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Chris Paul Is Also Recruiting Ray Allen, and It Might Work


Brian Windhorst reports that, in addition to LeBron James, Chris Paul is now also actively recruiting Ray Allen’s services. The Clippers may be the most favorable destination for Ray for a few reasons:

1) Money: The Clippers have the full MLE available: $15 million over three years. The Celtics have offered Ray a deal of $12 million over two years, and the most the Heat could offer is $9 million over three years. So the Clippers could offer Ray an extra $3 million to buy Deepak Chopra books for his Kindle and attend TED conferences.

2) Minutes: Ray wasn’t happy when he was first demoted from Boston’s starting lineup, and there are no indications he’s happier about it now, even though the team was demonstrably better with him coming off the bench. The Clippers have long had a void at shooting guard, so Ray could start there. They’ve been reported as the favorite to sign Jamal Crawford in the last few days, but if they think they have a shot at Ray, he’s probably the priority. He’d at least give them an excuse to replace DeAndre Jordan on these billboards.

3) Style of play: Ray’s stock started to decline in Boston because he was a weak point in the Celtics’ defensive system. The Clippers do not give a spit about defense. The only closeout they’re familiar with is a fire sale at their favorite stores. Ray will actually provide a potential UPGRADE at shooting guard defense over Nick Young, who’s currently still working on recovering off a screen from Game 4 of the Western Conference Semis. (Young is also a potential free-agent target of the Celtics, which might be okay if Allen leaves because he could score as an SF off the bench alongside Terry).

Ray would also get to run with Chris Paul, one of the only PGs who could get Ray his shots as effectively as Rajon Rondo. He’d get plenty of opportunities in Miami, too, but great spot-up shooters always want to seek out pass-first teammates. Going to 14 Clipper games last season, it was pretty clear they were lacking a reliable spot-up guy to bail out Paul and Griffin’s attacks—the guy Chauncey Billups was supposed to be. They want Ray for that role, and that’s the role Ray wants. The threatening whispers of KG can’t be underestimated, but don’t be surprised if Ray ends up in red, white and blue next season.

  • LACelticFan

    Rumor has it the club will look at Nick Young if Ray does not come back.

  • Gotham

    As son of Deepak and devoted Celtics fan, I’ll throw the kindle books and TED conf in for Ray to go back to the C’s. That said, as an LA resident, playing for the Clip would be the next best thing. Anywhere but Miami.

  • High Rollers

    This hits the nail on the head even harder.

    I wonder just how far Kevin Garnett’s phenomenal cosmic power extends. If he convinces Ray that Destiny has him a Celtic and Fate wants more productive bickering between him and Rondo, I’ll be more than impressed.

  • High Rollers

    P. S. Nicely put, Hayes.

  • skeeds

    Huge fan of Ray to Clippers scenario.
    First of all, Lebron and co get f#@$ck all. Secondly, I actually like CP3. Thirdly, having to play against Ray 2 times a season is far less painful than seeing him every other week. Thirdly, Ray going to a middle of the pack team to make it better is totally fine in my books. Which I can't say about going to a rival that has won, to keep on winning.
    Most importantly, It's a scenario that doesn't involve the Garden booing one of it's own a couple of months from now.

    I've never felt so positive about a player potentially going to LA…

  • Brian

    The only way Danny gets him back is to tack on another year to the offer and let him retain his starting spot. If not the Clippers make the most sense.It would be more interesting to see Ray with them rather than just being another vet trying to ride the Miami Gravy Train to a Championship.

  • OKCeltic

    Nice post Hayes, but I have a couple of questions. If this were to happen and the C's were to go after Young, how could they afford him considering the MLE was used on Terry? Sign-and-Trade possibly?

  • Brian

    How can the Heat offer 12M for 3 years? I thought the mini mid level was 3M per season.

    • hdavenport

      Sorry, you're right. It's 9 over three years.

  • zach

    If comes down to it, I think I would rather have Bass and Green vs Ray and Green. Bass was an awesome shooter last year and is young and fairly athletic. We are just to slow with Ray and PP as our wings, and I think Jet will replace a lot of what Ray did. Not as good of a shooter, but when you factor in all of the turnovers associated with Ray (moving screens to get him open, his failed attempts to dribble, etc.) I think Jet will be more efficient. I just hope he goes to LA!

  • High Rollers

    I think Brian’s right. Miami max for Ray would be 9 over three years, as I read elsewhere, cutting the deficit from Boston’s offer in half overall. Won’t matter anyway if he picks the Clips.

    • hdavenport

      Brian IS right!

  • High Rollers

    Don’t guys pay less in taxes playing in Florida? I feel like I’ve heard that before too.

  • High Rollers

    Maybe that’s what they’re explaining to Ray down in Miami right now. For example: Here, Ray, is the spot on the floor where LeBron will be double teamed and feed you for three, and here in the fine print is where the IRS explains in detail the Florida tax system, where you pay less simply by choosing us. Something like that. I could be wrong.

  • celticsunshine

    Can we have an update on our chase of Gerald Green; I am tired of constantly hearing about Ray.

  • CG12

    I can't imagine Ray is worrying about taxes. He has made a ton of money and seems way to smart to have pissed it away like Antoine did. Money is a proxy for respect – players want to see a team stretch to get them, which shows how much they want that player. Players are like anybody else, they like to feel wanted. That said, I bet Ray goes to the Clips or stays in Boston. The Clips have a starting role, which really matters, as well as the most money, including a 3-year commitment. The C's have the most per year, the advantage of Ray's recent history with the team, as well as being close to his home and roots. A creature of habit like Ray can't love uprooting his life to travel across the country when there are some pretty good options right where he is now. I also have a vague memory that his daughter has health problems of some kind and that the best health care available is in the Boston area.

  • John D

    I think Ray might be interested in L.A. for other reasons. His website lists him as an "actor" as well. I think Ray may want to be in L.A. to pursue a career beyond basketball.

  • OKCeltic

    Looks like the Clips have moved on.

    Is it down to Boston and Miami?

  • vasco

    People, don't read anything by Brian windbag about Ray. When it's signed it's signed. Still doesn't make any sense for him to go to Miami, and I doubt going to the Clips is worth uprooting. If (and I hope so) hestays, I think we might have the deepest team in years.

  • janos

    hi haynes is janos
    i hope you have nice holday and that you are busy work on my ESPN INSIDE acount for me and friend?

    yesterday start nice, eat friend relax but ruin nashlakers. can you make comish reject trade, like time last lakerpaul

  • bigblack1954

    I think that Ray should return to the Celtics. There is no need for him to go to Miami because of the way Le Bron James taunted the Celtics during the playoffs. If KG and Paul Pierce, in my opinion, really wants Ray to return to the Celtics, KG could re-do his contract offer from 34 million to 30 million for three years. Ray could be given 5 million for three years because that's what I think he wants – to stay with the Celtics and to retire along with KG and Paul.

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