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Lots of moving and shaking in the first official day of free agency yesterday so let’s get you caught up on the details, with some CelticsHub analysis mixed in.

Brandon Bass

Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald reports the two sides meant yesterday, and Bass has up to six teams also interested in his services moving forward. Here Bass’ agent Tony Dutt

“We had a great conversation and we’ll continue to talk,” said Dutt. “Everything was very positive. We understand that they care about him, but we have to look at all of our options. It’s our job to look at everything and make good decisions.”

Greg Stiemsma

The latest on Steimer also via Murphy shows interest for Greg around the league. With Omer Asik getting 8 million plus per year annually, you can bet someone will throw a medium sized chunk of change (think 3-5 million) at Stiemsma. Here’s the latest:

He met with the Timberwolves yesterday, and was followed by former Lakers reserve forward Jordan Hill and former Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum today. Minnesota, like the Celtics, has approximately $20 million of cap space.

Marcus Camby

In what comes as a very pleasant idea, the C’s have expressed interest in Marcus Camby in perhaps taking over the starting center job, according to Chris B. Haynes of CSNNW.com

The unrestricted free-agent center, Marcus Camby, has narrowed his choices to the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets, a league source told CSNNW.com.

All of these teams and then some, called Camby’s agent, Rick Kaplan, shortly after July 1 hit, inquiring about his services, but at this point in his career, he’s primarily considering teams in contention for a championship, the same source said.

I’m being told at the moment, Camby doesn’t plan on taking any visits with teams, being that he’s been in the league for so long and knows what he is looking for.

I’ll have more on this later today but Camby is a better fit than you might think with this team. He is one of the best rebounders in the league, has a decent mid-ranged jumper and can protect the rim for Boston, while taking some of the defensive onus off KG. If Boston is going to have to pay up for Stiemsma, they might be better convincing an experienced big man like Camby to sign for mid-level money, if Camby is looking for a chance at a title.

As for all of the lesser C’s free agents (Mickael Pietrus, Keyon Dooling, Marquis Daniels, etc.) don’t expect any movement with them until Boston sorts things out with Ray Allen, Green, Bass, etc. As of now, I’d say Bass may be the top candidate to leave, simply because he could bring back some value in a sign-and-trade.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • LACelticFan

    Of we can use the midlevel exeption to Camby former UMass star then I Android all for of. The man can help all of our newfound young bigs with nba paint protection lessons.

  • LACelticFan

    This autspell crap is killin what I’m saying. Sorry for the errors. But Camby could be a really good fit for one last shot.

  • Shane

    You are incredibly misinformed on Marcus Camby. He is not as good of a player (on both offense and defense) as you make him out to be. Even calling his midrange game "decent" is giving him more credit than he deserves. Last season he was, literally, the WORST offensive center (% wise) in the league. As reported in John Hollinger's scouting report on Camby,

    "Camby’s career at this point can be summarized as several strong positives offset by one huge, glaring weakness. First, the good stuff. Camby led the NBA in defensive rebound rate, is one of the best passing centers in the game, still blocks shots at age 37 (15th among centers) and rarely fouls.
    Defensively, he’s pretty good, if a bit overrated — Camby will absolutely, positively not leave the lane on a pick-and-roll, so he often leaves his guards hanging out to dry while the opponent is stroking an easy 17-footer. While he blocks shots, rebounds and doesn’t get egregiously beaten, the lack of pick-and-roll help and Camby’s own lack of strength put him closer to the middle of the center pack than many think.
    Now, for the bad news. Camby can’t score at all. He averaged 7.2 points per 40 minutes, which is pathetic, and shot 39.8 percent, which is patheticer — so bad, in fact, that we just had to make up a word to describe it. Camby’s shooting percentage and TS% both were dead last among centers."

    I have more faith in Stiemsma's growth in the upcoming years than I do in Marcus Camby being able to maintain his already mediocre game. And people trust your opinion…

    • GreenM&M

      I was a little dismayed to hear about his woeful defense of the pick and pop. If this is true then we have to pass. The pick and pop is a staple of most NBA offenses now — remember how Bosch torched us in Game 7?

      • CelticsBIG3

        Bosch? The spark plug? J/K

  • Anthony

    Was just going through the rumors page yesterday was absolutely stunned with the Asik offer. We're barely 7 months pass the lockout and we're already seeing these ridiculous offers? Just crazy.

