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Brian and I were chatting yesterday about the prospect of Gerald Green not being a totally horrible fit for this Celtics team and, lo and behold, here’s A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE doing the same today:

“He’s not a bad kid,” Rivers said. “He’s never been a bad kid. He just needed some direction. Sometimes, you have to go through hard times to make it. And I’m really hoping he makes it.”

Rivers added, “People look at Gerald and they just saw this freak athlete that won the (2007) dunk contest. Gerald can make shots. He can really shoot the basketball. He just hadn’t been taught how to play basketball. I hope it works out for him.”

Green, 26, is not a player that ranks at or near the top of the Celtics’ wish list. But depending on how free agency plays out, that could change quickly.

After a few years in the basketball wilderness, Green returned to the NBA last season and put up some good shooting numbers for the Nets. He shot 48% from the field and 39% from the arc in 25.2 minutes. Those were borderline garbage time numbers, given the Nets’ poor season, but they also suggest the 26-year-old is ready to claim a spot in an NBA rotation.

Here’s what makes him intriguing: he’ll come far cheaper than any other free agent SG the Celtics are targeting and his ridiculous athleticism would give Boston another weapon for an uptempo attack. And in the halfcourt, he could park himself at the arc and knock down open jumpers.

Is his defense passable enough to earn rotation minutes? It’s hard to say with any certainty but he’s a name to keep an eye on if the Celtics lose out on the buzzier free agents they’re pursuing.

And just as a point of debate: would you prefer Green or E’Twaun Moore occupy a roster spot on the 2012-13 Celtics? Interesting question, no?

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  • Miggy_Miggz

    Wouldn't mind picking him up at all.. It would give a Rondo a much needed running mate on fastbreaks.

  • mugi

    If it’s moore or green, i’d go green.

  • red

    All athlete lineup of Rondo, Bradley,Green,Green and KG

  • GreenM&M

    All things being equal, I'd rather have Green, of course. But if you factor in the price and our limited cap space, we have to go with Moore.

  • red

    I am all for Green, because I think Moore can be moved he plays a position that is already redundant on this Celtic's squad. Also Ray Allen is probably not coming back, if we are already offering him more than anyone else and he is still fielding offers it means he is using us to drive up his asking price only with no intention of returning.

    • Phil

      There's literally no way for Ray to drive up his asking price with other teams. The teams he has been linked to have already offered him the most they can offer (Heat 3m a year, most other teams the full midlevel.) You could say he's using other teams to squeeze more out of the Celtics, but its more likely that he's just making a decision. Free agency's been going on for like eighteen hours.

  • Jon Mullen

    wouldn't mind seeing this a few times… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOzo4pHTZ-M

  • The Cardinal

    He should definitely be considered since Boston could use an explosive 3 off the bench. I hope for the first time since we signed Carlos Arroyo, we can sign a true point guard to back up Rondo. Andre Miller or George Hill would be nice.

  • Etwaunnnnnn

  • Phil

    Moore vs Green is all about salary cap. If you have the money to spare, Green is absolutely the right choice. There are a million Moores every year in the draft and free agency. Green showed last year that he can bring a little more on offense, and who really cares how well your 11th man can defend if he can hit some threes and dunks?

  • veteransagainstobama

    get him yo……..dude's will be solid with av and rondo

  • BleedGreen70

    Definitely Gerald Green! Taller, has out of this world athleticism, better shooter and range, more experienced but still approaching his prime, will benefit greatly from having Rondo especially on fastbreaks.

  • Morpheus

    I'd take Green over Moore any day of the week. Green can play, PERIOD and he can definitely stroke it from deep, pull up off the dribble, attack the basket get out in transistion and his athleticism can't be denied.

    Danny, please get Gerald Green here back in Boston PLEASE.

    And he's got SWAG., nba experience…come on, this is a no brainer for mine.

    • dslack

      Right, because SWAG wins games.

  • yeah

    Love Gerald Green and Delonte West!

  • celticsunshine

    I voted everyone down you were all getting a bit too uppity,

  • hansgruber

    Man if Ray would come back for less money it would be great. Then re sign jeff green and they still have a mid level from JO, then hopefully they could try to go after Jason Terry as well and then maybe just maybe they could still bring a couple more bench players left. I doubt most of it is possible. Hate to say it but I wish more players cared more about winning than money like Lebron.

    • Phil

      Any money that Lebron lost from missing out on the extra money that Cleveland could've offered has been more than made up for in endorsements. Players like Lebron make as much off the court as they do on it, and Lebron had maxed out what he could get playing with the crappy teams the Cavs put around him. He pretty much chose money 'and' winning.

      Also, there's a huge list of guys every year that take less money to be on winning teams. Ray could get more money from the Suns than anywhere else, yet he's not going there, and anyone who signs with the Heat, Lakers, Bulls or a few other teams could've gotten more elsewhere.

  • Howard Avellino

    Some of us have been wishing the Cs would bring Gerald Green back for years. 🙂 In any case, I'm very happy that Green seems to have his career back on track. I always liked him.

    I don't know how much money he'll get offered elsewhere. If the Celtics want to sign him, I doubt E'twaun Moore will be what prevents it.

    I would definitely rather have Green than Jason Terry, even for equivalent money.