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Today was decision day for  Kevin Garnett and the news is good for the Boston Celtics. According to a source, The Boston Herald is reporting Kevin Garnett will return to the Celtics next season, and possibly longer.

The 36-year-old considered retirement, but ultimately decided to return for an 18th NBA season — and more.

According to an NBA source and a source close to Garnett, the sides are working out the details of a deal that will be for at least two years and could possibly include a third.

“The decision came down to whether KG wanted to keep playing,” said one source. “And once he decided that he did, it was going to be Boston. He wasn’t going to leave Doc (River) and those guys and play anywhere else.”

Much more on this situation upcoming as it develops but it’s safe to say, this is a great sign for C’s offseason, as the entire gang could very well be back next season. Full analysis on the way…..

UPDATE: Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports is reporting the deal is for three years and 34 million dollars.

Celtics to re-sign forward Kevin Garnett to a three-year, $34 million deal, sources tell Yahoo! Sports.

— Marc J. Spears (@SpearsNBAYahoo) June 30, 2012


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Brian Robb

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  • Marc J. Spears ‏@SpearsNBAYahoo

    Celtics to re-sign forward Kevin Garnett to a three-year, $34 million deal, sources tell Yahoo! Sports.

  • mugi


  • someguyinsac

    Excellent news if true, hope the same will happen with RA.

  • hera

    Great news!

  • Anthony.B

    hell yeah

  • Supadoosh

    I just peed a little…!

  • Kivanc

    I'm glad he's coming back, but it'd better me something like 2 year/25m. Otherwise we'll be paying KG 12million in 2015 when he's 39. That will kill us that year.

  • skeeds

    f@ck yeah! I'd still be excited to have KG in green even if he couldn't play anymore. Having him healthy and productive is all the more amazing.

    Boy I hope those rookies are ready to be yelled at…

    • dwillis

      What are you smokin'?

  • High Rollers


  • GreenM&M


    SO happy about this! I don't think I could have handled him retiring. He just means so much to our team and franchise.

    I just hope KG takes a lesson from this year and goes a bit easier this summer. Doc credited his resurgence this year to the lockout and to him toning down his workout regimen when it looked like the season was lost.

  • LACelticFan

    Johnson and Sullinger need to get ready to get a good dose of minutes because I think Doc may start to take the Popovich approach and rest KG some games, but to bring back the defensive catalyst is AWESOME.

  • Ben

    Happy he's back…but so much for the hometown discount

  • dwillis

    KG must've had a gun on Ainge during negotiations. This ruins any plans to go for Mayo now that Memphis is letting him walk. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's back but for 3 yrs. No Josh Smith next season. He should've signed for 1 yr, Ainge is doing just what he said he wouldn't do.

    • lakershater13

      With KG, Pierce and Rondo thats 38 mil. That is 20 mil under the cap with the cap at 58. Green may sign a 1 year deal just to show he can play and look for a huge pay day next year. So not sure where the pessimistic attitude comes from. Mayo shouldnt get more than 6-7 mil a year from any team. Josh Smith is not a max contract player next off season. He will be in the 10-12 mil range not the 14-16 mil range. So Ainge did leave himself with a little flexibility heading into this off season and next.

      • dwillis

        I'm just thinking long term, It's really hard for Rondo to run w/ this current roster and thats key to beating the two teams that played in The Finals. Granted Boston nearly beat Miami, but once again they couldn't make a shot, they couldn't account for Bosh. Signing KG for that kind of money takes cash away from shot makers and "younger" defenders/rebounders, unless they plan to play Johnson (it's time to see what he's got) like they did Bradley. To make my point Josh Smith would destroy Bosh!!!

        • lakershater13

          Younger guys to run with Rondo…Bradley and Green. Possibly Mayo and Hickson. I think Sully and Melo can add rebounding for the Cs.

          Yes Smith would destroy Bosh. I think Bosh is highly over paid. Bosh is a solid player but he looked better than he is on a losing team in Toronto.

  • lakershater13

    Thank you KG! This is great news. 11 mil a year doesn't exactly help the cap space but KG deserves the money based on his heart and effort every night. Even if his body breaks down by the 3rd year you know you will get every drop of effort from him. The way I see it half the money hes getting is going to him playing the other half will be for player development for JJJ, Sully, and Melo. Now if the Cs can sign Green, Bring back Allen and/or Mayo, and sign a guy like Hickson cheap I think the Cs will be in great shape. The one thing they cannot do is over pay Bass. Rondo got Bass open jumpers and he wasnt a great rebounder. Millsap averages 16 and 9 and only gets paid 8 mil a year. Bass at 12 and 5 it was his best season and I dont see much upside. So Bass would be best in a sign and trade to get another rotation player back. As much as I didnt like the Sully pick Im sure he can step in and rebound better than Bass and he can probably average 8 to 10 a game so I dont see giving Bass a huge contract.

  • Anthony.B

    This is great 10 mil less then last year people and no J.O he made 10 mil last year we got money that save us 20 mil from last year all ready

  • tbunny

    Unrelated: Bosh and Wade said they would rather soak in ice than play in the Olympics.

    I wonder who took a bite out their ass?

    • james

      OKC didn't do $hit. We all know if we win that 4th quarter in game 7, we're raising banner #18.

  • misel

    ayyyeee… got goosebumps all over

  • Miggy_Miggz

    Score!! One giant step closer to #18

  • Batman

    deserves every penny
    great move
    i could use 3 more years of watching the big ticket

  • Anthony

    Awesome!! The 3 years make sense as it assures KG will retire as a Celtics!

    I don't know how other people feel but I think the roster is starting to fill out nicely. Just having Rondo, Pierce, KG, and AB will make us an automatic playoff team. How awesome would the roster look by adding JSmoove and a shooter?

    PG – Rondo, Moore
    SG – AB, [Shooter], Joseph
    SF – Pierce, JJJ
    PF – [JSmoove], Sully, SWilliams
    C – KG, Melo, Stiemsma

  • Morheus

    #18 is on THEE way.

    Fuck yeah. KG retrning, is ultimately, the key to the Celtics being contenders for 2012-13. #18 ain’t happening without him.

    Thankyou KG.

    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuck yeah. KG retrning, is ultimately, the key to the Celtics being contenders for 2012-13. #18 ain't happening without him.
    http://essays-tips.com/ Very nice..