it's a shame he won't be back – he isa great shooter with a heck of a lot of heart

    • Mark

      Here comes the blame Rondo crowd. Don't blame Rondo for Allen leaving. If anything blame Ray for getting his feelings hurt over the attempted trades the last few years. As much as athletes acknowledge the business side of the sport they sure as hell throw hissy fits.

      Ray Allen had every right to do what he wanted. I have every right to say to Ray Allen, F U. I don't wish him good luck in Miami and I hope Miami has fun dealing with the prima dona that is Ray Allen.

    • lakershater13

      A. Rondo was getting pissed standing dribbling the ball for 20 seconds waiting for Ray to get open. Rondo is on the rise Ray on the decline. Maybe Rondo told him that.

      B. Celtics after signing Bass and Green are over the cap. They used the mid level for Terry. They have the bi annual for 2 mil a year and they can sign anyone at the league min. Maybe Mayo will sign a 1 year at 2 mil a year. Maybe Ainge can pull off a sign and trade for someone. All I know is that Cs cannot use the 6 mil they would have used on Allen.

      • cowboy

        They can use the 6 mil on Nenad Krstic. We have his Bird rights still. Rumor has it he has left CSKA Moscow looking to return to NBA.

      • CelticsBIG3

        That is awesome @lakershater13

    • Scott

      Bernard, lay off the bath salts. Good god.

      • GarnettsGrl

        LMAO…..I have to too keep from crying:-(((((((

    • Rich

      Rondo makes the game about him? He is the best pure point guard in the game and you want Avery to play more point? Rondo RARELY plays out of control and he makes those around him better. Bernard, the fact that you want to trade Rondo only shows your ignorance. I doubt we make the playoffs without him. I am so sick of Rondo bashing. Here is a news flash…Rondo is the best player on the Celtics now. Why would you trade your best player?

    • dan

      wow come back to earth dude!!!

    • Calloway

      Can we sign and trade Bernard for a bag of socks.

    • Not pissed that he sign for another team, just fustrated that he didn't gave the Celtics a chance to resign him. He just made up his mine at thee end of the season, he didn't want anypart in Boston anymore. I gotta say when ur dealing with egos, theres so much to manage them, untill it an't managable anymore. He just lost his Celtic pride.

  • Here's hoping we demolish Miami in ever subsequent meeting over the next three years. Miserable. That's all I can say.

  • Err… Every subsequent. I've always wondered how I cna spell the easy words wrong sometimes, while not missing a beat on what some people consider "harder" words.

  • Scott

    Bernard, lay off the bath salts. Good god.

  • Alex

    Even though you’re one of my favorite players ray and I loved you on the clerics. I hope you’re injured every year ou play for miami.

  • James Patrick

    This is such a betrayal. Why? Because he took less, because he thinks he'll get more. Well, I'm happy with Jason Terry. Ray gets no love from me for this one. Had he gone to the Clippers. Sure. The Heat? THE HEAT?!?!?!?! BETRAYAL!!!!!

    • janos

      hi james patrick, is janos
      dont be sad celtics nba still #1 best 3

    • GarnettsGrl

      I'm thinking the same thing, I see them now laughing it up that they beat us at the trade also….this really sucks?@#%$

  • Lantrell Walker

    I’m sad to see Ray go and I hate the fact that this is how the Big 3 era ends. I always envisioned them hoisting one more championship together and all their respective #’s hanging in the rafters one day, but now I guess only KG & PP will get that luxury. Despite being saddened & disappointed by his departure, we all shouldn’t just flip-flop on Ray and form an angry mob against him. Instead of being hateful & bitter, let’s personify the trait that Ray Allen did/does: class. Let’s all remember the good times like winning the title in 2008, Ray’s Game 2 against the Lakers in 2010 and the many daggers he’s hit against the likes of Chicago (OVER NOAH!!!!) and Charlotte. Ray was a huge part of the awesome ride we’ve been on the past 5 years & I thank him for everything he did while he was in green.


    • James Patrick

      AGAIN… If Ray was going to the Clippers (or any other team than the Heat or Lakers) I'd share your sentiments. But the way this all went down. It's almost like a big FU to Danny for a variety of things. Well, I'm not worried. We're gonna be great. more playing time for Terry.

      • CelticsBIG3

        I with your James. There is no class here. Woj' reports Ray signed with Miami to specifically stick it to Boston fuck him.