    With Bass, it's certainly understandable that he wants a raise and deserves one. But I just don't think it'll be worth it for the Celts. Bringing JGreen is more of a priority. And their price tag is about the same. Hope we can at least leverage Bass into some sort of sign and trade.

    Same thing with Stiemsma. I can see MIN offering him like $10 mil for 3 yrs. With Melo already, I just don't see how the Celts can or should match it.

    Camby is intriguing but only if its at a veterans' minimum.

    • CG12

      If you think Asik at 3/25M is crazy, what do you think of the Stiemer at 3/10M? I love Greg as much as anybody, but come on, on what planet do you give a guy like that a deal for 3 years at over $3M/year? Get a Ryan Hollins at league minimum instead and save your cap space for a real difference maker. That being said, I really hope Stiemsma sticks around. I am fond of him and hope that with a season under his belt and an off-season to rest his feet he can come back and make more consistent contributions.

      • Anthony

        I'm just saying that I can see MIN, who's one of the teams he's talking to, offer him something like $10mil for 3yrs. Although their numbers are pretty similar, Asik is obviously a better player than Stiemsma and I would've thought anywhere in the $5-6 per yr range is already being generous. HOU is insane to offer that kind of cash to him.

        • Phil

          You have to factor in the way that someone's acquired when looking at contracts though. Draft picks are pretty much always bargains for the team, the KG deal is a steal because he wants to be here, and the Asik deal is overpaying him because the only way you're going to land a restricted free agent is by massively overpaying him, or in this case, abusing a loophole. The Rockets knew that going in.

          That said, 8m a year isn't 'that' bad for a great defensive center who you hope can do more on offense. Its only bad if the Bulls match and have to pay him 15m in year three.

          • ElRoz

            There are a lot of GMs with money to spend but with little understanding and sense – that's why Asik, Batum and maybe even Stiemsma are getting these offer; utterly stupid.

          • Anthony

            As I mentioned, I think $5-6 per would be acceptable but $8+ is a bit overboard. I can see if he had the same potential as Deandre Jordan, then the contract would be more sane.

            Bass is probably going to look for a similar contract, which I say, please decline.

          • Phil

            Does Deandre Jordon actually have potential though? He's an athletic dunker with no other offense who's not nearly as good as Asik on defense. Jordan got paid way more than he should've been as well. I'd much rather have Asik at his number than Jordan at his.

            It all goes back to free agency; the Warriors offered Jordan more than he was worth because they had to to have a chance to get him, and the Clippers matched anyway. If you want a good deal, you have to draft the player yourself.

            We just don't live in a fantasy world where you can pay a player what he's worth and get him on your team. Overpaying is the price of doing business, and its why signing mediocre players is so rarely a good strategy.

          • Anthony

            I would have to disagree. It's bad business to overpay period, let alone for an above average defender.

            Deandre Jordan is still learning the game but I would definitely say he has potential. Objectively speaking, he's a better player than Asik. And 2 years younger. Stats aren't the always the best indications of how good a player is but 7+pts, 8+reb, 2 blocks in 27min isn't horrible.

          • Marc

            Morey is one of the most knowledgeable GMs in the NBA. The deal for Asik is both fair and smart. Asik is one of the premier defenders and rebounders in all of basketball. He has great potential as a starter.

            As per Zach Lowe of SI and Basketball Ref, Asik is one of maybe 6 or 7 players to have a defenseive rebound rate of >25% and ORR >12%. Those are elite numbers, and his defensive metrics match. He isn't a great shooter, but finishes well (50+ FG%).

            Yet you quote Jordan as a sane option? The Clippers gave Jordan $10 million a year, and he has yet to do anything. He is a physical specimen but is still far behind Asik when it comes to defense and rebounding.

            Phil was 100% correct when he mentioned Asik's RFA status. Maybe $8mil is overpaying when compared to Asik's value in an open UFA market, but he is absolutely worth several million. Backloading the contract so drastically is risky, but if the Bulls match, they'd have roughly $60 million committed to four players in year 3 of Asik's deal: Rose, Boozer, Noah, and Asik.

          • Marc

            Saying Morey has no snese or calling the Asik deal stupid or insane is a gross underestimation of the Rockets GM. To say so is flat out wrong.

        • CG12

          It appears that you are not the only one who thinks that, not by a long stretch. Man, that is wild. You would like to see a guy do it for a real NBA season, getting real minutes the whole year, BEFORE you offer him that cash. But I guess at that point you may have missed the boat on looking up that player for several years. I'm talking myself into seeing how this could happen. It just seems nuts.

