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According to ESPN.com/Heat Index’s Brian Windhost, Ray Allen has left the warm confines of South Beach without indicating where he will play next season:

Free agent Ray Allen left his meeting with the Miami Heat on Thursday night without giving them an answer on their contract offer and is torn on whether to leave the Boston Celtics, sources told ESPN.com on Friday.

Allen had an afternoon meeting with Heat president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra and then went to dinner with them and other members of the team’s front office. The Heat offered Allen their mid-level exception, which starts at $3.09 million per season– or half of the Celtics’ offer of $6 million per year over two years.

The most the Heat could offer is three years and $9.5 million.

The sources did not go into specifics, saying Allen is torn because remaining a Celtic is still very much an option.

If you’re a Celtics fan that wanted Allen to stick around, you have to feel very encouraged by this news.  As I see it, the longer Allen waits to make a decision the likelier he stays put.  Boston offers Allen more money, memories, and familiarity.  If Miami hasn’t sold him yet, I doubt they will.

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  • Micky

    THANK GOD (for now)

    • Bean Town

      absolute right.Too much money and pride. What about your famliy. Didn't Ray say his son has diabetes and Boston has the best hospital. Danny is a family man He offering the best . If you thinks he lying look at what Jeff green is about to get. He has a heart ailment and Danny ddnt t cast him away i admit Danny made his mistakes but he trying to fix it. Give him a Chance

  • Anthony

    I'm upset more at the fact that he's torn in the first place. It should be an easy decision. You want to go to war with grown men like KG, Pierce, Rondo, not pre-madonnas like Lebron, DWade, Bosh.

    I could care less now if he leaves. It'll just mean that he doesn't believe in UBUNTU.

    • liberty or death

      how do you consider trading perkins, a minute away from trading ray, pierce, rondo for the past 3 seasons UBUNTU? 1, 2, 3, UBULLSHIT

      • Anthony

        Those guys were close to being traded or in Perkins' case actually traded…. That's different from Ray wanting or choosing to leave.

    • Vince

      it's prima donna (first lady in Italian) or for LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, prime donne (plural).
      And I agree 100% with your post. How he could abandon his brothers to take half the money would be a total slap in the face.

      • Anthony

        Lol… thanks for the correction. Always good to learn something new.

        Going to Miami does nothing for Ray's legacy. Have always been a fan since his UConn days but this kind of diminishes all of that. KG is the exact opposite. He was good but always favored Timmy. But since his arrival in Boston, it's been nothing but respect for everything he brings on and off the court.

  • Brian

    If he was gonna go to Miami he would have agreed already. He's definitely gonna let Danny and Doc sweat for a little bit then resign with the C's. Regardless of what his role will be going foward he's got too much of a bond with KG and Pierce to leave them for the South Beach Mercenaries.

  • CG12

    Ray just wanted to relax in South Beach on someone else's nickel. Now it's time for Danny and Wyc to pick up the pieces and lock him up.

  • Nate

    Exactly I said yesterday
    He’s too classy to sign with those cheating punks and leave the celtics dynasty
    In his heart he knows It would be the silly thing to do
    Number 20 will be playing in a celts jersey next year

  • noche

    Anyone know his address? Doesn't he live in Wellesly? Can we start a stay in Boston Ray rally in front of his house? That's what they would do in the movies right?

  • Mark

    I'm glad someone around here is positive Brendan. I guess I'm expecting the worst, so to speak. It does SEEM like good news. Lets hope it is.

  • Superzoe

    My goodness you C’s are are bipolar!
    Just yesterday I’ve seen posts saying “good riddance” and “he’s done” and now just because he left Miami your ready to embrace him again.


    And Celtics Hub try and do some real reporting and not just copy and paste another guys hard work and just add on a comment or two.