  • Noorpaul

    unbelievable! how could he do this to the Celtics? he had to understand he's getting older and sports is a thriving and developing young man's game. putting Avery Bradley in the starting lineup makes more sense and playing alongside a veteran like Jason Terry should've given him more inspiration to return to Boston because regardless of the Heat being the favorites, he could've won one more championship w/ a greater franchise. if he thinks he'll get more minutes compared to the likes of Shane Battier and Mike Miller off the bench, then he's sadly mistaken. but, as a Boston fan, I will say this: F&*% Mickey Arison and Lebron's tweets for being happy Ray is going to Miami because if he thinks that they care about him, then he'll be greatly dissapointed in the long run.

  • smalltownID

    I have been as big a defender of Ray as anyone. But there is no defending this from a competition standpoint. I don't know if I have ever done such a 180 on a player. I am going to have to see something that sheds a huge "ray" of light on what would lead him to make this decision. Rondo will have to come away as a total diva this season to get any semblance of the former respect I had for Ray. Maybe I'm lacking objectivity but I don't see his situation any different than PP and Rondo being shopped. Hopefully this is just the offseason motivation KG, RR, and PP needed. C's for life

  • OKCeltic

    Ray – it was fun while it lasted, but good luck trying to get your shot off with AB all up in your face.

    • CelticsBIG3

      HELL YES

  • Lantrell Walker

    I’m gonna miss a lot of things about Ray: his class, his stroke, his off-the-ball movement; but the thing I think I’ll miss the most is hearing Eddie Palladino yell RAY ALLEN FOR 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • janos

      Rondos make double 3s nowdont worry lantrel walkers

    • smalltownID

      Im going to miss Rays mom

  • janos

    maimi going be tougher now that finalyhas a big 3

  • GarnettsGrl

    You know through all of this I have wondered what KG and Paul must be thinking……I know they must be just as hurt as we are, I mean any team but this one, yuk

    • jpbl1976

      I agree. It hurts and we're just fans. This is almost as nasty as Nash joining the Lakers.

      Then again, Pierce and KG must know better than any of us just how much Ray was hurt by being shopped these past few seasons. As much as we'd like to blame Danny, shopping Ray was a defensible tactic inasmuch as he tried to shop PP and Rondo under the pretext that he was trying to make the team better. I remember tweeting Simmons that we were going to regret not trading for Mayo — now the worst has come to pass.

      The only one whom Danny hasn't shopped (yet) is KG.

      Really, though, it's such an un-Celtic like thing to do. I can't think of any other Celtic stars who voluntarily chose to leave. I can't imagine watching Ray running

      In hindsight, I think 2 things recent developments may have contributed to it: a) signing Terry must've made Ray think (incorrectly, in my view) that his minutes were going way down and b) the reports that Jeff Green was going to get 10m despite have exactly ZERO All-Star appearances probably struck him as disrespectful.

      It's ironic when you think about it: back in 2007, it was getting Ray in the draft-day trade that got KG to come back. Now, Ray's gone. Boston's big 3 are KG, Rondo and Pierce — and our biggest rival, Miami, got better.

      It's going to be awful to see Miami run pin-downs for Ray. This is probably what Pacers fans were dreading when we made a run at Reggie in 2007.

  • Zee

    What does Ray’s signing with the Heat for less money mean? It means he no longer believes in Boston as a championship contender. If he did, he would’ve stayed. Yes, I’m very disappointed in his decision. Very. If it was really about the money, he would’ve accepted Boston’s offer. The fact that he asked for more money means he wanted to be paid to be on what he considered to be a losing team. I may be wrong, but who knows but God. Wow… Totally thrown for a loop on this one. And to think, Heat fans call our team old, but now they’re rejoicing and talking smack to Celtics’ fans. Hypocrites. Oh well, I hope we can get OJ Mayo for one year at least. Man, its funny how I want the Heat to lose for reasons other than LeBron and Wade now, but because of Ray. I won’t be all terrible though, I can muster up the strength to say “thanks for the food years Ray.” Lastly, Ray wasn’t the only one shopped at times. Even Rondo got shopped, but then he took his game to another level.