          • Anthony

            I hear you but it just got me thinking what was the whole point of the lockout? Obviously, owners are willing to spend but they will be the same ones complaining about revenues and why are they in the red at the end of the season. And of course it will trickle down to the fans who will be paying insane $$ just to take their family to a game.

            The Nets are another team that's going to spend all kinds of cash. Seems like they're willing to spend on Dwight, DWill, GWallace, and even absorb Joe Johnson's ridiculous contract. What's funny is as good as that team look on paper, I still don't think they can overtake the Celts for the division title.

  • Shane

    Also if you spend the mid-level on Camby, you ruin any shot of picking up a guy like Jason Terry, who has been reported as interested in signing with the Celtics. For a bench that scored a total of 1 point in game 7 against Miami this year, where do you think the money would be better spent: on an aging, overrated center or a proven microwave guard?

  • GMan

    I would have loved having Camby on the Team 3 years ago. He's 38 now, and the C's didn't have much luck with aging Centers in the past. I know he's nowhere as fragile as our last two experiments at that position, but it still scares the sh.. out of me.
    I definately like Stiemsma to stay but probably not for 4 years 16 million kind of contract.

  • Kafel

    Maybe Spencer Hawes would be nice at 5 in Boston? If he want less money than Camby I would prefer someone younger than 38 at this spot.

  • Brian

    Camby will end up spending most of his time with the trainer just like Shaq and JO. I would Pass. Stiemsma is worth the investment even if you have to overpay a little. If they want a big man who's a non scoring Defender than they should look at Ian Mahimi.

  • Phil

    Camby would be a complete score in free agency. Even if he's not the player that he used to be, the things he can still do are valuable, and would be more so on this Celtics team which lacks pretty much every skill he brings. That said, I recall him going out of his way to end up in Houston last year (pretty sure that's where he lives,) and he's late enough in his career that he might value comfort above all else. I'd be surprised if the Celtics got him despite that, but I'd love it.

    As far as Bass, he's gone. There's just no way the Celtics match the 8m+ he's going to get. I'm just hoping the Celtics can land something in a sign and trade a la Big Baby, because it was guaranteed he was gone as well.

  • dwillis

    Reading about interest in Marcu Camby is making me crazy. Am I the only C's fan that wants the team to look at younger players and not sign or resign old guys for "one more run". What about multiple runs? Screw Allen, get Mayo screw Bass and Green and get Josh Smith. If Minnesota wants Stiemsma, trade him for Beasley. When the shots stop falling and the legs give out like in game 7, people will say they gave it everything they had. That's BS! This is supposed to be an important summer for Boston and resigning Jeff Green just to justify a bad trade is a bad idea. KG means alot and i'm okay w/ him being back although his contract is insane, Miami and OKC are more athletic and have muliple weapons. Boston has one guy that can create his own shot. Ainge said he wouldn't hold on to long, but he is trying like hell.

    • Anthony

      I'm also in favor trying to get younger and building around Rondo's strengths. Not sure whether Mayo is the answer but it's worth a look.

      If the Celts really did offer $12mil/ 2yr for Ray and he still wants to explore his options, then it just means $ and being back in Boston isn't his biggest priority. His ego seems to be hurt and he still wants big minutes and a starting job.

      Also, I don't think re-signing JGreen is a bad idea at all. He's a great player with a lot of skillsets. Whether he plays for Celts or another team, he will show how good he can be this year. Of course I would still prefer JSmooth but that different topic altogether.

      I wouldn't say the KG's contract is insane whatsoever. His impact on the team, even outside of the stats, justifies his contract. How many bigs can you say are better than KG even at this point in his career? Not too many, that's for sure.

      • dwillis

        KG is still a good big guy but a 3 yr deal is too long and he won't be effective in big games if there are no bench players to relieve him. He could've been had for less imo. I'm sure Ainge is afraid of life w/o the Big 3. He doesn't know what to do or how to do it and he's proving it by holding on to players who have little value to the majority of the league. His last trade was great (Bass) so that should give him a little confidence and the balls to retool w/ youth.

        • Anthony

          I think KG's contract is fair even as is. But more than likely, the 3rd yr might not be guaranteed similar to Pierce's contract. Also, Doc has been monitoring his minutes for the pass several years, so I don't see that as a big concern.

