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Green Men! Celtics Select Jared Sullinger & Fab Melo


With the 21st pick (in the 2012 NBA Draft!) the Celtics selected PF Jared Sullinger from Ohio State. Sullinger’s a 6’9″ lottery talent — albeit one who fell as a result of potential back problems. He’s also a back-to-the-basket big — albeit one who is earthbound.

With the 22nd pick (also in the 2012 NBA Draft!), the Celtics selected Fab Melo, a 7’0″ Brazilian center out of Syracuse. Melo projects as a project but gives the Celtics size they can mold and a potential shotblocker in the middle.

Let us know what you think. We’ll have more later on tonight including Boston’s second round selection and reaction from the C’s draft headquarters at the TD Garden.

  • Batman

    I'm so disappointed
    Danny WHY would u take Flabby Melo when QUINCY MILLER is still there?

  • Phil

    "Tell us what you think"

    My head hurts right now because I slammed it on my desk too hard after seeing the picks. I feel like that sums it up well. What are two risky low ceiling players going to accomplish? At least shoot for guys with high ceilings. Crappy players can still play regular season minutes, we know the Celtics don't care about the regular season, and no draft pick is playing in the playoffs next year.

  • lakershater13

    Maybe Rondo will develop a half court game? Seriously this makes NO sense. I'm tired of under sized power forwards. How is Perry Jones not the perfect guy to put behind KG to learn. 6'11 skinny foward who is athletic and can shoot. Sound like anyone from Minny drafted?

  • Tos

    Sullinger was pretty obvious, Melo was a shocker.

    I'm not thrilled because the era of Rondo was supposed to be fast paced, running the floor… these two guys don't fit that mold.

    I just hope this doesn't mean Rondo is still being shopped around. I want Rondo a Celtic for his career.

  • Equity Trader

    great another SLOW A$$, EARTHSTUCK, NON-ATHLETIC PF…and then you draft a C who can't shoot and barely rebounds?? Steam-boat is just a good as this guy..what a waste!!

    You have Perry Jones, a superior athlete w/All-Star potential and you draft these two scrubs?
    What are you doing/thinking Danny Ainge? If i'm KG i'm retiring. They'v done NOTHING to better their team.
    I hope Ainge has a trick up his sleeve come free agency, ie Josh Smith, because so far this offseason is of to a TERRIBLE start.

    Lastly, If i'm Ray Allen, i can't wait to sign w/Miami at 12:01 Sunday morning.

    Horrible..just horrible!

  • nickp91

    Sweet! Boston Celtics pick up Big Ten star Jared Sullinger in nba draft.

  • cos

    what I think is simple. its crap.

    how do you not draft athelete's? you need guys who can run and push the tempo on the break with rondo on the second unit. if your not drafting those types of guys your wasting rondos talent.

    fab busto and a bad back sullinger. crap

  • cos

    should have taken moultrie. or acy, or perry/

    i would have taken moultie with one of those picks.

    your not only wasting rondos talent your also wasting the opportunity for tutelage from kg on an ATHLETE!!!!

  • lakershater13

    Well Perry Jones might go next to miami! CRAP!!!!

    • lakershater13

      oh thank you for not taking him Miami.

  • Phil

    Seriously though, I see why Sullinger makes sense, but what is the actual defense for Fab Melo? He's a seven foot tall person who's not good at basketball. Do the Celtics think he's going to play defense, rebound, what? I can't think of one thing he does well, or even projects to do any better than Ryan Hollins or Greg Stiemsma.

  • Abraham Adams

    LOVE how much our fanbase complains. ALL THE TIME. We just got a lottery pick at 21 and you guys are pissed?? Seriously?

    • lakershater13

      Notice the other 20 picks that said "lets not draft an non athletic forward with potential back problems"

    • Equity Trader

      A lottery pick?? are you ok guy? you watch too much ESPN.

      Sullinger is another "Big" Baby in the making. "Fat" Fab Melo can't score and i heard his comprehension of the english languague isn't up to par with a 3rd grader–oh but wait Rivers & Ainge like his potential.

      What a joke, if you have 2 picks this low in the 1st round you might as well roll the dice on athletic guy that can run w/Rondo!! You are absolutely WASTING Rondon's advantage but not having guys that can run w/him and these 2 picks don't fill that need.

      I can't believe they drafted these scrubs..Thank you for all the memories KG, I don't blame you if you don't wanna come back. Now we have "Dumb" Danny to thank for forcing KG into retirement!!

      • felix

        who care if melo doesn't understand English very well. like that has anything to do with basketball.
        i'm not gonna say anything about americans and foreign languages:)
        Speaking of Melo, i was actually thinking of Acie Earl…..he looks very flat footed in that youtubevideo. and his low post moves are not good enough for the nba. not a good sign.

