Post-game Reactions

Brandon Bass is returning to the Celtics according to Steve Bulpett of the Herald. It’s a 3-year contract and we’ll update you with terms of the deal as soon as we know them.

Unless the dollar figure on the contract is massive, this is good news for the Celtics as it returns a key frontline contributor from last season. Bass proved a welcome change for a Boston team that had grown weary of the consistent drama and spotty outside shooting associated with Glen Davis in years previous. The low-key Bass meshed well with his teammates and coaching staff and returns to Boston in the prime of his career.

There are defensive limitations with Bass but with a year under his belt, he should better understand the Celtics’ schemes. His return also keeps intact the devastating Rondo-Bradley-Pierce-Bass-Garnett unit that chewed up teams all over the league after the all-star break last season.

It’s not yet a deep Celtics team but with Bass in the fold, it’s another step closer. Ray Allen and Jeff Green are Boston’s next two targets, with perhaps an additional big and wing to follow after those pieces are in place.

More later on today…

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  • Lantrell Walker

    Hungry, humble and eager to learn & please; SeaBass embodies some of the best things about being a Celtic. I for one am glad to have him back & really looking forward to what he & Jeff Green can do with a full training camp under their belts, not to mention how interesting it'll be to see them play together.


    • High Rollers

      I think they'll play together the way the B-Team at the Basketball World Championships did a few years ago, with energy, poise, discipline, heart, and skill. And they'll play to win.

  • CTVT802

    Great re-sign. He is better than Glen Davis too.

  • janos

    wverybody so concern on this fillers;, rondos steak of team this guy potato side, import but still just potato not meat- can you get update for summer, is play olmypic or no?

    • High Rollers

      Just like LeBron and everybody else, Rondo can't win it all on his own, janos. But he is the steak and I hope he keeps that sizzling double digit assist streak going next season! He needs plenty of potatoes to pass it to. Congratulations, Brandon! You get to be Rondo's potato for a couple more years! Now, if you just rebound more like you did earlier in the 2012 season, which was more promising than your helter skelter playoff performances, we'll really be in business!

      Your steak doesn't seem too fond of Team USA. Maybe he'll change his mind. Probably not. Let him rest up for the epic ride ahead in his NBA clothes.

  • Batman

    I heard its 20 million
    Still glad to see hes back, he worked hard for us last year
    And I can keep making fish jokes!

    • High Rollers

      I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiis biiiiiiiiiiiig…

  • Nate

    This off season has been opposite of the last few thank god
    Really excited bout next year and 18 and no way ray is signing with those cheating punks after his visit there today

  • Josh

    Who's the dead man who hit me with the salt shaker?!!!!
    Anyways, I think this is a great re-sign. He just needs to learn the defensive scheme better now. If we can get Ray AND Jeff Green signed up then this team is gonna be NAUGHTY!!!

  • CG12

    So what do we have right now?
    PG – Rondo; JET; [dooling?]
    SG – AB; [Ray? MP?]; Moore?
    SF – Pierce; [green?]
    PF – Bass; Sullinger?; JJJ?
    C – KG; Stiemer; Melo
    We are pretty good at the big spots. Now we need some swingmen. Seems like Green is very likely to come on board. I don't know if the Bass signing effects that at all. If we don't get Ray back, it would be good to get somebody like MP, who has openly said he'd like to come back, to get some size and D at the back-up 2-spot. And I guess if Green went somewhere else, MP could back up the 3-spot, as well. I'd rather have Green. After that it is just filler. Wilcox? Maybe. If Stiemsma stays, there doesn't seem to be any way Wilcox will. I don't think he (Wilcox) would replace Sullinger at the back-up PF, but maybe that would happen. The C's told Melo he couldn't have 51, so it sure seems like Dooling will be back.

    Things are falling into place!

  • thunderlizards

    Do we still have enough money for ray allen and jeff green?

  • DCeltsfan

    PG: Rondo, Terry, Moore
    SG: Bradley, Ray, Pietrus
    SF: Pierce, Green, kris joseph/veteran
    PF: Bass, JJJ, Sully
    C: KG, Wilcox/Steamer, Melo

    If the celts can just sign ray and green, this team is going to be NICE. And with a full preaseason i definitely could see this team beating the heat and bulls

  • GreenM&M

    Good stuff! BBass showed some flashes of brilliance in the playoffs – Game 5 vs Phillie and the first half of Game 7 in Miami. I don't think he will light it up like that every night. But he can be a little more consistent for us next year, especially on D.