  • sethesq

    This is good news. You can never have too much firepower, and keeping him from Miami is key. I mean, even if we fall to the Heat again in the playoffs, life is still good for Ray. He will retire with at least one ring as a Celtic legend and his number will be raised to the rafters…but can you imagine if he were to go to the Heat and we still beat them in the playoffs??? He'd have kissed all of his goodwill goodbye and forever be a traitor to Celtic Nation…a pariah. Stay home, Ray. We love you, and with you on our side, we can and will win Banner #18.

  • Tos

    ^ Wow this dude is a tool.

    CelticsHub continue to post updates from wherever I enjoy finding all Celtics related news on here.

  • TomTom

    Ray just wants to test the water a bit, wring the best possible deal out of Boston, and on July 11 he will resign with Boston – there is way too much for him to lose if he goes to Miami.

    • OKCeltic

      I agree with you TomTom, but if he would help the team more if he decided sooner rather than later. That way Danny and the boys can focus their attention on the next order of business, a decent big to help KG, before the FA cupboards go totally bare.

  • heatfan

    You guys are idiots…good luck trying to beat us the next three years, by then we will have eliminated you from 5 straight playoffs. You guys were lucky to even take it to 7 games with us. Next year we will slap you pathetic Boston fans in 5 games.

    • OKCeltic

      Must be a slow day on the Heat boards for you to come trolling around here.

    • vasco

      Are you stupid? Lucky? You're lucky because we had a ton of injuries. Had Avery Bradley played and Ray been healthy , you wouldn't have made it to game 7. Go put your uggs on, south beach gel-head.

    • Anthony

      Get a real championship instead of one with a asterisk. Try wining one without the ref for once. Yes, the ref helped Miami win the 2006 championship too.

    • Vince

      HeatFan since the day LeBron and Bosh signed up. Gotta love the tradition of the Miami Heat.

  • Nate

    Dude game 2 rondo fouled no call celts win that game hands down
    The heat were almost handed the championship on a silver platters
    Lebrons first ring has an asterisk on it just like the fakers in 2010 with the refs game 7 bs
    Can’t wait till we destroy the heat next year
    Refs won’t be able to change the game around this time

    • Brandon

      Your right, there will be an asterik next to Lebron's 2011-2012 shortened championship season. However, you guys are still but t hurt and making up excuses about that game 7. You lost because the Lakers were aggressive in the fourth quarter while the old and slow Celtics started to blantantly foul every Laker driving in the paint. You guys lost because you weren't as tough as the Lakers when it matter most. They wanted it more and they earned it! My favorite line after that game is Doc River still trying to convince people Celtics would have never lost with their true starting line-up. I didn't hear the Phil mention anything about missing Bynum when the Lakers lost to you guys in 2009.

      • jpbl1976

        That's because the Lakers lost to the Celtics in 2008.

        Phil did mention in a couple of interviews that not having Bynum was a factor — and Kobe and the rest of the gang brought that up on occasion during the '08-'09 season. Look it up, Laker fanboy. Everyone makes excuses, even the Zen Master.

  • john42_98

    ray needs to leave

  • john42_98

    i wish ray would sign with miami ,he cant dribble ,he cnat rebound ,he cant play defense and only time he can shoot is when somebody stes him in corner by passing him the ball.

  • Mr.Mu

    Awaiting the return of Jesus

  • John D

    I think the fans could persuade him to stay. He was touched by the crowd's chanting, "Here we go Celtics" at the end of game 6.

    • Big 4 fan

      I wrote a message on his website asking him to stay. 🙂 Everyone who wants him to stay should leave him a mesage on the site. Couldn't hurt! ;0

  • RawDog

    Ray is such an ambassador to the game but he’s put up more bricks than the Queens projects in recent play. Shooting percentage this yr was impressive but the fact is he’s not making those clutch shots like he use to.

    If we can keep, Banner Up!

    • jpbl1976

      Dude, have you ever tried playing basketball on a bum ankle?

      If you've bothered watching him, you'll know that Ray's shooting mechanics rely on repetition and balance. Bad ankle = different rhythm each time; Bad ankle = no balance.

