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Well the Celtics have been getting great value in their deals in free agency so far this offseason with Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett both signing for under market value. That however may change when it comes to Jeff Green. Here’s the latest via Sam Amick of SI.com.

One source with knowledge of the talks says it may be in the four years, $40 million neighborhood, but it is not done.

“I’m confident it’ll get done,” Falk told SI.com. “I guess they got (Brandon) Bass’ (contract) done, which is great. Jeff is trying to get a sense of what the team looks like first before he makes a commitment, but I expect he’ll be there and I expect it’ll be done by the 11th (when the free agency moratorium ends). We’ve gotten a lot of interest from other teams. But as far as Boston, we’re very confident we’ll get it done.

“He wants to be in Boston. He’s excited about the moves they’ve made. He’s hoping Ray Allen comes back as well, because he feels very close to Ray Allen.”

CH’s Analysis: Too many years, (although I would imagine some of the rumored contract would be unguaranteed) and perhaps more worrisome is too much money per season. To make sure I have this straight, Jeff Green was going to sign a one-year $9 million deal last year as a restricted free agent with the C’s.

Now, after missing an entire season with a heart ailment, during which Danny Ainge showed tremendous goodwill by allowing Green to become an unrestricted free agent this season, 4 years and 40 million dollars is the best Ainge can do? And Green is getting a raise?!? I certainly hope that’s not the case.

Falk would likely jump all over that kind of deal for his client, so considering the fact the deal is not yet done, you would have to hope Ainge brings down the dollar figures. I’d be okay with paying Green $10 million dollar per season for a couple years. Four however? With a spotty track record. Count me out.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Batman

    Have Mercy
    Let Green walk if this is what he wants
    Hes barely worth HALF of that
    Hes nothing more than a decent role player
    Don't do me like this Danny

  • ElRoz

    At small forward to back-up Pierce, it might be almost as good to sign Pietrus for a few million dollars a year tops.

    For 4 years, I would not give Green more than $32 million total – $8 mil per year. If he thinks he can find other takers for that kind of money, then go ahead. There ARE idiots with money to spend available – N. Batum got a lot of money, and he is just a bad player. If Jeff is comfortable with being "that guy that we overpaid and he didn't live up to his potential" in Boston – i.e. 4 hellish years – then ok.

    • TheAlbatross

      Batum is a much better player than Green. He's already proven that with his play and he's also younger and not coming off of heart surgery

      • Batman

        they're both pretty mediocre

        • kg215

          True but atleast Batum is a better 3 point shooter. Batum shot 39% last year and is a career 37%. Green is a career 33% and has hovered around 30% recently. Batum is a better defender too, the Thunder defended better when Jeff Green was off the court and in his limited time here he was not effective. At this point I would much rather have Batum.

  • CG12

    Wow. That sure sounds like a lot of money for a long time. I like Jeff Green, but *gulp*.

  • ElRoz

    Who else is offering him something like this? Other teams? I doubt it.

  • High Rollers

    There’s probably something in the fine print that we don’t know about that makes it a more reasonable proposition than Amick is suggesting. Or not. Ray’s rubbing elbows with Wade and James and now we hear the C’s are selling the farm for amiable Jeff? That’s the rumor mill for ya.

    • Anthony

      Mr High Roller… we agree again.

      I'm sure there are stipulations in the contract regarding possible injuries, production levels, etc. If there isn't, then DA is crazy and should be fired immediately.

      Rumors are rumors so let's not jump to conclusion till everything is official.

      • There's also the possibilty of pay structure being gradual increases each season instead of just a flat $10m/yr. But yeah, let's get the official word before we jump to conclusions.

  • sk35

    Yeah, this isn't a good contract for anyone but Jeff and his agent. Does Ainge remember that 1. Green isn't a starter. 2. He'll be playing limited minutes – mostly behind Pierce. 3. He was BAD when he got floor time after the trade. I know he has potential and can get better but that much better? I want him on the team but 10 million per is way too much. Hopefully that amount is inaccurate. What would he have gotten on the open market? I don't think it would be this much.

