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Lost amidst the hysteria of the NBA Draft yesterday, was another new twist in the Ray Allen free agency saga which will unfold next week. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports there is strong and potentially mutual interest between the Phoenix Suns and Ray Allen

The Phoenix Suns have surfaced as serious contenders to sign Boston Celtics free agent Ray Allen, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Allen, 37, is willing to explore offers beyond Boston. The Suns – regardless of whether they re-sign free-agent point guard Steve Nash – interest Allen, sources said.

The Suns have significant salary-cap space, and could pay Allen more than the Miami Heat or New York Knicks. Suns president Lon Babby had been Allen’s agent for a significant part of his career until Babby started running Phoenix’s basketball operations two years ago.

CH Analysis on this potential possibility on the way…..

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Tos

    I would be stunned if Ray went to Phoenix.

    However, I'd much prefer it than Miami or NY, but I really doubt this happens.

  • nfrench88

    Ray is not gonna move his entire family to Phoenix, there's just no way. He puts too much stock in that. Or does his fam live in Cali mostly? I dunno.

  • Morpheus


  • Phil

    Ray is gonna have "mutual interest" with every team courting him; that's how free agency works. Coming out and saying that you only want to play for one or two teams drives your price down. I'll be shocked if Ray takes more money to finish his career on what will be a terrible Suns team.

  • High Rollers

    Suns' prez was Ray's agent? Sounds like Ray is sending a $ message to Danny. As in, I'm serious about being paid fairly next season, wherever I go. Although that could backfire if Babby pulls an "I'm not your agent anymore and I don't care if you get paid" on him.

    • liberty or death

      let him walk.

  • Jason

    Gee let me finish up my career dwindling in mediocrity for a team that is content not to contend for a title and has been ever since Colangelo left!

    • liberty or death

      let him walk. not worth the money or the effort. only cripples the team and keeps them slow.

  • Jason

    There is a team that he fits perfect on that needs shooters and can pay more than Miami or NY, and if they are healthy have just as good a chance as anybody … BOSTON !!!

  • GreenM&M

    Great way to start the building process if your Phoenix. Spend top $$ on an aging vet that may not even be able to play next year.

    This is a total red herring. Ray's former agent is doing him a little favor to drive his stock up. Danny's too smart to fall for this.

  • skeeds

    Oh no, another team is interested in Ray? Impossible!!!
    It's not like 20 teams are gonna try to sign him this summer. It's all up to him. Ainge won't go overboard to sign him, and he shouldn't. And Ray could probably be a starter for a playoff team like the Knicks or Clippers for 1-2 more years. So whatever it is that he values, he can get it.
    I bet it's not Phoenix though…

  • Jason

    Look around.. There isn’t a bunch of SG’s on the market that still give you 14 points a game Between him and Avery our SG spot is set.. And he will still get more playing time with us..

  • MIA305

    Ray allen made over $178 million in salary during his NBA career, Money is not his motivation. The only team that guarantees a ring is >>>>MIAMI HEAT!!!!!

    • Mathteach1227

      Miami's one dimensional chokefest was given their one championship so Lebron and the rest of Miami would stop whining. Can you say "1 and done", "1 hit wonder". If Boston had Bradley they wouldnt even have gotten into the finals.

  • Chief

    Your wrong douche

  • Jon Mullen

    i think it's very important for the celtics agenda to resign ray. they need the perimeter shooting to allow rondo to play his game. the focus they put on reinforcing the frontcourt during the draft leaves a gaping hole on the perimeter. as talented as AB and rondo will be they pose no outside shooting threat. pietrus is too inconsistent and dooling isn't a 20 min guy. if dannt can talk ray into being that guy off the gench the celtics are a LEGITMATE threat, even a favorite. hopefully jeff green comes back, and ray and kg come back, that would be top to bottom the most dominant team in the league…. when healthy, of course

    • Mathteach1227

      Paying what he would want for a three point threat that had way more bad games then good games last year is not a good idea. He also does not want to sit behind Bradley and the Celtics are a better team with Bradley starting. Take whatever money Ray would want, throw some at OJ Mayo and put the rest in your pocket. It would be a significant savings with no loss in production and a huge boost in athleticism.

  • James Patrick

    If Ray takes off to the Suns, then I'm sorry but happy trails buddy. Enjoy the paycheck, you'll never win a title in the few years left of your career and surely don't bleed Celtic Green. I don't fault him for going after a pay day, but I'd hope at this point in his career, he doesn't need the money and would be more focused on his legacy. That's why I love KG. Celtics or retirement. Loyalty. That's what makes us Celtics fans. And that's what I want in our players. So no love lost if Ray bolts. We'll make do with what we have.

  • thunderlizards

    rather have ray as an instant offense back up 2/end of game sniper than any other free agent available…will he be willing to come off the bench though?

  • Mathteach1227

    Would rather spend money on Mayo and the future than Allen and the past. Shake his hand, thank him for his service and let him gooooooo. Time to get young. The past two draft, current youth and Mayo have us retooled in a year or 2 at most. If Garnett comes back we could actually go for another championship. We dont need Allen, especially at the price tag he will demand.

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