  • archie

    stay ray for the love of god for the city of Boston and for your fans all over the world..we love to see you in green

  • dasein

    Maybe this is all a ploy cooked up by the Celtics. They dangle Ray, until all the other decent FAs are gobbled up, leaving Miami with Jerry Stackhouse. Celtics can still go after their FAs, cause they have Ray's bird rights.
    Evil Genius!

  • John V

    I think all these "leaks" coming from "sources" familiar with Ray's thinking are there for a reason. I think he wants to come back to Boston, but he still wants a better offer — maybe a third year? I don't think it's wise to give a third year as anything but a team option, though.

    I do support signing him to a 2-year contract. Since the Cs will use the full midlevel to sign Terry, they have a hard cap in place (~74 million). I would support paying him every last dollar which is permitted under the CBA, and allows them to fill out the roster with minimum-salary contracts. If that's not good enough to get it done, well, it's been a good run.

    To the guy who thinks we're bipolar: first of all, there are numerous people here, and some, as you see, are still saying don't bring him back. But, some of us feel, if he wants to come back, we welcome him back, and if not, good riddance. I don't think that's bi-polar; I think it's a completely reasonable stance.

  • Memo

    Heatfan, wtf r u talking about tho only shit your team has is bron, bosh and wade; battier sucks all he does is camp and shoot threes same with jones and miller. Forget cole And chalmers there is not one good center on that dam team. That entitled asshole we’ll get it. We have Jeff green, Ragon Rondo, pierce, garnett and Jason terry 3 superstars can’t stop 5 stars. You’ll realize your arrogance and stupidity soon enough.

  • jpbl1976

    We need Ray. Jason Terry for all his durability, is not a 48-minute guy.

    It took Miami 7 games to beat Boston — one of the reasons of which is that Boston spreads the floor very well. Now, imagine Ray re-signs with the C's but instead of playing 36 minutes of middling productivity because he gets tired, he can play 25 minutes all-out and have Pietrus and/or Terry there to spread the floor with him.

    It does three things:

    1. It frees up KG/Bass/Sullinger in the middle/lane area because defenders can't collapse;
    2. It helps open the lane for Rondo's drives (which he hopefully will decide to take and not miss); and
    3. It helps the other wing, either Pierce or Green, get better driving/scoring angles because they won't be as worried that a weak-side defender will come on their blind-side and strip the ball.

    All that stuff doesn't work as well without Ray — also, those who hate on Battier inadvertently brought up a good point: he camps outside and shoots wide-open threes. That would be manna in heaven for Ray in Miami and bad for everyone else.

    We need Ray back. I think he's just making Danny squirm as payback (Danny being Danny, he probably doesn't squirm easy) and besides, it was a trip to South Beach. Who turns that down?

    • Big 4 fan

      Good Post. Check out how many guards we had on the roster in 07-08 when we won.

      1. Rondo, Ray, House, Cassel, Posey(forward/Guard), Tony Allen. We had depth off the bench. Which is what we have been missing. Terry is not Ray's replacement, he is his help! Ray played 35 minutes a game, Rondo played 29(which will definetely be higher). All the others play between 14-20.

      Check out http://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/BOS/200

      WE NEED RAY!!! COME BACK!!!!

  • Jason

    He looks like Jerry Stackhouse in that uniform. That should raise a red flag for Ray already.. Come on Ray stop all this foolishness and come on home, the family misses you!!

  • soxandpats

    On one hand we have KG who says he wont play for anyone else other the Celtics and Doc who wont wear his son's new team's hat cause, as he says, "I'm a Celtic". Then we have Ray Allen who actully sat down and talked about joing the Heat- the Celtic's biggest rivals.

    A month ago I was under the illusion that it actully meant something special for Ray to be able to call himself a Boston Celtic. I was wrong. Sadly I am learning that the Celtics was just another team for him to play on.