  • Anthony

    If Bass got $20mil/ 3yrs, does it make sense to sign JGreen for $40mil/ 4yrs? I've always supported the trade and thought JGreen could be a great player but these figures are still surprising. David Falk at his best I suppose. Also the excessive admiration by both parties seem to mean no sign and trade is pending.

    I was hoping for JGreen, a 1st rounder, a 2nd rounder for Jsmooth or Horford. Or Bass, JJJ, and a 1st rounder. The two Dannys need to talk and work out this trade.

    • Anthony

      Damn, that's some Gerald Wallace $$.

    • lakershater13

      Cannot sign and trade a guy that didnt play for you last season.

      • Anthony

        Celts have his Birds right no? Isn't it even possible to sign and trade Nenad since Celts have his Birds rights? Also, I believe he's coming back to the league now that the lockout is over.

  • Tos

    I like JG but DAYYYYYUMMM.

  • TheRondoShow

    Wow… For that kind of money why not sign and trade him for a dude like Josh Smith or Andre Igoudala…. I likeJeff Green and all but he wasn’t really proven that season we got him and he had a heart surgery… I mean if we sign him for that money, make it a 3 year deal with a team option on the final year… Thank God this isn’t the NHL where 10 year deals happen coz if it were so I’d need heart surgery myself

  • High Rollers

    Even if it’s real, still doesn’t nearly reach the Rudy Gay standard for ridiculous dollars. Much less the gold standard established by guys like Lewis, Turkoglu, Arenas. (How sad for Orlando that all of those contracts traveled through them. Doesn’t change the fact that Howard is still ridiculous though. With that talent too. Such a shame.)

    • Eric

      Consider this crude comparison: Jeff Green's career best scoring average (16.5) vs. other overpaid guys: Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas each had 8 YEARS higher than that. The point is, the Jeff Green contract is based on far less substance than even those legendary crap contracts.

  • Bryant

    For that money just call Jermaine O Neal who also is coming off of surgery. Right now that $10 million a year offer is just a rumor. I hope it's not true. They should offer him a contract based on his performance. Start him low and then if he has no post surgery issues they can gradually increase his earnings.

  • CTVT802

    We will all look like idiots if Green is comeback player of the year. He's only worth 8 million if anything

  • Big 4 fan

    I think he said Ray was his mentor in a previous interview or on one of the Boston Association episode's.. Ray was the first to really take Jeff in as a celtic after they traded Perk for Jeff. I couldn't imagine how hard a transition that was for him since everyone loved Perk. I wonder if Jeff wanting Ray back will also be leverage for Danny to get the deal done with Ray. 🙂

  • ozcelts

    Uncle Jeff has heaps of potential however after 5 years in the league it's hard to see him live up to his potential.

    I suggest he is what he is- a decent role player and a bit of a tease. We should pay $10/ yr for that…

    • Pauper

      He could be one of those forever "potential" players. He's been in the league a while and wasn't a one and done in college so the odds are against him being a star. Let's hope Danny knows what he's doing or this is just a trial balloon by Falk.

    • kg215

      Exactly, so many people (Danny Ainge included) seem to be forgetting that Green has been in the league for 5 years. You can only play the upside card for so long. Oh he has so much talent, so much potential. After 5 years the fact that he has never "gotten it" is likely to remain for the rest of his career. The only hope is that his sudden heart surgery will motivate him and he will finally use his talent, but again odds are still heavily against him suddenly becoming a major impact player.

  • Pauper

    8 per for 4 makes sense but 10? If true, Even if Jeff works out which I think he will, it's a ridulous amount for what we know at the moment with past production and recent heart surgery. The only other reason besides Ainge going insane is some idiot GM in Houston or Toronto is dangling an offer.

    • dslack

      Except Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik are probably both much better players than Jeff Green, and will make considerably less than him.