  • -jp

    Glad he is back. Bass is a good player who can get real hot shooting at times. I think we need another center. Melo won’t play, KG hates the 5 and Steimsma isn’t back. Wilcox and Camby at low money would be great

  • I_Love_Green

    I'm loving the off season so far. We need to re sign Ray though, and hope for a speedy recovery for Avery.

  • oops

    i see why people are excited about this team right now, but still I am not.

    It is essentially the same team as last year, except for the welcome addition of jason terry. Terry is good, but do you really think he is good enough to make this team better than the heat or bulls? The same problems will be back next postseason- injuries and sluggishness. All teams have them, but Garnett, Pierce, and Ray another year older certainly can't be looked at positively. Still, this isn't the biggest concern for this roster, even with terry and possibly green this team still lacks the talent of the heat, bulls, or OKC. Missing bradley obviously hurt us against the heat, and this team will certainly be better than last year, but really- we know this team just isn't as talented. We were lucky to get to the east finals, and lucky to make it seven games. Talent wins, and unfortunately as the team is right now, it, in my opinion, is not a winner.

    I was hoping to package bass and ray for a bigger piece but this is the best we could probably do. Let's hope JJJ or Sully or Green, or maybe some unknown person, really steps up and vastly exceeds our current expectations. Because as is, this team is simply too untalented.

    • Stephe

      U r the smartest guy here.
      I wish this wasn't the case but a healthy Heat mows through the Cs in 5 games. Not enough athleticism, size or rebounding. Once Bosh was back, the the Heat ran the Cs into the ground and there has been no addition that will change that.
      I wish that wasn't true.

      • Anthony

        So Bosh injury is equal to Wilcox, JGreen, and AB injuries and Pierce, Ray, MP, and Stiemsma being banged up? Dexter Pittman's suspension must've been the only reason the series went 7 games. That was sarcasm by the way.

        The reasons for the optimism are because 1) This is a Celtics fan site. 2) The Celts started last season slow because of all the injuries and being out of shape. 3) Celts were an elite team in the second half of the season and will be bringing back the all the key pieces while adding Jet, JGreen and rookies that will contribute (Sully for sure, Melo and Joseph possibly) and creating a formidable bench.

        With the roster so far, the Celts can throw at least 3 guys at Lebron (Pierce, JGreen, Bass), Wade (Rondo, AB, Jet and possibly Joseph), and Bosh (KG, JGreen, Sully, and possibly Melo). We still have three major advantages over Miami… Rondo, KG, and heart. And we can add bench to that now too. And there's still 4 roster spots to counter Dexter Pittman and Eddy Curry.

        PG – Rondo, (Moore)
        SG – AB, Jet, Joseph
        SF – Pierce, JGreen
        PF – Bass, Sully, JJJ
        C – KG, Melo, (SWilliams)

  • Miggy_Miggz

    He's only going to get better. A full offseason and training camp with Rondo, in addition to this condensed season, means they'll only get a better feel for each others games and improve together.

    I like what DA has decided to do so far, no complaints at all. I'm hoping we bring back Dooling. I'm actually a big fan of Dooling for his leadership and off the court impact he had on the team.

  • skeeds

    So Bass wanted a significant raise and a multi-year deal. Gets 3years/20mil. Ainge is a boss. Seriously. What next? he signs Jeff Green for minimum? I wouldn't be surprised at all.

    If he managed to pull the Celtic card on Bass, I bet he can get Wilcox, Dooling and MP for veteran minimum. (amen).

  • ElRoz

    So this is not the first time I'm hearing that KG doesn't like playing Center. Why? He is as physical as most centers, he is as fast if not faster than centers; as tall as centers. It seems he HAS had success against centers.

    As a PF he might have to give up some speed on some nights. But hey, if you have a center (Wilcox or Camby) and next to him KG as a PF, it's a great line-up.

  • ElRoz

    If no Ray Allen, then having Dooling and Moore next to Terry would be not bad at all; Dooling is a better defender than Ray; Terry handles the ball and penetrates better than Ray.

    Pietrus could work as well, though it seems he is not as fast as some shooting guards. I'd sign Pietrus to have some insurance for shooting guard and small forward spots along with some good D from him, especially since it gives an option of having Green play power Forward in occasion when they go small (I know Green is not PF).