Post-game Reactions

Well it started a few weeks ago with LeBron’s son asking “innocent questions”

Now, we have more subtle recruitment by James in a tweet this morning, thanks to the magic of photoshop:


Shots fired! All I can say is c’mon Ray. You’re better than falling for this.

I spoke with a couple NBA sources yesterday with strong ties to the C’s and asked for their take on whether Ray will return after the Terry signing. “Lots of competition,” one said. “But Paul and Kevin will be in his ear.”

We will see soon just how loyal Allen is to those two guys. Ray feeling that connection is probably the C’s best chance of keeping him at this point….finishing what he started with those two in Boston.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Alex

    Dont go ray. Finish what you three started. You’ve always been my favorite player although I’m a lifelong celtics fan. Although it would be tough to root against you. If you go to the heat in my eyes regardless of how much all of us love you. It won’t be right to see you teamed with David sterns favorite team. And the word traitor I feel will always after be attached to your name and celtics will be ready with you or against you for a title run next year my friend.

  • High Rollers

    Forget LeBron. Listen to your bros. Also, if you don’t want to return to a team who’s crowd stood cheering you on for three+ solid, heart pumping minutes to end a blowout loss of a series clinching game at home in the Eastern Conference Finals, well, then there’s something plain wrong with you.

    • High Rollers

      That should be whose, not who's.

  • Morheus

    Come home Ray, the big 3 and #18 won’t be the same without you.

  • dRgonZo279

    Ray going to the Heat would be pretty much the worst case scenario for this whole situation. I'd hate to see him playing for them.

  • cwolbo

    this just proves Lebron has too much free time…

  • Anonymouse

    Ray, if nothing else, at least show some loyalty. Is that CELTIC PRIDE really all gone? Kevin returned because of you all. You can't leave us alone now. Come on man

  • BigPolska

    this picture literally made my stomach turn..

  • Marcus

    It's going to break my heart, but Ray is gone.

    He didn't even want to back up Bradley…but then you add in the Celtics trying to trade him last year and now they cut into his minutes more by signing Terry to nearly the same amount of money they're offering him?

    It doesn't even seem like Boston wants him back.

    • High Rollers

      If you don't want a guy back, you must be awfully certain he doesn't want you either if you're gonna go out and offer him twelve mil over two years. No, the C's definitely want Ray, and definitely don't want Miami to have Ray. It's both. Signing Terry should signal to Ray that the team is beefing up for a run that won't require fumes.

  • Lantrell Walker

    As I said after Game 7, I REALLY hope we see this core together again, they’ve given us countless memories & I feel they’ve got atleast one more championship in them. Besides, A Terry-Allen backcourt is very intriguing & could be downright lethal come the postseason. Big hopes that Ray comes back home with us.


  • skeeds

    Gaah…. I just hope the 3mil a year is too demeaning for Ray to agree with them, because game wise the whole thing makes sense. No better guy to put on the floor on a small ball squad, with LBJ at the 4. Ray won't be hitching a ride to a championship. He'll be a 6th man of the year candidate.

    Damn it. Just say no Ray, we love you too much.

    Ainge! give him a no trade clause! Seriously! Who cares if only Kobe has one? You screwed him bad enough these past 3 years. Keep him in green. #20 has a place in the rafters.

  • lionel

    i think he would get lots of playing time with the heat bosh james wade ray allen that is a dream team

  • High Rollers

    If you’re Ray, whose eight or nine man potential playoff rotation is more appealing? Miami with James, Wade, Bosh, Chalmers, Battier, Haslem, Cole, Anthony (?), and yourself. Or Boston with yourself, KG, Pierce, Rondo, Bradley, Terry, Green, Bass (or S&T for equal or greater value), and Camby/Stiemsma (?).

    • skeeds

      sorry dude. 1st man off the bench for defending champions isn't a bad deal.
      We might have a more evenly spread out roster, and I'd love to say we can be a better team than them. But they're an unconventional team. They proved they barely need the bench, and definitely don't need any centers… Not to mention Lebron went supernova this year, and he ain't slowing down. Let's just hope this championship wasn't Lebron's 1991.

      • jpbl1976

        See, this is another case of people handing Lebron everything much too early.

        The situations are different. As good as Jordan was in 1991, Pippen and Grant were just at the start of their primes when the Bulls won it all. MJ doesn't win without those two All-Stars.

        In contrast, Wade isn't the player from 2006 anymore and Bosh is going to be like Gasol — good one year and just not as good in succeeding years.