      The Toronto deal with Fields is less justifiable.

      • Anthony

        In what universe is Lin or Asik much better players than JGreen? Lin barely made the Warriors roster and couldn't get any minutes until D'antoni reluctantly played him. Asik averages 13mins a game in 2 seasons. JGreen average 14pts 6reb with decent shooting % in his career.

        • kg215

          Honestly most teams would take those 2 guys at the offers they got over Jeff Green at 10 million per year. They might not be better straight up, but one is a center and one is a point guard and they're impact isn't that much worse while making a lot less money.

  • Big 4 fan

    I think that is way too much money for him as well. Do you think they plan on making him Paul's replacement after he retires? That could be the only reason i see them spending so much money to keep him. Maybe he is showing much more potential since the surgery. They must see something we don't to pay him so much. I thought 9 was too much…now 10?! IDK…

  • lakershater13

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe you cannot sign and trade Jeff because he didnt play for the Cs last season. So all these Green for Smith or Iggy trades are useless.

    • Pauper

      I think you're correct.

  • TheRondoShow

    Don’t we own his bird rights though?

    • Pauper

      He got an outright release I think.

  • jon

    the celtics don't need to sign a lot of players thats why danny ainge is give green this much. and on top of everything. the celtics core of rondo, bass, avery, possible green. will all be intact for the next 4 to 5 years which is pretty good. the celtics aren't just settling for a one season nba title run, their going to try to extend their ability to title contend for more than 3 years. i thought this move was brilliant

  • sk35

    Also, keep in mind Rondo is making 11 million next year and KG will be in that ballpark with his new deal. If Green signs for this much and doesn't average at least 15 and 6 next year, the Celtics are getting ripped off.

    • kg215

      It's also how he gets the 15 and 6. If he continues to shoot around 44% from the field, 15 and 6 is a ripoff as well.

  • dasein

    I reeallly hope this is just posturing by the Agent. No way in hell Green is worth that. If that's what he wants, let him walk Danny.

  • Russ

    This can't be for real: Pietrus contributed more in his year than Green did in his. This would cause major resentment on the team.

  • ElRoz

    Yes. And who is offering him that much to compete with the Celtics? I have not heard of any teams showing that much interest, except for that nut in Minnesota who is trying to outbid Portland for N. Batum!!! Again: for N. Batum – have they seen him play?!

    Now Green will have very good years in Boston next to Rondo, Bass, Bradley, KG and Pierce…I'm confident. But why 4 years and not 3, like Terry, Bass, KG, and the left-over on Pierce and Rondo? Why 4 years and $10 mil. Again, who else is trying to pry him away from Boston – anybody?

    With that said, I trust Danny Ainge's and Doc acumen WAAAAAAY more than I trust my own (because I am not insane), and so if indeed this turn out to be a true rumor, I will be looking forward to having these young "studs" like Rondo, Bradley, Bass, Green, Melo, and Sullinger (and possibly JJ and Moore?) for the next 3-4 years.

  • James Patrick

    Dudes got a bad ticker. Hopefully better but still, what has he shown to prove he's worth that kind of cash. Oh yeah, to play back up to Paul. I don't like it.

  • micky

    hey guys give jeff green a chance, you never know if he comes back this season stronger than ever and even get into the starting line up

    • He was expected to do good when we got him. Nothing to show for it. Then heart surgery. Now this? I gave him a chance when I found out thats what we traded perkins for. Thats all I see until he proves me wrong.

  • Kafel

    Say what ?! for that money I would rather see Ersan Ilyasova on board. C'mon Green didn't play well for us and he has serious surgery behind him…

    • sk35

      It's funny, I was hoping the Celts would go after Ilyasova and I saw his contract offer from the Buck was rumored to be 5 year, 40 million. I would rather have that contract than 4/40 for Green. Hey Bucks, how about a sign and trade? Please??

      • rupaulpierce

        all about ilyasova! dubdub machine!

