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Report: Ray Allen Spending Night in Miami As Talks Continue with Heat


CH’s Take: Well, we knew already Ray’s interest in Miami was serious, and with Ray’s calendar open for tomorrow after the Clippers canceled on him, it looks like Ray will enjoy another day of being wined and dined in South Beach. Honestly, no matter what you are thinking if you are Ray right now, you have to give him credit with this move. There’s probably nothing like getting complimented and begged to for two straight days by some of the premier players in the sport to hop ship and join his team.

If he chooses Miami, their sell-job works and this move to stay an extra day by Ray indicates it might very well be. However, how sweet would it be if Ray stays in Miami the extra day, makes LeBron and company think he’s coming to Miami, and then shoves their offer back in their face and heads back to Boston?

Not the probable option at this point, but certainly a possible one…and a fun one to imagine if you’re a Celtic fan.

  • High Rollers

    Maybe he wants to be able to sleep on it and see which team he wakes up feeling a member of in the morning. If I'm in Miami, I'd personally wake up feeling like there must be a game AGAINST the Heat that night, but that's just me. I still cannot conceive of the Heat having that decided an overall advantage next season, which perhaps means Ray really did lose a sense of himself with the C's last year and really doesn't feel like he fits in Boston anymore. (All this assuming the no-trade clause or kicker business is for real, of course.) A very savvy business move either way. Might as well enjoy the pleasures of the dance, but as the old saying goes, Leave with the one that brung ya. (Again, assuming there's the good faith no-trade on the other end).

  • BigPolska

    I am honestly about to vomit. Ray is my favorite player and watching him play on the heat would be worse to me than getting your teeth pulled. Is there any way to reach out to Ray other than by his website??

    • High Rollers

      Heck, why not just go to his website and ask him to stay with Boston? You never know…

      • Thats exactly what i did a few hours ago but theres only one reason you spend the night he's obviously intrigued

      • BigPolska

        It's exactly what I did as well. was hoping for another way to harrass him.

        • High Rollers

          Okay, okay. I did it too. Felt like a goober doing it, but I did it.

  • tom

    He's gone. He has to look at the roster in Boston & realize the C's just gave Terry a deal that will eat into whatever minutes were left over after Bradley's. Look at it this way. C's have 96 available backcourt minutes. Rondo has to play 35, Terry 28, & Bradley, for his own development, needs at least 25. That leaves 8 minutes. Ray ain't coming back unless he was going to get a bare minimum of 28 of his won. What is Doc going to do? Play Rondo 30, Terry 24, & Bradley 16(leaves Ray 26)?? No chance. C's are much better off getting a swing player off the bench who can defend 2-3's. Maybe even develop their young players from last year's draft?

    • BigPolska

      only thing wrong with that is they can't use the money they were going to use on Ray elsewhere. They have his Bird rights, which allows you to sign your own free agents over the cap. Can't do it with a regular free agent if my understanding is correct

    • High Rollers

      Maybe I'm not smart enough to follow your math, but it seems simple enough to me. Rondo and AB are the starting backcourt (once AB's healthy); Terry and Ray the utterly loaded backcourt tandem off the bench. No?

      • Bradley won't be back till December, also it's not like Terry will only be coming on to play the 2 he'll be coming on to play the 1 and 3 also, There will be plenty times where Ray and Terry will be on the court at the same time

  • High Rollers

    Yeah, I don’t think you need a pure point coming off the bench if you have Terry and Allen together. Imagine Ray, Terry, Green, and [insert veteran big plus rookie here] as your first group off the bench. Again, c’mon, Ray!

  • tom

    I'm with you guys, I really am, but I'm trying to look at it from the p.o.v. of what got us to the point that Ray became unhappy & is obviously very intrigued with Miami. I'll focus on the counterpoints you guys brought up & how they mesh with the number's crunch they would face if Boston has all 4 guards.