        • CG12

          I'm sorry, but that's just dumb. KG is the heart and soul of everything the Cs have done for the last 5 years. Did you watch any of the second half of last season. KG was straight beasting it. Sure, he'll be old and overpaid at the end of his 3-year deal, but so what? You will still have a solid big man / cultural totem that means everything in showing the world what the Cs are about. You can't put a price on that. Josh Smith costs more than KG – would you want JSmoove for the next 3 years over KG? Not in a million years, brother.

          And you don't nickel and dime with KG. He slides a number across the table for what he is willing to do, and you take it, end of story.

          • dwillis

            I saw the 4th quarter of game 7 w/ Wade and James grabbing offensive rebound after offensive rebound and Bosh keeping KG off the glass, that's what I saw. I don't care about the regular season and the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. This team trying to win championships not compete w/ the Sixers and Hawks who aren't even in the conversation. You get burned when you pay for someone based on reputation

          • Anthony

            Don't even know why I need to defend the KG contract but that was 1 game. KG has shown he still has lots of game left. If we were basing things the way you look at it, I guess OKC shouldn't resign Harden, MIA should get rid of DWade, DAL should release Nowitzki, etc. Those guys had subpar performances in several games in the playoffs. Harden played terrible in the finals. Westbrook shot 4-20 in Game 5 of the finals. Should OKC try to trade them?

            The Celts lose it's team identity without KG, bottom line. He can put up 10pt 5reb in the 3rd yr of the contract and it would still be worth it.

        • The Cardinal

          Gotta disagree. During our championship season, we would have brought back P.J. Brown the next season at the age of 40! 11 mil/year ain't bad for a future 7' HOF'er who has a jumper that only one other big -Dirk – can match. He's still capable of playing defense with the best, and he can still give you 25 -30 solid minutes a night.

          Besides, he is better by far than anyone you could hope to get (and yes, that includes Josh Smith…I mean WTF? Josh Smith?). Off the top of my head, I don't believe there are more than a hand full or PFs/Cs who have a more complete game than KG at age 36, and he's still capable of dominating a game on occasion.

          And one more thing…everyone respects how well conditioned an aging Ray Allen is, but KG ain't no slouch – especially for a 7 footer.

          BTW – I'll keep on sayin' this too – a legitimate point guard and a scoring SF are going to be the key for the second unit to avoid those miserable scoring slumps that we all have come to dread. If we wanna use the MLE or do a sign-'n-trade with Bass, grab an Andre Miller or George Hill, then go after a SF who can score, not just shoot!.

          • dwillis

            You know how Tom Brady took less cash to help the Patriots sign FA's, why is it so far fetched for a well paid professional who wants to win and is so competitive to say i'll take less money and do whatever I can to help my team a winner.

          • CG12

            That IS less money. KG could have gotten way more on the open market. And there is no way the C's were getting anything better with that money.

          • The Cardinal

            It cracks me up when folks always expect athletes to take less, but would never do so themselves (and whoever says they would is lying!). I tell you what…go to your boss tomorrow and tell him you'll take 25% – 33% less so he can provide a job for an additional person who you know is deserving, but just can't catch a break, then get back with us.

          • dwillis

            Point made sir, but i'm not trying to win a championship at work

    • keltic

      i agree 100%, ainge needs to do something to get more young talent on the roster a la josh smith. signing old guys like camby and terry just isnt gonna cut it.

      • Phil

        I like how people either like to pretend, or actually think that finding good young talent is easy to do. Do people think the Hawks are gonna give up Josh Smith for Brandon Bass in a sign and trade and a first round pick? Getting good young talent means drafting it, overpaying for it, or giving up actual assets yourself.

        The choice of going young inherently means giving up the outside shot at contention, because they'd have to give up their current pieces to do so. I don't know why people think they can have it both ways. Other teams (except the Nets,) are trying to win too.

        • dwillis

          i'm not saying it's easy although Mayo and a 1st rd pick were on the way at the deadline. He is a free agent now so take a shot at him, Boston only has 5 guys under contract and 2 of value (Rondo, Bradley) to non contenders and Bradley won't get much in return. We as fans deserve a team built to win now and in the future. What happens when Garnett retires? Is Ainge gonna walk too, since his success as a GM is directly tied to him.