  • sightline

    No, let him walk or trade for someone else. Hes not worth 10 million. But Ainge did sign Big Baby to an inflated contract then traded him. Maybe hes going to a team that has dumped a lot of salary and needs to meet the leagues minimum salary requirements.

  • skeeds

    Numbers don't make sense. Sounds like a malicious rumor if anything. There's some serious talent you can get for 4/40. No matter how "sold" Ainge is on Green, he's not paying him that kind of cash, definitely not over 4 years.
    Ainge didn't give Bass, a guy who proved his value and is as cosnistent as anyone, a 4th year. Green should get the same kind of deal.

  • GreenM&M

    The contracts being offered are just ridiculous. The owners learned nothing from the lockout.

    Let Green Walk. He is pretty mediocre. Spend the money on some rebounding.

  • Flu

    Man yall are something else. The dude came to a team last year in the middle of a season and that had their beloved perkins leave. I want yall to go look at the first two games Jeff played in Boston after the trade and that showed you what he could do. After that he barely got time. I think if given a proper opportunity to succeed he will do so

    • Eric

      Give him a 1 year $10 million contract, and give him a chance to prove he's worth the money. Until then, he hasn't proved himself worth a long-term deal for that much money.

  • CelticsBIG3

    A picture of Ray Allen with Alonzo Mourning, some kid, Pat Riley, and Erik Spoelstra together just surfaced on the internet. Ugh.

    • someguyinsac

      Look at it this way, it's like those family pictures where everyone smiles, even the poor sap standing next to the mothball smelling Aunt Edna. =)

  • i really want green to come back but i hope they work out a reasonable contract

  • zach

    I doubht he gets this much, but I have a feeling he is going to make that leap this year. He is talented and still not in his prime years. He's a great athlete and has good skills, just needs to put in all together

  • jonathan

    why not give Scalabrine a max contract while Ainge is at it?

  • Miggy_Miggz

    Too much money for someone that hasn't proven anything.. Come on DA

  • mugi

    wth is ainge thinking. this is wayyyy too much for green

  • BigPolska

    For all of you saying this is way too much money, put it somewhere else, I agree. but also keep in mind we have rights to Jeff Green. We won't be able to give another free agent the money that we're spending on him

    • CelticsBIG3

      I don't think thats true. We gave him an outright release. He is an unrestricted free agent. As for Ray, that is true.

  • LeBrow

    Hey Celtics fans. I was wondering if y’all would accept this trade:

    Boston: Eric Gordon (s&t)

    New Orleans: Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass (s&t), 2013 unprotected 1st-round pick

    • someguyinsac


      • LeBrow

        Why not?

        • OKCeltic

          Gordon's not worth two starters and a draft pick.

          • LeBrow

            Gordon is better than Bradley. Bass is a fringe starter that can easily be replaced. Next year’s draft is weak, and y’all will have a late pick. I think Boston would beat Miami in the ECF if they did this trade.

          • Anthony

            And Gordon has been injury prone the last couple of seasons.

          • LeBrow

            What about Bradley?

          • Anthony

            I'm not saying Gordon isn't better than AB, just saying Gordon has missed 6, 20, 26, 57 games in the past 4 seasons. AB didn't miss any game this regular season due to injury.

            I still like to see what AB's ceiling is in the next couple of years so trading him, Bass and a 1st rounder feel like a little bit too much..

  • sethesq

    We have no special rights to Jeff Green. As a courtesy, we gave him an outright release so he could be an unrestricted FA and test the waters. If we throw 40 million at him it will be the second worst signing of the offseason so far, which is saying alot (I think the 15 mil Asik is getting in year 3 takes the cake, but not by much. At least Asik has a decent PER. Green isn't even close to AVERAGE!) I mean, even without the Heart risk, he's so overrated I feel like I must be missing something (oh yeah, NBA GM's are in love with "potential"). Well guess what he's been in the league 5 years and the best he's ever produced was a not very efficient 15 and 6 in 37 MINUTES PER GAME….