  • GarnettsGrl

    I'll miss him very much and I have to say I'm not feeling that awful red on him

  • James Patrick

    Just gonna call him Primadonna from now on. Oh, sorry Primadonna, you wanna start? Well, you know what? Go start for the Heat. See how that works out for you. Because OUR Celtics are about loyalty to one another. sure, you were on the trading blocks. GET OVER IT. It's part of the game. Just like it's part of the game that you're betraying us for the Heat. Well I'm not worried. I'm VERY excited about Jason Terry. Out draft picks. Brandon Bass returning. Hell, I'm even interested to see what Jeff Green can finally give us. But there's no room for any primadonna's on this team. And sorry buddy, but Avery Bradley is YOUNGER and hungrier and I could not be HAPPIER than he's starting!

    • kg215

      Lol he is OVER IT, he's in Miami. Where is Danny's blame in all this? I hate that Ray went to Miami but I feel like Ainge chased Ray right to them. You have Pat Riley and Lebron stroking your ego, vs a 2 faced snake who has insulted you repeatedly saying oh um I won't insult you anymore. It was such an easy choice. Btw I am glad Danny didn't give Ray the money Ray wanted, but Danny is that type of GM. Ray was the most tradeable of the big 3 and Danny went overboard trying to get anything for him.

    • Wilson

      Am I the only one that sees the irony in espousing the virtues of loyalty and telling a player to get over being shopped every offseason IN THE SAME SENTENCE? Loyalty only applies to players, I guess.

    • Kevin

      You get to choose where you work, so does Ray. Whatever his reasons. Live with it.

  • Zee

    Phone typo above. Food = good

    • ElRoz

      In any case, Ray Allen – thanks for all your efforts and work with the Celtics; thanks for helping in 2008 Finals. I I guess Boston could have won game 3 of 2010 NBA Finals if you hadn't gone 0-13 (0-13 !!!) in the game – that was NOT clutch.

      Ray, I hope you realize that NO TEAM will now retire your number – Not Seattle (they don't exist), not the Bucks, not Boston, and not Miami.

  • CTVT802

    I am so disappointed in Ray Allen. All that needs to be said

  • S_Prince

    Ray Allen is the Benedict Arnold of the Celtics
    Betraying the Celtics franchise with taking half of the money Boston had offered.
    Like Benedict Arnold Ray Allen sold out to the enemy!!!

  • emg

    To put this in the darkest way –

    To me, joining a team that just beat you – and went on to win the championship – so you can lend them a hand at winning another is worse than an empty victory. Ray can't countenance being less valuable to the Celtics than Avery Bradley so he's going to go somewhere where he can borrow value from others.

    I want the Celtics to beat Miami.

  • yeah

    I would laugh so hard if the media reported that he got the deal done but then Ray Allen calls Danny to say it "fell through" and says he would like to come back

    Would give Ainge a taste of his own medicine and be hilarious and awesome at the same time

    • Big 4 fan

      This deal is not a done until July 11 so I still have hope. Not much but a little!

      I keep on checking twitter and the media to see if Ray changed his mind!

      • CelticsBIG3

        FUCK Him. He's gone brother

  • hansgruber

    They better boo him so hard the next miami at boston game

    • CelticsBIG3

      i will def be there. that games tickets sell out in minutes

  • David

    I'm fine with Ray leaving, the guy is over the hill, but….to the freakin' HEAT??! I'm sure he did this just to piss off Rondo et al.

    I hope the Garden roars with boos the next time Ray comes back.

  • James Patrick

    I can't sleep I'm so pissed. The Garden response will be mixed I'm sure. And this isn't like Perk coming back. Ray is going to the hated Heat. I'll applaud him when hi career is done. But for now, nothing but BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO's

    • Kafel

      Yeah, and Perk was traded. Ray went to them on his OWN freaking will… And for half money he could get in Boston. I'm sorry but all my respect for him is gone..

  • cowboy

    jet(until bradley comes back)/bradley/moore
    PP/green/Kris Joseph
    KG/ Bass/JJJ/Sullinger
    Nenad/steamer/melo Rumor has it Nenad is coming back to the NBA. We have his bird rights, but can't do a sign and trade.

    Your 2012-13 Boston Celtics.