        • felix

          wait. i just mixed things up. Sully is the flatfooted guy. wonder if he can score that way in the nba. looks like he mostly uses his size and that right hook in that vid.

    • Anthony

      Sullinger is not a lottery pick. He was an overrated college player that has probably reach his ceiling. His low post moves won't work in the NBA. Best case scenario, he's a homeless man Elton Brand post-injuries and age.

      Fab Melo was just a waste of a pick. For those that remember, Fab Melo < Acie Earl.


  • skeeds

    What I think is since we're all convinced Fab Melo is a huge bust, he'll probably turn out to be the new Tyson Chandler.
    It's exactly the kind of head scracthing move Ainge would pull and prove everyone wrong.

  • lakershater13

    Anyone else have the feeling our second round pick might end up better than the 2 first rounders.

    • Phil

      I'd take a mystery second rounder over Melo right now, at least then I'd get another hour of hope.

      I think Sullinger will be fine though, unless his back ends his career, he shouldn't suck. He should be a capable backup big who can do what Bass did. The argument against him is that he's an unathletic, low ceiling player who's not even a sure thing. He still has a solid floor though.

    • Equity Trader

      hahahah..i agree, unfortunately, wholeheartedly

  • GreenM&M

    Not bad. As good as can be expected form 21 and 22. I would have liked to see them trade up to get White. But it looks like teams were standing pat this year.

    I have a good feeling about Sullinger. Maybe he'll turn out to be more Powe than Baby.

    • lakershater13

      Powe was athletic

  • Trent

    Any of you guys think this is bait to get josh smith.. This is Danny guys .. Thinking four steps ahead

    • Phil

      There have already been reports that the Celtics had both Sullinger and Melo in the lottery on their big board. I'm looking for any other reason, but seems like they just like them.

  • I_Love_Green

    Time to look forward to free agency.

  • High Rollers

    Welcome to the Celtics, Newbies.

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  • Vince

    I think Fab Melo was a better basketball player than Ryan Hollins the day Fab picked up a basketball. If you can get a backup center to play 20 mins a night at 22nd pick, I don't object. Besides, there is no guarantee Stiemsma is coming back.

  • High Rollers

    Man, LeBron’s out there on Twitter trying to seduce Ray. Don’t listen to it, Ray!

  • High Rollers

    I like that, Phil. Maybe low ceiling but solid floor. The talking heads said the dude just knows how to play basketball. Unless his back is irreparable, then Sully should be an asset. And isn’t Fabbthe guy who just started ballin’ six years ago? I wonder if he’s going to show more than anyone expects. But with the sentiment flowing in this thread, that shouldn’t be too difficult anyway.

  • cos

    at least I now know my 2 least favorite players on the team.

  • Mariner2713

    Sullinger can play basketball – better then bass already – his game is predicated on high basketball IQ – good pick ( a better Leon Powe when he was healthy),,,at 22 a project at 7'00" – why not ?? – and I for one woudn't mind rondo being shopped – he is a very good pg but he isn't Chris Paul or Deron Williams – he can't control his emotions,,,

    • asds

      You kind of had me until you were ok with trading Rondo. He's arguably the 2nd best point guard in the league and there is no way we are gonna get equal value for him.

  • I_Love_Green

    Alright lets be real…Sullinger is a baller. I'm just not sure how he fits with this team, unless we're planning on letting go of Bass, or else he'll just sit on the bench all year. Sully can ball though, and it just comes down to how his back holds up.

    I have no positives about Melo. We have Stiemsma as our flat footed 7 footer, we don't need another.

  • Jimmy

    I find it funny how every1 rags on melo but love perk….if u look at what melo can do its the same….not good on offense average rebounder and a tough 1 on 1 defender and a big body…..hes pretty much a 7 foot perk imo

    • Anthony

      That's because Perk has gone through the battles with the Celts coming straight out of high school and he's a hard working blue collar type of player.

  • Miggy_Miggz

    Sullinger's back scares the sh!t out of me. Regardless, I have my hopes up. As for Melo, no high expectations, but we'll see.

    Not too happy with this draft, but I'm hoping I'm proven wrong.

  • High Rollers

    @I_Love_Green. Maybe we really will swing a sign-and-trade of good ol’ Bass for Josh Smith.

  • High Rollers

    Johnson, Moore, Sully, Melo, and the 2nd Rounder who takes forever to get to on draft night…. So who stays and who goes?

    • Anthony

      Don't forget Bass, JGreen, SWilliams, Stiemsma, and Hollins.

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