  • Scott Levine

    The Cs are over the cap for at least the next two years if not three. They may be overpaying but it doesn’t truly matter. The Cs will only have whatever exceptions the CBA allows.

    So, the real question is, “Is JG over or under priced in year three or four at $10m per?”. Where is the cap going to be in 2015 or 2016? He may end up being a bargain in year three and four as he will be into the prime of his career.

  • Marc

    What is with the Nic Batum hate? Has anyone here actually seen him play on a regular basis?

    As for Green, the guy has yet to post a positive +/- with either the Thunder or Celtics. His teams are worse with him on the floor. That said, he is relatively young and there anren't many options beyond him. After a year and a half in the Celtics' system, he may make strides with his game yet.

    I trust Danny Ainge, and that he knows Green's health status backwards and forwards. Four years and forty million, though? That's pushing it.

  • sethesq

    In fact, the during the short stretch here he shot the best FG% of his career, and all I keep hearing is "Oh he'll be alot better than he was when he first got here." Based on WHAT EXACTLY?!?!?! Oh yeah, according to his agent, the heart condition put a good scare into him and so now he appreciates his gifts more and is going to try harder. WTF? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

    I'm sorry, but "athletic wing players" with no single elite skill are not hard to come by in this league. Seriously, he isn't even "very good" at anything in particular. Bass is an elite midrange jumpshooter, and we just gave him 20 over 3. If he had one elite skill I'd feel alot better about all the fawning, but he doesn't. He's not a great shooter, he's not a great defender, he doesn't have great court vision, and he's not even particularly versitile (he got abused trying to guard true PFs in OKC). Considering the heart condition, I'd prefer to give him a 2 year conditional deal worth 15 or 16, and would be comfortable with as much as 25 over 3 years…but KG and Ronso money??? That's insulting.

  • sethesq

    Hell, with 40 mil we prob have a good shot at Ilyasova, who is leagues better than Green. Last season Ersan pulled down almost 9 boards in 27 min per game…while shooting 49% from the floor (better than Green ever has) and 45.5% from downtown (get this- better than RAY ever has; last season was a career best for him as well and he shot 45.3!!!!) In fact, last season Ilyasova had a higher PER than EVERY SINGLE PLAYER ON OUR TEAM. But guess what? He's not very athletic, so NBA GM's undervalue him. You know who else wasn't very athletic? Larry Bird (not that I'm comparing the two 🙂 I swear, NBA GMs are a bunch of idiot sheep.

    Damnit. I'm riled up.

  • sethesq

    And I'd give a big fat HECK NO to trading Bradley, Bass, and a first rounder for Gordon. He's another player I think is slightly overrated right now. A very talented scorer but that's pretty much it. Heck, he's not far from being the dreaded "volume scorer" (he's not particularly efficient, isn't an elite shooter, and isn't a great defender either.) I'd venture to say that Bradley alone is a bigger game changer just because of his elite defense…and Bradley is showing signs of life on offense now too…so, yeah, Bradley would be very very hard to pry from my hands if i were Danny.

  • sethesq

    Anyway, didn't mean to hate on Jeff Green. I think he fits well and want him on the team, I just am baffled by the numbers being talked about (probably all Falk…but then again I thought the 9 mil deal before the heart problem was a bit crazy). Hopefully there's a deal that will let him prove his worth before comitting over a third of the overall payroll to the SF position lol

  • sethesq

    Actually that trade isn't that bad (Gordon IS an elite SG)…but I still would never make it. When you have a player of Bradleys caliber on rookie scale, you don't trade him unless you absolutely have to. I wouldn't even do it without the draft pick, because the combination of Bass and Bradley fills much more needs for our team right now as compared to Gordon, especially with the signing of Terry…

    • LeBrow

      What if we threw in Chris Kamb (s$t)?