  • missmd

    I have no issue with Ray leavinf. I think we all saw and knew he wasn’t happy about coming off the bench. He’s sure as hell not gonna start in Miami. It just sucks that its to Miami Heat. I hate it only because I can picture the gloating faces. O hate all the blame Rondo crap. This is about Ray chasing another ring(s). I just hate that we don’t have the money to get a good impact player like OJ Mayo. We had his Bird Rights so we could only go over the cap for him. I will always love him and would have cheered for him if he went to the Clippers. Until he retires, he’s the opponent that needs to be stopped. Hope Avery Bradley is healthy by the time we play them. I find comfort knowing KG and PP will retire as Celtics and have their numbers retired eventually.

  • missmd

    Also with all this Rondo blame going around, this makes me think that Doc Rivers is one heck of a coach to keep this under wraps. This stuff didn’t come out until the end of the season. I don’t think Rondo should be blamed for all this. Reports are saying Rondo asked for Avery Bradley to be placed in the starting lineup. Well I don’t believe that. Avery Bradley earned it by playing defense. In regards to the trade stuff, everyone is trade bait in Danny’s eyes. Maybe he’s a bad communicator but this has always been the case.

  • CelticsFreak

    I respected you, cheered for you more then any other player on this team, I’m from California and I went all the way to Boston to buy jersey, you gave us good memories, but you betrayed the franchise where you could be onebof the greats FOR some 2-man team where no one will know your name?! Woww!

  • Morheus

    Fuck. I am not shattered about this…ok maybe for now, but the Celtics spirit in me will live long.

    I can’t believe he would betray his brothers like this though. KG, Pierce, Doc must feel some sort of betrayal now. Of all teams he had to go to the enemy? Unbelievable. Unforgivable.

    I’m not going to wish him good luck in Miami playing with Wade and Bron, Bosh, fuck that. Those douchebags and Spoelstra…vomit.

    On top of that he had the nerve to ask for 3 times more than what the Heat put on the table?!? Honestly Ray? I feel like saying a big F U to him after that.

    • Cornhead

      Couldn't have said it better.

      My gawd, any team but the Heat (and Lakers, too).

      This is a dagger in the back of Truth, Ticket, and Doc, and they will use it as extra "gas" going forward. (as will Rondo)

      Celtic til I die.

  • Bill

    Love watching Ray Allen play, and I'm sure I'll love watching him help the Heat bury teams alive (okay, not the Celtics, but still) … but let's be honest, everyone.

    Ray is a liability on defense. With or without the bone spurs last year, his d was atrocious, and that is an issue that will only get larger as he ages. Terry doesn't offer the same stroke as Ray, but he's a better defender. Why do you think Ray has been on the block in the past? It's not for his offense, that's for damn sure.

    Jesus saw the writing on the wall … he wasn't going to get his starting job back, and with the addition of Terry they have essentially replaced his ppg average (especially as Bradley improves). He went were he'd get the most PT.

    • Big 4 fan

      Have you ever seen Jason Terry play defense???!!!

      • Bill

        yeah, and it's a hell of a lot better than Ray Allen, who just lets people run by him and prays for help EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION.

  • Bill

    Er, where he'd get the most PT.

    Anyway, Ray is a player, first and foremost … at this stage in his career he is not looking to ride the pine.

  • Zee

    I've come back to apologize. I shouldn't be spilling venom at Ray like that. All we know is what the media tells us, and as the owner of a media company myself, I should know better. As much as a class act that we all know Ray to be – a very standup guy – we should at least give him the benefit of the doubt that he made the best decision. Did Ray go to the enemy? Yes and no. I say that because the "enemy" came Ray first. They made him an offer, and obviously one he couldn't refuse. As for Boston, whatever internal issues existed, the money obviously wasn't enough to replace it. Sometimes it's not about the money, but peace of mind. And being on a championship caliber team doesn't hurt things either. At the end of the day, I believe Ray chose peace of mind and security. And if here was going to stay in Boston, he wanted the money to be worth his peace of mind, or lack thereof.

    That's what I think now… now that I have a clear head and heart on the matter.

  • Zee

    Good article by Chris Forsberg

  • High Rollers

    Ray Allen's Celtic Epitaph:

    #20 Ray Allen
    That Beautiful Jerk
    May His Jumper Rest In Peace

  • ElRoz

    I'm sure Boston will be fine with a starting backcourt of Rondo-Bradley and then Dooling-Terry off the bench. Terry is a better ball handler, comes off the picks well, can penetrate better than Ray.

    Now Boston has about what, $6 million to spare? Well, time to get a big man – Wilcox? Or somebody else…perhaps spend a bit extra to get Kris Humphries?

