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Clippers Sign Jamal Crawford, Spurn Ray Allen

The Los Angeles Clippers came to terms with both Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups today and as a result have cancelled their Friday meeting with Ray Allen.

That means Allen will probably end up choosing between the Celtics and the Miami Heat. Allen is scheduled to visit the Heat today.

Notably, Crawford’s contract is for 4 years and $25M (a year more than the initial report suggested). That’s a lot of dough for an aging shooting guard and might have some influence on Allen’s thinking.

The Celtics are offering a comparable 2 years and $12M (with a possible no-trade clause or trade kicker) while the Heat can offer no more than $3M per year.

  • Greenman

    I think the no-trade clause gets it done.

    • bigblack1954

      i agree

  • High Rollers

    The no-trade clause better get it done.

    Here’s the source of that exciting tidbit.

  • High Rollers

    If it’s real, I think there’s little doubt he takes it. If it’s real, Ray pulled off a great impression of Danny Ainge.

  • High Rollers

    And Hayes is right. That’s one beautiful jerk.

  • High Rollers

    You get paid, you dont have to move, you’ll have plenty of playing time and crunch-time minutes, with you the C’s have just as good a chance at the title next year as Miami… AND you won’t get traded?!?!? C’mon now, Ray. Time to come home already!

  • Tha_Curtlando

    A fan had a good point in an ESPN Boston story. Ray will get more playing time in Boston even if he's behind Bradley than he would in Miami behind Wade. Also, I'll add this: would he really want to go down to Miami and just be a sidekick to their "Big 3" … after he's been a part of this Boston team from the beginning? He'll be back.

  • Josh

    Dear God, if this no-trade clause gets Ray back our team is gonna be DIIIIIIIIIIIRTYYYYY!!! We'd have Jet and Ray spreading the floor, Rondo and Bradley running and gunning, Pierce and Green at the SF and then KG amd maybe Camby/Kaman in the paint…….Please.Make.This.Work.

    • dslack

      But no big bigs besides KG. And even he isn't all that big and supposedly doesn't want to play C anymore. What other potential centers are on the team? Fab Melo? Sullinger? (Ainge said Sully will play some C, but man that's a small center.)

      • GowGow

        I'm sure Ainge will get us a solid center, he's just waiting for Ray to realize how stupid he is for even considering other teams. Once we have Ray back, we'll go out hunting for a center.

    • bigblack1954

      i agree josh

  • bigblack1954

    come on RAYcome on back lets get this done and over with.for Danny get us a true center. like Kris Kaman