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Both NBA.com’s David Aldridge and SI’s Sam Amick have sources indicating the Celtics are making ground in their attempts to sign Jeff Green.


Meanwhile, the Celtics believe they’re “close,” as one source put it, to reaching agreement on a new deal with Green, who missed all of last season after undergoing open-heart surgery in December to repair an aortic aneurysm.


But a source close to 25-year-old forward Jeff Green said the odds of him also returning to Beantown as well are high, thanks in large part to his affinity for coach Doc Rivers and the Celtics’ stance that he’s an important part of their future going forward.

CH Says: We burned through a lot of bandwidth last season trying to make sense of the poor play of Green after he was acquired from Oklahoma City. That’s why the one-year contract he signed in December made a lot of sense for both sides: Green was to make $9M and re-establish his market value and the Celtics were to avoid a multi-year burden for an unproven player. Both sides stood to benefit from Green turning in a standout season.

It appears Green’s heart problems may have just pushed the timing on that make-good contract back seven months. Which is the tricky bit. Given the offer sheet Minnesota dangled in front of Nicolas Batum (reportedly 4 years/$44M) and the $40M contract Brooklyn lavished on Gerald Wallace, there’s no reason to think Green has to settle for a single year, even if there are both literal and metaphorical questions about his heart.

If Danny Ainge manages to cut a deal for two years or less, it’s almost certainly a win. If Green performs to his potential, the Celtics benefit. If he repeats the spring of 2011, well, Green’s still young enough and promising enough that he can be moved for other assets. If it takes three or four years to get Green locked down or dollars approaching $10 million per annum, the Celtics are tying their fortunes and long term cap flexibility to a player who, at least so far, has performed right around the median level in this league. If not a bit below it.

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  • LStrike

    I agree with you completely, anything over 2 years at $8-10m a pop I would consider a risky deal.

  • Morheus

    I would love to get Camby. Still an elite defender at C, rebounder and a solid passer for a big. His style would fit perfectly here in Boston Celtics culture

    • felix

      I agree. Defensively, Camby and Garnett on the floor is a nice prospect. And then to have Stiemer coming of the bench…very nice outlook!

  • C. Henry

    I think if Green signs it may have a positive impact on Ray wanting to come back. It shows the C's are committed to make another run, and it also seemed that Ray and Green seemed to have a good bond (at least from watching a season of "The Association" last year).

  • Phil

    I'd be pretty shocked if Green got a long term deal from the Celtics. The fact that they agreed on one year before the career threatening injury tells me that Ainge isn't exactly in love with him. Hard to see how one year older and one year away from the game makes the price go up.

  • ElRoz

    What's the news on the Wilcox front? Boston is not going to be signing all three of Stiemsma, Camby, and Wilcox.

    I'd be glad to have any of these two guys.

    Minnesota is considering offering $44 mil for 4 years to Batum? Morons – I saw him play last season in numerous games – he is NOT worth that money!

  • Ben

    Anything more than 2 years at 5-6 million a pop would be a risky play IMHO. He didn't play well when we traded for him, and missed all of last year (despite the fact we paid him). Why should we have to shell out more than 5 or 6 million when we don't even know what we're getting from him?! I'd rather sign a FA like Jamal Crawford than pay Green 9 Mil. Perhaps you guys are forgetting how awful he looked in a celtics uniform.

  • dasein

    Here's a reason why Green may have to settle for one year- once Kan and King have blown their wads, the number of criminally incompetent GMs left who will overpay in this way will have greatly shrunk. Also, he's never even proven that he is as good as Batum and Wallace. I wouldn't want to give him anything more than 1 yr at 5M at this point. If he can then prove he's worth more, he'll get it.