    In any case, Ray Allen – thanks for all your efforts and work with the Celtics; thanks for helping in 2008 Finals. I I guess Boston could have won game 3 of 2010 NBA Finals if you hadn't gone 0-13 (0-13 !!!) in the game – that was NOT clutch.

    Ray, I hope you realize that NO TEAM will now retire your number – Not Seattle (they don't exist), not the Bucks, not Boston, and not Miami.

  • Jivansky

    Ray can't beat the Heat so he joined the bandwagon.

  • Tha_Curtlando

    He Got Game? HE GOT LAME!!!

  • felix

    on a positive note, this marks definitely the beginning of the Avery Bradley era! Now let's resign Green, even for 40 mio $

  • Morheus

    Come on why give Ray admiration and respect after this…he SCREWED the Celtics in the ass

  • skeeds

    This sucks. I'm not gonna hate Ray about it. I can understand why he doesn't feel the same kinds of bonds with Boston as KG or PP do. And for good reason. Up to 2 days ago, with signing Jason Terry, the Celtics have made every possible move to show Ray he's expendable.
    Between fighting for playing time for an outsider and being the 6th man for the #1 championship candidate, yeah, I might choose the 2nd too, if I wasn't a Celtics fan.

    I'll despise him like every other Heat player, but I see no "betrayal". If Ray betrayed us by doing business, then Ainge betrayed him with all the stunts he tried to pull behind his back. Seems fair to me.

  • Kafel

    This is sad and bad news. Sad because he left us no choise but to hate him and I was really admiring Ray Ray for many reasons.. It's deppresing that he left Boston for less money and propable for less role in Miami.
    It's his choise and I hope that he will regret it as Celtics will get 18 banner.

    Bad news because Boston won't have money to get someone that can replace him.. I hope that maybe we could get back Pietrus and Dooling for less money and Green wil get less that 40 mln ( which is waaaaay to high for him) so Celtics can get good scorer or center.

  • HanoiIG

    I read his coming back without yet signing in two ways. Either not going or wanting to tell C's management in person unlike Lebron(who by now should be forgiven for acting like a young guy at age 25). Maybe he wasn't certain but Jackie Macmullen summed it up. I can't be angry or even disappointed other than the reports that Ray would have stayed for 9(!)Million for 3 years. He is an honorable guy and a decent man who will be missed in many ways. From a basketball standpoint, his game is limited though he can still shoot and shows flashes of his old self on both ends. The one constant thing about life, especially in pro sports is change. Jason Terry for threeeeeeeeeee!!! BTW not to be mean but I would make certain that Larry Siegfried's #20 is worn this year.

  • BillD

    On an emotional level it's sad to see Ray leave after all that he brought to the table for the C's over the last five seasons. That said, the Ray Allen of 2012 is now a one dimensional player who struggles to create his own shot, has a hard time defending better SG's, can't really fill in at PG, and has a history of injury. It is likely that his production will continue to fall over the next two years. So to be objective I'd have to say that the $6M per year might be better spent elsewhere.

  • Morheus

    I can’t believe it, Miami? Ray, you prick

    Screw respect, Ray disrespected Pierce and KG, lameass.

  • strips

    Now that we know where employee no. 20 stands, what do we do with what we have left? If I understand correctly, the way we lost ray gives us less to move around with, right?

    We still need a couple of running bigs and a maybe another wing. Who do you think does Danny have in mind?

  • Sam

    Just read Woj's piece on Ray's decision. He cites a handful of reasons that pushed him towards leaving Boston that we knew of or heard about, but he seems to be trying very hard to make it sound like Allen tried to stick it to Danny, Doc and whoever else he thought disrespected him in the Celtics organization. I sincerely hope (and I'm actually choosing to believe) that #20 weighed his options and elected to go to an organization that courted him rather than coming back to Danny who dangled him as a trade bait and nearly shipped him twice (2010 and 2012 trade deadlines), while offering him great chances to grow his rings tally, even though that organization happens to be the Heat. No hard feelings, just business.

    Loyalty is a two-way road and the NBA has shown us too many times that teams do not feel compelled to take it. Let's remember that Pierce was nearly traded for a first rounder to the Nets last winter. That's right, the second best scorer in Celtics history nearly got shipped to Prudential Center in Newark. Therefore I understand that Ray's looking for his own well-being, and all the recruiting from Riles and the Heat stars must've helped greatly the Heat winning the Allen sweepstakes (which doesn't mean he won't get dangled by Riley if an opportunity arises for Miami).

