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Orange Again: Celtics Select Kris Joseph In Second Round

The Celtics went back to Syracuse for their second round pick, selecting Canadian Kris Joseph, a 6’7″small forward.

Joseph was a good scorer in college, and particularly effective from the three-point-line but like all second round picks, he’s got warts. He’s not the most explosive or athletic player, and at 215 pounds, there are questions about his strength.

We’ll also have to see how he stacks up as a man-defender after playing zone at Syracuse.

This is the second year in a row the C’s have selected teammates, after nabbing Purdue duo JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore last June.

Moore appears to have found a place somewhere on the Celtics roster. We’ll see if Joseph can do the same.

  • lakershater13

    C's should pick up Hollis Thompson since he some how went undrafted. He could be a steal of a pick up.

  • Phil

    Second round pick, if he ever figures into a rotation, he's successful. No reason to expect much, or get up in arms over anything. I don't know anything about him, but hopefully he's got at least one NBA skill that can help him get on the court.

  • CTVT802

    Players undrafted that the Celtics should consider
    – Scott Machado
    – Hollis Thompson
    – Tu Holloway
    How did none of these guys get drafted. I hate the international picks that no one has heard of like Ognjen Kuzmic and Tomislav Zubcic…ridiculous

    • lakershater13

      I wouldnt be shocked to see Yancy Gates in summer league on the Cs. The guy is a beast but he is also a head case.

    • NZNICK33

      Why is it ridiculous? Because you don't know who they are? Because American players should be chosen over foreign players?

      It seems a lot more prudent to draft a foreign guy with huge upside, stash him overseas whilst he develops and then retain the right to sign him when he is ready for the NBA. Local talents that go undrafted can simply be signed as free agents and assigned to the D League if necessary.

      • CTVT802

        Have you heard of Magnum Rolle, Paulao Prestes, Tibor Pleib, or Nemanja Bjelica? I am guessing no, but these were players from the 2010 draft that were drafted overseas and never made it to the NBA regular season, the 2009 season was even worse. 2nd round international players have very little impact in the future NBA, besides Manu and Marc Gasol.

      • Phil

        Its also for financial reasons a lot of times. Most of the time, late second rounders just aren't worth anything; the Lakers bought the 55th pick for 500k for example. Teams know that a lot of those players will never sniff the NBA, but neither will most American players taken there. You just don't have to pay the foreign players who don't sniff the NBA because they're already being paid elsewhere.

        There's usually one player a year worth a roster spot in the second half of the second round, a lot of owners would rather have 500k to a million dollars. Gotta cut costs somewhere I guess, and its better than selling Rondo for 3m like Sarver.

        • CTVT802

          I like Scott Machado because he is so similar to Rondo, and would be a solid backup for years. He lead the nation in assists last year (9.9) and second the junior year (7.5). Impressive stats.

  • yeah

    "Moore appears to have found a place somewhere on the Celtics roster."


    • lakershater13

      yep on the bench

  • Ray

    As a Celtic fan living in Syracuse, I saw a lot of Kris Joseph this season. I'm not really high on him. He has a tendency to disappear and float through games. He was billed as Syracuse's best player this season but he was rarely the best player in any particular game. He has a tendency to take ill-advised threes. His game has become more and more perimeter-oriented as he advanced in years. His nickname in my office is Sleepy Kris. Depending on who else is coming back he may be a training camp cut.

    On the upside he can score in bunches. He does get to the rim and, when he makes an effort to, the foul line. He played good defense in the zone, we'll see if it translates.