        Who are they going to turn to after those guys? Haslem? Eddy Curry? If anything, this Miami championship feels like the one from 2006 — one really dominant performance for a superstar (LBJ/Wade '06), one passable performance from an aging superstar (Wade '12/Shaq '06) and veterans coming together just in time (Battier/Haslem/Chalmers in '12 and Posey/Walker/Payton in '06).

        Really, I think OKC got trounced because of inexperience and also because Brooks needs his reps (or they need Phil Jackson). If there's a team that could become like Chicago in 1991, it's actually OKC. You might say — hey, Lebron has better overall stats. Well, Magic had better "overall" stats than Jordan but MJ is still the Greatest. If I recall correctly, back when MJ was winning all those scoring titles, Magic got annoyed and said he could do that too. Didn't Lebron say the same thing in relation to Durant winning titles?

        Seriously, the Thunder have the same template as the Bulls of the early 90's:

        a. Scoring champ/Likable Superstar who plays a wing position (check — MJ;Durant)
        b. Strong Front Line (check — Grizzled Vet Cartwright/Williams/King; Grumpy Vet Perk/Ibaka/Sefalosha)
        c. All-Star 2nd option with occasional meltdowns (check — Pippen;Westbrook),
        d. Bench production (check — BJ Armstrong/Hodges;Harden/Wright).

        I'd be more afraid if Durant were to win it next year. Then I'd be afraid it's 1991 again.

        • skeeds

          I'm not handing him anything at all. I'm not expecting him to win again next season. I'm wondering if he might. The Heat have little in common with the 1991 Bulls. The only similarity being they're a team led by the best player of his generation, who struggled to find the way to win.
          The analogies you draw might be accurate. They could be 100% wrong too though. Wade might be aging, or he might have been hurt (he actually was). He could come back healthy and dominant next year. He could be still in his prime for 2-3 years.
          Bosh is too young to expect him to be a one and done. He too should be a lot healthier next season and too dangerous to ignore. You could argue that he's at the start of his prime too.

          My opinion on them is that they're here to stay. Not as champions. But as the team to beat. The NBA is too unstable to produce dynasties nowadays. There are no 70 win seasons ahead for the Heat, no back to back championships. But they're not falling apart either…

  • Juks

    I want Ray Back!

  • High Rollers

    I’d buy that if the Heat had beaten us a little more thoroughly. Instead we were down a honey badger and we had two starters on bad wheels out there and we STILL came within a quarter EVEN WITH the Heat finally getting supernova James. That team is fragile. Our team isn’t even fragile when it’s ground down to the nub. Ergo, Ray should pick the Celtics.

  • High Rollers

    Alright, with Nash on his way to the Lakers and Grant I Too Made The Trip To Germany Hill perhaps hot on his heels, can we now officially name LA the old fartiest team in the league? Can we call them the All Platelet Team? Sports is gettin’ cuh-razy.

  • High Rollers

    I am officially hoping for an ECF rematch (Ray or no Ray) and the long awaited rubber match with the Lake Show in the Finals. Who’s with me?

  • Guest

    According to Ira Winderman Dwyane Wade and LeBron James said on Twitter Wednesday that Thursday is a "big day" for the Heat, implying that they might be on the verge of agreeing to terms with Celtics SG Ray Allen…I think its safe to say Ray is gone. At least now we can set our sights on signing a big man – Kaman or Camby.

  • High Rollers

    If Miami’s about to get a verbal agreement from Ray, then why is Ray also meeting with the Clips on Friday? Pretty soon I will have maxed out on wondering what Ray will do. And that moment might be now.

  • hansgruber

    I will hate Ray forever if he does this. This picture makes me sick to my stomach. Go to the Clippers if you aren’t going to the Celtics. It will make me sicker than Steve Nash going to the Lakers.

  • Josh

    I pray to God that Ray comes back, tho I'm afraid the Terry deal might mean otherwise. It would be a coach's dream if he does, because the trend in the NBA now is smaller ball. Imagine a Rondo attack with Ray Allen and Jet out on the wings to spread the floor…………yummy.

  • High Rollers

    I still think they haven’t gotten past the fragile state of being the Heatles, but I love your last paragraph, Skeeds. Good stuff.

    Meanwhile over at Red’s Army, they might have hit the nail on the Ray head this morning and very succinctly at that.

    “I believe Ray is going to take the Heat offer and it’s because he’s sick of the mid-season trade rumors. If the Celtics’ season sours, Ray becomes trade bait, again. That is highly unlikely to happen in Miami.” [Excerpt]


    I’ve made my peace with it either way. Sort of.

  • High Rollers

    I’m already at the stage of wondering what Danny’s next move will be if/when Ray bolts.

  • velvet underground

    Might danny seek to sign and trade ra to heat so ra can get more $ and cs get upgrade at 4-5 from 3rd team?