    BigPolska- you're correct about the money. C's can't use "Ray's money", however they certainly have the money to secure a 4th guard which is (maybe)allt they'd need. C's could simply re-sign their own guys and then have it covered with Dooling backing up Rondo for 10-12 mins, Daniels a few mins at the 2 for defensive help, & Moore(6'4" guard) who could get some early run. Even without Ray or ANY new signings, they have internal options to bring back at a very low cost.

    -High Rollers- a lot of people are making the mistake of not thinking about what bothered Ray: his mins. Again, every team needs to cover 96 mins each game. If Ray comes back, they have 4 great options but how do the mins get broken down so that each guy's potential is maximized? Rondo is arguably their best player. He needs to be on the floor for 35+ mins. Bradley, before he got hurt, was playing 25 mins. If he's going to get better, he needs to play more. There's another 28-30 mins. Now you have 30 backup mins to cover. Terry is younger than Ray & has played 30+ mins his entire career. Lets say he is cool(doubtful) with dropping down to 24 mins. That leaves Ray 10 mins, tops. I love Ray, but the C's can survive if Dooling/Daniels/Moore/Free Agent X have to split those mins

    -Jameslipps- Bradley may not come back until Dec., true, but that means those 6-8 weeks can be used to give Terry extra mins to get used to playing with the C's & the team can also use that time to see what they have in Moore and the other backups. Also, if Terry is playing the 3, Boston is in trouble. He can barely guard 2's! C's have Pierce at the 3, along with Pietrus & Daniels(if they return) & Bass. The 48 mins at the 3 are more than covered.

    Ray has been one of my favorite Celtics, but I feel like Ainge is more concerned about keeping him away from Miami(very smart) than he is worried about needing him for Boston's needs.

  • High Rollers

    I get ya, Tom. But one issue we’ve had pretty consistently is not enough depth at each position, especially considering the ages of the vets. You don’t want to run Rondo or the so far injury prone AB into the ground either. I just feel like sharing is caring (about being champion again) for Ray. At least it should be. If you’ve got five guys you can pretty much say go out there and bring us home to, then you’ve pretty much got a real shot. Ray should see that. Him, Paul, Rondo, Ticket, Jet. Five times the crunch-time fun. That’s the kind of math I like. Everybody else needs to watch, learn, and be ready if any of the five guys goes down.

  • soxandpats

    A month ago I cried (sorta) thinking that the big 3 played their final game together. Now with the disrespect Ray Allen has shown his fans in Boston I don’t even know if I care anymore if he comes back to the Celtics.

    A month ago I was under the illusion that being a Boston Celtic meant something special to Ray (like it seems to be with the other Celtics) Now I sadly realize that it was just another team for him to play on

  • High Rollers

    Soxandpats (nice handle), maybe Ray believed in being a C a little too much, if that’s possible. He’s probably the kind of guy who finds it hard to just up and change allegiance. Not hard even. Excruciatingly difficult. And he’s been traded twice already by organizations for all we know he cherished being a part of. With the character and tendencies he’s displayed over the past five tears, I won’t be able to hold it against him if he leaves. He’s, for lack of a better word, true-blue. Too true-blue.

    • soxandpats

      If he truly believed in being a Celtic he would have snapped up the deal the Celtics just offered him; which imo was pretty damn good.
      If he went to any other team (cause the Celtic management acted like dicks and let him go) other than Miami I would have been pretty bummed out but I could handle it- and still like and respect him. But to have him apparently Want to go to one of your team’s biggest rivals…..that is nothing less than a complete slap in the face to all Celtic fans. And he is either a complete idiot if he didn’t know that or he just doesn’t give a crap what we think about him. Take your pick

  • High Rollers

    People are saying look how bad it got that Ray is staying overnight in Miami. I’m going to stay positive and think, whatever they had to offer today, it wasn’t overly gripping. So what, breakfast at LeBron’s is supposed to secure a guy who has been around the block about a million times over? Gimme a break. Time should be on our side.