      • LeBrow

        *Kaman (s&t)

  • CG12

    So if this deal was "close," how come we haven't heard anything more in well over a day? Hmmm.

  • sethesq

    My friends keep telling me that Green will be "great running the floor with Rondo!" (If that's a players selling point, that's a red flag right there imo)…but you know who else would be great at that? The other Green who Danny picked up in the first round and flipped for Banner 17. Gerald Green has a lot of potential too…and last season he was more efficient offensively than Jeff Green has ever been. I was actually kind of shocked at how good GG was last seson. While only a 31 game sample size, he shot 49% from the field and 39% from downtown with a 15.9 PER. Perhaps we could nab him with bi-annual exception (around 2 mil). Get on it, Danny! Reunite the old draft picks! Hahahaha

  • noche

    Let's all just CTFD a little bit and realize we are really just upset because we haven't heard anything from Ray yet. This Green deal isn't official yet so hold your horses until we find out more. At the end of the day we have no idea how Jeff will fit in to the Celtics organization.

    The fact that people think they know more from their desk at work (or from their couch in the basement according to Tanguay) than someone who does this for a living and has more valid research and scouting and actually interacts with the players is asinine.

    Maybe the deal will actually be shitty, but the fact that this thread is blowing up like it's Game 7 again is ridiculous.

  • Anthony

    Seems to be a lot of JGreen hate because of the contract. Suppose the heart condition never occur, how many people would still think the contract is bad?

    JGreen is a good player and can be a great player. OKC/Sonics wasn't a good team in his first 2 years. In his 3rd/4th year, OKC was still trying to figure out how to properly mesh their core players of Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka, and JGreen. Considering they had a volume scorer in Durant, and 2 guys that need the ball in their hands to be effective, I think JGreen did a pretty good job to get his 15pts 6reb. Don't just judge him by his stats, the guy can play and is far from mediocre.

    Let's wait until the details of the contract are official before we criticize how so many other players are better than JGreen.

    According ESPN "sources", Ray is still torn about which team to choose? WTH!! SMH…. You're better than this Ray… You're better than this

    • My thing about it is that I gave him a chance when he first got here. He showed no improvement to the point where he was barely playing. Thats all I see till the season starts up and he proves me wrong

  • oops

    This is too much money for Jeff the Amiable. Like others have said I would rather have Ilyasova. Jeff needs to really step up this year to help win us a championship. We need 25-30 minutes a game from him, at both the three and the four, and averages of at least 10 and 4. Is that unreasonable? I hope not. Or maybe Sully is rookie of the year, or JJJ has an AB kind of sophomore year. Anything really, anything light years beyond expectations is what we need. I wish I was more confident.

    I think four things have to happen for this team to win a championship.

    1.) AB has to remain healthy and be as good or better than last year.
    2.) Green has to play at least a solid 25-30 minutes a game. I'm hoping for 10 and 4 averages.
    3.) An unknown to step up. Will Sullinger be the late first rounder who makes a huge impact? Will JJJ emerge, Melo,…anyone?
    4.) KG replicates last year's fountain of youth.

    • Anthony

      I would be upset if JGreen plays 25-30 mins and only avg 10 and 4. If money were the same for JGreen and Ilyasova, I would take JGreen for sure. Ilysova may avg ~9rebs last season but look at all the guys on his teams that are chucking and missing shots… BJennings, Monta Ellis, Captain Jack, Dunleavy and even Bogut (who shot 44%… not good for an guy who only shoots inside the lane).

  • mugi

    Even on 2k12, a computer gm won't give green this type of money. wtf ainge, this figure better be wrong.

  • For not knowing all the specifics I see that as kinda ridiculous because he came from okc for perkins and did nothing on the court and i watched expecting something for that horrible trade which destroyed our chance to repeat, he is then out a whole season for HEART SUGERY then he comes back still unproven and gets this? Thats a load of crap.

  • sethesq

    You're hoping for 10 and 4 from the 4th highest paid player on the team??? Yikes…