        • keltic

          joe johnson was pretty easy to get…and sign and trade bass and jeff green wouldnt be a bad deal we could even throw in a 1st rd pick or of our rooks/jj/moore

          • keltic

            its been well documented josh wants out of atl, this is the last yr of his contract, so im pretty sure they are listening to offers and salary wise green+bass would be very close to matching that…im not saying this is going to happen but shit if i was ainge id sure as hell try to

          • Anthony

            Only issue is ATL has a lot of options to build around JSmooth and Horford, after shedding so much of Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams' contracts. CP3 has always wanted to play in ATL and hasn't signed an extension with the Clippers yet. Also rumored is they're trying to persuade Dwight relocate to ATL since he and JSmooth and Morrow, who they acquired, are close friends. And now they have more pieces to throw at ORL for a trade.

            It would certainly be interesting to see there is any remote chance of getting JSmooth in Boston and how all this plays out.

  • Vickie

    Brilliant, I didn't think the C's would find a way to get older. Best plan ever.

    • liberty or death

      you took the words right out of my mouth. starting center the 38 year old marcus camby!!! this dude was playing for UMASS when i was in like 5 grade. im 24.

      • CG12

        he was starting for UMASS when you were in kindergarten!

        • The Cardinal

          Yeah, but if we can get him for 3mil/year while developing our rookie and a holdover (or two) from last season, I'd take him in a minute. Again, we would have resigned P.J. Brown at 40 had he wanted to continue playing, and not one of us would have cried over that deal – especially when KG went down the following year.

        • GreenM&M

          Funny. But sad too. makes me feel old. What will I do when all these old dudes retire? Start watching golf?

  • Morheus

    Some people here just don’t get it……..SNAP OUT OF IT Danny is not pepared to go through a complete rebuild.

    Camby is light years ahead of any FA C out there on the market and he’s definitely head and shoouldrs above Steamer, or Wilcox.

    Too much of the word “young” is being used around here.

    Personally, i think Danny has got a good blend of youth and experienced vets leading into the next era of Celtics basketball.

    • strips

      Danny's mentality is 'win now' right? So getting an established center only makes sense. I think it was reported a few days ago that KG didn't want to come back as the C's full time center so maybe Danny's just keeping his end of the bargain by looking for serviceable centers. Let's save our pipe dreams of getting someone like Roy HIbbert in the current market. I know it sounds awesome but it's just not going to happen. Camby signed for a reasonable amount would be a really good addition to the C's.

      • GMan

        The key here is reasonable amount. One year, biannual exception. Nothing more!

  • Dre

    Brandon Bass documentary just before he became a Celtic .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMIwXs2V7RM

  • High Rollers

    I’d be very disappointed in Ray if he chooses to leave now. The fans showered him with love when he returned to action late last season. KG has proven steadfast. Doc’s still at the helm and fighting for his players. The minutes will be there and the $ as well. DA is making all the right moves and feeling good enough about himself to be razzing the rooks on day one. Jeff Green is healthy and oh so close to signing, loving being Green. Regardless of the bumps in the road up until now, Ray has a nice plate being set in front of him at a very nice table.

  • Marc

    What is with the complete infatuation with Josh Smith? Why is every fan so willing to dump multiple parts and future flexibility for a poor, inconsistent jump shooter who has issues playing team defense?

    I don't get it.

    • Stephe

      this is the last year of his deal so it does nothing to hurt flexibility and frankly there has never been a very good team with such a glaring weakness as last year's Cs – Rebounding. The Cs give away 7 more shots a game than they shot. No playoff team has ever done that before. JS is an excellent rebounder(both offensive and defensive), can run w Bradley and Rondo and defends quick PF (who frankly burned KG the 1st 1/2 o the season) well.
      If the Cs had cut the margin of FGA in 1/2 they would have beat the Heat. Straight up.

      • passerby23

        I would also add Smith brings another desperately needed element to Boston: shot blocking. Sporadic shooting can be tolerated for the versatile and much needed skillset he brings to the table. And attitude? Have you ever seen anyone not buy into Doc's system with all those veterans? He makes the Celtics a lot better and they might not have to give up too much to get him given that the Hawks are clearing house. Smith's expiring contract for Bass, Sullinger/Melo, and a future first rounder.

  • High Rollers

    If Danny signs Green, he’s keeping him. If Bass wants more $ or longer deal, then who wouldn’t explore sign-and-trade options? If ATL really is hoping for Howard, then I really doubt they move Smith, much less consider adding Bass. But it never really sounded like ATL was on Dwight’s radar. They won’t get him, they’re still likely to move Smith, it’s still possible Bass wants more than Boston’s offering, and a sign-and-trade of Bass and a couple picks sounds reasonable for Smoove, who definitely played at an all-star level last year. But if we end up with Bass, it’s not like we’re losing anything. Danny’s setting up some win-win scenarios.