  • soxandpats

    Be careful what you wish for- you could always get it.

    Several months ago when there was all this talk about trading Ray I was so furious with Celtic management I was all set to boycott the Celtics out of protest. Ironically, seeing how Allen is now treating his Boston fans, I wished they did. That way I could have been pissed at the Celtic management and still like Ray instead of feeling completely betrayed and back stabbed by him like I do now.

  • High Rollers

    Yeah, I still find it a bit odd that he wants to join them, but then I also don’t see them as being that much better than we are, if at all. (I’m probably alone in that category.) But for anybody who has watched him, it’s hard to argue he didn’t understand the significance of this organization.

  • MSUDawg

    If he made up his mind he needs to just say so instead of having us wondering…but maybe this extra time is our advantage. Either way Im just ready for this to be over so I can move on.

  • Lawrence

    Ray slept with the enemy! There is no returning. He is gone. I don’t want him back. I understand the celtics wanted to trade you but at that time we sucked we were barley over 500. Good bye Ray have fun getting booed where ever you go. Garnett is the real thing he didn’t go to know team. Celtics for life!!!!

    • soxandpats

      I couldnt agree more

  • BigPolska

    I still believe he’s coming back to the C’s. Call me stupid but the way he almost lost it after the finals was very telling about where he wanted to be this coming season. After Ray clears his head he’ll realize that Miami would never be able to replicate what he has in Boston.

  • BigPolska

    Also, can’t the C’s give ray another year? That way all of the Big Three’s contracts all expire at once?

  • Pauper

    This from another site. Certainly worrisome.

  • High Rollers

    Final Ray thought for the night…

    Ray chooses Boston and reverses the curse that was LeBron’s Decision, at the same time warding off the Apocalypse that was otherwise scheduled for later this year (according to some funky interpretations of the Mayan calendar), giving us ample time to watch the Championship Four, the Jet & Co. achieve 18 and finally stitch up and raise up that blank banner. It’s waited long enough!

  • High Rollers


  • Morheus

    Ugggh my stomachs turning just thinking about Ray actually spending an extra night in Miami. I swear, if Ray leaves for Miami i will have nothing but animosity towards him and i believed that just wasn’t possible wit a classy guy like Ray.

    He’s got to understand Danny was doing what was best for the Celtics best chance at #18. Danny wasn’t putting him on the block for no good reason, hell he almost traded Pierce and Rondo.

    Please don’t do this Ray. COME BACK TO BOSTON RAY.

  • GreenM&M

    On a lighter note do you think Ray go the "Big State" from Miami? I wonder what Jill Kelly is doing these days.

  • Rickey

    Are yall serious? They have been tryin to trade ray for 2 yrs. loyalty? How is it ok for them to trade him for the better of the team? What player has ever got traded and was ok wit it because that team thought they were getting better?

  • Jon

    The only way they sold Ray Allen is by late night hours. Obviously James and Wade own Miami and could get into anything they want on Thursday. Whether Allen spent the night with his family, James' family, Wade's family and possibly Bosh's family and celebrate overnight.
    Hopefully Allen is smart and treated Miami like a Salesman. They offer you a product, you sit and listen to the speech or pitch, then kindly tell them thanks but no thanks. I'm a Celtic 4 life.
    Ray Allen will be back in Boston this season. Don't worry Celtics Nation. Have faith.

  • Kel

    From Connecticut, huge Allen, UCONN, and Celtics fan. With that said, if Ray leaves for Miami I will boo and root against him so hard next year. Unforgivable!

  • Memo

    I’m sorry for my language but heat fan is so arrogant and stubborn even though he has no idea what he’s talking about

  • mrslbjames

    Sorry C’ fans I feel ya but understand the players has to do what’s best for them Ray is still to good to simply roll over nd take a back seat! Myself, I’m a BIG BIG LaBron, Heat fan an I say WELCOME TO HEATNATION RAY I NOW LOVE YOU!

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