    • Big 4 fan

      That is just ridiculous to say. So basically you are telling someone to have loyalty to an organization who almost traded him twice or three times in 5 seasons? The last time Ray signed with the Celtics, after his contract was up, he didn't even use an agent and took a pay cut. He was doing everything he could to keep them together. After the trade deadline this year, he said to everyone that he has been unselfish every year for his team, but this year he has to be selfish for his FAMILY. He has to keep his family happy too. About 3 years ago, he said that he has started planting roots for once, which meant he wanted to stay, the organization has pushed him away. Which is why they are now offering him a no trade clause in his contract.

      KG was not trade bait for two to three seasons and I am sure he will not be Danny's trade bait the next three seasons either. He has more leveage than any of the big 4…he is invaluable due to his defense and his offense. So does not have the same concerns that Ray has.

  • Bean Town

    Bean Town · 3 minutes ago

  • Bean Town

    Bean Town · 3 minutes ago
    absolute right.Too much money and pride. What about your famliy. Didn't Ray say his son has diabetes and Boston has the best hospital. Danny is a family man He offering the best . If you thinks he lying look at what Jeff green is about to get. He has a heart ailment and Danny ddnt t cast him away i admit Danny made his mistakes but he trying to fix it. Give him a Chanc

  • Anthony

    Uh oh fellas…. Miami owner tweeted that Ray is going to Miami.

    Wow Ray, you're better than this…. SMH

    • High Rollers

      I guess he isn't. Time to move on.

      • High Rollers

        "Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA

        Allen believes the capital he's built up playing for UConn and the Celtics would supercede signing with Miami. He's probably misjudged that."

        Umm… I'd say there's no doubt about that, A-Woj. Sorry, Ray, a part of sports is heart, and more than a few fans will feel you ripped their hearts out a little bit with this decision. Heart is often an irrational organ. Because it's heart. Meanwhile, respect and adoration for KG is about to go through the roof.

      • Anthony

        I just wondering and curious how Celts fan will react when we play Miami.

        Might they start chanting "Johnny Damon"?? Nah, Celts fans too classy for that.

        Just wow though.

        • High Rollers

          There will be cheering. Because we will win.

          • Anthony

            Good point. I'm also looking forward to the Celts winning and making Ray regret his decision.

            I'm really curious to read what exactly caused the relationship to sour so much that Ray would choose Miami?

          • High Rollers

            By tomorrow there will be a zillion articles online. For now, Adrian Wojnarowski is filling in blanks on Twitter. You can see it even without a Twitter account by Googling it. The Hubs fellas must be out getting their Friday drink on, or already sleeping off a long Independence filled week.

          • High Rollers

            What am I saying. The Hub fellas probably don't drink.

  • red

    Ray is a chump, that is too weak to compete.

  • thunderlizards


  • Milt Pilacio

    Not going to lie, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Really Ray? At least we won't have to watch him dribble around and lose the ball. Pierce does that with more style anyways. I guess the big three weren't as close as we thought. Thanks for everything Ray, but you're the enemy now.

    • High Rollers

      Sounds like Ray couldn't or wouldn't handle the heat of playing alongside Rondo anymore and went for golf instead. That's the part I'm disappointed in. But who knows what the real relationship was. Dead and buried now.

      • High Rollers

        The rumors that made the most sense were 1) if Ray really did ride him for not apologizing about that ref incident in the spring, there's a chance Rondo felt betrayed; 2) if Rondo was the one who suggested AB starting over Ray, then Ray surely felt betrayed by that.

        Whatever it was, fire and ice decided enough was enough.

  • Big Z

    Micky Arison..the heat owner just tweeted “Welcome to the family #20″…i just crapped my pants. Is this real?

  • Corey

    fine ray leave, we got an upgrade in jason terry, ray was on his way out anyway, comeon celtic nation well be back!!!

  • ChrisJ

    I do respect and love Ray Allen. However, I view this as completely a better chance to win another championship, which is fine with me and all. However, I do not want to hear him being upset about coming off the bench when he will obviously come off the bench in Miami and will have a lot less minutes in Miami while also being paid less.