    However, are we losing 2010-2011 Ray or last season's Ray, even when his ankle wasn't bothered by bone spurs? The guy you'd painfully watch curling around screens trying (but not quite achieving) to lose his defender and get open? The player whose return from injury you feared because it had the potential to derail the momentum built by Bradley's promotion as a starter? Even if AB doesn't come back till December, I still want him to start in the long run and I'd rather have Terry as a substitute guard (i.e. a guy able to generate his own offense if things go South and who thrives off the bench). Ray is gone, let's see what Jet, AB and Peaches can do for us.

  • CG12

    This is a bummer, but I'm not too worked up about it, either way. This is a business and each did what they had to do. Ray wants another ring. He was tired of getting shopped. I'm sure he and rondo did have their issues, although I think that angle is way over-played. The Cs didn't want to pay huge money for 3 years for a guy who will literally be setting new standards for playing into old age. At the shooting guard spot. Thanks for a great 5 years, and now I'm moving on, just like he did.

    Looking forward to seeing AB lock Ray down and show him how to actually play defense.

    • Sam

      The C's will need all of Bradley to be focused on Wade however.

    • tbunny

      This is way too sensible and balanced.

  • Rolltide3332

    Ubuntu….. .how could he use that word so nonchalantly? He obviously didnt understand what is the meaning out the word. He would have had just as many minutes in Boston than what he’ll get in miami. He was cheered of off the court by the greatest fans in the world in an embarrassing loss. I hope…..no….I know you will regret your decision when you realize the perfect fit you had in boston. I will revel in next years championship banner

  • Moses

    Guys just remember this is a tough business and Ray is one of a very few guys who has managed his financial affairs extremely well the guys wants a ring and Bean-Town isn't the place its going to happen, I'm a Bulls Fan and like it or not Miami will win more NBA Championships

  • Mars

    Gutless punk.

    He was the last talented member of the big 3 and he is the least trustworthy.

  • tbunny

    Guys, the front office knew Ray was gone and planned accordingly. If their plan was to get Ray, I doubt very much they sign Terry. That was the tell. Once it was just Miami they maybe thought they could keep him out of the Heat's hands with double the money. But Ray obviously wanted to go to a better situation, which is a right he has long since earned. I'll miss seeing him throw down beautiful late game threes in Celtic green. Thanks for your time here Ray.

  • Brian

    Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass along with either Jajuan Johnson or Jared Sullinger all providing young legs to supplement the New Big 4 (KG, Pierce, Rondo, Jet) will be the key to the Celtics trying to win the title this year. Ray is a one dimensional jump shooter now and was more of a luxury than a neccessity. Thanks for your efforts #20 but it was time for both you and the Celtics to move on.

    • tbunny

      Ray is the greatest three point shooter ever. He's a smart and veteran defender. But he can't do much with the best younger shooting guards and his offensive game is limited at this point. He doesn't make the most sense on the Celtics which is why they tried to trade him several times. The Heat are obviously a better fit and I'm much more afraid of Ray on the Heat than Mike Miller. I expect Ray to have another great year shooting threes.

  • GreenM&M

    As a poster wrote in the last thread he's Judas Shutlesworth now.

    What a lame ass move! I thought he was a competitor.

    I can understand him wanting to stick it to Danny Ainge. But what about his teammates and the fans? We always supported him. Even after the 0-13 in the '10 finals.

  • skeeds

    I can't understand the hatred from people in some comments. The Heat made it clear from day 1 that Ray is their #1 priority. They practically begged him, when they could take the high road, what with being champions, and led by league MVP and all that. Every vet in the league would beg to play for them and hitch a ride to the Finals.
    Meanwhile, Boston showed that he wasn't even our 1st priority at the backup SG position. You don't sign Terry, a former 6th man of the year, who play's Ray's spot, if you want to keep Ray as a 6th man. Being the ultimate pro and a honorable person cuts both ways. Ray isn't any "shooter" you get for mid level and he's happy to be here. He's THE shooter. You don't show the appropriate respect? He's got no reason to be a "homer".

