Post-game Reactions

We speculated about this earlier in the week and now Marc Stein confirms the Celtics have expressed interest in Josh Smith.

Of course, he also reports that new Hawks GM Danny Ferry is still mapping out his plan with regards to Smith, who has one year and $13M left on his contract and that the Lakers and Rockets are also in the mix.

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  • sk35

    Don't know how this would work (3rd team?) for the Celts but I'd welcome it if the cost isn't too high. He and Rondo are buddies and he is the type of athletic player they need. He thrives in a support role and would give them a good shot blocker outside the C position. Again, it is likely a stretch but I think Smith would welcome a move to Boston.

  • Ryan

    I cannot see this happening. I would love it but it would have to be him or KG. KG will not come back as a Center he already said it. They would play the same position and I doubt either of them would be cool with coming off the bench.

    • steve

      actually josh smith might be able to play SF aand paul pierce might come of the bench

      • Ben

        i see josh smith coming in for paul and paul moved to point and courtney lee coming off the bench 4 bradley

  • Anthony

    If the reports are true, I just don't see how the Lakers can get him unless they offer Bynum. While Gasol still have game left, ATL would need to add additional player to match the salaries. Both the Celts and Rockets can offer more in terms of picks and younger players.

    I've said this before but I think Jeff Green, one of the 1st round pick this year, and a 2nd round pick next year is a fair trade and can get it done. Come on Danny Ferry… make the trade!