    • Milt Pilacio

      Good Point Chris. I think the whole thing about coming off the bench is bogus, cause he's not going to start over DWade. So at this point, he just flat out chose to go to the heat to live at the three point line and get open shots all day and win a championship. Can't blame him…but it still leaves a bad taste in every celtics fan's mouth. Vindication? Beating the heat next year…oh how great it would be.

    • John V

      I dunno. Maybe they'll start him alongside Wade. Wade can guard the other team's point guard, and LeBron can initiate the offense. It wouldn't be the stupidest thing Eric Spoelstra has ever done.

  • I_Love_Green

    I mean I feel like all along he was going to be gone, but now that its actually reality I'm upset.

    I'm going to miss Ray, and so will our team.

    • High Rollers

      I'll miss him too. But I do agree that he is definitely the enemy now, at least once the horn sounds.

      The one bone I'll throw him is this: if you have a falling out with the guy who has the run of the team, a.k.a. Rondo, it's probably mighty hard to want to return. Not to mention, it must be hard not to be constantly and unendingly needled by the fact that you pretty much were traded already, until O. J. Crybaby Mayo pulled the plug (which was the insinuation).

  • High Rollers

    Already envisioning the clash of titans ahead: James, Wade, Bosh, Allen, Battier vs. Rondo, KG, Pierce, AB, Terry.

    This. Will. Be. Epic.

    • High Rollers

      Sounds like a video game.

  • Mr.Mu

    No more green Air Jordans

  • John V

    I really don't get it. I guess he wants to "win" another ring, but they won without him, and they aren't losing anybody, so how much credit could he really take, if they do win?

    Honestly, I think this makes Miami worse. It could make them better if Ray will come off the bench to give DWade a blow, or against small teams where three-guard sets work. But I feel like they're going to feel obligated to go with three guards when it's to their disadvantage, just because Ray Allen is a Hall of Famer. Or, they'll play DWade at point guard, with LeBron handling the ball on offense. I don't know. I think they would have been much better off picking up a real point guard.

    I wish Ray well, but he's sure not getting his number retired now.

  • someguyinsac

    When I read about it in the local rag, I kind of felt like I got punched in the gut. Loved him when he was here and I thank him for that, but now he's the enemy so that goodwill just went out the door behind him.

  • BigPolska

    I just committed in the parking lot. I’m absolutely disgusted and feel betrayed by one of my idols and far and away my favorite basketball player of all time

  • BigPolska


  • Nate

    Cant believe he screwed us like
    Is cold

  • knebula

    Today's the saddest day of my Celtic life. I understand logically but not emotionally. Farewell Ray.


  • CelticsBIG3

    Ray Allen is a dirtbag. Its official. Traitor.

  • noche

    Johnny Damon much?

  • LeBrow

    Any way you’d consider Eric Gordon for Avery Bradley and next year’s first?

  • cowboy

    This just in. Ray Allen to the Heat. booooooooooooo

  • Tha_Curtlando

    I thought he was Jesus Shuttlesworth. Not Judas Shuttlesworth.

    • GreenM&M

      Good one!

  • LACelticFan

    I aint gonna be mad at dude, we still got more to do to reload. Now resign, Jeff and MP to play back up roles. And turn our attention to getting another big whether its Greg or someone floating out there. We still got this CelticNation.

    • JCP

      Elton Brand is available…

      • CelticsBIG3

        who cares

  • High Rollers

    I guess I have to admit that Ray's role on the team — his basketball role — was becoming a bit superfluous.

    This does make things incredibly interesting. Bittersweet for sure. But interesting.

    Some people watch soap operas. The rest of us watch sports.

  • LACelticFan

    The couple of new faces and return of Green is gonna make the European trip all that much more important now. So lets get Jeff and Mickeal resigned, and resolve the starting center issue, especially if KG doesn't want to start at the position.