    It's not like there's any rivalry with the Heat either. Everyone in the league hates them, but they're not the Lakers. If Ray wanted to stick it to us, he could be dropping an easy 15 off the bench wearing purple and gold next year.

    • Lantrell Walker

      There seems to be this serious misconception out there that signing JET was to replace Ray, Terry is a combo guard capable of playing either guard position. If Ray came back to the C's, Terry would've spent most of his time off the bench leading the 2nd unit backing up Rondo at PG and there still would've been a modest 24 minutes a game for Ray at his natural position; add that to the fact that AB isn't going to see the court until mid-December. Don't mean to beat a dead horse or anything like that, it's just this notion that Ray wouldn't have gotten any playing time drives me crazy.

      • skeeds

        JET isn't a PG, not anymore anyway. If he was going to take someone's minutes, it would be Ray. Rondo is playing over 35 a game no matter what.

        What's important is how his signing looked from Ray's standpoint. Even if there was room for both of them on the team, (which I definitely believe is true), it looked "bad" making that move while recruiting Ray. It was as if the C's said "yeah, having another shooter would be great, but either way we're covered".

  • veteransagainstobama

    i dont know why everyone is making a huge deal about this. it's more of the emotional aspect more than what he actually can contribute!! he's a 37 year old extremely one dimensional player. I'm glad the celts didnt blow 12 million on him and keep the OLD 3. Cause we all know lover boy Doc would play Ray at every chance he can get. Now it forces his hand to get faster, and more atheltic.

  • Scott

    He goes to the back of line for my affection just like Vinatieri and Boggs. I have no love for any player that leaves for a direct rival.

    His right to leave. My right to hope he 2 for 16 every night.

  • He goes to the back of line for my affection just like Vinatieri and Boggs. I have no love for any player that leaves for a direct rival.

  • Calloway

    There is nothing okay or acceptable about Ray Allen joining the Heat. Leaving Boston is fine, didn't really want him back anyway. His run around act stagnates the offense and he is a clear hole in the defense. He was very good for a long time but with Rondo's emergence, maybe it was just time. Joining a rival that eliminated you the past two seasons is anti-Celtic. Hell, it's anti-man. The Clippers, a contender with a vacancy at 2 Guard were prepared to offer more money and years than Miami, so were the Grizzlies. He wanted to joint the front runner. So to hell with Ray Allen. may he pay for what he did. Rookie initiation for Fab Melo, flatten the traitor.

  • Morheus

    I still can’t get over him joining the Heat, that’s a bitch move. He increased Miami’s chances of repeating. Asshhole.


    • tbunny

      Relax man, think about this: maybe the Celtics are getting better too?

  • GowGow

    I'm so dissapointed.

    No respect.

  • James Patrick

    Yeah Miami. Take the Primadonna. We're done with that bitch. Enjoy our sloppy seconds. There's a reason Avery Bradley was starting and will be starting. He earned it. Primadonna expected it. So take your bad ankles and you're deteriorating jump shot to Miami. I'm sure you'll beat Wade out for that starting spot. lol

  • apersechino24

    looks like no championship again this year : (

    • Lantrell Walker

      A little too soon to be throwing up the white flag don't you think? Our boys will fight on even stronger now and so will we.


  • Angry

    What are all the empathizers of Ray Ray's treachery gonna say if/when, he doesn't heal as well as expected or he re-injures himself and the Heat trade or waive him? As much as I love the dude this hurt and just reeks of unnatural classlessness. Better do a press conference or som'n Ray.

  • Mr.Mu

    C's may have lost Jesus… but still have The Truth.

  • Mr.Mu

    This video of Jason Terry crushing the Heat in 2011 Finals will surely bring a smile to your face! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIq6QaGs1as

  • maeline

    wow Ray

  • Scott

    " Because OUR Celtics are about loyalty to one another. sure, you were on the trading blocks. GET OVER IT. It's part of the game"

    Can't have it both ways James – i also blame Ray, for betraying his teammates, most of all, but half the blame here is on Danny – he shops his players around like poker chips and does not create an atmosphere of family and loyalty like Red knew how to do .

    Danny keeps wanting to prove that he is smarter than Red was, but he's not. KG is the reason for the stability and togetherness that exists within the franchise right now, along with the constant HOF alumni that are still around at games and practices, as well as those banners and numbers hanging in the rafters.

  • What is the reason behind this >please let me know why ray allen leaves boston.thanks for this update.